100 thoughts on “Inside Germany’s Most Harmful Energy Source: Brown Coal Blues

  1. 800 protesters fighting against fossil fuel , yet wearing clean suits made from petroleum based synthetics . Young dipstick there has petroleum based nail polish on , and everyone carrying some form of electronics that has open pit mined lithium power sources .

  2. CO2 is not the problem for the most part, it is easily converted by plants and we also produce it by breathing. The problem is mercury, SO2 which contributes to acid rain, and many other particulates that cannot be filtered/ converted by every plant

  3. i worked a few years for the german Ruhrkohle AG. They only have 1 mine in germany left, but the power plants still need the same amount of coal to run. Now they import tons of coal from south america. The coal is cheaper but has worse quality. Accidents in those mines happen almost daily and the people dont get much money for their work. I dont think this is a better solution…

  4. And Germany is phasing out it's nuclear power plants, the cleanest source of large scale power that exists. It's such a shame

  5. these idiots arent making a difference. they're trying to put out a forest fire with cups of water

  6. The alternative for fossil fuels are almost here. Just not yet. Give it about 15 years for technologies like fusion or fourth generation nuclear reactors to change the game.

    In the meantime, we should at least try to minimise our impact.

  7. I don't know if I have ever seen one as dumb as Daniel, that teenager. "It's just not fair that private people can restrict the freedom of others"… he is a idiot, we need more natural selection for people like him

  8. Imagine if all those protestors all went to school for Engineering etc and actually helped create the renewable sources of energy.

  9. Direkt nach einer Minute der erste Fehler: da wird nix abgebaut "damit wir Strom haben". Nur ca 15% der Energie kommen ins Netz.

  10. Everyone's complaining about the activist. Social activism is a vital part of democracy yes an engineer might effect the situation more directly but the whole peice centered around the activists raising awareness of the issue which is their role in the social ecosystem in which we all have very different roles to play. Yes we need engineers we need activists to diversity is what makes an ecosystem flourish.

  11. I agree that we need to move to carbon neutral power generation, though as a rational person I realize it won't happen overnight…But these activists REALLY need to realize how ironic that their "POWER TO THE PEOPLE!" chant sounds…Really

  12. And geez… "The activity sts are occupying trees in the 12,000 year old forest"…
    70 max year old trees… Why 70? Think 'bout it. These are not 2500 yo old growth redwoods.
    I'm used to VICE presenting reasonably balanced journalism- I love VICE, but this is a disappointment. They don't even mention that one of the primarily drivers behind fossil fuel use in Germany is their decision to totally shut down their nuclear plants post Fukushima (which is a good thing, eh? maybe…)

  13. At 3:07 you will find a proper victim of propaganda. Coal is definitively not the answer for clean energy. If you want clean energy you need to tap into a neverending source such as waterfalls, wind, solar or waves in the sea. It might take some time and energy to build, but when its there you have a tank of fuel that wont ever run out.

  14. You've just got to love mutti Merkel. Shut down nuclear, invest outragious amounts in renewables and too blind to understand reality. Bring in the refugees, burn that coal. All those good intentions and no rational brain. So sad it's funny. Liberals here are praising Germany and its energy policy. White women and knights, the downfall of the west.

  15. No coal, no nuclear power stations.. what do you want instead? what do you think can compensate the loss of energy, when we shut everything down?

  16. Its not the coal miners fault. If the activists want to target somebody they need to target whoever is in charge of energy production in their government. The miners are just doing their job to provide electricity to the area, its not the miners fault that Westphalia doesn't have clean energy. Attack the politicians, not the working man.

  17. We have a very efficient and enviromentally friendly alternative for coal but that's not this renewable bullshit.

  18. Coal power is much cheaper than nuclear power so the activists protesting against nuclear power just gave the german government more reason to use coal power.

  19. Brown coal has been used as a soil ammendant; not all of it is great as such but most of it is a slow release carbon source and good for clay soils.

  20. They always just show the steam of the power plants and act like thats where the CO2 is coming from. The huge white clouds are just water

  21. Does coal pyrolysis to liquid fuel create slag or bio char? 40000 jobs in California lost from a 4 inch fish. Coal slag needs to be taxed as haz material. Then algae now proven clean up water, eat co2 and produce high omega 3 solids to make bio fuel, food and energy. See Origin Clear Inc on utube.

  22. How ironic, that Germany want to shut down all nucleat power plants (which actually don´t produce this problems) till 2022 and this 200 years old technology will be there till 2045…

  23. I live at that partikular area and I don't have any worries about those things. In our region the nearby nuclear power facility in Belgium wich literally falls apart is the thing to worry about.

