Huge Solar Storm Targets Earth as Rare Black Supermoon Darkens the Sky

Huge Solar Storm Targets Earth as Rare Black Supermoon Darkens the Sky

Skywatch media news for July 31, 2019
here’s what’s happening a massive coronal hole has formed in the
upper atmosphere of the Sun which will head directly towards Earth on the same
day that our planet is covered in the mysterious dark light of a black super
moon the first stream of cosmic particles will arrive on August the
first followed by two more blasts in rapid succession on August 4th whenever
a warning is issued that involves an earth directed coronal mass it becomes a
concern because coronal holes are breaches in the sun’s magnetic field
which allow massive plumes of plasma to burst out from the sun’s upper
atmosphere if the earth aligns with the bursts of energy it has the potential to
initiate dangerous geomagnetic storms there are three of these solar threats
now aimed at the Northern Hemisphere and the upper reaches of our planet that are
certain to have power companies on edge a direct hit from a powerful blast of
solar energy could cripple the electric grid plunging much of our planet into
total darkness which in a worst-case scenario would
result in a direct loss of communications across the earth this is
a frightening prospect one that is already shared by numerous researchers
in the field of solar science the threats and the consequences of our
dynamic solar storm similar to the 1859 Carrington event were recently shared by
maverick geologist Randall Carlson an historical theorist on extinction-level
events just elaborated on the Carrington at the
end of 1859 and that was of course the most recent one that you know was of
that particular scale although there have been quite a few others for example
radionuclides are showing up in ice cores showing that there have been
equivalent events multiple times in history one huge event that was dated to
660 BC another one that was dated to 775 AD then there was the coronal mass
ejection of July 23rd 2012 which was probably even more powerful than the
Carrington event of 1859 but luckily it was directed into space so that it
missed earth if it had hit the earth we would probably still be recovering from
that event but luckily we were about it crossed Earth’s orbit about nine days
apart from when our planet was there well powerplants would go down
substations would go down transmission lines cell phone towers would go down
there’d be pretty much a collapse of the electronic grid system that we all
depend on and it could last anywhere depending on the severity of the event
anywhere from days to weeks even months to get back online this would mean that
you know basically large portions of the planet could be plunged into darkness no
electricity no means of communication you know everything that you depend on
your refrigerator gone air-conditioning gone you know pumping stations are gonna
be down therefore you wouldn’t even be able to flush your commode it would be
four portions of the earth it would be like going back to the Dark Ages again
because we’ve become so dependent or you know the thousands of satellites that we
depend on for our global telecommunication systems they could be
severely damaged so yeah I mean it could be a major event and you know NASA in
2014 estimated that there could be about a 12% chance of having a Carrington
level or greater event within the within the next 10 years up to 2024 so this is
a very real thing it’s not hypothetical it’s not science fiction you know there
was even a minor event that happened in let’s say I believe it was 1989 yes it
was 1989 there was a relatively minor coronal mass ejection event that caused
major power outage outages in Quebec Canada that led to people being out
without power for from several days up to several weeks so and that was a
relatively minor event it depends on the extent if it’s a
short-lived event obviously the face of the earth that’s towards the Sun it’s
going to receive the full brunt of it when that solar when the CM II comes in
and what it does is it compresses the Earth’s magnetosphere on the front side
and creates a long magnetic tail on the backside of the earth so it all depends
on how long it lasts if it only lasts a few hours yes it’s
going to be pretty much disruptive to the whatever hemisphere of the earth is
facing the Sun if it lasted for much longer than that like twelve or fourteen
or sixteen hours or longer yes then it could encompass the whole planet you see
so yes the face of the earth the hemisphere of the earth that’s facing
the Sun when that CM e or that solar flare comes in is going to suffer the
most extreme damage well it depends on the severity and I
think that we’re looking at you know we’re learning each day that goes by you
know we’ve had solar satellites up observing the Sun for a number of
decades now and pretty much every year we’re learning more about how truly
dynamic the Sun really is so I think that you know we might be faced with the
the possibility of something even say an order of magnitude beyond the Carrington
event and in that case we’ve got some major trouble on our hands the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has warned that the incoming solar storm
will produce elevated geomagnetic levels but it may not actually produce the
disastrous solar particles that were described by Carlson even so power
companies are preparing their grids in the event of a Carrington like
catastrophe an event that in today’s modern world would have dire
consequences for civilization then there is the appearance of a rare Black Moon
which of itself would not be associated with solar Coronas except that this
appearance coincides with a super moon according to the Farmers Almanac the
black super moon will be at its closest point to the earth and will darken the
sky on July 31st and this will allow for incredible stargazing this is the time
to look to the sky asteroids and large meteors continue making close approaches
to the earth in 2019 two newly discovered asteroids flew past the
planet within a 24-hour period On the 28th a space rock designated 2019 OD3 came within 117 thousand miles of the earth it was first observed by the
Atlas mlo in Mauna Loa, Hawaii just one day prior Its estimated diameter was
between 36 and 82 feet and it was traveling at 40,264 miles per
hour this was the 33rd known asteroid to fly by earth within one lunar distance
since the start of the year and it was the seventh for the month of July then
on July 29th a space rock that belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids
designated 2019 ON3 flew past earth at a distance of 130,997 miles as
observed by the pan-starrs 2 telescope in Hawaii Its estimated diameter was
between 24 and 52 feet and it was traveling at 31,675 miles per hour
this became the 34th asteroid to fly by earth within one lunar distance
since the start of the year and it became the 8th for the month of July we
are living in unusual times and the world is getting more crazy and
dangerous by the day world events are accelerating and people are becoming
more apprehensive scientists keep informing the public that it is just a
matter of time before a devastating solar storm similar to the one that was
felt in North America some 160 years ago will strike our planet once again much
like the Carrington event of the 19th century today’s society will be
completely unprepared when it strikes so all we can do at this point is sit back
and hope that our planet escapes yet another threat from space thanks for

