IS GLOBAL WARMING A SCAM? – David Icke | London Real

IS GLOBAL WARMING A SCAM? – David Icke | London Real

Can I ask you about climate change, yeah and your read on that Big debate right now global warming human-made. How do you see what’s actually happening here? scam I’ve mentioned earlier an organization called the Club of Rome Club of Rome was started in 1968 and it’s part of a network of organizations in Towards the end of the 19th century early 20th century secret society was created in Britain called the round table The first head of it was Cecil Rhodes who was a Rothschild agent. That’s why he went into southern Africa and pillage the the gold and diamond Resources and destroyed that that society on behalf of the Rothschilds and he was the head of the round table then went when he died another guy called Alfred Milner took over another Rothschild agent and They started this secret society started spawning satellite organizations first one they created was The Royal Institute of International Affairs in London also known as Chatham House think tanks. This is what they all watched the think tanks big time And then they created something in America, which was a an American version of that called the Council on Foreign Relations Council on Foreign Relations as to a very large extent driven American foreign policy ever since to this day then came the Bilderberg Group in 1954 Formed at the Bilderberg Hotel in it was to be Holland then in 1968 came the Club of Rome and then came the trilateral commission in 72 73. Now the Club of Rome was created specifically to use the environment as an excuse to transform society and I’ve been writing about this for a long time and basically You say to save the planet this has to happen and to save the planet. It’s a planet. It’s a globe therefore we have to have global centralization of power to center it to to control or to save the planet as the Club of Rome has been one of the big drivers of human-caused climate change or the illusion of it and then Came a United Nations Agenda called agenda Agenda 21 and That laid out a Strategy for Transforming society To meet the challenge of climate change It was everything that they wanted and then later more recently. They’ve Advanced that and they call it now agenda 2030 Which is a an updated version of the same thing and when you read agenda 2030 it is a Tyrannies Dream Because it dictates every area of human life including education to save the planet and this is problem reaction solution as I call it and this has been Worked towards for a long time So you create the illusion of the problem and then you offer the solutions to the problem to the problem Which is centralization of power centralized control now bringing it up to date One of the most classic Soros progressives around today is a lady in America a Congresswoman. She’s recently elected called Alexandria Acacio Cortez Whose classic? nothing to do with facts just this is how it is and She’s just come out now and it’s got a lot of coverage in America Lord of support in the Democratic Party Called the green new deal Because she says I would say bizarrely and scientists would also say bizarrely too That we have 12 years to save the planet We had a few years to change that save the planet some years back and it long passed and we still here And what her green New Deal demands? Is exactly what I’ve been writing for years is the plan to transform human society into a centralized dictatorship on The justification of we have to do this to save the planet And we don’t need to save the planet Humans aren’t causing an aggressive form of global warming. Oh the 30 the planet that the planet Doesn’t need saving I mean, it’s it’s natural balance Mechanisms will kick us off before it needs any help but are we gonna harm ourselves more in the meantime? No, I’ve just been reading See, it’s also it’s a psychological game So you have a major weather event in the 1950s and it’s a major weather event. Oh, yeah Yeah, well that was a bit. Yeah a bit, you know extreme when it You ever won now global warming its climate change and I’ve just been reading a very very interesting book by an American meteorologist called Joe Bastardi Who is Since he was a little kid he was obsessed with the weather he just loves weather and weather forecasting and he’s just a really kind of obsessed with it and he was observing all this and Being obsessed with the weather. He’s looked at charts going back forever, you know And he’s looking at all these claims about this is global warming. This is climate change. Oh nice going. Well, hold on a minute dad apt in the 1950s that happened in the 1920s and What what he does in this book is he shows the repeating cycles that cause the outcome? so in the 1920s or earlier there is a cycle where the Atlantic cools and the Pacific warms There’s another cycle where the Pacific calls and the Atlantic warms and that has a knock-on effect that eventually reaches a weather outcome Now he was pointing out in this book that when this sequence happens today the outcome is that’s climate change we’re all gonna die and then he goes back in his book and he shows that in the 1950s the 1940s this same cycle happened and the outcome that he’s now blamed on climate change Happened. I mean, you know The the planet today is nothing like as warm as it was in what they call the Medieval Warm Period When there was no Carbon dioxide emissions from technology. I mean, I mean, I mean, you know, what caused it then turbocharged handcarts. I mean, it’s crazy And and the other thing is that we went from this Really warm period the Medieval Warm Period about a thousand years ago and then we came down into what they call the Little Ice Age Which is which is still portrayed today on some Christmas cards with people skating on the Thames where temperatures can became very very cold and There’s a correlation between the two which I’ll come to in a second and then we started coming out of the Little Ice Age into into the Present day and a lot of you know, they say this is the warmest nations since records began a lot of those records began what we’re still coming out of the Little Ice Age so the comparison between then and now is is completely unsupportable and Have you noticed that Whenever they’re talking about the climate and climate change and global warming They never mentioned the bloody Sun And I mention it. It’s all carbon dioxide, but by by the way without carbon dioxide We’d all be dead it’s what it’s what gives life to the planet and Another by the way Ninety-eight