Is this Tesla’s New COO?

Is this Tesla’s New COO?

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  1. Facebook user growth in the US has flattened and its user base is shifting from millennials to grandparents.
    Better fit for AARP than Tesla.
    – Only 30% of its ad audience is aged 25 through 34.
    – The number of American Facebook users aged 65+ has doubled to 41%
    – 83 million fake profiles

  2. If what Elon says is true about not caring it is the most innovative stance in the history of capitalism. Agree could cause worker uneasiness but with no usable planet no one works or lives anyway.

  3. "What's good for the world is not necessarily what's good for Facebook" – Mark Zuckerberg. Not sure FB's model is conducive to Tesla's vision. This is not to say that money doesn't matter, but the major difference between the business models is scalability. With facebook, the user is the product and so the level of entry is much lower, but with Tesla, it's cars – and as a manufacturer, their primary limiting factor is their rate of production (since they're still trying to catching up to the demand) & next would be the cost of batteries (which affects affordability).
    The only way I see facebook's business model affecting Tesla's income (by turning the customer in to a product) is by getting sponsors & streaming ad's into the car's display panel and maybe playing ads at superchargers. Not sure if people would really be cool with that.

  4. Cars are complex machines and a lot more difficult to build and deliver to customers than writing code delivered over the internet

  5. With Zuck alone, Facebook was a social media with ads, annoying but tolerable. COO came in and turned Facebook into this behemoth of 40% profits margin by selling user data… Do you want Tesla to become like that?

  6. The problem with Elon is he is such a loose cannon. To find another Gwyneth Shotwell is not going to be easy because they will have to stand up to him and keep him under control. His people skill seem to be very lacking and I'm sure tesla has lost some brilliant staff due to it.

  7. Simple: Tim Cook is the perfect fit for the job👌
    Maybe <if> Apple buying Tesla Elon can be the perfect fit for the CEO job at Apple too
    And both become better companies

  8. I'd rather work for a company that wants to preserve the planet than for a company solely focused on profit. I can always change job but not necessarily planet!

  9. I hope they learn soon – I test drove a model 3 yesterday in San Diego and I WANT IT it fits like a glove and rides like a bike

  10. No shoutout to Gwynne Shotwell at SpaceX? She seems to be doing quite exactly what Sandberg does at Facebook, in a pretty great way.

  11. Elon has clearly stated Tesla's vision and mission in his master plans I & II. He has only begun to deviate from them under shareholder pressure. Why on earth are folks, analysts, shareholders, etc.. acting against Tesla's mission/vision and in surprise? If you don't support these, don't work there, don't invest there. How is that so difficult to understand. One company comes along and does not put quarterly gains above all else and heads explode right and left.

  12. Anyone get the new update??? I got it 2 days ago but after it finished I went to check it found out they send me the same old update again the fart 💨 and the romance update. Why is that

  13. 1. Facebook is just a software, it requires very little capital, unlike making cars.
    2. There's nothing revolutionary in Facebook's technology, unlike Tesla's.
    3. Facebook is free, while a Tesla is still very expensive.
    4. Facebook didn't have entrenched competitors with vastly more resources, Tesla had.

  14. I agree that adding a COO would be a great move, if they get the right person. But comparing FB to Tesla in any way is silliness. Facebook sells bits and bytes, which is very very very easy compared to selling physical objects of immense complexity and logistical/regulatory nightmares like automobiles. I mean, talk about comparing apples and spaceships.

  15. I don't thing Tesla employees has anything to worry about.
    For starters, there's no serious competition in sight. And if there were, they would love to hire Tesla employees. Or if they wouldn't, there are plenty other tech companies who would. I've heard that people go to work for Tesla only to have it on their resume.

  16. It depends what you value. If it's money then Facebook or drug dealing is the way to go. If it's the planet and an exciting future then Tesla and SpaceX are better bets. Elon Musk sees money, companies and profits as means to an end, not ends in themselves.

