How to connect Solar regulator and Lithium battery, step-by-step guide

How to connect Solar regulator and Lithium battery, step-by-step guide

Perhaps you’ve are under the impression that setting up your personal isolated solar power station for your garage summer cottage treestand caravan Or maybe about is too difficult or expensive In the following video, I’ll show you that it’s not more difficult or expensive than setting up a slot car track for your children. You only need a solar panel a battery and a controller This will protect the battery from over charging excessive discharge and will also as you see whether the battery is charged Controllers are produced in various designs. Our technicians will be happy to help you select the needed sizes of batteries and controllers Now I’ll demonstrate how easy it is to set up a solar panel or controller and the battery We are now looking at a 300 watt solar panel This is the reverse side with two wires at the end plus and minus in front of me on the table there is a ThunderSky Winston battery to the right and a solar controller to the left. When setting up this system, it’s very important to first connect the battery and a solar controller Never attach the solar controller to the sole of panel first. Otherwise, you will destroy it When you connect a solar controller to the panel always pay attention to correct polarity Plus connects to plus clamps, minus-to minus. Always use the appropriate fuse. After connecting the controller to the battery the controller will display the battery voltage Now that we have already attached the battery to the solar controller. We can connect the photovoltaic panel Every controller has a maximum input voltage 100V controllers are designated for connecting maximum two solar panels in series 150V controllers allow connecting up to three solar panels in series Finally we will connect the appliance that has the same voltage at the battery to output clams for instance an automobile bulb or perhaps an inventor that will produce 230V out of 12V and will make it possible to power and charge household appliances from it. We can also attach an external display to the connector It will simplify its operation and display many interesting values for instance the battery voltage voltage of solar panels the electric current supplied by solar panels as well as the amount of produce energy in one day in one month or since starting the controller As we can see on the controller’s display. The voltage of solar panels is 55,5V The battery voltage is 13,8V with no load. This is just the symbol of the bulb as there is no current Actually, this is the essence of the solar controller It enables the batteries with a different voltage to work with solar panels that also have a different voltage Now we have switched to the current indicator and see that a current of 5,5A flows from solar panels to the controller but the battery is charged with a current of 22.8A If I switch on the load, we will see that the current from solar panels has changed however The battery is now being charged by the current of only 17,5A Because the current to the load is about 5,5A. I can do the same with the external display On another screen the connector shows that solar panels are now delivering 303W of power The temperature of the battery is 25 degrees Celsius and the load does not decrease the performance If you set the nominal battery capacity and it’s minimal and maximum voltage is correctly The controller will also show you the battery charge level albeit very approximately As you saw it’s truly easy to setup a lithium iron phosphate batteries solar panels and a controller Even little child could manage it but do not entrust a little child with tasks. This way will gain a photovoltaic Isolated power plant, which can serve as a source of energy for lighting small appliances electric fans charging of consumer and computer technologies and much more Thanks to the unique technology of the lithium iron phosphate batteries from gwl your battery will last for at least 10 years performing equally well in the frost and the heat Batteries from gwl are safe They cannot combust or explode are non-toxic and don’t contain lead nor sulfuric acid. To order our products go to our web page at or contact our technicians who will help you choose the most appropriate battery, controller and solar panel. Because of this technical support we can guarantee compatibility of the recommended product as well as offer the possibility of replacing or controller a Panel or a battery that will not work together with the right type What about delivery? You shouldn’t worry about it, either. We offer a cheap delivery to any European destination within 2-3 workdays. A clear delivery price list is available on our website. For instance, a delivery of a 12V battery, controller and a solar panel to Germany costs less than 70€. This isn’t much is it? You

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  1. Is the MPPT configured for lifepo4 batteries?
    Does the MPPT controller have low-temp charge cut-off so you dont charge battery when cold, thus damage the battery?

  2. Good day i have 360watts canadian poly and i have 4 sun peak hours but my harvest is only getting 150 to 160wattsm in peak hours. Im using epever xtra n series 40a ds1 module

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