How The World Will End cme1

How The World Will End            cme1

The end of
time is a question a debate a thought pondered throughout civilization for a
few millennia at the least the end of time is something that it’s fascinated
meeting people whether it’s Planet X the Mayan calendar biblical prophecies the
rapture supervolcano’s alien invasion artificial intelligence and the list
goes on no matter what it is every few years or maybe even every few months a
new story new speculations and new conspiracies will seem to go viral all
claiming that the end of the world is near some even claiming very specific
dates others are much more vague but the reality of things is we don’t know when
the end will come we all know that the Sun will one day die it will expand in a
will engulf the earth but past that there is no guarantee as to how the
world will end we’re focusing on events that will happen on the face of the
earth that would cause devastation on a level never before seen and a level that
may not be able to be survived or possibly if surviving would be a very
limited amount of humanity and little and no resources so let’s get started solar flares may seem like faraway
events but they can damage satellites and even ground-based technology and
power grids every 11 years the Sun reaches this maximum activity and they
become larger and much more common and that increases the chances that one will
significantly affect the earth so what is a solar flare a solar flare is
basically an explosion on the surface of the Sun that ranges from minutes to
hours in length large flares can release enough energy to power the United States
for a million years flares occur when the extremely powerful
magnetic fields around the Sun reconnects and these are generally
associated with the active regions of the Sun these active regions are often
seen as what we call sunspots the sunspots are the regions in which the
magnetic fields of the Sun are the strongest solar flares are classified by
strength starting with the Class C M and X the strongest this is similar to the
Richter scale for earthquake but with this scale each letter represents a
tenfold increase in energy output so an x-class is 10 times the output of an M
and a hundred times the energy output of the C within each letter class there’s a
smaller scale that ranges between 1 to 9 c-class players are too weak to
dramatically affect the earth m-class flares can produce radio blackouts and
minor radiation storms it’s the x-class flares that are the
real danger or threat to the earth although X is the last letter there are
flares that are more than 10 times the power of an x1 and that’s why the
x-class flares are not limited to the X 9 scale they got much higher the most
powerful x-class flares on record were in 2003 during solar cycle 23 it was so
powerful that it overloaded the sensors in which we’re measuring it the
equipment cut out at x 17 but the flare was estimated to be as high as an X 45
an x-class flare of such magnitude can create long-lasting radioactive storms
and calls much more damage to the infrastructure and the power grid
throughout world the threat and the seriousness of
an x-class flare impacting the earth is a major concern for NASA and other
scientific communities but with advances in sophisticated and modern technology
NASA’s new spacecraft or satellites can now view the Sun from every angle every
aspect in many various wavelengths with these modern advances it gives us a much
better chance at predicting these types of events such as large solar flares and
even the worst CME’s a mid to large-sized solar flare could
send waves of high-energy radiation x-rays and ultraviolet light heading
towards the earth these types of radiation are powerful enough to rip
electrons out of atoms that’s exactly what they do when they hit the upper
portion of our atmosphere that we know is they are on a sphere basically this
guy will get hit with a giant electromagnetic pulse but even the
largest solar flares don’t impact humans very much but tends to be absorbed and
deflected by the Earth’s magnetic field there is one exception to this though
and that’s radio transmissions radio signals between the earth and satellites
can be blocked when the atmosphere becomes too charged it takes about eight
minutes for sunlight to reach us so about eight minutes for a solar flare to
hit us minutes two hours after a solar flare were a lot of the sky a stream of
charged particles electrons and photons arrive at the earth they bombard the
magnetosphere which is a protective envelope around the earth created by our
magnetic field occasionally a large pulse of charged
particles will hit satellites and damage their electronics now particle radiation
is also a big risk for astronauts in space but generally the effects of solar
particle radiation are buffered by the magnetosphere and the atmosphere it’s
what’s coming next that you and me on the ground that we need to worry about
and that’s the CME or coronal mass ejection when the Sun flares up it will
sometimes shoot a giant cloud of magnetized plasma off into space and
this is called a coronal mass ejection or CME and these are the slowest form of
solar energy or solar weather and it takes about 12 hours to sometimes
several days for them to reach the earth but they are by far the most dangerous
fortunately for us though because CME’s are very slow-moving our weather
forecasters have a little more time to anticipate them I see em e will shoot
pretty much straight out of the Sun and there’s always a good chance that the
earth won’t end up in his path because it’s a pretty big space out there if a