  24. The green party got what they wanted. Germany is going to shut down all nuclear power plants. However it isn´t realistic to replace them with wind/solar power… gg thats the right way to go…

  25. In INDIA The jharia coal mine automated fire then it not possible extinguish .the coal fire is naturally .the coal value is ZERO THEN…

  26. Again it seems that most viewers have missed the point of the video…

    I get it, you don't like the style, they missed some stuff, etc etc but I have yet to see a comment on the whole video! It sounds like most people only watch like half of it and then stopped. Even if they did included everything that was relevant to the topic I doubt many people would have known since it seems like no one watches videos to the end anymore.

  27. "It's just not fair that private people can restrict the freedom of others"…. wait a minute, didn't you and a group of 2000 other people just break into a private mine which has the legal right to operate in order to force them to stop working because you're personal opinion? Sounds like you were the private people restricting the freedom of others. I'm for clean energy but those protestors are idiots

  28. Convert to pyrolysis and make bio char that is a fertilizer not coal slag. Use algae to capture CO2 and feed fish makes bio diesel and cake good food. Fish feed the plants, plants clean the water. Commercial plant Duke Energy west bend oh. Let hemp convert from coal for clean air, water and food health.

  29. Gotta swing those clubs with a bit more ferocity, put your back fully into it. These triggered millennial twits guzzle just as much energy as anyone who they accuse.
    Anarchist Swine!

  30. Those people were building house much nicer than there previous ones. People want it all they want cheap power that's clean and everlasting that doesn't affect the environment or them. U can't have it all

  31. Wow that kid wants into use less energy how would he propose we do.that?? Stop using a.c. units?? Lights??? What cause how I see it no one can tell me how much energy I am allowed to use. If I pay for it I use it that's that

  32. Daniel protestiert gegen Energie doch er hat keine Lösung und wie anscheinend nicht das es ohne nicht geht außer wir kaufen Strom

  33. "C.C.S., which stands for carbon capture and storage, or carbon capture and sequestration, is a type of clean coal technology that would prevent carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaust from entering the atmosphere from power plants that burn coal, natural gas and biomass, or other sources of carbon emissions like iron or steel"


  34. CO2 entensive coal.. ha. Meanwhile solar smothers tons of habitat per KW of power, killing and displacing wildlife that a single 1 acre oil well would develop. Some also burn thousands of birds per year.. Wind power sprays tons of lubricating oil over thousands of acres and kills thousands of birds per year as well a single oil well would produce. You argue CO2 and climate change? I argue the climate has always been changing.

    Additionally, your battery power cars you promote take thousands of acres of heavy metal mining. The batteries end up being caustic and expensive to dispose of, and deadly to the environment. C02… come on, based on what evidence? Volcanoes and sea-life emit more C02 then the entire human race!

  35. Anyone else noticing that whenever Pravda, I mean Vice (Hammer & Sickle), mentions pollution, they show steam rising up from cooling towers, knowing that most people won't know that it is only water

  36. These people are ignorant, CO2 is what makes our earth green! Anyone ever grown marjiuana and set up a CO2 fogging system, What does this do? It makes your plants grow faster!! Talk to any logger or Forrester, most can tell you that plants and trees are growing faster since the beginning of the industrial revolution! Why is that? Because there is more CO2 in the atmosphere! Duuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!

  37. 15:30 "we disrupt the distribution lines so a little less coal is burned". No dumb shit, all u do is drive up the energy costs!

  38. Hey here's an idea. How about making the regular light bulbs totally illegal and and only legalize LED bulbs?

  39. Dumb*** forget that we are still coming out of an ice age and will be coming out of an ice age for more than 500 years to come

  40. Once again the profits of pollution are privatized while the costs (whether environmental or health-related) fall on the public. Imagine getting lung problems because your neighbor keeps blowing smoke in your face to sell you electricity, and on top of this your government uses your tax money to get him to stop? Unreal. I expected better from Germany.

  41. NO they DID NOT have 'everyone's safety in mind' when they were beating the protestors with the billy clubs were they???

  42. LOL so brave to protest coal while your country is invaded by Islamic culture. Good Europeans tools of the media.

  43. That’s nothing come see the raping being done in Australia especially Western Australia 🇦🇺 with the mining

  44. Germany produces 4 % of the worlds co2 and is fourth biggest exporter of goods in the world so daniel shut up

  45. They pretend to be environmental activists. But you can visit their houses and you see they use more electricity and stuff which destroys nature. They also contribute themselves. Hypocrites 😂

  46. Honestly, this entire thing is pretty civil and efficient, on both sides. Coal power sucks, but we'll need it for a while. It's nice that RWE is pretty ethical in their humanitarian practices.

  47. that's a great point about private security companies imprisoning protesters as they aren't licensed to infringe people's right to protest. moving a person from one room to another against their will or with force or threat of force is kidnapping. isn't restraining protesters really legally defined as kidnapping?

  48. Mist!
    Mein Smartphone ist leer.

    Ich muss es jetzt mit Strom laden.

    Zum Glück kommt mein Strom aus der Steckdose, und nicht von der dreckigen Kohle.

    Glück Auf!

  49. If you really care about global warming you would support nuclear. It would require higher IQ though to live in reality.

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