percent or there abouts of greenhouse gases we’re supposed to hold there eat heating or do older heating is water vapor and clouds And when you see the graph, there’s water vapor and clouds. He carbon dioxide and the vast majority of this carbon Dioxide is naturally generated not human generated and it’s about methane and all the ones they animals Yeah, but they’re tiny. Tiny tires a big effect Dairy Dairy. They’re even they’re even less I mean we do gonna kill all the animals what we going to do legislate against condensation when 98% of it’s caused by Water vapor. It’s ridiculous. It’s another scam cuz it was intense. Yeah to create control but liked it Like I was just gonna say they never talked about the Sun now It’s well known that Solar activity These great emissions of power which we experience as heat coming from the Sun You can see When the Sun is in an up? Period of if you like power by the number of sunspots? Because these sunspots are massive projections from the Sun that there are bigger than the earth well bigger than the earth and they travel through on the solar wind and we get them as as heat and So when the Sun is very unactive there’s very few sunspots sometimes, you know virtually none and These would have been Looked at in their cycles through this period that I’m talking about and When we reached the minimum the bottom of the Little Ice Age when it was at its coldest It’s known in climate science as the maunder minimum And it’s named after a guy called maunder and his wife was there as well? Who were charting sunspot activity and its relationship to? Earth temperature and they picked up a correlation and one of the correlations was that when there was virtually no sunspot activity we reached them that the the coldest point of The the maunder minimum the Little Ice Age as they call it and then sunspot activity started again And we started to climb out of this this little ice age into into present day so when you discount basically the impact of the Sun on Temperature your climate models are irrelevant Irrelevant because the the basic foundation factor of what dictates the temperature of the planet the flippin Sun Is not taken into account on anything like What it should be to get an accurate Projection of what’s going to happen then you you you look at this from the point of view of prediction against experience According to Al Gore well before now they should be basically no ice in the summer at the at the North Pole funnily enough there is and And this should have happened and that should have happened. And another thing that Joe Bastardi points out in his kind of Lifelong love of of weather is that We’re told that all these extreme weather events now are increasing because of climate change He’s saying they’re not they’re not increasing There were there were more tornados and hurricanes way back than there are now and that there were More extreme weather events than we have now but if because it’s a psychological game if you keep saying every time I notice what they’ve done now in Britain Which they’ve never done before started naming storms? Like they named hurricanes They’ve stuck which are kind of not very often So you just name a few there must be running out of names because every time there’s a storm that you would call it’s a bit more than You know, it’s gonna be a bit rough. They give it a name, right? So it’s another psychological. It’s more scary, right? So we need to ignore it and well What we need to do is to research ourselves Beyond the official narrative and if we do we’ll find an amazing thing that there are a Lot of scientist increasing all the time, by the way Who are saying actually? it’s not happening is it it’s not real is it there’s many many scientists now that were on The bandwagon. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it’s happening. We’re now saying well actually Actually, I’m reassessing it. I don’t think it is now. I don’t think this is real and All that is available if you search for it, but when you’ve got a situation where the BBC That’s supposed to be this neutral organization. Well, yeah, you know, it’s the way I tell them that Actually made a decision that the science is settled therefore We’re not having people on that are saying otherwise Then what you’re doing again Back to the same theme you’re skewing the debate Because all people are hearing is climate change is real if they don’t go searching elsewhere climate change is real. We’re all gonna die you are disgustingly mercilessly Frightening young children of the devastation and the horror that they’re going to face For a political agenda. That’s what’s happening. So you and the school. I mean my son Jamie Because he he thinks for himself When he was at school and He had an exam and part of the part of the exam was climate change He was obviously gonna put that actually there are there’s evidence to say that it’s actually not happening And his teacher said well, I have sympathy with that But if you say that you won’t pass right, so again, wherever you look Where there’s an agenda you can’t win you Don’t have the agenda your all you don’t have the debate. So what you have now is anyone that is questioning the official narrative of So-called global warming climate change and it became climate change, by the way when the temperatures leveled out make call it global warming anymore There now climate deniers which is obviously Psychologically linking to Holocaust deniers, etc, etc and and So if you only hear one thing That’s overwhelmingly gonna be the perception you have and and if you say to people well Why do you believe that? Climate change caused by humans is real. They’ll say well well everybody knows that Well, they everybody knows that because that’s all everyone’s had ever heard when you go and do the research You find actually it’s um, it’s a house of cards It’s just based on repetition You know go and go and research the 97% of scientists believe that global warming is caused by humans Go and research that and you’ll find if you you follow it back. It’s based on wind It’s based on no substance whatsoever. It’s a complete hoax but it’s a great line all 97% of scientists agree that it’s caused by by humans or well, it’s 97 percent of scientists agree. It must be true You chart that number back and see where it came from. Even the Wall Street Journal trash. They’re okay, but it’s still parotid all the time as justification for Transforming human society destroying beautiful landscapes with with wind farms that are incredibly inefficient and so on You