CME is coming straight at us it’ll first hit NASA’s a satellite located at the l1
Lagrange point roughly a million miles in front of the earth if that happens
we’ve got anywhere from 30 minutes to about an hour before a cloud of plasma
rains down interacting with our planet’s magnetosphere and triggering a
geomagnetic storm that’s when we start to see the effects on the power grid
this generates huge electrical currents in the upper atmosphere and depending on
how conductive the ground is large currents can get picked up by power
stations and fed into the grid and that’s bad news a grid isn’t designed
for huge amounts of currents coming out of the ground geomagnetic storm strength
is measured in disturbance storm Tom or DST which generally describes how hard a
CMI’s shakes up the Earth’s magnetic field
ordinary storms which caused the Northern Lights to flare up but really
don’t impact us register on the average of negative 50 nano Tesla the worst
geomagnetic storm of the space age knocked out power across Quebec in March
of 1989 and this registered a DST of negative 600 nano Tesla human society is
far more reliant on electricity today than it was 150 years ago we have
pipelines electrical transmission grids and a lot more ground-based electrical
conduction technology so what would happen if a CME struck us now pretty
much every aspect of the modern world would take a hit the ground currents
induced by the large geomagnetic storms can melt the copper windings of
transformers that lie at the heart of our power distribution systems and if
this happens it can definitely lead to massive power outages with little hope
of recovery and because our power grid has grown much more interconnected over
time the effects of a storm with this type of magnitude could spread far and
wide or pretty much worldwide you can’t really overstate just how much this
would uproot our daily lives the lights would all go out and so with the
internet any device that draws current from the wall in places with
electronically controlled municipal water and sewage supplies like most
modern cities towards and sewage systems would stop working heat
air conditioning would fail perishable food and medication would be gone
ATMs would be useless gas pumps will be offline everything would go dark GPS
technology would also be knocked out our GPS system depends on the very precise
timing of two signals between two points if you place a bunch of energetic
particles into the atmosphere then that affects our GPS this is extremely
concerning with over 50% of our aircraft landing with GPS technology some of
these effects can last years and they will be felt globally the entire
magnetic field of the earth would be changed and the earth itself would
change it’s hard to imagine the social consequences of billions of power-hungry
humans who are suddenly pulled off the grid without a moment’s notice
I’m sure we can all agree it would not be an easy event and we do know for sure
that the economic toll would be devastating when we talk about a CME
we’re not talking about some incredibly far-fetched Armageddon style apocalypse
situation here we’re talking about a real event that has occurred and will
occur again surviving this type of event will be
very similar to the needs and aspects and supplies that are required to
survive any type of grid down scenario some of the most immediate challenges
that we would face in this type of event after the initial phase begins will be
the loss or lack of goods resources and supplies due to transportation
communications and information being at a standstill but after the initial
phases the long term survival aspect will basically be determined by the will
of the survivors as long as mankind can hold on to its humanity and morality and
not fall into a state of chaos and destroy ourselves then this is an event
that we can absolutely recover from now initially there would be an immense loss
of life and that would be due to not just the initial event causing immediate
loss of electricity and power plane crashes car crashes things such as that
but in the first year would be more due to the fact that there is no heat that
people do not have food people don’t have medical supplies and those types of
aspects will take the most damaging toll on civilization but after this aspect is
over and after people have settled in so to speak even though the loss of
electricity and the damage to the grid that has occurred with a CME or a
massive sea of me this is recoverable and it’s recoverable because of one
thing knowledge the knowledge that we have now for hundreds of years mankind
has built a civilization from the ground up and during this time we have acquired
vast amounts of knowledge so at this point is basically getting the resources
back into place and getting production started back again so that we can repair
some of these devices and get things back in order so to speak but that
doesn’t mean it’s going to be that easy because there are people who will thrive
on this and there are people who will want it to stay this way so this will once again come back to the
wheel of the survivors and it won’t sit the most and who’s willing to sacrifice
to get it well that’s it for the CMA part of the series I hope you enjoyed
the video a lot more coming out in this series on how or the ways the world may
end in we’re gonna look at some asteroid impacts and super volcanoes and things
such as that so it’s going to be a very interesting series but I hope you
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29 thoughts on “How The World Will End cme1

