Idiotic Fox News Guest Says Burning Fossil Fuels IMPROVES The Environment

Idiotic Fox News Guest Says Burning Fossil Fuels IMPROVES The Environment

Fox News right now is kind of freaking out
because we have the world scientific consensus telling us that we really only have a few
years left to do something about catastrophic climate change and our increasing emissions
and we have politicians who actually want to take the issue of climate change seriously
right now. Obviously that doesn’t jive with what Fox
News wants its viewers to believe for some reason. So on Thursday they trotted out noted climate
change denier. Marc Morano, uh, where he told their audience
that burning fossil fuels was actually good for the environment. Take a look. How do you feel about people like Senator
Brasil proposing incentives for people to capture carbon as opposed to penalties and
punishment? Well, there’s all kinds of proposals. All everyone’s for energy efficiency for a
clean environment. Oddly, the more carbon based fuels you can
introduce it in the developing world, Africa, South America, Asia, the cleaner the environment
gets, you have less people burning dung and their huts have less people dumping sewage
into the rivers because you get infrastructure. So carbon based fuels actually improve the
environment. And beyond that, everyone wants efficiency,
but you don’t ban energy that works in mandate energy that’s nowhere near ready for prime
time. All this so called renewable and that’s what
they’re going after here. All right, so let’s get a few things out of
the way before we even address the issues that Murrano, uh, brought up there. First and foremost, dudes, not a scientist,
not even close. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science. He is funded through one of the think tanks
where he sits on the board by fossil fuel companies, Chevron, Exxon, usual suspects
there. Uh, I believe he’s also gotten some money
from the cokes. Um, so this guy has no background in science,
just came out and got funded by fossil fuel companies, became a noted Denier, worked for
several years as a communications director for Jim Inhofe, the biggest climate change
denier in the US Senate. And that’s where we are today. Started this little website climate depot
that allegedly picks apart the science of climate change. But again, not a single scientist actually
works there. It’s just a bunch of idiots who think they’re
smarter than the people with PhDs who have been studying this for decades. That’s what Marc Morano is. He is a moron. I’m now about his claims. That’s about as stupid as you can get. Burning Dung inside wicker hutts. Has this idiot ever traveled outside of the
United States? I mean to see honestly think that that is
what these third world countries are just a bunch of savages out. They’re burning their own shit inside a because
they don’t know any better. I mean, we’ve seen Fox host sale, lot of offensive
things recently, but this needs to be on that list as well because that is absolutely insane. Not to mention the fact that, oh, they burn
fossil fuels and create better infrastructure. How are those two even related? If burning fossil fuels lead to better infrastructure,
the people in the United States in Flint, Michigan wouldn’t be drinking lead laced water,
but they are because those two issues aren’t related. Marc Morano has zero credibility. He has zero scientific insight into anything
and the only place he can find a real captive audience are the people at Fox News who can
look at it, someone as stupid as Marc Morano and think that he is a genius. Just because he’s smarter than the idiots
on the couch at Fox and friends doesn’t mean he’s a smart guy. It just means when he’s in the room with them,
he’s not the dumbest guy in the room.

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  1. Well Marc Morano is right that there is a big greenhouse gases, children health and deforestation issue with kerosene or wood cooking stoves, which is the vast majority of stoves in these countries, it's just the dung stoves that are really rare.

    Now, there are many Western and local designs of highly efficient stoves being deployed by the hundreds, even solar ovens, so that's probably a better and much cheaper solution than creating coal and petrol burning power stations and creating from scratch a whole power distribution network and asking families to use electrical stoves, so he is totally wrong and by a long shot there.

    And stoves are just one part of the pollution issue, dirty industries account for far more pollution.


  3. There are places that do burn dung for warmth, but the reason they do it is a little more nuanced than this want-to-be lobbyist is making it out.

  4. Morano is the same kind of "expert " that Ancient Aliens uses. They have a degree in something unrelated to the topic but are touted as reliable. Like my old man said "If you're sick, call a doctor not a plumber.

  5. Today's climate change debate reminds me of the lead debate of the 60's and 70's. Big Auto and Oil fought like hell to not remove lead from gasoline saying that lead wasn't harmful to the environment and human health. But with sound scientific research and accurate empirical data scientists sunk the lead deniers boat. Facts are a very stubborn thing and will sink the Climate Deniers boat. There's no other option but to confront climate change because nothing else matters if you destroy the earth.

