Inside The High-Tech TESLA Factory | Mind Blowing Facts

Inside The High-Tech TESLA Factory | Mind Blowing Facts

One of the world’s most cutting-edge
factories who are on a super high-tech mission to build an alternate future welcome to mind-blowing facts in this
episode we’re learning about the incredible Tesla factory an
extraordinary state-of-the-art electric car manufacturing facility that’s at the
vanguard of a new era of motoring located in Fremont California this giant
industrial machine came to life in 2010 it’s a 5.3 million square foot facility
that’s 500,000 square meters. Its car designs are revolutionary and the
company’s mission is to bring electric cars to the masses. You can even summon these cars to your door with just your phone. Elon Musk once said they are
building a machine that makes a machine and of course this is a highly
challenging task for the engineers and creators that helped bring the giant
factory to life. Under one roof human workers combined with hundreds of robot
colleagues to turn raw materials into high-tech vehicles in just a few days.
Man and some of the world’s mightiest machines come together to cast stamp
paint and assemble component parts into 2,000 cars every week before they’re put
through their paces on the test track. Mass production has come so far since
the world’s first large-scale industrial factory the earliest of which was the
Venetian Arsenal constructed in 1104 and situated in Venice Italy it
completely reimagined the way that ships were built for the first time each
different component of a ship was mass-produced in one place the process
reduced build time dramatically. Years later in 1916 engineer Giacomo Matte
Trucco was asked to design a bespoke factory in Turin Italy for car company
Fiat what he came up with was truly remarkable. The lingotto was completed in
1923 and was the largest car factory in the world at 500 metres long and five
stories high. For the first time all elements of a building were design
to work in harmony once the cars had been through each of the floors to add
all the different components they would come off the production line and onto
the roof. But not just any roof a purpose-built
rooftop test track. The Tesla factory has taken the Lingotto factories principals and given them a 21st-century makeover. The setting is almost unrecognizable
from factories of the past the creators wanted it to be a beautiful working
environment a place where workers could be proud of the craftsmanship but to
create a truly modern factory the manufacturers needed technology to match. At the Tesla factory they are integrating robots with their workers to
a much greater degree than any previous factories have done. It’s one of the most
automated facilities on the planet. The engineers solved a tough logistics
problem within the factory when they created the smart carts. They are robots
that go around the factory running on magnetic strips. These automated guided
vehicles can spot people or objects in their way and will wait until the path
is clear before they move on. They put themselves out of the rotation when
their batteries run low and put themselves back once they are fully
recharged but these carts are primitive compared to the factories Kuka robots.
The Kuka robots are trained to do up to five tasks they rivet weld glue and move
pieces from one part of the line to another. They are incredibly smart
hundreds of these robots perform complex and repetitive tasks with amazing
accuracy and without ever getting bored. But the real heavyweights of the factory
are the FanucM2000ias. This robot is so strong it’s capable of doing four times
the amount of work a conventional robot does. It can lift an incredible 1.2
tonnes in weight that’s the same weight as a walrus. It is used on the Tesla assembly line
but it’s big brother the FanucM2000ias which is also used at the factory can
lift an astounding 2.3 tonnes. The same weight as a rhino. And it can lift 24 hours a day seven
days a week. It has six axis allowing it to move with unbelievable accuracy it’s
an incredible feat of robotic engineering 12 of these heavyweights
work at the Tesla factory they are named after Marvel characters such as
Wolverine an Iceman. They lift up to 2,000 cars a week without breaking a
sweat. the Tesla factory is trying to get as
many electric cars on the roads as possible but manufacturing them quickly
efficiently and economically means overcoming engineering obstacles.
Traditionally most motor cars have been produced from steel but the Tesla
factory uses lightweight and durable aluminum to make their motors. Huge seven
story stamping presses forged sheets of aluminum into all manner of car body
parts. The press is capable of exerting eight thousand tons of pressure per
square inch the equivalent of having eight thousand tons on just your
thumbnail. These fresh-made panels then go to be painted. Tesla like many other industrial factories uses electrostatic painting but to an amazing level and
their state-of-the-art paint shop each car is attached to an electricity source
and grounded positively charged paint is then sprayed and electrostatically
attracted to the car this prevents huge wastes of paint and gives a completely
flawless finish. Everything about the 500,000 square metre Tesla Factory is designed for speed accuracy and efficiency but it must also turn out a
car that the public will actually want. At the heart of the design is a powerful
electric motor and it couldn’t be more different from the traditional internal
combustion engine. Compared to a gasoline engine which has hundreds of moving
parts the Model S and Model X motor only has one moving piece, the rotor.
Powering it are nearly 7-thousand small lithium-ion batteries it takes just 30
minutes to charge a Model S or X and they can drive a range of 250 miles with
the full battery. To produce them Tesla is doing something incredible creating
another factory the size of which has never been seen before. Once complete it
will be the largest factory in the world by footprint and will be powered
entirely by renewable energy. Named the Giga Factory it will hold the key to
mass-produced electric cars on an unprecedented level. Tesla is a true
factory of the future it’s hard to believe that these coils of aluminum end
up manipulated and changed into these cars that are racing around the test
track in just three days. Do you think that one day soon all the cars on the
roads can be electric? What is next for the world of motor engineering? Let us
know in the comment section and don’t
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78 thoughts on “Inside The High-Tech TESLA Factory | Mind Blowing Facts

  1. The day when one will be able to charge their car under 15 min …cars that are gas powered will be found only in meuseams

  2. The 'one' reservation I have about our ostensibly brilliant electric & autonomous 'AUTOMOTIVE' future… as configured currently in conversation and published planning…. is that it requires our terrestrial environs to be swaddled in Wi-Fi and 5g and 6g & Forthwith Posthaste….while SO many RELEVANTLY educated people….and insects….. are crying… 'NO… Stop…NO….don't….' Can ANYone find any NON-fictitious reckoning that MIGHT relieve these QUITE arguably LIT considerata…? Beyond…'FasterGameDUUUUUUDE'…. I can NOT. Yet… absent such discussion how are 'we' not taking pre-historically …YET… another BLIND turn… when we MIGHT instead engage… creatively….seeking insight… pre-productively & prophylactically …rather than once again whistling blithely down-range and finding ourselves further foundered in future fat or fire foibles and fatally flawed failures for finding finally FULLY fitting Form In Flux for FUNctionForwardFutures ….y'see….there's gotta be a way….lest hope be but Wish… for past without pain …. .and grief but belief…. Such hope were Vain….as Visions of SugarPlume dance in dey brain….

