‘I Love Fossil Fuels!’ Oil Propaganda in Kids’ Earth Day Contest

‘I Love Fossil Fuels!’ Oil Propaganda in Kids’ Earth Day Contest

utah has is state-sponsored poster
contest for grade school students and uh… what they basically do is a happy
man in it in response to a birthday right so i
think is greatest bosa celebrate mother nature you gotta think about what you
can do to save our environment uh… save our planet uh… but in utah since this poster
contest is funded at by uh… oil companies and by
core companies uh… their themes are something along
the lines of where would we be a without oil gas and mine last year the theme was
out how dealings or l gas and mining kindersley response our birthday this is so crazy is ridiculous or coal companies just in case people
didn’t quite grasp what you said their or companies are but i mean this is a admitted having
kids do this that this crazy the salt lake the truly in section of the society
of petroleum engineers evidence that the vision of oil gas and
i think i can imagine that those people without some kind of agenda that they
might want to push on kids what’s wrong with the utah west everything that bad seems to be coming at you the admin yahoo adn not all that surprised rate because
whenever you have these huge corporations involved in things like
this of course there detritus fred prone to really pro mining propaganda and that’s exactly
what they’re doing and these like the same conservatives in the same
individuals it’ll turn around and a look at colleges now saying look at this
liberal indoctrination the hispanics really fascinating that the fax usually
fall on the liberal side of things right but in this case this is just propaganda there there is
no discussion about the man aidid climate change arnold men means
the right phrase but as human cause climate change uh… insult act you have people like the cook brothers
funding these climate denying scientists that are releasing these ridiculous
studies indicating that climate change is not caused by human
activity and in the balkans parker’s there but because the market it says i
part fossil fuels like that actually would still better in like a kitchen store as a joke in both people who literally although
love fossil fuels and love the fact that the
dinosaurs died millions of years ago let this this
brian i researched middle-class pruitt as fast as i can and i wanted on a month and also just like the resistance toward
renewable energy is incredible anytime deal bombing ministration find something
that’s good for the environment the immediately get criticized by have
republicans and some democrats and it’s not being test was a perfect
example of that tessa creates an electric car and of course the use of federal loan to
do a cell and people like rodney said not test was a loser company extract fact their federal loan five years in the bay yeah so they’re not a loser company not
only are they paying the federal government back but they also created a unappealing
electric are of course is an electric car that i personally can afford since
like eighty thousand dollar world it’s a little less that fit but still we should be finding these
projects and we need to get serious about climate change their anne the fact
that we’re still having this rediculous debate about how climate change is still
controversial among scientists is rediculous what you know even if even if
people wanted to continue this debate where they are where they’re humans are
causing the environment to change i think we can all agree we put out a
lot of pollution right so that it was rejected the real argument that we will will put
out well there’s nothing wrong with going
reunion in the late using solar energy and we think are and shouldn’t be viewed
as a bad thing so we don’t have a look at the argument in this sort of sensible
and whether you think the science i don’t read all the reports but i’m
pretty sure i know we’re doing something but even if
we’re not when that use more solar panel and uh… maria yeah which is uh… but i m gonna buy one of these months i
think it’s pretty hard

100 thoughts on “‘I Love Fossil Fuels!’ Oil Propaganda in Kids’ Earth Day Contest

  1. Acording to your "logic" our high tech´d be amish tech. You are either unable or unwilling to lead an honest discussion.

  2. Yes. You are right.
    Oil would still be burned, but without cars burning oil, there would be LESS oil being burned you stupid fucking waste of life.
    What does it mean when less of something that pollutes is consumed? Hmmmmm….That's a tough one for someone like you who is at a kindergarten level of education, isn't it?
    Oil gets burned. Burning oil pollutes. Get rid of one of the ways in which oil burns & you have less pollution.
    Do you understand now you stupid fuck?

  3. Whether or not combustion engines are a necessary step is irrelevant. There is the next step to consider. We are reaching a point where the benefits are starting to run out.

  4. No… you are right… there is no free energy… what Frampton should have said is that Tesla was trying to make energy free. Right now energy is controlled by the ruling elite and doled out to specific people for specific reasons. Tesla wanted to make energy SO abundant that it would be valueless as no one could bottle neck it and derive profits from that bottle neck.