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  1. Absolutely love London Real ❤💯 Regardless of the topic, Brian always manages to stay open and observant. He allows the guest to speak uninterupted, yet follows the guest and forms questions as he goes based on the things brought up in the interview. This is excellent interview technique. There is no agenda, just open honest information brought forward from whoever the guest is at the time. No prejudices, no agenda, just an actual interview. Well done London Real, thanks for keeping it Real 👌

  2. Cycles of global freezing and thawing has been going on since the beginning of time. Thawing has been going on for 15,000 years. The issue is not "is it thawing" but WHAT IS THE CAUSE? What started the thawing 15k years ago? Cave men with camp fires or driving their Hummers? Utter nonsense! Congress person Cortez (as mentioned in the video) has finished 3 books last week – that's a LOT of coloring!

    I applaud not polluting the air. Great for catalytic converters. But I have EYE-witness Asians routinely bulldozing daily garbage piles into the ocean. Any wonder every island has plastic bottles everywhere? There are two swirls of floating garbage in the north Pacific the size of Texas.

    A business associate of mine (who lives out of a suitcase) says one place he refuses to go is Beijing China because it is so polluted, his eyes burn and has a coughing fit. To circumvent this pollution fiasco during the 2008 Olympics, the British and American journalists call it "the genocide Olympics" – the communist government ordered 2/3 of the population OUT of Beijing and seeded the clouds to rain out the pollution – to the hardship of the residents. NOW – America and Europe are to blame for pollution?

    With all the divisions in the world and radical religious cutthroats, the only way to get them to WORK TOGETHER is to invent some nonsense issue that "we must all work together or perish". A book I recently read (48 liberal lies of American history) page 40 says "research has shown that if a LIE is repeated often enough that 1/3 of the people will believe it". Enter FakeNews and socialist propaganda. I suggest anyone reading this to use their mental trash can daily.

    And finally – the best piece of advice I've learned in my 70 years is this: listen to A, then listen to B. Then listen to what A says about B and what B says about A. Then make up your mind. If still undecided, then SHELF it until you get more information.