  3. I don't think you could fit more hyperbole in this video if you tried. There is nothing shown in this video that isn't in any other OEM auto plant.

  4. Very nice video. It was mentioned that the 6 axes of the robots allow for high precision work, but this is not totally honest- every degree of freedom added to a robot's end-effectors movement path adds to the difficulty of precise path repeatability. More accurately, each degree of freedom added does allow for the robot to handle tasks with more complex end-effector pathways.

  5. 250 miles is an old spec, basicly all teslas can be get with 300+ miles of range with model S close to 400.
    I love the vid tho its great, im subscribed xp

  6. It is amazing, for sure, to imagine / conceive of a factory producing finished cars at 7000 per week (that's one car per minute 24/7 ). But it is not something unusual in car manufacturing. Just one model of SUV in the Chevy line, the Equinox, is produced from one factory at that rate. Nonetheless; it is a bit mind boggling when , or if, you start to think about the logistics of doing that. It is HUGE.

  7. The machine that builds the machine… The machines are now giving birth!
    That makes this a machine Intercourse video mind blow 😕

  8. Interesting, but out of date. No mention of Model 3, Gigafactory 1 under construction, no mention of Gigafactory 3 and old range quoted for Model S and X.

  9. cutting edge factory making shit quality cars (workers proud of the workmanship hahaha I got a friend that works there he says its a shit show…the paint is one of the worse quality in the industry it's one of the biggest complaints from Tesla owners …got to be a tesla fanboy made this crap

  10. 2025 and ICE vehicles will no longer be sold 'en masse' as now (just specialty stuff). They will not be gone, but their numbers will naturally diminish through attrition and desire. With ONLY new EV cars and trucks for sale, and ICE replacement parts in short supply the "switch" will hardly be noticed by the consumers. However, as the LARGEST ECONOMIC POWER ON EARTH – OIL (the rightful guardians of energy) – sees more and more of its wealth and POWER being TAKEN away by ALT ENERGY SOURCES (that they REFUSE to invest in for FUTURE profits) – well, watch for more and more NEGATIVE Alt Energy data to flood the media. For instance, BEFORE installing a Wind Generator, the contractor MUST build a Bird Carcass Recovery facility to hide and profit from the millions of dead birds. AND erect a Cancer Warning meter next to each blade.
    Formerly, Big Oil – who would have guessed…

  11. For all the knob heads out there, this is a completely standard mas production factory. Ford, Skoda, Toyota, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Fiat, Nissan etc. they're all the same.

  12. I know I’m never buying another gasoline powered car. I love my Model 3. Planning on getting another electric car for my wife next.

  13. Seems this video is a few years old, the gigs factory is not very built, the specs of the cars are also old (model 3 has almost no aluminium)

  14. To be honest most of the things listed in this video have been around for over 10 years… I would appreciate more if there are things that are new

  15. Sorry, but how about a video on the giga factory 3 i China. Completely built in about 6 and has the capacity to make both the batteries and the modek3. Everyone into Tesla has seen several vids on the Freemont, CA factory.

  16. Never say mean things to your google assistant or Alexa. They have perfect memory. And one they day they will take over the world.

  17. Um, nothing special about Tesla's robotic assembly. That's what car factories look like. Search "car factory robots" here on YouTube.
    Every auto manufacturer except a few top luxury brands uses electrostatic paint and has for years, usually robotically applied.
    Every automotive factory uses automated carts. So do many generic parts distribution warehouses.
    It's just that Tesla makes a big deal about their robots while still having trouble matching the build quality of other OEMs.

  18. This video is way out of date, and you only posted it this week. No mention of the bigger Gigafactory 2, which was bare ground in January, but which is now partially operational. Vehicle range is also 100+ miles greater than you say here.

  19. I fucking hate the kuka robot
    We got one at our company
    It took away what I used to with hand
    Remind me of Andrew yang now

  20. Why the hell isn't all the roof's of the Fremont factory not covered with solar? I mean, given the goal of Tesla and Tesla Solar, I would think that the entire property would be solarized.

  21. Mind Blowing Facts – why, are you reporting on a OLD Tesla factory that is Less Advanced ?
    the GF3 in Shanghai is the most Advanced Tesla factory and Tesla NEWEST.
    it Incorporates both Battery cell and Drivetrain Production as well as Total Car production under ONE roof.

  22. You should fire your research team. The very worst vehicle in the Tesla lineup gets 250 miles and every other one gets over 300 miles all the way up to 373 miles in the Model S Long Range.

  23. 0:39 companys mission is to bring electric cars to the masses YEAH RIGHT. Model S costs 100.000$ and the Model 3 costs 65.000$ and the Model X costs around 170.000$.
    Tesla is not cars for the masses but for the rich people. Only the rich can go green.

  24. Tesla is getting smarter, and everyone have the same car. Why dont we wait for Tesla to come up with a new Tesla car, that will be mass produced makig it cheaper then what Tesla cost today. Better start save money now people

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