  1. When the sun dies, expands and engulfs the earth, the democrats will blame our carbon footprint and try to raise our taxes to pay for it, before we all die of course…

  2. Remember in early school years when the class would make a planet out of a balloon, water and newspapers and when it’s done it’s heavy at first. But after when it’s drys it becomes light, I think of the earth that way when using up all the resources on it. Oil and any kind of resource in the ground is weight earth needs to stay inform in space. Earth is now lighter and could moving closer to the sun but that’s just from my point of view.

  3. the end FACTS AND TRUTH , watch from 9:30 – 26:00 , , ,share it, take notes

  4. Have you heard of the CIA's declassified document titled, "The Story of Adam and Eve"? It's actually quite an interesting document on how "mini-nova" from our sun may have almost extincted early mankind. What is a mini-nova? Something much more dire than a solar flare or CME. Oppenheimer Ranch Project just posted a good video on the subject. It's called Cosmic Climate Catastrophe….

  5. THE "WORLD SYSTEM" or our civilization may well end, but the planet Earth will abide. Even our scientists concede that several "extinction level events" (ELE) have already occurred during the Earth's history – probably wiping out any civilizations that existed in antiquity. The "Great Flood" depicted in the Bible and other ancient texts is an example. Our current civilization – although advanced – is nonetheless very FRAGILE. It depends almost exclusively on electric grids & electronics – which could be destroyed or severely damaged via an EMP or major solar flare. As noted in the book "One Second After" by Forstchen, the USA would revert to 1800's status, and millions would die. But, humanity would still persist – and the Earth would abide.

  6. Solar flares are pretty bad but have you ever heard of a mini nova ? Check out Suspicious Observers YouTube channel on mini novas , mind blowing stuff .

  7. Taking all bets. What's it going to be? I got 2:1 odds for economic collapse. And 5:1 odds for CME/Solar Flare event.

  8. Still hoping we will build a few orbital rings outside the asteroid belt beyond mars orbit. It is dumb to have all of our species on one single planet, we’re just asking for nature to wipe us out!

    I really hate being Species Zero, our technology sucks!

  9. I do wish to add to this that building a Faraday Cage to store any electronic devices such as your radio as well powered optics for your weaponry is a solid step we should all take. Truly given the lack of expense compared to items none would argue having makes learning how to construct a Faraday Cage very worth it for the huge advantage being one of the only ones with say working coms to add capability to your Scout as well group sniper most notably, though everyone having coms and powered optics helps. Plus ability to have something so basic as music will give your group a huge morale advantage..

  10. Maybe the dangers of electric devices getting fried and bursting into flames are underestimated. If your house burns down, you end up in the street without food, water, clothes or shelter. And if at the same time the entire grid collapses and society collapses with it, you are truely doomed. So your first priority should be to unplug as many electric decices and cables as possible in order to prevent your house from burning down.

  11. This was a well done video, bud. Thought you might have been getting some of your facts wrong, a couple of times, but seems like you got it all correct. Good job! This is exactly the kind of thing I prep for.
    It is a mathematical certainty that we will get hit with a Carrington sized, or larger, CME at some point.
    I loved your assessment of the after effects and getting back to normal.
    I would guess you are part of the Suspicious 0bservers community? Thanks for this video!

  12. it will end like in 1 hour, the ppl left will be suffering when most of them die off the earth will restore itself . yah will usher in his way of doing things after he sifts thru the remains to find ppl who can measure up to his standards. approx a half billion ppl left in the world ( estimate ). like back to the 15- 1600's???

  13. They found a way to have the earth move with the sun as it gets bigger, they found out if they turn the acis on earth that will be a way gor earth to move with the sun, but they havent figured oit how to turn the earth yet. I mean we only have about 4.6 billion years, then another 3.8. shrug

  14. Many people and experts have different speculations but it may not be just one blow it could be the combination of a jab, left hook and then an upper cut.

  15. I'm eager for the rapture to happen. Get right with Jesus and repent and you will have nothing to worry or be ashamed about.

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