  5. Nikola Tesla was a pinko commie socialist nazi hitler atheist! JP Morgan was a freedom loving, capitalist saint in league with Jesus and the forces of light for the betterment of mankind as evidenced by the status quo. I hope you can come to grips with the lib propaganda you have spouted. Slavery is freedom! War is Peace! I like reality tv and shopping especially when made affordable by slaughtering the poor! Profits are not a dirty word to me! I am what the media hails as an American Patriot.

  6. Not to mention that electric engines are already more powerful than some of the best combustion engines (and have been for some time).

  7. Not to mention how simple they are, A normal engine has thousands of moving parts in it, how many does a electric have?. Think they'll brake easily?.

  8. But if all the cars used electricity from coal, MORE coal would need to be burned

    The MORE coal makes up for the LESS oil

    coal and oil are both bad for the environment

  9. That's some bullshit! But obviously the only way to get recruits is to shove it down young peoples throats with their unlimited funding.

  10. "I dont read the reports but Im pretty sure we're doing something" never have I heard a more true statement from a journalist/reporter/personality on TYT.

  11. If energy was free than people would take advantage of it and our resources would deplete very quickly. money keeps people in check.

  12. There are people who still say evolution is still a 50/50 in science. The climate change denialists do not surprise me in the least.

  13. Sarah Palin PWNS Tesla! She has more power than he does because she is POWERED BY GOD HERSELF! Her god powers will keep this planet powered for an ETERNITY! It is more powerful than the sun!

  14. You talk like a Yank. Taxes are not "stealing." Removing the platitudes you state, you must then agree that a Million a year is not enough for someone who sits behind a desk several hours a week, living off tax evasion and dividends? No, replacing Oil/Gas is not going to happen. If you knew science, and where the world is today; you would realize that it's a collective fantasy. We have nothing replaceable today, less then a year away from collapse. What we do have, uses Oil to produce.

  15. You mean the Dutch Government does things right, and people support them??? Amazing!!?!? Sometimes the government does not agree with the majority? Yes, that is called, every government on earth. The Yanks just want background checking for guns, 90% want it. However, their government will not even talk about the idea. Please, take your copy of "Atlas Shrugged" and fuck off to the USA. The Netherlands/Europe does not want/need you.

  16. So you are mad it is propoganda? Alright I'll give you that. Of course you would be just as mad if a pro-enviromental group funded an art contest with subjects on why fossil fuels are bad right? I mean you would HAVE to be. Otherwise you would be saying propoganda is, in fact, okay when it is something you agree with. Which would mean you would be hypocrites, which would mean you lose all intellectual standing in any argument

  17. I appreciate your polite response. I got carried away and my comment to you earlier was very rude. Anyway, here's the issue I had with what you were saying. Climate change doesn't mean that everywhere in the world is going to be smoldering hot and we're going to die etc. It's just saying that on AVERAGE everywhere in the world is getting very sliiiightly hotter every year. So that doesn't mean that next year is necessarily going to be hotter, but that on a 10-year average it will get hotter

  18. No threat. Just stating facts. Actually the technology is there but oil lobbies have a choke hold on our government. Getting money out of politics comes first and requires active voting. Its your generation that keeps getting us into wars and running up the American credit card so fuck off Grandpa.

  19. Anna why dont you guys ever talk about sun cycles.. there are some that occur every 11 years some long then that…. you guys even mentioned on your show that it would take 4% of worlds economy to make the initial change not to mention a life time of maintence for these products just think how many companies would bank on this and just screw us all as garenteed for life consumers… these companies count on us to fall for this idea of climate change so they can take more of our money….

  20. 20 years from now, when everybody drives around in European and Asian electric and plug in hybrid cars because it's cheaper (not to mention sane if your a fan of human survival), the US car companies will still be lobbying for another bailout and more fossil fuel subsidies.

  21. The Only Man that created man made Climate Change is Al Gore!
    i personally feel i shouldn't be held responsible for driving my car around, i feel no remorse for doing so.
    Truthfully its the Sun Cycles that have more to do with the climate then CO2!

  22. He was definitely someone who was already inventing Type 1 civilization technology before we were even close to reaching the phase. Hell we are close now, but we are still type 0 because we still use dead plants. I wish we could move on, but half the goddam country is split on it. thinking that things can stay the same on one side. the other side thinks its the fucking apocolypse or some shit. Either way, there isn't any real legislation being written by level-headed adults on the matter.