  17. I just dont see how u can even compare a social media giant with no competition to a start up car company. Really.
    Stick to technical data Ben.
    Its like saying a brick making company can learn from a pancake company.
    Good try but really off ur game man.

  18. Elon already has this in Gwynne Shotwell at SpaceX! His real fans have been pulling for him to find a Shotwell for Tesla for years!

  19. I think you nailed it Ben! A COO would enable Tesla to get quicker over their growth issues, and would enable them to get quicker to achieve for example the $35k model 3. Elon Musk as CEO could focus way more on vision for the companies he runs as CEO. Same way as was done with SpaceX where Gwynne Shotwell is COO.

  20. Elon need not look further than SpaceX and Gwynne Shotwell as an ideal COO example for Tesla. Only: how to clone and her and submit that baby to accelerated developpment?

  21. While I admit being somewhat prejudiced against Facebook, it is because I am unable to comprehend why so many people blindly surrender the last vestiges of their privacy in order to play a game that I view as not just childish, but infantile.
    To me, it is tantamount to taping a sign on my front door which says "I may be delayed a few days coming home, Darling.
    But don't worry, the key to the house is under the doormat, and if you run out of money while I am gone, I left a cardboard box full behind the detergent in the laundry room." There are a great many excellent engineers in this country, but I don't require all of the fingers of one hand to count the Multi-Billionaires among them. Sheryl Sandberg must be very good at her job, but she could not ask for a better Agent to tout her skills than you. I wish that I had the means to hire you as a Writer's Agent for myself.
    And in case you are wondering, I am spending what may be my final days on this planet driving my own Tesla!

  22. This video could also be "What Tesla could learn from SpaceX"… I believe they've been looking for someone like Gwynne Shotwell for a while, but folks on the scale we're talking about are hard to find! A Shotwell or Sandberg equivalent at Tesla would be incredible, definitely. Though I assume we'd see more progress at the Boring Company, then… 😀

  23. Ben, Something else…….Europeam Model 3 buyers are not at all glad with the delivery of their
    cars. In several delivery centers in different countries cars are
    delivered with lot of damages. Lots of dents and paintscretches
    everywhere on the body of the cars.The buyers tend to believe the
    damages were caused by the transport of their cars. Maybe by unloading
    from the cargoship or by prepping (washing) for delivery. Europeans who
    got their cars already advise other buyers to check the cars before
    leaving the deliverycenter together with employees of Tesla. My wife and
    I are going to design a form especcially for the delivery of our car. A
    huge disappointment for a lot of people thinking they would buy the
    once in their lifetime CAR. I personally think it is a disgrace that
    Tesla sells € 70.000 to € 82.000 damaged cars. The value is allready a
    lot less before the car even has been driven 1 mile on the road. But now
    we know why one and a half week ago Elon was at the debarking site in
    Zeebrugge, Belgium.

  24. Right – Facebook does well with the moms and dads, even grandpas and -moms really like it.
    And the the others don't have the money anyways – and cool is overrated ^^.

  25. I've had this idea that will save lives in a way nobody ever imagined and getting his attention is challenging.
    But, if he's anything like me I'm going to have to make myself just go to San Diego and just tell him.
    Lol. I get it. He's a busy man. But knowing something you want to tell someone and can't reach them can be frustrating. 😉

  26. Yes, Facebook became profitable, and look how many more ads are on it now, it’s terrible. Not to mention accounts getting hacked all the time. We don’t need Tesla getting like this.

  27. Try growing your company at 100% every year without advertising. He is doing the CEO and COO role and he is doing it well. You talk nonsense in this video. Fb and tesla are fundamentally different.

  28. You can't compare the auto industry with the tech industry. Tech has a lot better margin because of les logistics and manpower costs. Tech has also a wider user base than luxury cars. You also can't compare Elon with Zuck in regard of saving the planet 🙂

  29. Uhhh, what? If there was ever a nonsensical Apples to Oranges comparison to be made between two companies, it would be a comparison between Facebook and Tesla. Companies with two completely different business models. Should Ford, GM, and every other car maker try to be like Facebook too? lol

    No seriously, why are these companies being compared?? I don't care who the COO is for Tesla, I don't care who handles day to day operations, these company models are in no way comparable. One is a hardware company where the company provides a physical product. The other is a social media platform which is basically just an interface where the users can provide the main product; CONTENT.

