100 thoughts on “how to cut a female pants

  1. You did a very good explanation. Step by step. Specially the front of pant is one inch smaller than the back of the pant.
    From your information I was able to make pant that fit to me .
    2. I was able to make alteration on all my skirts that has evenly hanged around my body vs short on back and long in front.
    Thank you from bottom of my heart.

  2. Your teaching method is awesome! as a beginner, you make it so easy. Can you please make some more videos pleaseeee! Thanks.

  3. hi ryan,im from philippines,im making pattern for a male pants i have a question for you,did u make pattern videos for male?in finding crotch for male for example HIP=39' QUARTER of 39 is 9.75' and in female cut as u said in your video too long for a female,what about for a male no need to adjust?i want the difference of male vs female crotch..hope you can help me..thank you so much,your viewers in philippines.

  4. This 1.25 inch that is added to quarter of the hip to form the crotch curve at the front, is this measurement a standard one for all hip sizes?

  5. Thank you Mr. Brown. Would you say its similar to men's? or do you have a video for men? again, grateful for your expertise and tutorial.

  6. hello, i just wanted to know how did u get the 4" extra that you added at the crotch for the back part of the pants? how did u ccalculate it? ( 9:35 ) thanks! by the ways ur tutorial is awesome 🙂

  7. Hi Ryan, will you be making a tutorial on mens pants? or explain the differences. thanks for your detailed tutorial. very good teacher..

  8. Hello Ryan, at 4:37 you indicated 1/4 of 38= 8 1/2, shouldn't it be 9 1/2? I'm calculating 9 1/2 in. are you deducting the half inch from side and the zip? thanks.

  9. Ryan, could you tell me the steps of constructing the woman's pants, especially, the front fly zipper? Thank you.

  10. Great job! Please do one for men, or tell us the main differences. I think the only one is the crotch extension.

  11. Hi Ryan I saw ur video n I like it just want to know if some ladies they like to wear side zip on that cutting crutch will b same or hv to add extra inches plz reply.

  12. hi Ryan a good video to understand but I have a question about male crotch length ad u told that male ctotch length for the male should be 1/4 of the hip but my hip is also 41 but I keep8.5 as u shown on video female croth 9.5 can understand me that I having problem with that

  13. Hi Ryan i am happy to have found your video because i have followed your instruction and is now fitting pants perfect many thanks to you my brother☺

  14. ok, I see when constructing the back of the pants the crotch is a little lower than the front. By how much lower than the front crotch is the back crotch?

  15. Hi I like the video but I am a bit confused with the back since I am a beginner. Is there any way you can make a video of the back by itself instead of laying the front on top of the back piece?

  16. I have watched so many videos on how to draft a pants, I was always disappointed . Then i saw your tutorial, it is by far the best tutorial I have seen……excellent work…..hope to see more videos from you

  17. Hello Ryan, you didn't show the finished product for the female pants, which is unfair to ppl watching. Let's see the pants on the lady. Also, can you please do a sew along video so viewers can follow you step by step? Thanks.

  18. Thanks for the tutorials. Please can you make a video of how the zip is being attached to the piece and then to the trouser. I'm stuck at that point🙃😩

  19. Good job. Thank you sir you killed it please show how make jumpsuit. More grease to your elbow

  20. Do you extend the depth of the crotch if the lady has big buttocks?
    I tried your method but back of the waistline pant was too low

  21. Ryan, you're very good at your teaching. Can you please make a video on how to cut male pants. Would be looking out for it. Thanks a lot.

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