  6. This is all part of the purposeful and systematic dumbing-down of Americans. Why do you think the inexperienced and corrupted Betsy DeVoss is now responsible for schools? (her buddies at for-profit schools will be reaping money)

    Of course the above is just a Republican wet dream for now, because there are numerous people fighting against the trend. Whether or not they will be successful is yet to be determined.

    Corporate politicians and the religious right do not want people to be educated. They want you to be subjugated to their will and not to question what they tell you. And as long as American citizens remain complacent about education, we have already lost.

  7. Paid for and sponsored by Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation and Fox.

    This guy is beyond belief – but then again he shares the same views as the USA's Liar-In-Chief; the criminal unindicted co-conspirator who the GOP treat as a demonic god.

  8. Look at all you sheeple following blindly. 2018 was the least extreme weather in memory. Not a single tornado. Fires are not a result of Co2 but were still below average. Temps have not risen for 21 years. Sea levels have not risen. Arctic ice has grown by "MILLIONS" of kim2. Where is a single bit of evidence supporting your cult's fear porn?

  9. Yes, and keep smoking long enough, and you will end up developing an immunity towards Lung Cancer & Emphysema!

    I mean…….

  10. Burning fossil fuel helps the environment, cigarettes are good for your lungs, drinking is good for your liver and everyone should text and drive. All those things make the same amount of sense. None.

  11. This has got to be the 3rd stupidest claim I've ever heard, next to Venus being possibly habitable and child sex slaves on Mars!!!!🤯🤬🤬😡😡

  12. ….is this guy serious? Like seriously? He is rambling nonsense just like Trump would in an interview. I think i know what's next, they'll say Nuclear waste is beneficial to your health and well being.

  13. "Look at this plitty flowel hele. Science says, it can glow up when tempelatule is ovel 43F, 24 houvels pel day. Soon it can glouw to be as big as a hause!"

  14. Improperly burning stoves in places like India contribute black soot/carbon that is proven to be a MAJOR contributing factor Himalayan glacier melt. There is an movement to improve the cooking stoves. What gets me is why is the fossil fuel industry not trying to corner the market on clean energy by diversifying? Oh, I might have just answered my own question. They use the shareholder excuse? Sears is folding because of rotten management like the dinosaur fossil fools industry.

  15. People like him get paid an obscene amount of money to promote this agenda. The irony is if they were to get their wish they wouldn't be able to live in their own new world.

  16. How stupid can this guy Morano be? A complete a**hole on environmental issues. TV time is to expensive to hear and see this kind of shit on tv. Shame

  17. Lie, lie and then lie some more Fox News! Awful news channel hood winking their viewers! Turn them off folks and go play with your kids and be with your family! You’ll feel better within days, I promise!

  18. Today (January 4th) marks the day here in Michigan that we historically end up with the worst winter weather ever. Six foot high snow banks, 45 mph artic winds, and sub-zero thermometer temperatures. But today (January 4, 2019), thanks to global climate change, it reached a high of 52°F. What's more, not a snowflake in sight, and calm, almost like summer breezes in the air. If anybody doesn't believe that climate change is actually happening in our world, then they are a dumbass!!!

  19. If dude's so smart why can't he think big picture like the rest of us who aren't influenced by corporation's money.

  20. Poisson in the water is scientafically proven to be a catalyst for winning the lottery! Just ask my dead friend Leroy and his recently deceased family! The pointy white hood knows all! Question not the pointy white hood!

  21. As a civil engineering major, this empty-headed twit should be legally barred from ever using the word "Infrastructure" from how he just completely perverted it. Infrastructure is designed within a system's means with the goal of "long-term" social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Vapid politically ambitious suits are the ones who just want to kick the can further down the road for the next generation to deal with. Engineers are the ones who roll up their sleeves to get shit done and fix a problem before it gets worse.

  22. Let's not kid ourselves. Fox news is a right-wing terrorist organization masquerading itself as a "News channel."

  23. That does it. Conservatives and Alt-Rights should ALL be sterilized before the Earth burns from their heartless white-supremacist stupidity and that of their children.