  23. Sounds interesting, but not reality. Theft is what these Oligarchs you seem to covet; I doubt you are one yourself, is making excessive profits at the expense of the workers, and human society. Markets have proven to be the worst at governing any society ("free" markets are not "free" but Wage Slavery). Nice car I never heard of, thanks to "market economy. What good will it do if 1 liter is the price of a house? Oligarchical Govt shouldn't, which is why we all need Marxist-Egalitarianism.

  24. "Morally wrong?" Whose morals? Read: Their Morals and Ours, by L. Trotsky. Ahh, taking risks, yes they do; however, such risk taking has lead to every global problem, market crash, and austerity sense the Industrial Revolution. Prof? See Also: Great Depression, 2008 Market Crash. "Hard Work?" Who works harder? The Construction worker, paid a small fraction of his labors actual worth? Or the CEO, taking the profits from the workers, and gives them to a stock broker, while he buys a yacht?

  25. Yes, sometimes; because anything more is "always", and not reality. The Dutch you associate with may not care, but most do; and those who don't care don't realize politics cares about them. "Economic Freedom?" Yanks say such things. There is no such state in your model. From Neo-Liberal to Conservative, all these systems work for a small unknown group of oligarchs. It's a collective delusion, and your "freedom" is merely the length of rope on your neck. Complain, and they will chock you by it.

  26. Nationalism! Yes, that works well (?). Boarders and nationality is a mental construct, and does not exist. Boarders are arbitrary lines on paper, nothing more. Only one world government, built on Marxist-Egalitarianism; with one language and complete control by the common citizens and intelligentsia, can keep humanity from extinction. Simply put, we accept living together as one planet, for all humans. Or all humanity dies as lone individuals. The concept of "foreign" is to keep masses in chains

  27. Right, but that isn't free energy in the physics definition. That's green energy. Free energy doesn't actually exist.

  28. Amazing level of gullible ignorance. Take comfort that the Oligarchs you defend, need disciples like you; despite working against you. The "Gun = Taxes" argument, sorry to say, but that is argument by analogy or "False Analogy." The process of analogical inference involves noting the shared properties of two or more things, and from this basis inferring that they also share some further property. Capitalism and Corporatism;it is not logical, because Corporatism is part of Capitalism.

  29. Ford is one of the most influential people, to advance the using finite resources, for infinite growth. Wage slavery from Government? Well, if one takes the Oligarchical Governments of today, possibly. However, Government of/by/for the people does not produce this effect. Capitalism is based on wage slavery. As to the CEO being more then the Worker; if a contracting CEO has a $Billion, but no workers, how does he build anything? The CEO may risk a loss of $, but the worker risks $ and life.

  30. Very interesting stand. However, the argument about politics and government as you stated is a regression fallacy. I do so like the ending, because it means your "comfort zone" has been breached by my stance. "Brainwashed," well, clearly it is an Ad hominem tu quoque. It is not an argument at all; your characterization is so ungenerous, have nothing to do with the strength of my argument, so using it as evidence is fallacious.

  31. Considering the vast number of bad information, criminality, and destructive content (aka: Fascist Sites), yes I do think the Internet should be regulated to a point. However, not under a Capitalist Government, but a Marxist-Egalitarian one. Considering a government is "supposed" to represent the wishes of the people; safe guard the public good, and hold others accountable; yes is is "collective" (even though that word is loaded). "No man is an island unto himself; it takes a village."

  32. I'm all for electric cars. I hate buying gas and knowing I have a big carbon footprint. Just out of curiosity though if all the cars on the road used battery cells to run completely on electric, how much pollutant will discharged batteries cause. How much energy will it take to power all the cars. Is there a documentary on this or did anyone do the math yet. Just to be clear I'm for non drilling but what's the alternative if electric prove to be too wasteful.

  33. Socialism/Communism have nothing in common with Fascism, so that is a false correlation, Etymological fallacy, and Reductio ad Hitlerum. The way you subjectively say it, makes Capitalism appear benevolent, but it is not the case. Production is based on profit, nothing more. Competition implies an end game or winner, Corporatism grows from Free Market Competitions culmination. It is a Ludic fallacy to make. You are also dangerously close to onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat.