    ANY company that has a CEO trying to micromanage things like Musk does is going to struggle. ANY company. You may as well have compared Tesla to any other auto-company… because at least that would have made more sense with a similar type of product.

    Facebook is a success because they managed to lock entire social groups into the platform and become as close to a monopoly as you can get in this sphere, making it VERY VERY VERY difficult for any individual to escape. No one thought it would be profitable because no one yet understood the social media dynamic and valuation of user data sales and advertising. Had they known that, it would have been very clear how much Facebook was worth. Again, that dynamic wasn't yet understood, and no one knew how far that model could be taken.

    Facebook builds a VERY simple interface, which is why it gained its user base in the first place. Its costs are very low. It's the CONTENT that makes it VALUABLE… and that content is supplied for free by ~2.7 billion people. Whereas a newspaper would pay their content creators (journalists) for supplying the content that brings in readers and advertising dollars… Facebook gets their content free of charge, and that content is worth WAY more that their costs to provide the service for free. A subscription service would have never driven so much profit if it meant removing advertisements.

    If you can explain how Facebook's model is even 1% similar to Teslas… then I'll give you a cookie… but frankly it seems like this entire video was just "Hey, let me compare the two most newsworthy tech companies that have no similarities to one another, make an obvious observation about Musk mismanaging his company, ???, Profit!".

    Here, I figured out the 1%. If Tesla buys up the ENTIRE energy grid, then gives their cars away for free to every person on the globe… then suddenly jacks up the energy prices to $5 per kWh and forces commercials to run on the center screen, then Tesla would sort of be like Facebook.

  30. Tesla has jb Straubel who is kinda an Elon lite. Also Robyn who stays in background too much. I dont think Facebook is a good company to emulate. I think Tesla is doing just fine. Elon has been unfairily maligned. Except Tesla does need a champion of the roof division.

  31. I agree completely. Elon is a visionary and should be thinking about the big picture, not helping with production and service issues. Also, Zuckerberg is a reprehensible human being (had to get that out there).

  32. I do agree he needs to delegate which could do operations better than him, freeing him from menial tasks.
    However, I do not agree with your intro which is more likely to lengthen the video. Facebook is simply a different industry, close to software. Back in the day, they were mocking GM that they would have been better if the company was run like Microsoft.

  33. So many things I don't like about Facebooks business model. Selling peoples info is not something I'd want to be involved with. Facebook seems to be just about the money. Musk is trying to have a positive impact in an important area. Part of what I get with my purchase of my Model 3 is to personally help move the world to sustainable energy. I like that. I'm not a member of Facebook. I am an owner of a Model 3. OBTW, Facebook have a lot of users. But how many actually use the platform. How many of their users are dead? If you keep dead people on the platform and count them its easy to keep membership growing.

  34. There is a much more important aspect: engagement. The "facebook" decline that rumors are talking about is the steep decline in activity: too much people are trying to exploit facebook for scams, hoaxes, self promotion and stuff like that and THAT is the problem. People are starting to get bored of seeing this much crap going around and that means that yeah, they have an account on FB, but they're not interacting as much as in the past. And so a person that a couple years ago spent maybe 10h a week on facebook, now they're spending probably less than half; they're active users? Yes. But when nobody check your site nor post anything, you can have 100% of the population with an account but your're on the verge of extinction. Look at WeChat in China: they have a much more constrained field, but that thing is so popular and widespread that they're not going to face any problem for DECADES.
    myspace and others suffered the same problem just before their disaster, and facebook knows that. That's why they're trying to expand into new markets and new countries while give de facto as much space to their users as they can: they're trying to stay afloat enough to have a backup plan.

  35. I don't see very many parallels between a social media operation and an electric car and energy business. I'm not sure how much in terms of business expertise can be transferred from one to the other.

