How To Open Garage Door No Electricity Power Outage Prepping Tips #9 Free Easy Cheap No Cost

How To Open Garage Door No Electricity Power Outage Prepping Tips #9 Free Easy Cheap No Cost

prepping tip free easy no cost cheap tips #9 how to open garage door power outage no electricity emergency hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’ve been doing a series of videos about prepping tips that are free and easy cheap absolutely no cost to help you make New Year’s resolutions that you want to get busy with your prepping
skills your prepping supplies and you can do it a little at a time 5 minutes a
day perhaps and be ready to face all kinds of emergency situations we never
know what’s coming down the pike but we do know that we’re all going to have
challenges somewhere in our life how to open garage door get in garage without electricity power outage electric door power opener won’t work what if you’re away from your home and
you came home no electricity no power outage and the power went off and you hit your automatic garage door
opener and the door doesn’t work won’t open now because there is no electricity what if
you’re in your home and the power goes out and now your car is stuck inside the
garage you need to know how to open garage door without power electricity how to release your garage door so that you can open it
even if there’s no power if you look at your electric garage door opener there’s
probably a red cord hanging down that’s the emergency release you pull on the
handle and it releases the garage door mechanism and now the garage door is free to go open and closed without it being attached to the garage opener or chained any longer be
aware though that we get used to the garage door being simply open for us and
garage overhead doors can be very heavy and a lot of them don’t even have a handle on them anymore to hold onto to help you open or close it so be prepared when the garage door is coming down that you’re standing clear and you don’t
hurt yourself and be sure you’re putting your extra
muscle in when you’re pushing it up don’t get stranded when there’s no
electricity because you’re not in or out of your home learn how to use your
electric garage door opener release mechanism and then also make sure that
you have a key in your purse or somewhere hidden in your property so
that you can get inside your home if you’re outside and you can’t get in the
garage it doesn’t take much time effort or even any money to help prepare ourselves to deal with the unexpected things that come along I hope if you like my video you’ll share it with someone you think would
enjoy it read more at and I hope you’ll subscribe to the
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7 thoughts on “How To Open Garage Door No Electricity Power Outage Prepping Tips #9 Free Easy Cheap No Cost

  1. Very necessary to know these things as we have those luxuries & when they’re gone it’s not pretty! 😬.. speaking from experience 👍🏽.. your channel is very helpful. Thanks

  2. That’s something everyone should know ( speaking from experience 😩) we have those luxuries & when those things are out we’re stuck 😩

  3. Good tip for those who hadn't even considered how the door works. Just don't do what I did last year. I painted the house & the garage door. The next day the garage door wouldn't open, not even manually. The repair man came & couldn't figure out what was wrong, until I told him that I painted the door the day before. He went to his truck, got a box cutter and started running it along the seams between the panels. The paint had glued the door shut. That mistake cost me $75.
    Think of all the beans & rice I could have bought with that money. 😬

  4. Okay, so what if my power is out for a week and I want to open my garage door. My problem is, my garage door is not electric…..should I install an opener first and open it that way without electricity?

  5. That is a nice tip to get the door open and closed and one tip which will help many who are not sure how to open and close their door when the power goes out.

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