How to build angle adjustment for solar panel

How to build angle adjustment for solar panel

you won yep hey I got some good news the
off-grid kitchen is completely off grid I still have to put some things together
but I have all the components I need to make this sink and some lighting out
here run off of the battery and solar panel to charge a battery so sold a
couple things and they come up with enough money to buy this battery and
walk this way that’s the solar panel and right now I’m
working on a way of mounting it and here are the light I’ve got for these i’m
going to put three on the back porch and one in my living room here’s the charge
controller that came wit and mounting brackets and such and i’ll show you
where i’m going to put it and these i got two more brackets to make i want to
mount it to my chimney and south is facing like this way so i’m going to
make a couple of brackets that will bolt on my chimney chimney using some
threaded rod anyway i’ll show you as i go but uh I think I have everything I
need now and I’m going to get started it’s going to be a bit of a process i
have a lot of other things to do and be doing ok she does that a lot okay baby all right i’ll uh i’ll show you my
progress okay I have a I have this completely built in my head hey now
putting this down on you know making it real is another thing so I’ve got it
I’ve got this kind of roughed out here I don’t have the the ends cut you see my
lines or I’m going to be cutting them so I’m just going to be drilling holes
through here attaching them I’m going to weld these brackets in and then I’m
going to weld another piece this way and then a gusset and then the one I will
this way is going to have a pipe coming into it that I can adjust the angle of
the solar panel and this will attach to my chimney and in my head I’ve also got
a bracket built I got to go get two more two more of these and I’m going to be
using some threaded rod I have to go with half inch because i only got one
quarter maybe i’ll buy a quarter inch threaded rod okay so that’s a start I’ll
get back to it tomorrow I’ve got to run do some errands in the morning and pick
up a few things and so I’m going to pick up two pieces of electrical conduit and
this bracket that I’m putting on the chimney is also going to be a bracket
that’s going to hold my ham radio antenna and it’ll get it above my roof
line okay see you tomorrow okay i have this basically set up where i’m going to
put it 11 and five-eighths from the hand on both sides this is just a little bit
off-centered that’s the way I want it because the pivot point is going to be
raped dead center and I’ve got a clamp now I got to take it off of there and
weld it and then make my adjustable pivot
point and a gusset weld that on and we’re uptown let me get my worldly going I won’t make you watch the whole process
but that’s the beginning of it all right we’re we’re done with that part now I
got to get my my pivot get the metal out there and scratch out on it what I think
it should look like and I got to go get another piece of steel you’re right back
okay I got it basically drawn out I got a hole drill here this is not the pipe
that it’s going to set on but this just piece of scrap but it’s going to do what
I needed to do and I’ve got two holes drilled here roughly about how far far
i’m going to have the pivot screw and the adjustment screw alright I got my scratch all put it in his hole
and I’m going to the Holy down line and then I’m going to mark the arc that this
thing makes and you see if I can soon be in close
enough to see that no maybe you can see it the Ark is right
here and that’s what I’m going to cut out about a half an inch wide maybe 38
yeah I got to drill that up three eighths and the slot I’m going to cook
it’s going to be three eggs you’ll see if you don’t get it you up ok it’s going to go like this and there’s
guts it going to go like that p / complexion let me get that out of the
bracket up here and I’ll show you I gotta uh I got to put some more wire my
welder I finally went through a ten-pound school this is how they go can
you see let me adjust you you’re out of adjustment just like that and then it’ll
get mounted solid right here at this bottom hole I mean this whole is how you
will adjust it I’ll market from 0 to 90 degrees okay let me get my wire in and
i’ll have that welded here in a minute my glasses on if I could have anything
back it wouldn’t be hair or wouldn’t be youth it would be my eyesight it good lord here we go right now I can well yeah that was in close but well it works you you ok is tapped there’s lot of almost square but i’m
going to get my my real square i fist just to make make sure okay it’s done now I need to give them a poll out and
cut it to about 5 foot and drill my two holes in it and then I got to mount it
to the solar panel and then I got to make my brackets that are going to bolt
to the chimney I’m afraid I’m gonna have to go back to town I hate leaving my
property but I got to get some threaded rod i thought i had enough and i have a
half inch threaded rod but what I need is quarter-inch half inch these are one
by one angles and by the time I drill a half-inch hole in it that would just
leave an 8-inch look up much I’m sweat man I’m soaking wet this whole shirt is
wet just from there’s the only true dry spots is right here and right here lordy
it’s hot out here I don’t know how my dad did it for 40 years as a welder hot
job all right I really can’t do much more but I am going to go ahead and get
that pole cut maybe i’ll just show you that for I go in tonight okay when I get adjusted to the right angle I
just tighten up these nuts and bolts into the hold it there and as the Sun
comes across the sky lower and lower as in as we get closer to winter you know I
can lower the angle of the solar power okay I’m happy with that I’m going to go
ahead and get the solar panel up here and drill my holes and mount that on to
the solar panel and then tomorrow I’m going to make my brackets for the
chimney yeah I’ll make this all one video so you won’t get to see this today
maybe tomorrow afternoon thanks for watching okay I hit it with some white
paint just to keep it all the same color now I gotta drill these holes here
through the back of the solar panel and put four bolts through there and this is
ready to go well actually I got to make my bracket for the chimney which is what
today’s project is happy fourth of July everybody all right nows up to the roof to measure
my chimney you

