Kids React: Donald Trump’s Science Policies

Kids React: Donald Trump’s Science Policies

Reporter: What are your views on climate change
and how would your administration act on those views? Clinton: When it comes to climate change science
is crystal clear Trump: There’s still much that needs to be
investigated in the field of climate change. Clinton: As president i’ll set three goals. Trump: Perhaps the best use of limited financial
resources Clinton: Generate half my electricity from
clean sources Trump: To be in dealing making sure that every
person in the world has clean water Clinton: With half a billion solar panels
installed by the end of my first term Trump: Perhaps we should focus on eliminating
lingering disease around the world Clinton: Cut energy waste at third Trump: So that we can make lives more prosperous. I’m gonna make America great again. Reporter: How will you foster a culture of
scientific transparency and accountability and government while protecting scientists
and federal agencies from political interference in their work? Trump: Science is science and facts are facts. Clinton: As president, I will support efforts
to ensure a culture of scientific integrity. Trump: My administration will ensure that
there will be total transparency. Clinton: And deeply concerned by the recent
increase in partisan political efforts interfere in science. Trump: And accountability without political
bias make sure this is the culture of my administration. [BEEP] [MUSIC] Reporter:
Scientist of finding that the variety and variability of life is diminishing at an alarming
rate as a result of human activity, what steps would you take to protect biological diversity? Clinton: We need to collaborate Trump: For too long presidents in our federal
government have continued to expand their reach Clinton: To conserve our natural resources Trump: We have agencies filled with unelected
officials Clinton: And maintain the viability of our
ecosystems Trump: We’ve been writing rules and regulations
that caters special interest Clinton: I’ll help States, tribal nations,
and local communites Trump: In a trump administration Clinton: To conserve wildlife Trump: Laws that tilt the scales toward special
interest must be modified to balance the needs of society Bloopers: I think he’s a racist. Trump: Get a new phone I mean, this phone
is so… what century is this phone from? Clinton: A spicy burger please
Clinton: Can it be waffle fries? Trump: Where’s my vice president? Yeah you, you’re fired. Abraham Lincoln. Tremendously huge was his nose. I think she’s very sexy very hot and she could
do some work. Think
she would be a good first lady and she would make America Great! HI everyone! I’m Jayde Lovell, resident science nerd at
the Young Turks Network. You’re watching SciQ, and we know you don’t
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14 thoughts on “Kids React: Donald Trump’s Science Policies

  1. What do you guys think? Who do you think had the better responses to the science questions?
    And if you could get the presidential candidates to answer any science-related questions – what would you ask?

  2. Would you like to celebrate the election of the world's next dictator by looking at the truths or the myths of Stockholm Syndrome? – apparently the condition is not in the DMV-5. I'm not an expert but I've been looking into vasopressin and oxytocin and what they do and what causes their levels to vary. Apparently after long periods of abuse oxytocin levels increase and this is said to be why Stockholm Syndrome takes hold. There's an evolutionary theory put forward about women being kidnapped and them falling in love with their kidnappers for their own protection. I usually go for the evolutionay pyschology but that theory doesn't seem quite right – doesn't seem to involve a thought process. I mean oxytocin levels rise during R.E.M. sleep – so maybe there is more to oxytocin than just being in love. I think it puts down or even totally mis-understands the way women (or non-stereotypical males) approach relationships.

  3. What does "WTF?" actually mean…? There are 19 possible outcomes to every election contest in the 'first past the post' system between political parties democratically voted for by an electorate: Party A wins, Party B looses; Party A looses, Party B wins; Both parties win; Both parties loose; Both parties in a draw; 'WTF?' result – that's 6 outcomes. Perverting 'winning' to be 'loosing' gives and extra 4 outomes (you can't pervert a draw and 'WTF?' to mean anything else). So that's 10 outcomes so far. Plus you have the electorate: The parties win and the electorate loose; the parties loose and the electorate win; both the parties and the electorate win; Both the parties and the electorate loose; The parties and the electorate draw; and again 'WTF?'. So that's another 6 outcomes = 16. And again perverting 'winning' and 'loosing' gives you another 4 outcomes as before = 20 outcomes in total. Though technically because 'WTF?' only ever has a social context, it is the same in each case – so that's 19 outcomes…. why does it always have to come back to prime numbers? 😛 Edit; searching "WFT" on the internet I found a picture of a huge man weight lifting a great white shark…?

  4. We'll he wasn't wrong. Thanks for watching these crappy videos instead of voting, you guys truly made america great again.

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