100 thoughts on “Maclean’s and Citytv National Leaders Debate

  1. So I want abortion to be illegal and I want carbon taxes to be removed completely. Also I want our innovators to be encouraged to invent free energy and for that to be spread far and wide. I want more people like Nicola Tesla in this country. I want traditional families to be the norm again. I want a clean environment and I want the best for my fellow humans in Canada and around the world. I want free speech and a Canadian second amendment too.

    I would say that these 3 leaders were ok. I would say that Clearly Maxime Bernier won this debate. Trudeau lost it. The others were ok.

  2. Clearly Maxime Bernier won this debate because his platform is so good that the media was afraid to let him speak. Clearly Trudeau lost the debate because he was too scared to be criticized. He knew he could not stand up to the criticism. The other 3 were fine. They all have some strong points and some really really really weak points.
    I am personally deciding between Green, PPC, PBPC or none of the above.

  3. 1:20:00 listen to these fools. If we don't have jobs nothing will change you sacked up little babies… Honestly I should have watched CBC coverage


  5. Carbon tax and Climate crisis is a bunch of claptrap. The climate changes and if they want to believe it they should be talking to China, India and many many other countries. These made up things are only cash grabs

  6. For both Scheer and Singh, this is the first federal election for both of them—having been elected as leaders of their parties 5 months apart from each other in 2017. The question is which one of them had a better debate performance last night.



  9. For both Scheer and Singh, this is the first federal election for both of them—having been elected as leaders of their parties 5 months apart from each other in 2017. The question is which one of them had a better debate performance last night.


  11. The climate is going to change whether we "do something about it" or not BECAUSE that's what climate does, and pretending that it is within "people-kinds" purview to completely control the weather by raising taxes on jobless people AND THEN eliminate the use of fossil fuels to immobilize them and decrease access to their food supplies; is NOT progress.

  12. I Don't see how this "debate" is anything but a win for the Tories. NDP and Green can't hope for anything better than holding the balance of power in a liberal or conservative minority. Scheer is the only one of these 3 who stands a reasonable chance of becoming prime minister.

  13. Why were there so many kids who are uneligible to vote at Trudeau’s Edmonton rally? Nothing with this prime minister adds up properly

  14. Tax cuts for people in lower tax brackets means very little in your pocket as an everyday Canadian… for large corporations that make millions or billions a few percent means alot.

    A way to put money in everyday Canadians pockets is in social services such as pharmacare medication in addition vision and dental.. cheaper or free education, old age pension, pre school/day care etc to lower the costs of living! Saving 1000 on taxes is nothing compared to these.

    Not to mention the money put back into the economy when you don't have to pay for your kids tuition, or if you can leave university as a 22 year old and not have to pay back 50 thousand in loans, instead you can buy a house or car and other goods that STIMULATE the economy

  15. Jaghmeet tries to spin every point of scheers into some virtue signal opportunity saying it’s appalling or disrespectful… catch on quick and becomes annoying very fast

  16. Listening to Singh is painful. Guy talks out of both sides of his mouth and is clearly trying to pander to the largest possible base. He has no scruples. Also, he keeps using anecdotal conversations as leverage.
    "I was at this place talking to a woman…a woman WITH A BABY!!!! And she said she's concerned about the environment." Great Jugs. Keep it up. Morons! All of them!

  17. When it comes to doing the bidding of corporate interests (e.g. Big Oil) and the wealthy, the federal Liberal party has shown itself to be similarly servant to that of the big business and money orientated Conservative party.

    Western (what I call) corpocracies such as Canada and the U.S. have governances in which either of the two established political parties always kowtow to big business’s crippling threats of a large loss of jobs and economy; or corporate lobbyists writing bills for governing representatives to vote for and have implemented, often enough word for word. And, of course, almost all of our information is still either produced or shared with us by concentrated corporate-owned news-media.

    Indeed, I’d not be surprised if the federal NDP would be compelled to eventually act somewhat corpocratically if elected to govern. And what about the Greens? It's typically politically much easier to sit in the critic's or Opposition's chair.

    This corpocratic political reality may be why so many low-income citizens perceive futility in voting at all, let alone waiting in long lineups to do so.

    (Frank Sterle Jr.)

  18. Israel minimizes human casualties by killing innocent, unarmed children because they are living on the land that belongs to them. Israel is breaking international law and UN regulations. Get your facts straight conservatives!

  19. Ms. May was a disgraceful disrespectful harpy .. with that whining seagull caw voice, interrupting and not letting Mr. Scheer finish. This is a person who does not deserve our respect as she gives none to others..

  20. No wonder they didn’t invite Max. The moderator is a regular, so called, pundit on CBC who has slammed Max for leaving the CPC on multiple occasions.

  21. Just like in the last election, Elizabeth May is the only credible person in these debates (even if Trudeau was there). She's the only one that sounds real 99% if not 100% of the time. But just like then, no one will vote for her because most Canadians are still stuck in their red or blue partisan ways. Doing a little better than last time isn't going to cut it. No leader is perfect, no leader has ever been perfect, just like no one in the world is perfect, but she's our best bet not only for the environment but for having a more ethical government that's for the people and not corporations.

  22. "… In Canada, the right to ask questions is never bestowed by some authority, it belongs to everybody. HOWEVER , The right to expect honest ,forthright and accurate answers to questions asked is another matter altogether. HONK if you've got em ~!

  23. May is always bringing up the UN, does she forget that this the Canadian fed election and not a UN election? Singh doesnt know anything, he just blabs and blabs. Scheer is the only reasonable person who understands that we live in an oil and gas driven economy and this is what drives the Canadian economy. People can yell at the sky but unless we have some magical energy we are stuck with the traditional.

