Is the Secret to Superhuman Performance in Your Gut? | The Swim

Is the Secret to Superhuman Performance in Your Gut? | The Swim

Long-distance swimmer Ben Lecomte and the crew of Seeker are on a mission to bring attention to changing ocean ecosystems. But along the way, Ben’s internal ecosystem
will change too, presenting scientists with a unique opportunity to show just how much our environment affects the millions of microbes swimming within us. JARRAD: The human microbiome is basically all of the bacteria that encompass who you are. You have pretty much a ten to one ratio of bacterial cells that live on you and in you at any point in time, of cells that actually make up who you are. The microbiome Influences pretty much everything, from endocrinology – your hormones – to inflammatory responses, and even changing some of the connections in the brain. But yet, we still don’t know how exercise is actually shaping our microbial environments. This will be the first longitudinal study to ever look at human gut health, and how exercise can modulate and influence human health as a whole. Jarrad and his team at the Argonne National Laboratory are working with Ben’s doctors to monitor how completing the extreme athletic feat of swimming across the Pacific will impact Ben’s health. JARRAD: How much of the water microbiome or the ocean microbiome is actually influencing his gut? Is there kind of a cap to the effect that you can get from exercise itself, and its ability to modulate the microbiome? So, when we say microbiome, what we really mean is our interaction with the environment and how not only we shape our environment, but the bacteria that live on us and in us at any point in time shape it with us. We’re taking every metric we can get, not only about him, but every environment that he’s in and how long he’s there. He’s basically doing an ultra-marathon each day. The main hypothesis is that we know his body is going to adapt; we just don’t know how… yet. Researchers are also logging the macro-and micro-nutrient profiles of Ben’s daily diet, a combination of liquids and solid meals of grain, canned vegetables, and protein supplements. This high-fat meal plan clocks in at over 8,000 calories per day, which seems like a lot but Ben will need every calorie to keep his stamina up. MAKS: During the Swim we make him a soup.
We start with a freeze-dried meal We grinded it and I put some extra secret ingredients in it – CalorieMates – to make it like, more heavy for him so he has more fuel to burn. Also, I put carbohydrate powder in it, and every hour when he stops his swim he can have a little bit of that, together with the bread Yoav is making. Preliminary research has shown that extreme athletes who train rigorously and follow a high-calorie diet actually have a distinctly different microbiome
from the average person, which is the reason scientists like Jarrad are interested in studying people like Ben. What makes an athlete’s microbiome so unique may come down to how their gut flora enable them to maximize their metabolism, and ultimately build the amino acids which help to create and repair tissue. JARRAD: Athletes are considered, like, an elevated model of the human, right? So exercise in itself increases diversity,
first and foremost. Increases in diversity generally means
increases in human health, or promotes normal function or normal homeostasis. Jarrad’s team thinks that if we can identify the beneficial super-organisms or mechanisms that come into play during extreme exertion,
we may be able to develop targeted probiotics that could potentially allow
anyone to replicate a pro-athlete’s microbiome, without having to consume 8,000 calories or swim eight hours a day. JARRAD: There are a lot of connections between the microbiota and preventive medicine, so if we can understand various aspects of our lifestyle and how they influence not only our genomic content, our gene activations, our functional potentials…
we then can start to get at prescribing individualized preventative therapeutics,
or medical applications to look at not only promoting human health,
but maintaining it as well. This would have immense implications for everything from controlling weight, to improving disease immunity to enhancing psychological function. It’s only the beginning of a new approach to monitoring and caring for our bodies, but Ben’s diving in, so we can scratch the surface. JARRAD: This is kind of like a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, not only from his standpoint, to raise awareness about conservation, environmental health, as well as environmental exposure and what we’re doing to our environment… but it also raises questions about understanding human health, the value of exercise and actually testing the human limits
and what we can get from that. He’s really driving a lot of science, and I’m really just happy to be a part of it. Be sure to visit to read daily updates from Ben Lecomte, track his progress in real-time, and watch more videos about the science happening on board Seeker. Click here for this next episode, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Funny how this vid showed up just as i started to heal my gut from Ulcerative colitis exclusively thru pro biotic and pre biotic diet. It makes you think that we are just a giant robot controlled by bunch of bacterias.