  24. So he wants to ban human waste, but not artificial waste ?


    I want off this planet, im done

  25. Let’s be honest, thanks to America’s social and economic policy there are a lot of Americans who are pretty close to burning dung in a wicker hut.

  26. How long before we hear Trump parroting "scientists have proven that burning "so-called" fossil fuels actually improves the environment. You didn't know that, did you? Not a lot of people know that. But, I do… I know these things because I do the research…."

  27. A tip from a veteran who has always hated politics because it is the dirtiest thing on earth and I am not the Dial Genius as our beloved president, that HE says with the great treaty that trump achievement United States will save so much money and the wall is worth only a few peanuts in less than 6 months our criminal will have the money to pay for the wall, trump can wait 6 months and now you can open the government because those who are suffering are poor people that the LUNATIC trump does not give … fuc * believe me !!! and by the way IMPEACH the MOTHERFU * KER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and HIS LACKEYS! (This is a Spoiled Child who always treats women and men like servants and lackeys)

  28. How did people go dumb in two years of trump? He made it where to anyone who defends his policies will say anything and the facts dont matter. Even his base believes in his alternative facts, BS, and lies. Over 7600 lies in 2 years.

  29. Y'all became the victim of Fox's and the Trump's gangs! They'll say anything to stir up your anger, they knew exactly what they're doing! They want you to get angry at them! and they got you! Lol

  30. Personally I have replaced my fossil fuel powered car not with a electric car but rather with an electric bike that gets 900MPGe in energy efficiency,travels 28 miles per hour maximum speed with the motor,has a range of 50 miles and costs me around $1 USD per month in electrical costs.
    The electric bike only cost me $1,600 USD which is a heck of a lot cheaper than a new electric car which the cheapest new one might cost around $30,000 USD.
    Most of the electrical energy is squandered traveling in an electric car because most of the energy is used just moving a big heavy box so they are not really energy efficient if you want to know the truth.
     Riding an electric bike saves me a lot of money and I can pedal along with the motor to extend the range and get daily needed exercise for good human health.
    This has worked for me for 6 years and I feel healthier now than 6 years ago as a sedentary motor vehicle owner/driver.
    If you desire to save a lot of money,feel healthier,be friendly towards the environment and be able to commute to work if your workplace is less than say 10 to 20 miles distance get a good electric bike with preferably a 900 watt-hr or more lithium ion battery pack.
    Again they are about 10 times more energy efficient than a electric car.

  31. I have a garage that I'd like to put this guy into for a few hours…then start the engine that burns fossil fuel. I'll check back later to see how it has improved his life.

  32. 'dung in their huts'?! This passes for news for some folks? This is as bad as the idiot claiming welfare recipients spend all their time watching porn…sweet Jesus

  33. What a fucking ass he is so blatantly bought and sold by evil corporations the the kochs as soon as he opened his mouth lets find a catapult and throw him into the ocean. The dude has got corporate herpes of the mouth.

  34. I live in Michigan and we usually have a lot snow by now, but the south has had more snow then us in the North. Climate change is getting worse by the year.

  35. THE FACE OF THE HOST… priceless… he´s like : ´´where the hell is the exit…i´d wish i was dead´´…xD

  36. "idiot and a moron" is the host – no real valid argument against the point Morano made – just personal attacks and insults – wish Youtube had a "desubscribe" button so not to end up again on his pathetic channel

  37. What fuels do the global change enthusiasts intend to use for airplane fuels? It sounds like they want the US to not fly anymore while our enemies can fly bombers?

  38. The IAEA, WHO and other not-right-wing sources have documented dung burning in “developing” countries you arrogant prick.

  39. This farron just accused Morano of not being a scientist, as usual, no facts presented from this guy,, Morana gave some perfectly true assumptions of a world without cheap energy,
    i mean Farron,, your just screaming idiot at everyone,, you come over as a real clown,,

    There is a nasty agenda from the far left, ,,i certainly don`t want carbon tax and a world government with the UN scam,

    Check out Tony Heller on youtube instead of this sceaming moron on this tube,

  40. oh so I suppose the unicef commercial with the starving African children drinking from a mud puddle is a hoax then right? and energy will not help them to solve such problems ? you are so desperate to make your point that you just shit on the plight of million's of people that desperately need energy resources, and your pathetic viewers actually buy into your crap. you make me sick!

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