Jacko Strong Electric Concept Ride | Harley-Davidson

Jacko Strong Electric Concept Ride | Harley-Davidson

Today we’re here in back country Aspen testing
out a Harley electric concept bike. Electric motorcycles at the moment are the
talk of the year pretty much. I’m just excited to see what they’ve come
up with as a concept. I just can’t wait to get on it and test it
and see if it lives up to it’s name. Really impressive what these guys have done. I think it’s at a really great place between
a mountain bike and dirt bike. For me, I felt right at home. Power’s amazing, it’s definitely different
to a gas motorcycle, torque from ground zero. It makes it much more user friendly, don’t
have to worry about gears, it’s easier. It’s a whole lot of fun, i just hope we get
the opportunity to take this thing on the dirt one day.

21 thoughts on “Jacko Strong Electric Concept Ride | Harley-Davidson

  1. HD will declare bankruptcy within two years. Nobody wants
    anything electric. Harley Davidson get the shit out your ears. How about making bikes that don't cost a fortune and get recalled for fundamental flaws.

  2. Why put in a belt drive, when you can have a metal chain. I know belts are quieter but this supposed to be a dirt bike, I personally want reliability instead of quietness.

  3. Hey Harley! Drag race vs sur Ron vs vectorbike. Just saying….let's do this. Full electric !☁︎blkcldUSA

  4. Give me an Alta Redshift over this any day. Is not legal as a bicycle, it's a joke as a motorcycle. What is the market for this?

  5. And the #1 thing no Harley rider wants – an overpriced, electric bicycle! When will Harley learn people want inexpensive motorcycles powered by internal combustion engines that perform well in both power and halding?

  6. I see this as supposed to be more geared toward an urban or college campus setting….. harley isnt trying to get rid of their traditional customers. Theyre trying to reach the customers theyve ignored for decades WHILE still trying to maintain but modernize their standard cruiser lineup. Just imagine if you were some kid living on a college campus trying to make their way around from class to class….. this thing would be perfect. Thing is, its also a gateway to get said kid to buy a "big kid" harley if this bike does enough to make them brand loyal.

  7. Hopefully it doesn't put out the kind of radiation the vespa does. https://youtu.be/x-Kx_6EKVis

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