  3. The rock which we call planet earth has been circling the sun for billions of years, it has been through alot worse than the so called climate change and will carry on when we are gone. So to say whats happening now if you believe in that shit is our fault is a load of rubbish, just another made up thing to tax us on

  4. this deluded man has been ranting for 30 years and he is now entering climate discussions  he is now putting our kids at risk

  5. He's VERY CORRECT… The planet will continue on .. Only the humans and some other animals will die… Lol.

  6. David has been treated very unfairly over the years. I don't agree with everything he has said but I have to admit on many things, including "man-made" climate-change he has been and is spot on.

  7. TRUTH! Earth is still the only BLUE Living Planet in the Universe. Intelligent Design at it's finest to Create a molten core planet made up of moving Tectonic Plates that can melt Glacial Ice from below through the Thin Basal Crust the UN Globalists claim is Man Caused Climate Change. Which is contained in an Atmosphere that keeps heat in on the night side and protects us from the Sun's Radiant Killer Heat in Day Time! …sandwiched between these two Heat Sources keeping us Alive for 1000's of years!

    Meanwhile AOC's Cows FART… combined with our own gas emissions to produce Man Made 'Climate Change killing us in a decade. So why don't Bankers Stop buying Islands & building houses that'll be under water by then??? As if Ants like us, make Ant Caused 'Climate Change' too!' Russians have the only Climate Model that works! AND only God in his Infinite Wisdom keeps the balance to keep us alive for 1000's of more Years!

  8. I believe in science but honestly I think tracking the weather systems is a pseudo science. I really don't think anyone knows for sure about global warming…I mean they can track patterns and all that but the weather is very complicated. Also the earth is very old…how many times have other warming and cooling patterns come and gone over millions of years? And if man is playing a part in global warming how can anyone say with any certainty to what percent and what exactly do we have to do or regulate to stop it? Also, I never hear anything an average person can do to help out…I'd love to not own a vehicle but I live in the U.S. and it just isn't feasible.

  9. Internet is a fantastic channel for nutcase conspiracy theories like this one. Anyone can become a prophet now. Great!

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    We are now entering a solar grand minimum it will b very cold in the next 11 yrs
    Please look it up you will then understand

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    It's not! It's mostly hydrogen!


  15. Don't know about conspiracy theory's, but I can do simple math that says CO2 can't hold enough heat to be of any consequence. If it did, Mars would be a tropical paradise.

  16. The "journalist" sure didn't like his climate change faith challenged. It is the most successful religious cult since Islam.

  17. Bravo for both the host and David Icke. This interview captures the essence of the "Climate Change" hoax. I've studied this issue intensely for two years and would pride myself if I could express the multiple issues presented here as articulately and clearly as demonstrated in this interview.

  18. If we get a few cold days , it's  ' proof ' of  ' climate change ' , if a few warm days , it's ' proof ' of  'global warming ' . All bollocks !

  19. Every anti- global warming YT vid has a reference to (Arrow/Wikipedia>) reference under the video. THEY JUST CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES!!! POWER AND CONTROL!

  20. All you have to do is to look how much ice gone from Antarctica in the short period of time
    You talking man
    Check it the growth of the temperature in the last 100 years and explain me how is this is not caused by humans because I don’t understand what can you not see it
    Check all the charts:
    Just basically use google

  21. Thank god someone speaking sense. It doesn't take a scientist to go back in time to find out about weather patterns because that it what it really is, weather patterns. Nothing more. How can anyone accept the drivel today given by idiots and idiots believe it. And you don't need some silly little girl from Scandinavia telling you to believe in this climate change crap either. Who is she and whose paying her? Wake up people you're being conned.

  22. Trouble with Icke is that he doesn't engage with anyone. He just rambles at people, endlessly; he considers himself to be in possession of cyclopedic knowledge, but it's often exposed as woefully superficial. Listening to him trying to explain sunspot activity and the solar cycle is like watching a chimpanzee trying to sharpen a pencil.

  23. The usual bullshit, just a bit more eloquent. We get another conspiracy theory with zero facts. Nothing but stories freely invented. Science is not about stories. Its about measurements.