    Second of all, I wouldn't worry about Musk's comments that he would be satisfied if another company built a much better car and put Tesla out of business. He was being metaphorical, not literal. He knows it won't happen but wanted to stress how important and dear to him the mission of moving the world towards a more sustainable future truly is.

    But I do agree that a second in command (COO) would be a great addition to Tesla as long as he or she understands the company's mission and vision statements and commits to upholding them.

  36. Elon knows that he needs a COO. The best example is his very own COO at Space X, Gwynne Shotwell, who has done an excellent job running Space X. I think the challenge for Elon is finding a COO who adapt to his very demanding style of leadership. The executive departures at Tesla are not because Tesla is going broke. It's really about these executives burning out or not fitting into the stressful, demanding, fast-paced work culture at Tesla.

  37. Facebooks biggest issue is two fold, the first is they are also bleeding people especially the younger one and this will hurt over time. The second is regulatory if they continue to be hit by PR issues on customer details and data they could face a break up or regulation that make the money tree not grow so well.

  38. Elon didn't say that if somebody would make so much better car that tesla went out of business it wouldn't matter. He said it would be still good for the world. And that is very true

  39. Why would Sheryl Sandberg leave Facebook for Tesla? That would be her worst career choice possible. Of course Sandberg is smart enough to avoid Tesla. Just look at the list of executives who have quit Tesla in the last year. Ludicrous.

  40. "Monthly Active Users" – that isn't worth much.
    I have a Facebook account that I use maybe twice a month. I used to be a daily user but not anymore. I'm sure there are millions like me out there.
    I do use WhatsApp daily though. I wonder how they plan to make money off that platform..

  41. Dude u lost me here . Facebook is nohing compared to what musk do.History will judge better.The world does not look like like silicon valey.

  42. google and facebook indeed are money machine now, but with a hidden cost, which is their reputation of innovation and ethic, both companies can only do one thing now, use the manapoly to push profit higher and higher, this is not sustantable

  43. Didnt enjoy this video, sounded like a commercial or promotion for Sherly Sandberg. Waste of 8 minutes. I also have never had a Facecrook account and dont plan to have one. There has to be something more interesting to talk about regarding Tesla than recruiting their COO.

  44. first i was like what has this to do with tesla? but when you got to the lets have musk meme in the front and someone competent keeping the shit together in the back part i was yep they totally need that

  45. In a way Facebook may be more profitable, but I think Tesla is beyond where Zuckerberg was when he hired a COO.. comparing Tesla to a Google would also be inaccurate. Tesla is more mature.. Elon is further along in his journey to discover what and how he wants to change things in business. To hire a COO and change the way he does things today.. would be a huge step backwards. I'm not saying he couldn't learn from a COO.. he has with SpaceX.. but Tesla is something differnt from the 'norm' is a disruptive influence in the automobile industry.. it can't win by playing by the old rules.. and its goals are not necessarily those of the older companies.. its more of a Testlab in how to bring technology to more people.. and bring about change with technology. As an investor you should really question why you invest in Tesla if you do.. and not invest in it if you want traditional returns and traditional investment behaviors.

  46. I agree someone needs to take care of the stuff cuz elon got to much going on and he cant focus on for example customer service, sales and so on

  47. Tesla Is on right direction in my opinion by innovation prospactive …… Even if they lose every penny by wrong finencial decisions … I'm sure Elon can build this company from scratch as long as they are innovative

  48. crushing it? their stock is down $50/share since July.
    Facebook will be the AOL… watch
    Telsa? It will only survive when it is bought out… watch…

  49. Completely agree, Ben. I hear Elon saying those things but he has a record of being a micromanager. If he can’t learn to delegate, a COO would just be added frustration.

    Tesla absolutely needs one. But will it be a fruitful role. Who knows?

