How to read my electronic meter

How to read my electronic meter

Reding your electricity meter is a
useful way of keeping track of your power use. Old mechanical electricity
meters are being replaced with new electronic meters. Electronic meters are very accurate and allow for time-based pricing, which gives customers more control over their electricity costs. Electronic meters record electricity use
in kilowatt hours. Unlike smart meters, electronic meters do
not have communications systems and are still read manually by professional meter readers. You’ll notice on your electricity bill that energy usage is measured in kilowatt hours. So how much is a kilowatt hour? Well, if a 100 watt light globe was switched on for 10 hours, it would use one kilowatt hour of energy. You can read your electronic meter in just a few steps. To do this, press the button on your electronic meter until it reaches register three. Then, simply note the numbers to get the total kilowatt hours. You can compare this to the previous reading on your bill. If you want to know more about electricity meters, visit our website.

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  1. Hi, here is a problem, two family having the same electrical devices, the public meter shows 658 KW and the meter which measures the expenses for one family 38 KW?

  2. Not enough information in this video every item on that screen should have been explained, I have solar and am trying to figure out feed in vs consumption, how???

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