Make it Real: Zarya’s Particle Cannon (PART 3/3)

this gun, hacksmith, it is excellent
just like the one I ripped off the tank! hey guys in case you have been following
us on Instagram or Facebook we’ve just finished building as Zarya’s particle
cannon from the game overwatch it’s real and it works now in case you haven’t
caught them we already did two videos on this project showing the design you can
click it there or in the description below to catch up on those episodes but
the gun is done now and it is awesome it worked out way better than we thought it
would so without further ado enjoy we’re about to give it its very first test it’s not gonna fit Bogdan! “it’ll fit!” *giggles* yeah the pump is running you can see
bubbles going. we can smell ozone right now which means the plasma globe is
arcing inside okay! …there goes the arc again all right it’s finally finished and
Bogdan has done an absolutely amazing job in this project in fact this is our
highest value completed make it real project we’ve ever done the 3d printer
filament alone was worth thousands of dollars and so was the laser equipment
not to mention three months of bogdan’s time and he is a paid employee here but
enough on that let’s go test it all right so let’s test this for the first
time now just to remind you this is not a prop inside is an 80 watt co2 laser
tube which produces an infrared laser it’s the same laser tube used in my CNC
laser cutter which is capable of cutting up to an inch thick of wood
unfortunately that’s a focused beam and for some reason manufacturers don’t make
focusing lenses for these types of lasers for long range use and I’m not
too sure why that is but basically it means our laser isn’t going to be quite
as powerful as the laser when it’s in the CNC machine but that being said
we’re gonna be able light a lot of stuff on fire now like I was saying before
this is actually one of our most expensive projects yet and the only
reason we’re even able to do projects like this is because of our generous
sponsors which is why I’m happy to introduce a sponsor for this week’s
video for robots or robots is an awesome tactical 6v6
multiplayer robot warfare game it’s available for android iphone and even
your computer there’s an absolutely huge variety of robots with different skills
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laser bazookas just like ours my favorite robot is Lancelot which is
this monstrous killing machine the best part about the game is it’s constantly
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you’ll get a GI patent robot error war paint for punisher machine guns 400,000
silver and 100 gold to spend on whatever upgrades you want with this offer you’ll
have a pretty big advantage when you start playing but now back to the
particle cannon alright let’s see what this thing can do but safety first I’ll
put on my nice laser goggles we’ve got some wood some balloons a styrofoam head
we have I believe this is a butane filled balloon we have some batarangs
some normal paper some flash paper and of course the Ivan head from our red-hot
rebar crossbow video so let’s get started Ian can you pull the trigger and
when I hold the the object she wears this aimed right now it’s gonna hit the
table so right now we just have the blue aiming laser on and as you can see it
hits right about here so we should be good to test her out alright paper plate
a little bit alright go Hey
ooh that’s hot yeah sure and as you can see the woods catching on
fire over here let’s see what it does to just a piece of paper so you can see
almost instant fire we’ll just put that on the floor for safekeeping let’s do a
double whammy this is a piece of flash paper and this is a butane filled
balloon whoo that’s pretty sweet yeah we’ve also got a Batarang we’re
sure you’re gonna be sending out to a fancy and low they know we’re actually
gonna send them to by cutting this one in half that’s one’s for John I think we’ll just send you a new one
how about an easy target now as we mentioned in previous videos any kind of
safety glasses will actually protect you from an infrared laser but not for very
long hopefully long enough for you to notice there’s a laser pointed at your
eye and you should probably move fiery laser so as you can see I went right up
the mannequins face and you can see his cheek is all cut in two but once it hits
the safety glasses there is no damage to the mannequin let’s see how long would
actually take to go through these glasses though I’m just gonna set them
on the table now and we’ll put a piece of paper behind it so you can see when
it pops through hit still holding strong you see the beauty
is when plastic starts to melt it also starts to burn and become a charcoal
which actually can absorb even more energy and heat so as you can see it’s
okay now now your face is on fire that’s cool you can hear it sizzling and it’s
like and it goes all the way through alright let’s see what happens to the
Ivan head ah I just look at the brain matter why did I do that fire more die zombie die you got a new eye socket one sec I think you use some help
sprinkling of lighter fluid why are you light on fire at first but
no not there we go right look up we should probably know the garage alright now for our final experiment in
the video game overwatch you can spray-paint your logo on the wall in the
game so other players can see it so we thought it’d be kind of cool if we made
a a perjurer for this so that when you burn wood it actually burns a logo in
the wood safety goggles back on the layup alright so you can see it’s
actually quite effective but we’ve got some long-range tests coming up shortly
but first bargains gonna explain a bit about how this gun actually works Bogdan
so the plasma cannon consists of two lithium polymer batteries in the back a
radiator with a fan some Arduino components in the center a 120 volt
inverter down here as well as a 35,000 volt DC power supply to power the 80
watt co2 laser with a nice cooling hole at the very bottom of the gun in the
front you see 50 meters of blue pink and ultraviolet LEDs that creates the entire
glowing effect along with a blue laser that allows you to aim the the weapon
unfortunately as you can see the weapons not very wieldy and you would have to be
a huge Russian check to actually use it that like you can’t say like an eye and
basically only sorry I can actually use it so as you see the gun looks quite
cool but in addition is also very functional from about 15 feet away
you’ll have no problem setting wood on fire popping balloons lighting gasoline
wouldn’t be very good against human flesh probably burn you a little bit but
definitely not something you’d want to stand in front of in addition we also
wear safety glasses I just thought any kind of safety glasses polycarbonate
acrylic glass will stop infrared light but just to be safe we purchased some
real safety grade lazy goggles which I’m not currently wearing because they’re
upstairs and I don’t want to get them lasers off it’s it man I really can’t see where
this thing’s shooting are these laser goggles oh shit let’s try that again
maybe I’ll aim first and then put the goggles on that should be good yeah now back
is really heavy unfortunately we weren’t able to find a large Russian woman with
pink hair to cosplay for us so we got Chris which is the next best thing anyways so Chris let’s get you loaded up
this gun looks good that being said if any of you guys watching either are or
know someone who cosplays azaria get in touch with us because we’d love to do a
short fan film with the full costume the gun and awesome explosions yes you have
to be local ish Ontario New York Detroit ish and be able
to come here and you have to be able to lift a 70 pound laser bazooka but in the
mean time Chris is gonna test it out for us wait you need your safety glasses hasta LaVista balloons you go yeah alright let’s see what this thing can do
is some styrofoam heads alright see what happens yeah as you smoke we’ve gone through I think we’re burning
a hole in the thing behind it safe beyond you see me I can see you all right so that again who all right hope you guys enjoyed that
project I think it was probably one of our most ambitious make it real projects
yet I mean all I want to do is make a laser bazooka but Bogdan convinced us it
would be way cooler to make saria’s particle cannon and I’m glad he did
because this has got to be one of our most aesthetic and functional make it
real builds yet and the only reason we’re even able to do awesome projects
like this is because of our generous sponsors so if you want to help support
the channel by playing an awesome game check out war robots there’s a link in
the description below finally we are planning on doing one more video with
Zarya’s protocol Canada and we’re looking for a Zarya cosplayer
to star in it so if you know any Zarya cosplayers who are somewhat local to us
and can lift a 70 pound laser bazooka get in touch finally if you’re curious
about how project is going make sure you’re following us on Instagram
Facebook or checking out our website because we post pictures almost daily
showing what we’re working on on the shop and on youtube we can only post one
video per week and we don’t post videos until the project’s done anyway thanks
for watching I really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you haven’t
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