  50. I'm not sure Sheryl is the right person for such a job…she does not have a manufacturing background nor a technical/engineering understanding. For Tesla, for a COO they really need someone with an engineering/software background who really is a fast learner, preferably who has auto or manufacturing experience. Jerome is sort of the COO and fits most of the bill. Tesla has a few other people like this

  51. Well…
    Let start by saying … the world is a better place, with Mr. Musk in it…💪
    Having said that…
    Like your conclusion, he is burning the candle on both sides…so it is fair to ask the question…
    „What happens to Tesla without Mr. Musk in it..?“…🤔
    I definitely agree… get someone to take care on the business side of things, so that Mr. Musk can do what he does best…just like Apple did.
    Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

    Interesting interview with Ove Kröger from T+T Tesla Channel ✌️

  52. It's not apples to apples of course. I would not be a Facebook user if I was not forced to be by all my friends and many businesses saying "Well it was on Facebook, how did you not know?" Social media good. Facebook bad (for me.) I prefered G+, and would have been happy if my G+ interfaced with FB like my gmail interfaces with HotMail. It shouldn't matter what front end I use, but it does.

    Tesla is not in the same position. Just cuz I buy a Tesla, my friends don't need a Tesla to ride in my car. So FB is a chain reaction, speeding up as percent coverage increases, Tesla not so much. Maybe when gas stations start being outnumbered by chargers and gas stations start closing it will be more FB like for Tesla.

    And, a FB account is free, Teslas are not. New users can be added to FB as fast as the users can click – distributed processing! Tesla owners can only be added as fast a a big factory can beat raw materials into the correct shape and join them all together – properly.

    I agree Elon should delegate some things he's not really good at or doesn't have time for. But is that sales and marketing? Does Tesla need sales and marketing right now, with no viable competition in their market space? Or do they need something else?

  53. Every company should get rid of their useless CEO and just keep the hard working COO! It would save the companies billions! Just think about it.

  54. Tesla could obviously do much better than what its doing right now by hiring a COO, but not Sandberg. Because for me, Tesla has maintained a High Moral Standard (it even made public its patents, can u even think on those lines in Facebook ?!!!). Money is not everything, and shouldn't be the guiding light.
    I completely disagree with u @Teslanomics with Ben Sullins on this one.

  55. Facebook is a SaaS with near zero marginal cost. They're completely different industries.

    Magic beans solutions worded as "If they just did x" don't do anything. It's why good companies are called "well run companies". Not "everyone sucks but hoo boy they've got an amazing CFO" companies. Stop believing in super heroes.

  56. Isn't Jerome the de facto COO? Getting new executives from outside can be a strain on operations as the whole command chain needs to adjust to the new boss.
    For certain positions, and I believe COO to be one of those, is better to promote from within. Someone which worked thru the ranks knows the flaws and people, this is invaluable for a COO, no need to do much investigation/familiarization to identify pain points.

    In other words empower people which know already where the pain points are.

  57. A COO would be beneficial, but please not her, she's evil. Facebook is selling our data, and that is her invention, she already did this at Google. Tesla is collecting a lot of data from the cars, and I don't want that to be sold! Tesla should make money from selling cars and energy, but not from our data! And when you look at the way, how FB handles data protection, it's bad…making something bad with our data, getting cought and blamed for it, then they remove it, just to bring it back some time later with a new name, and nobody cares anymore is their way of operating.
    Bring on a COO, but please someone that has more ethics then her… and please never learn from FB, their way of making money is NOT a way for Tesla!

  58. Sheryl sold user data and delivered user attention to anyone willing to pay. Unstoppable force for what? Good? Evil? Anyone who pays?

  59. Facebook is a monster that is out of control and ruled by people with very high vanity FACEBOOKi should be shut down or controlled better!
    Plus about income Finance in the big money more about the rules OF A LESS Vanity with a less vanity orientated platform!

    On that alone Tesla / Elon Musk
    Has a Lot to offer FACEBOOK!
    So Mr. Musk basher you as well may want to rethink
    That Facebook has allot to offer anyone besides more vanity, less about how much money you / FB can steal from the public you / FB exploit!

  60. Elon Musk & Tesla are the best of Silicon Valley. Facebook is the absolute worst of Silicon Valley. Keep them separate.

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