  24. Make Canada more affordable for all Canadians while at least not raising taxes : that's what each and every Canadian wants to hear and what I really doubt any of the candidates including the current PM can actually deliver.
    Politicians have to promise a better life to all Canadians : that's how the political game works and gaining political power is a big incentive to make big promises that the candidate knows they can't deliver.

  25. Andrew Scheer has a point when he says balancing the budgets should be a priority : how to pay for social programs when there's no money to pay for them?

  26. Trudeau’s such a great guy, he decided to give the other three a chance by not coming to the debate. Four more years!

  27. In my opinion I'm from Poland I don't vote in Canada I just seen this debate NDP is like comunist party 30 years back in our country. Good luck Canadians that your choice

  28. Elizabeth May, you forgot to reference the crucifix. Christians are irrelevant in your agenda. By the way, you will never be PM, but dream on.

  29. How can May say it any more clearly that Green has a thorough plan to tackle climate change at the level needed to divert catasrophe and yet still those interviewed don't credit her with taking it seriously??! Green is the ONLY party that has a plan that can tackle climate change without economy tanking so that we can salvage human life on this planet… though most definitely things are going to have to change a lot. We need to adopt a way of life that is in line with the laws of nature again.

  30. The 3 things all of the opposition leaders agree on:
    – Only Prime Minister guilty of the kind of thing that he did
    – Betrayed Canadians who voted Liberal
    – The fact that he’s trying to run away from his record

  31. Where's the ppc party considering they have a higher lead then both ndp and green party. And please don't let Trudeau give you our money. It's completely unethical and you can alienate you're viewers if you do. It's theft too.

  32. Who cares? Not one person or political party or journalist protested PPC ban from the debate. How corrupt or scared do you have to be to control free speech and a clean election in Canada?
    SHAME all around
    Didn't watch debate irrelevant event untruthful folks

  33. Carbon tax is a tax on poverty. Fact : Canada's biggest polluting corporations are given carbon tax exemptions. Fact : those who are most impacted by the carbon tax are those who cannot afford to pay for it. Fact : those who profit the most out of the carbon tax are the wealthiest, those who can afford to buy expensive Tesla cars and get carbon tax breaks. Fact : Carbon tax did not have any impact on how average Canadians consume gas. Fact : Even with the most aggressive carbon tax rates proposed by the Liberal government, Canada is no where near it's Paris accord agreement.

  34. What is this some cheap talk show with $20 stands oh my gosh this is a leader The Bait & Barrel Racing no people in the crowd why does it look well for what is a Dollarama oh my goodness how embarrassing

  35. I'm impressed with how prepared Elizabeth May was with her fact checking on other parties and counter remarks. I didn't go in thinking much of the Green Party but by far May has the most comprehensive platform and was the most prepared for this debate. The PC party is definitely bending over backwards for votes.. Scheer threw out a lot of fluff ideas and buzz words but not enough definitive details about their plans. Pretty shady if you ask me. Hope all the candidates show up for the next debate.

  36. Aboriginal people getting more funding when I was in university I have to wait in line for books and sometimes they're just not available for the Aboriginal people in the University of Manitoba they get their own floor with their own councillors as very beautifully decorated lots of money I'm sure went into that they get their books picked for them their tuition paid their lodging paid they pay for nothing they don't contribute into our society I have to work hard I have to go into debt I have to wait in line for books plays I think we've given the Aboriginal community enough start to cut

  37. This is why I haven't voted in over 25 years all three of these idiots in this debate my goodness is this what Canadians think my goodness pathetic

  38. We need to revamp the Aboriginal thing we need to revamp our immigration laws these are two things that are huge and our welfare system we need to revamp as well this is crazy no one is talking about these at all from what one NDP person told me some years ago these three items are blacklisting items that's why you'll never hear anyone talk about this crazy how corrupt is Canadian government is

  39. There is no climate crisis zero evidence for people you're brainwashed worse than the Americans. Global cooling then they found out that it's not cooling now it's global warming it wasn't global warming now it's just climate change my gosh the biggest scam in history is the climate change for the global warming and Cooling bunch of bull the people please look at some real scientist some real science behind us and said of some idiot on a microphone talking about it

  40. that un thing sounds pretty racist to me, what the heck happened to Mr kings idea of "i dream of a day when men looked at the contents of a persons character not the color of their skin",

  41. Why do these left-,leaning politicians seem to think people need to depend on government programs? Its like the platform of their policies.

    Listen, give me a working economy, and equal opportunity and I'll make it for myself. Thank you

  42. Since Max Bernier was not allowed to speak there was no leadership debate.
    Paul Wells is a liberal lackey.
    Only Max and the PPC can bring real change to Canada 🇨🇦!

  43. follow the dollars, studies are funded by government, scientist are paid for a result of fake , bogyman global warming, only thing real is a unnecessary carbon tax on the people,the carbon tax grab must go, also teach ndp, pc,and liberals a lesson, we want a government for the people ,, vote PPC

  44. Andray Domise who works for MacClean’s said he hopes that PPC members crash on their way home. Wrote to MacClean’s twice never got a reply.,

  45. Scheer is incredibly dangerous for Canada. Unequivocal support for Israel, noncooperation with international community re. Climate change, decrease social spending, increase military spending. Everything that we Canadians DON’T want

  46. Elizabeth May was the strongest on this showing
    Solid as usual
    Wish to see more May and I hope she will be our PM. With Jagmeet as leader of opposition!
    Love NDP and Singh too but as a physician I don’t appreciate the NDP narrative on doctors vs workers and play us physicians as the evil sharks in the health care system. Although health is provincial the ideology bothers me a bit.
    Best of luck to us voters! ABC anyone but conservatives!

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