Jobs That Won’t Exist In 10 Years

Jobs That Won’t Exist In 10 Years

A world populated by robot workers? It sounds crazy, but it’s not the wacky, far-fetched
stuff of science fiction any more. Sure, robots will probably never replace our
artists, athletes, or novelists, but when it comes to customer service, manual labor,
or factory work? Automation is rolling toward us like a self-driving
truck. It’s already happening, so what comes next? There’s a lot of very smart people debating
about how we’re going to cope with a lot of humans losing their jobs. We can’t tell you what the future holds, but
we can tell you about the jobs of today that will probably be going the way of the dodo
in the not too distant future. “You’re outta here!” No more cashiers If there’s one job that’s already going the
way of the dinosaur, it’s the old-fashioned cashier. Maybe you genuinely enjoy making small talk
with the people who swipe the bar codes, but cashier positions are becoming increasingly
unnecessary. Self-checkout machines aren’t perfect yet,
but the technology is getting increasingly advanced. Just look at the Amazon Go store, which requires
no checkout whatsoever. There’s no lines, no scanning, just grab your
items and walk out the door. That’s futuristic stuff, but how long until
every store adopts these practices? Sooner than you might think. Fast food restaurants like Hardee’s and McDonald’s
already use self-service kiosks. Stores like Walmart and Kroger are rolling
out new kiosk programs to replace cashiers, and they all want to be like Amazon. It’s happening, folks, and it won’t be long
now. “You can come in, pick it up, you never have
to interact with the cash register at all.” Robotic umpires We’ll probably never see athletes being replaced
by robots, but experts at NPR say umpires and referees, on the other hand, have a 98.3
percent chance of being automated. Those are the kind of odds that aren’t even
worth betting on. It’s likely that automated referee services
will be subtly integrated into the games we know today, similar to the way Major League
Baseball is moving to incorporate a computer program to automatically register balls and
strikes, and eliminate time-wasting debates about bias or fairness. Tennis is also advancing toward a future of
computerized line judges, using electronic devices such as Hawk-Eye Live to track every
arc and angle of every ball. While some degree of human involvement will
still be required, it seems exceedingly likely that current umpire and referee jobs, as we
know them, will have to evolve significantly. So… will heckling them have the same effect? “You play ball like a girl!” Cleaning up energy Workers employed by the U.S. coal industry
aren’t being replaced by robots, but instead, by an even more unbeatable opponent: economics
and environmental concern. U.S. coal is experiencing an unprecedented
and likely irreversible decline. Utility companies are shutting down coal facilities,
not building new ones, and instead they’re switching to more cost-effective energy sources
like natural gas, solar, and wind. As a result, people working for U.S. coal
will need to move toward other energy industries if they want to stay employed. No amount of tax breaks or regulation cuts
can change the fact that coal’s market value is plunging. The future of energy is currently torn between
natural gas and renewables, but the more we learn, the more likely it becomes that renewable
energy will be the long-term victor in the energy wars. Renewables are increasingly on the rise as
companies like Tesla roll out innovative products like solar roof tiles and large home batteries,
so at least there’s continuing options for those who have spent their lives in the mines. Burgerbots While there will probably always be a place
for gifted chefs, the factory-like nature of fast food means it doesn’t require extra
culinary expertise to heat up a frozen beef patty and plop it on to a bun. So, it’s not surprising the obsolescence of
fast food workers is fast approaching. In 2018, the fast food chain CaliBurger got
people talking when it launched a burger-flipping robotic arm named “Flippy”. Flippy was capable of grilling 150 burgers
per hour, but he proved so popular that he couldn’t keep up with everyone coming to get
Flippy-made burgers. He had to be temporarily decommissioned. Sorry, Flippy. Truthfully, that’s just a minor setback. Flippy already has a group of robotic counterparts
like Sally, the salad-making robot, and Bruno, who works in the kitchen for Zume Pizza. Their robotic kitchen is the picture of efficiency,
making as many as 120 pizzas every hour. Once the bugs get worked out, these guys will
probably become a regular presence in fast food restaurants around the world. Fancy trash It’s a simple fact of life: any city that
doesn’t want to look like a landfill needs people to go around town picking up the trash. “We bet you hate that smell from all your
trash. We bet you’d like three charming men to
take your trash from you.” But being a garbage man is a tough job that
involves dealing with everyone’s smelliest, nastiest, heaviest junk. To solve this problem, Volvo seems to have
taken some ideas from Pixar’s beloved film Wall-E and decided it was time to automate
the pickup process. Volvo’s Robot-based Autonomous Refuse program,
or ROAR, would employ wheeled trash-collecting robots to roll out from the truck, grab your
garbage, stuff it in the truck, and then quietly bring the bins back to the curb. It’s designed to still have a human driving
and monitoring the robot just in case any problems come up, but the little drone-guided
robot will do all the heavy, smelly lifting. This one is still a few years off, at least,
but it’s not hard to imagine many places opting to automate this often icky job. After all, garbage day can be pretty dangerous. “Garbage Day!” “Huh? No!”

