100 thoughts on “I Built a $500 Gas Powered Wish Scooter

  1. You Millennials are so soft and f*** up anything has to do with tools nuts and bolts you can't even f**** man up! Number one reason why the LGBT community is thriving right now! Man the f**** up!

  2. PLease all of your videos is boring, because you don't even get to see a working result you really need to grab some real help and get stuff to work in your videos'

  3. That shouldn’t be hard to fix and I’d make my own board for that haha reasons I’m thankful for having 3 mechanics in my family

  4. Did you eventually get it running? What the fuck kind of ending to the video was that? I doubt anyone expected nothing to go wrong from the start. Do another video on getting it working.

  5. Lol worst video ever – just ask every 10 sec for a like and the be too lazy to fix a cheap china motor
    Like dude come on.. you could’ve even had somebody else fix it for you

  6. Wtf dude just watched a hole video about a sponsor and a boeken board that doesn’t even work fucking clickbait

  7. kid if you knew how to tune a carburetor you would have been able to make a better video. unfortunately you don't have the proper skills to make a good review on a product like this.

  8. You’re such an idiot. If gas isn’t flowing cause you didn’t push the primer bulb. You need the choke too. You can’t blame it on the engine.

  9. I know I’m late but… I was just on Wish and there was a skateboard that said: Hoverboard and it was 20$ and I brought it and tried it and you won’t believe it… it was actually was hovering… but I knew that it won’t carry me but… hey it looked so cool and I made it better…

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