    And lets just think about it. If the scientists are wrong – what is the worst case? We have better environment with a more sustainable energy generation etc. What if this guy is wrong? We have a global catastrophe from which we probably die. Choose your bet.

  24. This is shit !! Earth is FLAT and The Sun is the same size as The Moon and "THEY" are 4,000 miles away max. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!

  25. The BBC NEWS Channel are a propaganda organisation that threaten peoples reality and common sense. it is subliminal use of words. Say something enough and in Various ways then it becomes the real and norm. A Technic used by all Armed forces to get maximum results

  26. The sun controls Earths climate. Humans cannot change the sun so just sit back and ride life and beware of the evil people.

  27. The gov taking money to try and fix this is useless, the big companies will just pocket the money meant for upgrades, the few pennies the gov shares, BUT we are in effing trouble.

  28. Everyone needs to know what the globalist don't want you to know. Go to Oppenheimer ranch project channel on YouTube. Learn the real reason why out climate is changing. It's a grand solar minimum cycle, a 400 year cycle that will bring , drought, flooding, lots of cloudy days and lots of snow. It will affect food production globally. It would be a good idea if as many PEOPLE as possible would prepare a vegetable garden and a few fruit trees all around the world, so we can share with those in need, and then we will all make it thru the 400 year cycle, this has happened before and it always affects GOVERNMENTs and kingdoms around the world. History has tbe answers you need

  29. People on the planet draining the planet resources, not to mention making a huge hole in the ozone layer with fossil fuels, factories and millions of cars exhaust polluting the air,
    We have more tornadoes and hurricanes than before, Not to mention the enormous forest fire in california thats been burning for years and no one cant seem to turn it off.
    Then we have humans polluting the oceans and rivers to the point that natural habitat changes to other species we dont understand anymore because they have biologically changed due to the poison we keep dumping into our oceans, rivers and lakes. There are currently over 480-k tons of metal on the ocean that humans have dumped into the ocean.
    From canons, canon balls all the way to ships, boats, carriers and everything else in between. Then we have chemical spills, dumps and purposely chemical wars. making it worse.
    Lets not forget all the wars and previous atomic bombs and nuclear reactors exploding… (looking at YOU RUSSIA, with your Chernobyl disaster…!!)
    Nothing within 50 miles of Chernobyl can live or grow for another 200 years because its still radio active….. Yaaaa humans did that to this planet..
    Lets not forget the Valdez Oil spill that killed millions of wild life and polluted the ocean for hundreds of miles and still has its lingering disaster even today.
    Then humans kill animals for sport & money, like elephant husk and other animals just to make money…….. (looking at YOU AFRICA..!!)
    COnstant heat rising each year and northern ice melting so fast that the planet cant keep up to recover itself.
    So ya, We have a serious problem including Global warming,…. but this asshole in the video still thinks we live in Wizard of Oz.
    We only have 1 planet…….. And we have to take care of it….. This is why I like Millennials, Millennials dont want our planet to get destroyed.
    We have to get ALL the baby boomers out of office asap, so we can move on to recovering this planet.
    I would love to see a panel of scientist talk with this douchebag and have Neil deGrasse to moderate the discussion. Since this guy in this video is not a scientist,
    But yet he wants to teach people about science….LOL

  30. Look here everyone, you want to know the truth about everything. Get your camping gear go out and get lost in a national forest or park. Bring things to protect yourself. See if anything happens. That will teach you a lot about everything around you. the only way to end a lot of life is nuclear war. Climate change will never change our lives to a point we’re we can’t live through certain weather. implementing a disease or sickness on a mass of people would cause more death then climate change will ever cause. Cancer was caused by vaccinations from 60-100 years ago when humanity started implementing man made chemicals on humans. Changing the genetic makeup in humans and or babies. Thus changing genetic makeup generations after great great great grandpa was vaccinated in 6th grade long ago. Climate change is just something that takes up space in the mind. You have to rid of this stuff. You want to know the truth just look deep into your own mind. How long has the earth been around and how long has intelligent humans been around. We know nothing. To know more you must go outside of your own comfort zone stop listening to this bullshit media.