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  1. This is what the elite ( Government) wants! They want us to depend on them! They want to have complete control. The WallE movie showed the future. Fat and lazy people, because we have robots to do everything! Eventually money will be gone! Not all technology is good for human and nature kind!

  2. It's fucking insane if they keep making robots to do everything to the point where robots are teachers thats when society will be at its worst. Human won't work because well expect the robots to do it.

  3. While we're sharing my local grocery store actually got rid of their self-checkout line and just put more cashiers there. I'm not all about robots taking over jobs I'm sorry that's something that should never happen.


  5. So yall expect me to argue with the robot when he makes my sandwhich wrong … like wtf … wat if happens to malfunction makong my meal …

  6. I see a lot of starving angry people in the future who won’t have money to spend in order to keep the economy afloat. Perhaps it’s time to think ahead of the curb and create a society where jobs aren’t really necessary for survival.

  7. I keep hearing "smart people" are trying to figure out what to do with the millions of unemployed people with lost jobs. I have zero confidence in that, based on the Government's track record I don't think they appreciate how violent the situation will get when people get desperate.

  8. See I really don’t like the idea of self automated cashiers because I work all day already and I don’t want to go through any kind of store and then check myself out because there should be someone there doing that that’s literally their way of keeping people from stealing stuff I would think but if you get rid of the cashier what’s to keep me from taking what I want I’ll make a perfect example for you if I go to a grocery store and I realize that there is no real person cashier what I do is normally I’ll go out and go find the organic vegetables right and I’ll buy the organic vegetables but what I do is I write down the number for the regular vegetables of the same type so when you go scan your organic apples which you don’t scan because you don’t have to you just look up the number what you do is go find the number to the regular apples that way at least if I’m being forced to work for my own groceries I get something out of it

  9. 0:17 Yeah like a self driving truck ready to hit a Fucking pedestrian like it did with the other self driving car killing a pedestrian on site. Because Humanity want's to rely SO MUCH on Technology and on A.I to do their dirty laundry that one day this Fucking Laziness is going to be the downfall and possible extinction of Humanity.

  10. Well alot of them are repetitive but maybe it's time we figure out how we can help first entree workers. Child care workers are safe for now , tutoring still requires human interaction, but why not put trades back in our schools. Why not make them apprentices and students. They will be hit the hardest. But we need people to still work. Alot of tech jobs will be in demand as well as green energy and green business. Perhaps retail could evolve while removing the cash register they would need to still assist people with the tech. Perhaps retail jobs could be more custom based after all craft artist only have a 4.2% chance of being automated. So maybe more jobs in custom products would be in demand. We also need to get our landfills emptied and our water cleaned.

  11. So I guess to save face, this video will probably be deleted if in 10 years, these jobs are still around? Lol

  12. Interesting reading the comments. Most people seem to be in total denial about what will happen and what is happening already. First of all, this is and will be driven totally by economics. Corporate America could care less if you like it or not. They could care less if you say you will resist these inevitable changes by only supporting human jobs. People said the same thing when jobs went to other countries decades ago. They said stuff like "well, I will not buy anything from China!" Now everything you own is made in China. Also, the old axiom that more and new jobs will be created to take there place is false. This will only be true if you are college educated or trained in robotics or computers. The "blue collar" jobs of the under-educated will disappear. Back to the economics of it. If you are paid $20K to $30K a year to work in a factory 40 to 70 hrs. a week, when robotics become more mainstream and that robot can do your job, 24 hours a day with no rest, a few hours downtime a week for maintenance for say $5 K a year, what do you think will happen to your job? And cheaper production will insure that companies that insist on keeping humans will not be able to compete. Sorry to be all gloom and doom, but I worked for an engineering and construction firm. I know how these businesses think. This is a juggernaut that cannot be stopped by good intentions to protect human jobs. Sorry…….

    P.S. The idea that actual android-like robots will take your place is also false. Just look at the self checkout. Did they invent a android to scan your items…..NO. They built the machine around the problem. The same is true in the factory. Did they build androids to take a human welders place….NO. They built an arm that has a welder attached. In all cases there is no need for an actual android to take your place. Even when we can make cheap and self-sufficient robots and androids, having actual human-like droids standing in your place will be highly inefficient. That was the concept of the 1950s and 1960s sci-fi. But, as you can see with the self-help kiosk, this will never happen. Even stores like the Amazon Go store, where you just walk out and everything is charged to your account, still uses human stockers. However, stocking of shelves, shipping, inventory, etc., can totally be automated, and will be eventually. Again…….sorry.

  13. I have noted my local Wal-Mart now has ten self checkout lanes where employees used to be .So much for that $10 minimum wage female employees sued for, now they have no job at all

  14. The main problem is if you had brabants doing bench dogs people can hack in them and take control the robots and stuff so I kind of think we shouldn't upgrade our technology because it'll actually get more hackers to hack more stuff

  15. I was a cashier for over 20 years. When the store got self checkout, we were told it would not affect our hours. I went from about 38 hours a week to just over 20 hours a week.