  2. As @jlccarv also pointed out, this ratio of bacteria to human cells being 10:1 is inaccurate. Recent studies have placed it at closer to 1:1.

  3. walk 2 straight hours, at a moderate pace, 2-4 times a week. get good sleep. don't eat processed foods, eat everything else in moderation. there, you're welcome

  4. High caloric intake only makes sense for extreme athletes as they are actually using them. For everybody else less calories is better for longevity.

  5. I guess the recent hatchet job on probiotics just went down the toilet. People who are suffering with intestinal dysbiosis, (too many of the bad guys) need to read up on Phage Technology being used in a few probiotics as of now, Life Extension has one called Florassist and there is a Dr. Tobias brand on Amazon.

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    I've been taking Dr. Tobias for six weeks and have seen a definite improvement in digestive health — more regular, a better color to stool, and have only had four minor bouts IBS of discomfort, the worst being a 5.

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    I started seeing positive results from taking this supplement within about a week and it has continued since. After trying countless probiotics and other strategies to help improve my gut, I finally found something that actually works! My digestion in general has improved markedly, and I've found that I'm able to consume certain foods that previously gave me issues.

    I've had a variety of digestive issues for decades, and though I've tried many probiotics, I've always had only either temporary or less than optimal results. I've always wondered why I've had to take tons of probiotics just to maintain a semi-normal digestion pattern and I think I figured out why: my gut environment has not been hospitable to the good bacteria that I'm ingesting — i.e., the probiotics that I've been taking simply don't stick around. This is because I've had (I believe) an unhealthy presence of bad bacteria (probably due to stress and a somewhat weak digestive system) which has made it difficult for the good bacteria to optimally establish in my system.

    This is a prebiotic meaning it is a product meant to create a better gut environment in which good bacteria (that promote better digestion) can establish themselves and flourish. There many different types of prebiotics, but this one deals with (a relatively new?) science that uses bateriophages. Bacteriophages are viruses that attach themselves to the cell wall of certain bad bacteria and disable them. The bacteriophages in this product (particular strains of myoviridae and siphoviridae) then release the nutrients in the bad bacteria in your gut, which feeds the good bacteria. In short, they help your good bacteria by eliminating its competition (the bad bacteria) and promoting an environment in which they can grow.

    It appears safe to me. Bacteriophages in general are actually extremely plentiful in the world — in soil, sea water, and intestines of animals. Bacteriophages have been used since at least the early 20th century to combat certain bacterial infections. It appears that more research has begun recently to more precisely determine the role bacteriophages have in human health (there aren't many studies currently, but scientific interest in this area appears to be growing). As to why it may be something our bodies actually need supplementation of, perhaps it has something to do with our food production process — how we treat our soil and water and process our food — that eliminates much or all of the beneficial bacteriophages that we would otherwise naturally consume. I'm not sure if this is true, it's just a theory of mine. Either way, I'm going to continue taking this supplement.
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  6. So if you just exercise and eat right, you too will also have a harder working gut. Its not like this bacteria motivates the man to work harder, it's just providing the elements for him to do so. If you put that in a lazy person's gut they would have an even bigger appetite and probably would end up becoming more obese lol.

  7. I am 100% depressed that I am circumcised.
    I wish I could clone myself and let the clone live my life. While I just work away and waste.
    Iโ€™m really hurt all the time

  8. I want to ask a question what if universe is not expanding but galaxy are getting attracted towards a different universe. By the new force that can force produced by dark energy.

