100 thoughts on “Make your own Photovoltaic Off-Grid System

  1. The speaker wire you are using looks to me like CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium) and it will disapate double the power the copper ones would.Be careful if drawing higher loalds.

  2. Hi scott dont we need to calculate the leds and fix a proper led driver rather than connecting it directly to controller and y u need inverter in this all is DC even leds to power is dc which is the AC appliance ur using

  3. Cooles Setup! Ein Hinweis: Litzedraht darf man wegen Brandgefahr niemals verlöten und dann in Schraubterminals verwenden. Man sollte stattdessen immer eine Hülse crimpen!

  4. For a battery that gives 100 amps an hour, would it have been that bad a decision to add an outlet into that setup? (Cuz 100 is extremely generous just for some LEDs.)

  5. I think Scott lives in Germany. Lots of descriptions on the products are written in german. Also he buys his Stuff by hornbach, a german store 😉 Please create german subtitles!!!

  6. I would do few things differently. First i would put fuse there, just in case. Second would be, that i would instal one or two 12 volts car sockets, to give this system a little more utility, maybe geting two batteries to have higher capacity to compensate for higher expected time to time drain.

  7. Great Video @GreatScott! I was wondering if you have had problems with your solar system? I'm asking this because with this configuration the surface temperature of the cell can be increased due to the thermal gain of the roof. Cheers

  8. One of my lighting supplier told me LED strip is never intended to be illumination source due to poor heat dessipation and thus short lifetime.

    How is your LED strip after 1 year of use?

  9. Wow nice setup! Do you have a link to that Bluetooth adapter? I have a vw bus with a solar panel and I’d love to have that feature!

  10. Love it!

    Great work.

    Two questions:

    1. Why no fuse between the charge controller and battery?

    2. No need for over-discharge disconnect, or does the charge controller handle that on the load side?

  11. Heyy Scott! Bruce here. I'm gonna build my own off-grid solar power system for my home. Ordered the panels, housing materials, water/moisture protection, wires, and everything needed.
    My only concern is about the deep-cycle battery that we will need to store the energy. I don't know what brand to choose.
    So, what battery brand did you use in your garage and what would you recommend for a 500 Watts Solar power system. Because the brand is always important when considering safety aspects, efficiency and long life!

  12. Hey I'm a bit confused. Generally the load output of charge controllers is switched by mosfets or something similar – and is therefore limited to 20-40 amps. You have a rather large 12v inverter connected to the load output – and if loaded down with say a drill or saw, the inverter would draw lots of current – which could damage the controller. Maybe it is different with your charge controller. I'm not sure.

  13. Nice work.
    One thing though if you want plenty of light in your garage you should paint the ceiling and walls white. It will make a massive difference.

  14. Jesus, thats a really a rough job, atleast use some glands in to the j boxs and some clear shrink wrap for the LEDs

  15. Very cool. Youve got a garage so that makes you a man now 😛

    I was looking for more detail on the solar panel/charging setup!

    But i see now you have another video about that so im off to that one now :p thanks

  16. So, the solar panel charges the battery, and the DC/AC converter? Can I hook up the battery to the Converter directly?

  17. If the solar panel is flat it will not be very efficient because it will get less sunlight throughout the day.

    You could code a Arduino to move the solar panel as the sun moves/as the day goes on

  18. What if you want the light on with the door shut? What was the point of the reed switch I don't understand?

  19. did you use speaker cable for DC to eliminate interactions (as it has a jacket around the conductor) or was that just a random pick?

  20. Why there was a need to convert to AC. He could have powered those LED with just DC saving the conversion efficiency

  21. Insted of going off line i purchased a grid tie inverter to put power that i am not useing back through the power meter i got rv 12 volt lights to save on lighting cost.

  22. what is the maximum power output you are able to get out of your solar panel??
    I too have made a similar system at my home with a panel of 150 watts.
    I am able to extract about 110 to 130Watts from it on a bright sunny day.
    thanks ..
    and keep making such amazing videos..

  23. Great video, but it seems that you connected the light switch and reed switch in series. What if you want the lights on while the garage door is closed??

  24. Hello GreatScott
    Is your inverter pure sine or modified sine wave ?
    Could you give any advice to choose an inverter ?
    I have a small fridge (110W) and power tools as circular saw, grinder, …. (2000W) that I would like to run on 220V. But I'm not sure if I should get a pure sine or modified sine wave.
    I would like to also be able to weld (arc welding) if possible. (inverter arc welder).
    I know induction motor like on the fridge needs pure sine wave.
    But I think it's a shame to buy a big pure sine inverter to run power tools with universal motor or an inverter arc welder that will rectify the AC220V 50Hz before using it to weld !
    I was thinking to get a small pure sine inverter for the fridge and something else for the tools : either modified sine inverter or even a kind of boost high power 24dc/220Vac converter at high frequency. But will universal motor accept any kind of AC220 voltage/ frequency ?

  25. Another enjoyable video! One thing that really had me going was for a smart and handy guy like yourself you use some weird measuring tools. You're the YouTube gadget guy, use some fancy measuring gadgets like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaM2Iihe6XI. (Just did a random search to be honest. The thing said it was smart so I thought you two would make a perfect pair)

  26. Maybe previously said, but an air gap under the panel would mitigate against over heating issues in summer.

  27. I just want to say your channel is amazing. I'm an Electrical Engineer major going to FIU and your videos has helped me a lot!

  28. Just saw your video and I had a question that you might be able to answer. I have a robot car that has a solar panel to charge the battery. The problem is that you can either have the solar panel on the battery to charge or the robot to move but not both at the same time. Is there a way to have the robot move while the solar panel charges the battery?

  29. wouldn't have been wiser to install the solar panel another way ? they need cooling to be more efficient, letting the air flow below the panel would have helped, no ?

  30. Thank you for thhis project!
    Now i ordered parts to do it your way. With the difference, that it´s mounted @home and it should power my Router and in future my NAS too. But it isn´t cheap i noticed… XD

  31. Not the best idea to glue the solar panels directly to the garage roof! There will be no air ventilation to cool the panels so the efficiency and lifetime of the panels will drop significantly in hot summer time. PV-panels can reach more than 80 deg. centigrade in this case! Let at least 10 – 15 cm air space between the panel and roof!

  32. Hi Scott, could you be so friendly to tell us what the cost is of this project. Battery, inverter, … Keep up,the great work … 👍

  33. It would have been great had you shown the choice of solar panel capacity, battery requirement, inverter requirement and soar charge controller. Other than that it's a good video

  34. seems like i'm asking a lot but could you send me over one of those big blue switches? i really want one, and do not have those on the coast.

  35. Hey Great Scott, you living in East Germany? The Old Switch and the electrician Installation in your Garage is typical from the GDR.

  36. Is there any protection between the solar panel and the charge controller (some kind of fuse or something), or is it directly connected to each other?

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