  31. Zero credibility.
    "In 1990 Icke was a BBC television sports presenter and spokesman for the Green Party when, he says, a psychic told him he had been placed on earth for a purpose and would begin to receive messages from the spirit world.[9] The following year he announced that he was a "Son of the Godhead" and that the world would soon be devastated by tidal waves and earthquakes"

  32. All planets are warming… I guess those menacing cow farts or more distructive than we thought. Good grief, lets just party for 12 years and eat those pesky cows.

  33. Icke is an idiot. Even if carbon dioxide is minimal compared to clouds, once the balance is broken we're all fucked. And the balance is broken beyond repair. See you all on the other side 😉

  34. No one wants to live in filth or breathe polluted air, or drink toxic water. Do your best to keep the environment clean.

  35. Bet they're feeling pretty dumb now that new weather records are being achieved across the world, determined by scientists to be caused by human-caused climate change.

  36. The Maldives is 4 foot above sea level, so as long as you can book holidays there, all is ok. A friend recently asked me, we are both electricians, had I noticed a lot of the new buildings no longer are installing gas in them. Another friend training to be an electrician, told me 10 people on the course ( out of thirty), were domestic gas/plumbers retraining to be electricians. Recently, old type electric heaters which were 3000 watts consumption, have been replaced by new low energy heaters that are 1500 watts, plus LED lighting, 5 watts lamps instead of the old 60/100 watt lamps. I know people go on about conspiracy theories, but we can't deny, major changes in our power consumption are happening, old pre 2012 cars in London UK by Oct 2021, will be charged £25 per day to enter the perimeter North circular road, 8 miles from central London. We cant deny that clean air isn't required, just look at the dirt in snow from vehicles, this is proof of what we all breath in daily. I personally believe they are pushing global warming, to get us to move to clean fuel faster than we would like. For our children and grandchildren, and future grandchildren, this can't be a bad thing. If someone wanted to kill us all off, depopulation etc, would they be going to this effort to improve the environment? Personally, I haven't much time for Icke,

  37. Icke is basically a media whore and will say anything to support his totally mad world view and simplistic political models that are years out of date. Greenland has lost 250 Billion Tons of ice so far this year. This is 70 years ahead of IPCC predictions. I have been watching global warming the cutting edge of climate change since the 90's. Man made anthropomorphic climate change is real, this guy has nit done his reasearch at all. He will quote and misquote people and is contradicting all the real evidence supported by 97% of scientists. the 3% who producued less than 1% of the scientific papers all proved to be incorrect and the research payed for by the fossil fuel companies. David Icke is not a scientist and uses cherry picking of facts to try and support his patchy phoney arguments. We are actually in a cool ice age period but carbon dioxide and methane have both overrided the temperature of the Earth by the greenhouse effect.

  38. This guy would be so laughable, if it wasn't so serious. It's like listening to a guy in the pub giving his wisdom, based on narrow views of a problem (ignorance). Put him in a room with someone who has a broad view and see what happens. A waste of 17 mins of my time.

  39. New Zealand has active volcanoes that always vent gasses including methane into the air…but they now tax farmers with cows there, how fn stupid is that? think about it, your here so a good step.

  40. the average person doesnt realise and believe that these organisations exist. they think that when someone speaks about the rothchilds or these sort of groups and such that they are talking about a conspiracy theory. they are not. these organisations do exist, these plans do exist. you can search for all these groups, agendas and organisations on the internet.

  41. We are still coming out of the last Ice Age…..we speeded up the warming but if we didn't exist this cycle would have happened anyway, until the next cooling.

  42. David, a General Electric engineer as early as 1954 publicly warned, and so far has been accurate, of the calamitous effects of global warming.

  43. Doesn't even understand the mechanics. Quote: 'It became climate change when the temperatures levelled out and they couldn't call it global warming any more' LOL The temps never levelled out, and climate change is the RESULT of global warming, or as it's now called 'global heating' because warming is too mild a word for what is clearly happening. Hottest global decade ever recorded was the last one, several years have records smashed. Now the arctic, Alaska and Sidberia all have out of control forest fires, all atributed to the heat never before experienced, tinder dry forests, couldn't be clearer.