34 thoughts on “How to build angle adjustment for solar panel

  1. Happy USA Day, my friend!   Odd day here–my primary cell can't find its network, internet is up and down randomly, my new chair is causing pressure sores on my feet and my backside (ow!), and the office is the only room below 95 degrees…but I am alive and damned proud to be an American!  Have a glorious day, please, and give your sweetie a big ol' bear hug from me.  Solar setup is coming along VERRRRRY well!

  2. Man, you've became a real welding proffesional! Recently I've heard that welders have to drink a lot of milk to prevent those bad gases from staying inside the body, you do drink milk, right?

  3. Just thought I'd let you know that the "coughing" your dog was doing looks like something called "reverse sneezing," which (while upsetting to us) is perfectly harmless to the dog…  Google "reverse sneezing" for more info!

  4. Nice project.      One of our dogs does the same thing as yours.  Vet once told me it is nothing to worry about.

  5. Looking good Brad!  Happy #4thofJuly to you and your family!  Our pugpomeranian use to do that I would just tell her, "breathe, breathe" I always thought it was something she caught in her nose.

  6. If you ever get to the point of a large array of panels a spot to put a bottle jack or screw jack makes for an easy time adjusting the angle before you screw it down. Once you get past 3-4 panels on a frame it gets hard to hold the panels at the right angle and still tighten down the set screws without something adjustable to hold the weight.

  7. My first thought when you said you sold some things was that you sold the bicycle but I see it's safe and sound.
    With regards to what your dog was doing, I thought  it was similar to what a cat does when it wants to vomit, might be a digestive issue of some sort.
    You should advertise yourself locally for fabrication and welding odd jobs, a lot of people don't have those skills and know how but may need something fixed or made up but don't know anyone who can do it or afford shop prices.

  8. i sure do enjoy watching a man putting his mind to a project ,  great video. from Bob in Seattle

  9. Coming along great Brad. You have more ideas in that head of yours then anyone I know. Could be why you are losing your hair. I have to agree with you on the eyesight. I felt for you when you were looking to wire up the welder, at times I have to get a magnifying glass along with my glasses for fine work, really sucks. I used to be able to just about see in the dark.

  10. That toad is funny, always in those shoes. I think that thing your dog was doing is what some call a backwards sneeze. Our cocker spaniel did it all the time. Our lab never does it. Who knows… Think the bracket will work out great, love that sound of bacon frying…

  11. That's way fancier than my adjustable set up..LOL!  Yep I was in denial for about a year before I bought my first pair of reading glasses.

  12. My friend you are the best, what an inspiration to us all you are, look forward to your next video, . I hope it all works out perfect for you

  13. MAN you gotta lot'a things goin on in your head!! LOL!! Nice work. You know of course, solar is the way to go and a LOT of folks are waking up to that AS IS, the freakin government!! And they ain't likin it one bit! So build it now, build it to last and stow some away for repair parts….as if any of us have any room left to stow away MORE parts! Before long the feds are gonna be comin after any one not paying into the grid cause they finally got smart!

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