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  1. The problem is We are not prepared at all. There's only 2 or 3 states that are even trying to harden their grids

  2. Forget flushing the toilets what about the nuclear plants throughout the world melting down Chain Reaction would probably occur no worry whatever? Nevermind whatever?

  3. Also.. The length of time don't matter if it a very large X-flare., It wouldn't make a difference in the area it hits…. Powers going down and is not going BK online for a very very long time. If you have batteries and stuff EMP protected…? Do not bring them out for at least five days. To be sure your clear of all passing waves. If you just take things out as needed and kp the rest protected… You should be all set.

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    Many blessings and returns to you and yours!✌🏻💚⭐️

  7. It's funny how close we always are to a race wiping event. Believe it or not there is a higher power on Earths side.

  8. I wouldnt worry too much, its very rare for a CH to cause major issues, this isnt an X class flare followed by a huge CME

  9. We are at war and half the world don’t even have a clue.
    Good vs. Evil
    Biblical Judgment is coming.

  10. The coronal hole stream arrived a little earlier than expected and is now moving past Earth. A Kp of 4 will be possible during the next 24 hours.

  11. It’s frightening to accept the fact that one of these space rocks will eventually hit earth. And when it does, time and history will be burned into our lives. Pardon the pun.

  12. Thanks for sharing truth. There are ways to prepare though. First get right with our Creator,then learn about how to grow your own food,and do things without electricity!

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  19. Do any of y’all have health affects from these events? I’m finding that yes they do affect us but I’m not finding anything about what can be done about it. I remember The Higher Truth Channel had some videos about cosmic rays and radiation causing cardiac events and he gave some tips and countermeasures but that channel is gone now. We all need to be taking measures to mitigate these adverse effects but that info is elusive. Gee, wonder why that is? It’s so frustrating.

  20. No doubt a lot of solar activity is going on . The magnitude and impacts are hard to measure . But known facts are on the table its is affecting climate and weather change tremendously, carbon emissions just a small part . Study learn the facts , global warming in the media sense is pure trash . Be prepared. K

  21. You would think that technology would help bring mankind together? But it has had the opposite affect, pushing us away from each other.

  22. I have watched your program often through the last couple of years, and I really like it! It has good and interesting information about the Cosmos, you have a nice voice, I learn important things, and I love your closing music and graphics ! Have a blessed day!

