Hydroponics Without Electricity – Using The Water Powered Dosatron

Hydroponics Without Electricity –  Using The Water Powered Dosatron

Bless You and Your Veggies, Do Subscribe to [Yeah I Like It] Below 🙂 Stopping by in this video I want to show you My honest review and I hope I will be able to highlight all the pros and cons of this product. So let’s begin Hi folks doing I’m Chris Lundgren with dosatron international. I’m here at the sunlight supply testing facility We’re here to talk to you about what a dose Tron is How it’s going to benefit your grow and how it’s going to make you more successful The science behind the dosatron is that we’ve got a piston which actually moves up and down that’s connected to what we call plunger that plunger has a seal on the bottom that that runs through the Actual injection stem working very similar to a syringe it draws that product up Brings it up into the the bottom housing and blends it right here in line as an example I’m going to go ahead and turn this the unit on this is a clear unit These units come in blue so you won’t have to worry about the clear. This is for demonstration purposes only Now you can see that the water is actually coming through the unit and You can actually now see that piston moving up and down Pulling up that product From the base and actually drawing that concentrate Blending it in line and putting it out exactly how we want it So if we’re going to set this thing at 1 to 100 we’re actually going to get 1 to 100 anywhere from About a third of a pint a minute all the way to 14 gallons per minute on this particular unit We can use anywhere from one unit all the way up to eight units in line and actually still be very successful very precise in that blending the dosatron unit also has the ability to deal with a wide variety of products anywhere from synthetics to organics compost teas to very viscous products We also have something in the dosatron line that allows us a little bit more flexibility And that is the ability to have what we call a bypass when this bypass is turned on it actually stops the piston from moving up and down which therefore stops the unit from injecting if We actually turn that bypass back off and if injection is necessary again, it’s important that you could use this at bypass So let’s use the the example of the eight units in line When you have those eight units in line towards the end of the flush cycle you may want actually turn all those units on and only use one for your flushing agent a flushing agent will be Perfectly blending put out into the plant right into the root zone One of the more popular products, it’s great with synthetics is what we call the D 25 REO 9 this product right here. This one has an injection range of anywhere from 3.5 milliliters to 35 milliliters per gallon Now all of the dosatrons are going to come in what we call ratio and percentage. So we’ve translated that into milliliters per gallons or teaspoons per gallons each Unit will come with a sticker right on the unit that will break that conversion down and make a little easier to do the math Every single unit that comes from France is tested So the water in there is a normal thing go ahead and take those red caps off You’re gonna plug your suction hose in and you’re ready to go I’m gonna go ahead and crank the unit back up because there’s something I want you to see There’s a lot of vortex going on there. So we’re creating a Wonderful blend you can note that when the product comes out and goes in line It’s always going to have a beautiful blend for more information Go to dosatron usa.com or you can check out sunlight supply calm for some videos and some troubleshooting information Cool right click the link in the description for pricing ratings and reviews

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