LED Lamp + Pen Cup Holder UNDER $9!

LED Lamp + Pen Cup Holder UNDER $9!

– It’s a lamp, an LED
light, a pencil holder. – That’s so awesome at under 10 bucks. (soft tune) – I will agree with you. The design is amazing,
the price is incredible, this was one of the items
that I actually saw on display at the Consumer Electronics Show. The desk lamp recreated. Hello, I’m the YouTube
deal guy Matt Granite. – And I’m intern Casey. – I love that you’re here. You came back again. – Thanks, glad to be here. – Casey’s often away at school, as we wish that was not
the case, but education, alright, whatever, fly.
– Whatever that is. – Yeah, well, for those
of you watching right now, if you’ve never seen us
before, I unbox, I test items, I find the deals, all of which are located right under this video screen. If you expand the description
box, you will find this deal. We also give everything
we test away for free. We ended up liking this
LED ergonomic light a lot more than I anticipated. – Yeah, especially at, what is it? $8.99? – Oh Casey, you wanna get
right to business, don’t you? – I do, I wanna give ’em away too. – Alright, before we show
you the full in depth demo on why this is great and dimmable and all of these other modes– – I have to say, this is great
because it’s not your usual boring lamp that you would have on a desk. And especially for me
being a college student, I think this will be great
for my desk at school. Some features that it
has are a touch light, so with every touch the light
gets brighter and brighter, which is great. The battery life on it is awesome. To charge it, all you
do is just plug it in to a USB right here. And not only does it to that, but it also stores pens and pencils or whatever you might wanna put in there. – It has an MSRP that actually, with the quality of this
thing, is well worth it. Very, very well rated, as you can see. $8.99 unprecedented price drop and different style options
where the price may go up a dollar or so depending
on what you select, but we love this and
while it is rechargeable, you can use this easily
plugged in at all times. You can just plug it
in to a vacant USB port or to one of those
iClever chargers I found or even your cellphone charger. I love this touch switch. – Yeah, you gotta push the button. – You push the button. No, you don’t even need to push the, you can just tap.
– You just tap. – Yeah, we do.
– There you go. – This is fun. We like fun. We like you for watching. And again, we give items away
of significantly more value. We’ve given away iPad Airs,
laptops, Beats by Dre, but, today’s give away is
worth about nine dollars, but it’s great. Who doesn’t want free stuff, right? – Yeah, exactly. – Would you want this as a gift? – Yeah, I could use it
on my desk in my dorm. – The style, well, there you
go, you can have this one. – Thank you.
– We’ll give away two of the other ones. And, a reminder, that if you
don’t like the style of this, as I realize, it could
be open to interpretation based on what you like. – Yeah, I feel like I would get
it in the blue color, maybe. – I don’t have that one.
– I love the color options. – Do you want the green one or not, Casey? – No, I’ll take the
green one, it’s perfect. – I can order you a blue
one, do you want a blue one? – Green is fine, Matt. – Okay, we’re now gonna
give away two of these to subscribers and you’re
getting a green one most likely. Using TubeBuddy’s random
Pick A Winner tool to find a subscriber who’s
commented in the last six months, our first winner for today is Suzanne. I’m so happy you love the new set. If anyone wants to see it,
just look up at my live stream from two weekends ago. J Blyth, congratulations as well. I’m very excited to live with my wife. Just email [email protected] to claim your freebie. (clapping)
– Woo, woo, woo. – You won. Casey, really–
– Can you break your back like how this thing bends? – I wish I was that flexible. – Yeah, me too. – But enough about Cirque du Soleil. – Just let it go. – We’ll share that with you another time. – Yeah.
– If you wanna make sure you get hooked up for more giveaways, more deals, more freebies– – Why are you not subscribed
to Matt’s channel yet? It’s so easy. Just click on his head right here. – You’re so perfectly persuasive, Casey. – (laughs) Thanks.
– When I say it, I don’t know if people care as much. If you wanna make sure you
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100 thoughts on “LED Lamp + Pen Cup Holder UNDER $9!

  1. Do you think the light might be bright enough to use as a reading lamp right beside the bed? (Cavegirl here sometimes reads actual paper books, magazines and occasional work related papers!)

  2. Can't believe that Casey is a college student. Lol I always thought she's a high schooler lol. Cool lamps Give me one lol.

  3. MATT… TRACK & FIND iTEK by SoundLogic.. Whats the exact APP name on GooglePlay for CONNECTING the devices…. on both the Smart Phones and TABLETS under Windows 10 ??? I ordered several but haven't been able to Find the APP to work CONNECTING the units… Please advise the xact APP name that should be used… thanks rRon www.RedCar.WS NC 336-270-9812

  4. Great item for the new trend in "smart work spaces" which is reducing the amount of desk space a person has access to (we are piloting this concept where I work and it will take some getting use to)

  5. I liked the comment off channel 2 news this morning about this and the "Little Shop of Horrors"! Keep up the great job all of you!!

  6. The LED Pen Lamp is so cool! I love it that it looks like a plant. So I agree, the green is the way to go, although I do like the pink.

  7. Matt Casey, thank you so much these are going to make incredibly fun gorgeous valentines gifts for my daughter and niece

  8. Psshh, education…whatever. 😀
    The light is not my style but it's pretty cool for the price. I do like that you can charge it via usb.
    Thanks for bending it like Cirque Du Soleil when it comes to searching for great deals. L8tr M8tr! 🙂

  9. Hi, love your stuff! Can/have you reviewed the Big Boss Oil-less Fryer vs the smaller ones like the Phillips?

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