  9. STOP GIVING HIM CARBS! No wonder he has to eat all throughout the day. Carbs are just keeping him hungry. Throw a steak & some eggs at him every morning, and he won't need to eat until he gets out of the water.

    You're not measuring the effect of the ocean or strain on his body, you're only measuring the effects of the unhealthy diet you're giving him and how THAT stresses the body.

    Do him a favor, throw away the carbs. I bet my right hand his performance and health will improve

  10. Hey Seekers! As @jlccarv aptly pointed out, there is some debate around the 10:1 bacterial:human cell ratio cited in the video – turns out those little buggers are hard to count! There are lots of ways to try to quantify them: number of cells, density of cells, and cell mass, for example, but the main point is that different concentrations of bacteria appear in different parts of the body. Some researchers have noted that the 10:1 number may apply more to the colon specifically than to all of our organs and systems combined, emphasizing that a revised estimate "does not take away from the biological importance of the microbiota." You can check out their math here if you're interested: Thanks for watching!

  11. I'm really interested in learning more about the micro-biome, I know a lot about it, but as far as what I can do for it to optimize performance, god that would be amazing to learn.

  12. Yes' it is the number #1# Key activating of everything body mind and soul" it is like from roots to the tip of your electrical mechanisms.๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  13. Tank yo โ€œ question โ€œ about micro booming โ€œ question about swimming , questionsss โ€œ well question โ€œ โ€œโ€โ€โ€ more questions โ€œ da โ€œ da โ€œ da โ€œ one question why โ€œ yo got โ€œ no ansWers โ€œda

  14. Considering I have so many gut issues, I am becoming well-versed in what the gut does to the human body, including sleep, appetite, skin breaking out, etc. The gut is at the core of a lot of things related to our health.

  15. Can we please stop talking about this swimmer? It's not like the dude is actually swimming across the Atlantic in one shot. He takes breaks, sleeps, and eats on the boat. I know factory workers that do more than what he's doing. Move on.

  16. In the future we'll be "eating" bacterial nutrition food with our poopers. It will become inconvenient to eat with our mouths. Then, our soon to be toothless mouths will evolve into a form purely made for communication. GERD will be a thing of the past and we will all sing a song of splendor and peace across the lands, genetically engineering the animals into toothless pets we can have philosophical conversations with and have sexual intercourse with.

  17. Future:new drug similar to steroids
    Cause:this research
    Effect:everybody are super athletes
    Conclusion:support gut research

  18. It all starts with your DNA genetic cell optimising and how your body reacts to different foods utilisation of different micronutrients, supplements, sleep patterns , and the body is just like a car if the oil and fuel you put in it is second grade then the car will eventually break down just like your body . find your genetic keys and unlock the door to longtime health and wellness

  19. I don't have any information to back up any of these claims, but I do know that my stomach is very highly regulated and influenced by the bso (evidence is increased flatulence, eg. poor digestion) to limit my capabilities. it definitely has a lot to do with stamina and mental/emotional health, as I believe the better the stomach is able to process things, the more "positive" someone's thoughts are, and therefore the more emotionally stable someone is, activating that superhuman performance. (tl;dr – stomach performance = increased emotional stability = increased stamina and performance)

  20. Increased saline to a super saturated level is what Iโ€™ve discovered to increase the benefits of human attributes. It also increases cognitive and data assembly of thought.

    So apparently the producers of this video are sodium deficient.

  21. Please read this article everyone Research on Sachin Tendulkar he used to play cricket for 18 hrs at his teenage and when at 25 to his 35 he used to to fitness for 12 hrs a day I bet u get something out of him he is genius level intellect and can stick To any condition easily accessible in cricket especially ya kind of researched on him u get more it's a lot to talk about him I'm ending here….

  22. Isnt it funny how science constantly overturns previous facts as time goes on lol, this video is only from last year and already so much physics and understanding of our own bio organism have changed so much that this video is somewhat false now lol, science

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