  44. This guy is an idiot. He is ignoring obvious signs of climate change. He is ignoring all the damage done to the planet. He is providing typical skeptic arguments. He is a moron. This man is evil. The thing that is worse than ignorance is misinformation. This guy is full of garbage. I am surprised it's not leaking out of his pores. What a POS.

  45. Bear in mind people this guy believes in shape shifting alien reptilians exist here. Recent reports state Iceland's glaciers are melting… Regardless whether the earth will be fine, we will not and our global economy will not be able to handle the port cities submerging. If they couldn't drain the Mediterranean sea because of the financial catastrophe it'd cause for those cities on the edge of the sea. What do you think's going to happen when the world's port cities drown. Its happening to Miami Fl as I'm sure it is all over the world. You wanna talk about predictions, Edgar Cayce called this long time ago.

  46. Snowed in Texas, South of Houston in like 1980 something and caused quite the excitement. Again in like 2003 and again a year or 2 later. If anything the patterns are having wilder more aggressive swings in severity. Not global warming….If it was warm we wouldnt be experiencing record breaking lows even last year we had a record breaking low, albeit the entire winter was rather warm.

  47. Thank you omg but instead ppl act like this dumb AOC bitch who doesn't know wtf a garbage disposal is u think she's done a lick of research on the environment hell no she's fkn cast to play the part of Congress woman. And yes since records began isn't but 50 to less than 100yrs. Ffs its cyclical. And lately have we noticed that global warming no longer is mention so they say climate change. Well that's cuz it's the "solution" to their own problems what dont exist such as global warming which they made up climate change to be able to get the control. But ppl don't think oh they just swapped out climate change for the global warming gee why would they do that hmm. This is the most true thing icke has ever hit on we must be near the end scary shit.

  48. After the research we need to pull the finding n call them out on this bs! They want ppl in fear cuz that's the easiest to control

  49. I look at it like this…
    It's a very complex system but the earth works pretty much the same way as the human body.
    The earth needs oxygen to keep the entire eco system working properly as well as recycling the CO2 from all the people we have now.
    We have almost 7 billion people giving off carbon dioxide every second of every single day, yet a third of those people live in an area on the earth where that don't even have enough plants and trees to produce a fraction of the oxygen they need to stay alive.
    Our rain forests have properly been named the earths lungs for a reason, because they produce the oxygen for the entire planet

    Sure carbon monoxide from industry is playing a role, but nothing near whats really happening by cutting out lungs of the earth that create the one thing that would tip the scales back in favor of a healthy planet.
    You take a 18 year old cigarette smoker and look at them in 30 years.

    The lack of oxygen along with the introduction of poison gases into the lungs over the years takes a huge toll on the human body. It's no different with the earth by taken out its lungs chunk after chunk day after day.

  50. I knew it! I knew that the globalist initiative was to save the world from climate change, pollution, deforestation etc. etc.

  51. Lets stop using the term climate change. Climate change is a result. Climate change or not, the root cause is pollution. Can't deny pollution. Oh wait, pollution is a hoax.

  52. David Vaughan Icke is an English professional conspiracy theorist and former footballer and sports broadcaster.

    …and this has over 17K likes.. no wonder the world is f-€led up.

  53. You’re never going to have to worry about climate change. We’re going to make sure you’re not around that long.

  54. What illusion is this man talking about? Doesn`t this man have eyes? What`s the pay-off for the Global Warming people? Pollution has a lot of financial incentives. It`s like everybody has been saying lately, follow the money. Who owns this man?

  55. exxon knew, does he think nobody has seen the memos from the 70's? before he thinks the rothschild master plan for dominating the planet? Does he think a global conspiracy is more likely than global warming? come on flat-earthers!

  56. This is ridiculous! Here we go with conspiracy theories. This is put out by the far right to save their oil investments. Don’t believe it!

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