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  1. Wonderful history, but she forgot to mention at 0:32 that the Dopyera Brothers tried to make the acoustic guitar louder by adding metal cones inside. The birth of the Dobro. Soon after that, the electrics came out, overshadowing the need for the dobro, but it's unique sound made it popular in bluegrass, country and early blues.

    I apologise for interupting this lesson, but the dobro, or resonator guitar sure has a great sound too. See Greg Booth, Jerry Douglas or Martin Gross and others.

  2. If Harland Bernard Bodkin weren't an Aussie but American he would even mentioned instead ignoring him totally. The dude was the only one who could proof with documents that he was the inventor of electric guitar ("electric guitar" patent in 1941, solid body, electric field pick up). No other claimed inventors have been able to provide documented proof that they are in fact the inventor of the electric guitar.
    Museums should have an accurate aspect even if concerning electric guitars.

  3. It does remind me the unlucky story of Antonio Meucci who invented the telephone but never got credits for it… His notes in 1857: "It consists of a vibrating diaphragm and an electrified magnet with a spiral wire that wraps around it. The vibrating diaphragm alters the current of the magnet. These alterations of current, transmitted to the other end of the wire, create analogous vibrations of the receiving diaphragm and reproduce the word." Maybe even Leo Fender should thank him ! LOL

  4. Adolph Rickenbacker was selling his cast aluminum 'frying pan' electric guitar in 1931. Les Paul owned an early Electro String (Rickenbacker) electric Spanish guitar,, and Leo Fender got his start repairing Rickenbacker amplifiers in his radio shop in Fullerton Ca. in the early 1940's

  5. I have gotten a better history lesson out of this comment section than this video full of corporate folklore can provide.

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