How To Make a Generator At Home Easy With Hoverboard Motor And Fitness Bike

How To Make a Generator At Home Easy With Hoverboard Motor And Fitness Bike

Hello and welcome to my youtube channel Few days ago I decided to make an experiment Install a hoverboard motor on a fitness bike and check how much electricity it can produce How many Volts, Amps and at what rpm I made a simple frame from steel pipe to hold the motor The frame will be mounted on the bike replacing the transportation wheels, no other modification is needed. The motor frame can be removed and the bike can be used for the original purpose I used a steel spring between the bike frame and the motor frame to keep the two wheels in contact. The 36v 350w motor from the hoverboard can produce AC current I soldered the 3 wires from the motor to a bridge rectifier recovered from a car alternator. This way I obtain DC current Without or with minimum load it can produce 60v at the maximum rpm I could spin it I then connected it to a Solar Controller and a 12v car battery At a normal(low) pedaling speed it can produce 3-5 Amps and 14.5 Volts I checked the rpm with a tachometer and at 600rpm the motor can produce 10-11Amps and 16Volts I do not have a great physical condition and it was hard to maintain the rpm for 10 Amps The motor spins harder for 10 amps but the pedaling rate is not very hi A professional biker or a good physical condition person can perform better. If you like the video don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! and press the like button. Thank you for your visit!

24 thoughts on “How To Make a Generator At Home Easy With Hoverboard Motor And Fitness Bike

  1. Congratulations, you could detail the bridge rectifier, as you did and where you soldered the wires of the wheel.

  2. Solar charger max load 50v !!?.what max volt can it product?from your video show 60v!

  3. Just put the car alt on the frame with the pully against the bike wheel it will do the same thing maybe better since it was designed to produce power

  4. with this motor being able to produce up to 60 volts ………do you think it would work ok with a 48v lithium iron battery ???

  5. This method is unsuccessful due to high temperature in the scooter during power generation

  6. The use of the wind power regulator with the scooter wheel produces 1 amperes at a rotational speed of 215 rpm

  7. My friend if you install the solar slide regulator on the scooter wheel produces you 1 amp at 290 speed and if you install the wind regulator on the scooter wheel produces you 1 amp at 215 speed

  8. Super tare ideea. Dai jos kilele producând energie electrică. Făină puntea de dacie. Îs curios cum se comportă un motor de genul la o eoliană verticală. Îmi stă în cap…

  9. I have a couple Briggs and Stratton engines and a hoverboard with fried circuit boards (water damage). Silly idea to drive one of these motors with a small gas engine? Obviously, I need to read up on these motors before I hurt myself or start a fire! Any recommendations on where to learn about these?

  10. Thanks for this, I have been searching high and low for information searching 'scooter motors' with no luck, but they are the same thing. Finally! Hope to make a cheap wind turbine.

  11. Thanks for video. Informatiile imi sunt de folos. Astazi am achizitionat unul cu 5 lire si m a intrebam cit produce .

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