  23. Really like the way you explain things. You reveal these tricky events in a most comforting way, somehow we're not panicked, just wiser.

  24. Sooo, what are our chances of being hit and hit hard this week and next week? Hit and not hit hard? Hit at all? Wasn't very clear on the chances ….Just it can happen and has happened a long time ago and in position to happen again. .

  25. CME comes from a solar flare. You're showing images and talking about a sun which is highly active, which its not at the moment. True to say if a CME hits earth it could wipe out all electrical grids. But we are in a solar minimum right now. Go to NASA solar observation page and you'll see not one active region. Coronal holes are different. Direct Magnetic connection to earth. Will cause a stream of plasma to flow to earth causing geomagnetic storms (Aurora) . magnetic connection will cause earthquakes.
    There's loads more to talk about on the subject but I'll not bother.

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  29. Hey, Steve. Thanks for sharing this important info. I've become complacent after so many years being on the ready. I've let my water stores deplete. This is a wake up call for me. Much love…

  30. Thanks, Steve.
    Only a matter of time before an asteroid hits a populated city. Not if, but when.
    Thank you for keeping us up-to-date!!
    Blessings 🤗

  31. Science has a new theory; that are the 'intelligent' specie we are due to solar flares. FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON. Makes sense unfortunately. Brilliance arises suddenly, civilizations are in their glory, then all fade.

  32. Tic Tock. . . The Anticipations a Killer 🙌 Give Up People, "THIS is ALL in God's Hands, so Let's Get Praying!"

  33. Same stuff that's been happening since there was a solar system for it to happen in …. didn't bother the nomadic tribes of mankind … that's because they lived better than we ever could

  34. So if this happens and nothing goes wrong with the space station then it is all bull about the space station being up there in space because if this hits as they say it will then surely the international space station is first in line to get hit rendering it useless with no way of communicating or even steering the thing let alone the life support it would be fried no?

  35. Amazingly enough, even that 'minor' event of 1989 was responsible for the unexplained results of the cold fusion experiment AND the LOMA PRIETA earthquake that brought down the interstate in CA.

  36. We've had this shit since the dawn of time. What you want to worry about is the shit they've put into atmosphere, with their chemtrails and what those flares could do to them. If there's going to ve a cleansing of the earth this time it will be fire.

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    I pray an asteroid hits and kills us instantly

  38. Is this one of the reasons why The Parker Satellite was sent up? A lot of money to, you know, study the Sun.

  39. Got dizzy earlier today. First place I checked was Schumann next was solar activity. Guess this explains it.

  40. Supposedly the Power Cos. are trying to upgrade, but the last I heard the Grid would be graded at a D-; we're due, they said this in Dec. 2012 and NOTHING happened. A little chaos and the shit would hit the fan.

  41. Were they aware of these 2 asteroid in time enough to do anything about them ? assuming we could) Or just days

  42. Coronal holes happen all the time. They may result in higher solar wind speeds and slightly increased geomagnetic levels. But the coronal mass ejection (CME) or solar flares have different causes.

  43. I saw Randall on The Joe Rogan show a few months ago and then I recently saw him on Gaia with the show called open minds my mom and I think he is quite an amazing individual and brings to light a lot of truths just as Graham Hancock Steven Greer and many others

  44. Remember the phrase
    Be not afraid!
    Something that doesn’t last forever is not real! That is what our existence on earth is, temporal. Value the eternal not the temporal. Ask your Holy Ghost to help you with the atonement
    Best Wishes fellow egos 😇

  45. CME's. are real and could happen anytime. The sun can wipe out the life as we know it and it would be castropphic to our planet

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  50. Up until the last roughly 2 years all i ever heard of was the eclipse. Now all the sudden we have red pink blue black super moons and all this craziness. i was never taught about anything other than an eclipse in school. Now all the sudden were having multiple eclipses and "super" moons a year and they make up another type of "super" moon every 2 of 3 months. Wtf is actually going on. Keep an eye out for the "ultra super gigantic magenta turbo neon green moon" coming soon!!

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    Google: "Dr who crack in sky", it was exactly like that.
    I live in buenos aires, argentina.
    What could it be?

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