M-Trigen Energy Independence From Concept to Reality

M-Trigen Energy Independence From Concept to Reality

Energy Independence from concept to
reality what if you could have total control over your own power system that
allows you to be completely independent of the electric grid? what if this power
system will supply all of your power heating and cooling requirements and do
it more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost and you’re paying now? the power of the grids large-scale industrial generator brought down to a micro level
it’s called MCCHP packaging all of your requirements generators, heat pumps,
batteries all in one box just think about it, your backup
generator, air conditioning and hot water heater in one platform system that
manages all of your energy needs With your own independent power system you
could interconnect to the electric grid and buy more power if you need it or sell
back to the electric grid and the excess power you produce and if your neighbor
said the same MCCHP system network communications software would allow you
to share power and services in a micro grid is this concept at all possible? the good news is energy independence is
a reality Welcome to smart marks the National
winner of the 2014 Department of Energy innovative housing award this 4,500
square-foot beauty embraces the latest energy-efficient designs and it is
energy independent all its power cooling and heating systems run by one M-Trigen
power air system as a micro power plant power generates powerful the home on site through use of an internal combustion engine that converts fuel simultaneously into electrical air conditioning and heating requirements our technology is so efficient that it produces more useful power associated
with every unit of fuel consumed in this case clean-burning natural gas all of
the necessary components to run the system are included in a sleek metal box
that sits on the same size footprint as a standard air conditioning unit
building computer and communications controls give the owner instant remote
accessibility from any device as an intelligence system power air allows the
owner to control power from any source from solar panels wind turbines its own
batteries or a grid interconnect Energy independence from concept to reality please contact him drive down for more

2 thoughts on “M-Trigen Energy Independence From Concept to Reality

  1. Muy bueno. Los felicito. Que el Señor los siga iluminando para que mejoren el producto cada vez más. Saludos Nerio José

  2. How can you call this "Energy Independence"? This system generates most of its electricity (energy needs) from natural gas, which is not free! Natural gas is not a renewable energy or clean. This is totally misleading propaganda.

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