Korea’s latest nuclear reactor model approved for European market

South Korea may get a big boost to its nuclear
power business. EU regulators approved Seoul’s latest model
of nuclear reactor for the European market. More exports of such plants could help offset
the business the local industry could lose… as Korea moves to reduce its dependency on
nuclear power at home. Lee Unshin files us this report. Korea’s state-run nuclear operator’s latest
model of nuclear reactor is now certified for the European market. Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power says its EU-APR
reactor has been approved by the European Utility Requirements,… an advisory group
for the region’s nuclear power plant utilities. EU-APR design was built by modifying the conventional
APR 1400 reactor to meet the European safety regulations. (Korean- )
“Getting approval by the European Utility Requirements shows that South Korea’s nuclear
power development technology can now compete on the global market.” The APR1400 design was developed using domestic
technology,… and was first exported to United Arab Emirates in 2009. With the European certification, the company
official said that it can now export the model to other regions that require EUR approval,
such as South Africa and Egypt. At home, the government has been trying to
move away from nuclear power plants due to safety concerns regarding possible earthquakes,…
and is trying to increase its use of renewable energy instead. But the country’s Trade, Industry and Energy
Ministry said it is fully on board with expanding Korea’s nuclear reactor business on the global
stage,… and will support building plants outside Korea. Lee Unshin Arirang News.

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