  34. A self-evident proposition claims to need no definition or proof. Argumentum ad ignorantiam or "appeal to ignorance."

  35. A Hobson's choice is a free choice in which only one option is offered. As a person may refuse to take that option, the choice is therefore between taking the option or not; "take it or leave it". You may like the ultimatum game often played in economic experiments, but I find it self-defeating.

  36. Again, that is plurium interrogationum; as well as, onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat, on who has the burden of proof. The rest of that is Kettle logic, and begs for a overwhelming exception, and is a Texas sharpshooter fallacy.

  37. Again, you are giving a Hobson's choice. Also, your Judgmental language is unfortunate, as is your appeal to fear.

  38. That is quite false. Your judgement is based solely on an appeal to nature, and other Red Herring fallacies.

  39. Your use of contextomy is impressive; however, petitio principii. You are making an argument from fallacy.

  40. I am not making an appeal to authority, and have not made faulty generalizations; however, an argument can be made that you have done at least the later. I was born around 30 years before you, and learning how to debate and argue meant learning the names of fallacies, many of which are Latin. Any scientist or doctor would also use Latin in a discussion; it is not "random."

  41. Your arguing from repetition now (I would have said, argumentum ad nauseam, but the actual term seems to bother you). Soon it will end-up circular, and I do not see using my time.

  42. Trader, fine, that answers a lot. I did not once mention "superiority," so those are your words. Again, "Post Hoc (for example)," is not random, words have meaning, and enunciate truth by accuracy. I only reference my age, because when I was growing-up in Dresden, proper Latin words were taught, opposed to modern translations. You are trying to win an argument, by prosecuting me personally, and it is just nonsense. Silence is not acquiescence.

  43. Climate change is partly caused by people but not entirely. The Ice Ages (times of massive climate change) happened long before humans ever existed. But pollution is undeniably caused by humans. There are many who blindly blame corporations but big companies do have a history of using methods of mining and waste disposal that are bad for the environment because they are cheaper. It's important that we help the environment and take extra measures to protect it.

  44. its superior and what kind of trader are you?

  45. The interesting part: You can neither argue nor apply logic.
    Plz don´t troll me with stupid completely unrelated examples.
    Grow a brain kid. I won´t take you spam serious anymore.

  46. I'm thinking using hydro-carbon fuels is very wasteful we'r literally burning a finite resource. I think we've gotta look long term and keep the oil in the ground for future generations. Use oil for plastics and products and use alternatives forms of traction where possible. What will future generations do when aliens try to invade and we've used up all the oil driving 4-wheel drives around cities?

  47. That's exactly what puzzles me: we have this incredibly valuable but finite resource that took millions of years to materialize and that is indispensable in many of the products we use everyday (medicine, pharmaceutics, technology etc) and yet we waste it by simply burning it to heat homes or power our cars. It's insane! Global Warming is only a fraction of the problem.

  48. oil is awesome!

    i love oil and mining! it has not only made a higher standard of living possible, but has lifted 2 million people out of extreme poverty each month in china.

    this has saved literally millions of lives. it is like the opposite of the Holocaust.

    those who are against mining and oil dont have empathy for their less fortunate peers in 3d world countries. shame on those who dictate what is best from an ivory tower!

  49. Yes, oil is great until small groups take of the industry and jack up the pri…..oh, that is exactly what is happening. Oil is no where near a perfect energy source and this is why we need to invest in renewable forms of energy. Don't get rid of oil completely but we are at a point where we need to make a transition and if we don't we will very well put our entire worlds enviroment at risk.

  50. " we need to invest in renewable forms of energy"
    this is extremely expensive, and at this point we probably wont be ably to provide the same standard of living. but, if you think it is worth it, go ahead and invest in solar panels, but this is a luxury that most of the poor cannot afford.

    btw, the current oil monopoly is enforced mainly through the EPA….the current companies buy the EPA, and then make it impossible for competitors to enter the market. so, end the EPA to break that monopoly.

  51. At this current time it is expensive but so was oil when it was first starting. Everything becomes cheaper when the technology to make it is fine tuned and mastered. If we do not start now then we will never be able to start. If we can start to at least use some off those massive profits accumulated by oil sales then we could start investing in renewable energy. This is not something that can be done by a few people. It needs to be done in a national or global scale.