  16. This is the result of min wage workers who drop out of high school had kids and expect s McDonald's to pay for 401 k medical benefits, raises. These job were ment for high. School and college students .these jobs were not meant to support families

  17. Robot consumers with built in credit cards that only understand immediate gratification & refuse to take personal responsibility, start assembling.

  18. I guess we don’t need jobs then. Fuck humans, right? How are we going to be able to pay bills? Do we need a engineering degree in order to get a job? Or do we want to get fucked by robots? Well I guess you don’t need a stupid license to drive. Just eliminate the police and the DMV and speeding tickets also. I guess genocide all humans because if you don’t know anything about robotics, then you should never have existed in history. That’s what this world is coming to. Right. I’m just 💯 percent totally against robotics even doing our jobs. We should be homeless and never get not even food to eat. This is the message of the END TIMES. Fuck yo jobs.

  19. Burgerbots…I just knew this was coming…

    All of you fight-for-fifteen fast food workers beware: this is what will be replacing you some day.

  20. I don't believe in this robot shit! Robots will not replace! There will genocide, there will be destruction and chaos and I'll never let that happen!

  21. I honestly think by the 2026 or 2030 World Cup referees will be useless considering FIFA introduced the VAR system in this World Cup.

  22. What about the guy who takes your picture when you run a red light? Or the guy who sounds like a woman and says, "If you'd like to make a call, hang up and try again?"

  23. Well keep our jobs well just send our robots to do our jobs for us while we sit at home on social media robot labour. Humans are just getting lazy. Robots will breakdown and cost more to fix where humans just take a couple of tablets and recovery for free.

  24. This is SAD. I'm a cashier and I know that Its happening. I like enteracting with the customers. I try not to use the self check out but if I have one or two items I'll use it. People with more than that shouldn't have to wait for a few items. I do like it when I hear people complain about how slow the other people are in The self help line. I know I shouldnt. I actually don't think it faster. For example I had about thirty items and a Woman was coming about the self check out being so slow. The cashier O went to was next to the self check and I was done way before the rude woman even got started. Be it does take practice.

  25. People demanding more money for a job meant for high schoolers sure speed up the process of automated ordering machines hahaha

  26. I’m only 23 I can only image how much more technology is going to evolve and how it’ll be if I even make it to 100 years of age it sounds both exiting yet terrifying. Imagine then having androids with actual personalities and then they start a YouTube channel on what’s it like to be an android like every thing we think might be impossible from movies or things we “imagine” may always be a possibility of happening.

  27. I love self check out. So easy to steal. You get 150 dollars of stuff. And “oooops did i for get to scan those 25 dollars of stuff. My bad.”

  28. No wonder people today are so damn weird, nobody wants a human interaction anymore. It's bad enough seeing all the mindless zombies carefully avoiding objects while their heads are buried in their smartphones. Families don't talk at dinner tables anymore or when they go out to eat, just on their phones. Now people want more money per hour to flip hamburgers when they are working on a way to replace you with free labor, and we wonder why humanity is In trouble.

  29. Working at McDonald's, I know for a fact kiosk increase jobs more than it hurts, the reason for having isn't so they have to pay less to employees, but so they can get more orders taken at a time (before the kiosk we could only take a max of 4 orders at a time, now we can take up to 8), and for a better customer experience.

  30. Nice, increase supply but decrease demand. Stuff like this will hurt people mental disabilities and those who aren't lucky enough to have nepotism on there side. But what goes around comes around.

  31. I work in the underground coal mines and it is booming here coal I used in a lot of every day things and clean energy is way to much and we don't have the technology

  32. Right…. I can't envision an angry unsatisfied customer demanding a supervisor and getting a response like "i'm-sorry, your-request-can-not-be-fulfilled-at-this-time-please-try-again later" without laughing my ass off 😂

  33. I bought your crap until the slamming of coal in favor of wind n solar..sure those two will be needed many yrs ahead but as for now?..the cost of wind turbines n solar panels are just too costly!..I see the need to continue the need to advance their technology,,,but neither will be acceptable nor profitable until the cost of building those are inline w the low cost of coal!!!….natural gas is kind of low..just not as acceptable as coal!!!

  34. So this is the smartest thing ever…I mean there is nothing like waking up one morning just to realize humans are now obsolete.

  35. I was suprised by the garbage one. In australia we have a claw that is attached to the truck so all the driver has to do is line it up and the claw picks up the bin and puts it in the back

  36. What's up with all these technophobe grannies in the comments section moaning about the "good old days"?

  37. Hehehe lol omg that garbage day part is the best! I need to find the movie that comes from, I know I know the movie is one of those movies it's so bad it's so good type of movie 😂

  38. So stores will no longer pay cashiers yet they will charge the same price for items… makes no sense they save on labor yet the cost of goods will not decrease?

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