  52. As for disbanding the EPA. This is a somewhat iffy subject. While they are not perfect in respect to oil they do prevent a large amount of damage to the environment by regulating people that do cause pollution. If we were to disband the EPA all together we have to have a new plan to regulate and reduce pollution because just getting rid of it with no replacement is like deregulating the banks. We all know what happened and is happening because of that.

  53. 1. We can make oil it just cost more money then its worth. 2. Anything oil can do vegitable oil can. 3. If we still need oil in the future, we diserve to die.

  54. i believe we need to more or less 'ween' ourselves off of all the fossil fuels. I don't mean stop using them all together that would fuck up the economy in a plethora of ways. I just think in the long run we would be better off if we used more renewable resources along with our fossil fuels since eventually there wouldn't been the huge surplus of it for the whole damn planet to use and never run out. All and all just use them both and we should be better off.

  55. Facts are liberal bias yeah, my idiot dad said today that he thinks liberal college professors are domestic terrorists. Just b/c you don't agree with someone doesn't mean they're a terrorist!

  56. wow I really got to u didn't I? haha so u defend an idiot to have a go at me.thats good how u stick up for your own kind.

  57. "…the dinosaurs died millions of years ago, left us this finite resource and I am going to plow through it as fast as I can,”

    he says, with a TV behind him. A TV produced using oil and gas, in order to run a splash screen using energy produced by oil and gas.

  58. "let alone money on bullshit"

    yes, that is what green energy investments are.

    i agree with you, we waste too much money, that does not justify wasting more money on projects that will go nowhere.

    furthermore, these "investments" are often just handing out monopolies and money to giant corporations.

    i dont understand how oil companies are bad, and windmill companies deserve the tax money and state-enforced monopoly.

    lets just stop giving money to corporations, deal?

  59. " rather than wasting money and in this case oil on useless bullshit."

    tell that to the billions of people that need the energy oil provides to live, and retain a Western standard of living.

    "make our lives efficient"

    oil is efficient. that is why we use it instead of solar panels. alternative energies are usually low density energies, so good luck driving that car… no-matter how good solar panels get.

    "develop another source of energy and soon"

    state monopolies are getting in the way.

  60. "They need it but they eccentially don't have it"

    so we need to drill for more oil, i agree. in fact, oil is at such a high price bc so many people are getting out of poverty, which requires oil.

    "if you live on 50 cents a month"

    everyone is born poor, and most of human history has been a story of extreme poverty. oil has played a major role in increased the standard of living. more oil, please!

    "The cliff is going to come"

    please review basic economics. we will never run out of oil.

  61. "Then generally get ride of them."

    but the allocation of resources and regulation you have advocated will only entrench some companies and prevent others from entering the market.

    if you want innovation, just clear out all this allocation and let the free market work.

  62. "Then it`s a sure sign that we don`t have much oil"

    wait, do you really not understand how supply and demand works? i feel a little embarrassed for you….its like you just admitted that you dont understand evolution to a biology class.

    "restrain unethical actions in the market"

    no, those same unethical ppl you are trying to protect against just buy the regulators and then write their own laws.

  63. Mining helps make the world a cleaner and better place, especially mining fossil fuels. Fossil fuels help provide energy that helps provide clean running water, fuel cars that carry cleaning supplies. Oil is used to make plastic that is easy to clean. I don't support forcing children to make posters to point this stuff out, but that's because I object to forcing children to do things they don't want to do.

  64. Young and dumb,  bet these two idiots drive cars , fly jets,  heat their homes drink imported coffee,  and the list goes on and on and on and on.  HYPOCRITES

  65. As we switch from a carbon to a non carbon economy the price of electricity is going to go up a huge amount in the short term as the renewable alternatives come online and gas and coal fired power stations are decommissioned, burning coal is a much more efficient way to make electricity and its a lot cheaper right now as well, also its worth bearing in mind all the other things that the petrochemical industry gives us other than just the gas in our cars and planes! plastic, remember that stuff? its everywhere! imagine a world without plastic! and what about the fertilizers that greatly boost crop yields? this is not going to be an easy transition.

  66. My Tesla goes 0 to 60 and 3 seconds +/- a tenth or so. Faster and cheaper than a Dodge Hellcat. I still got my 6-speed Acura for long trips, but it's electric vehicles for ALL MY CITY DRIVING! Ha Ha Ha!

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