Monkey Island, King Kong, Manatees Up Close, & Swampy Boat Ride

Monkey Island, King Kong, Manatees Up Close, & Swampy Boat Ride

good morning everyone from Florida once
again today we start in Crystal River which is where I’m camping stick around
to the end of the video I’ll show you exactly what my digs are but first I’m
out adventuring I’m on Roxy the Rebel Motorcycle exploring the coast of
Florida in an area where I’ve not been and I’ve come across a nice little house
for sale I don’t know if I necessarily like the color but the house is for sale
and this house actually comes with a super bonus treat King Kong King Kong is
actually included with the house I’m not sure if this used to be a small business
of sorts but today it could be yours with King Kong included kind of cool
okay hop back on the bike here I’m glad some fun today
another little curiosity here at the Buick GMC eagle of Crystal River is
remember those old strongman competitions or maybe this was used in a
circus but they’ve got a strongman out front advertising GMC because you know
what’s more American than a big tube and muscle is wearing a speedo saying come
on down get yourself a Chevy 3500 truck you know
you want one I don’t know I’m not a Chevy guy but I like the effort and I
always say any business that puts something different quirky curious out
front you’re good in my book which reminds me I actually had a subscriber
tell me in one of my previous videos that his dad worked at that steel
fabrication whereas there’s nephew worked at that steel fabric place that I
went to with the metal creatures and stuff and I you know like I said I
wouldn’t have stopped there had it not been for something a little different
roadside attraction wise you know and still to this day I have viewers asked
me Eric how do you go to these places and find the weirdest stuff well at
least notice that throughout the day I come across a lot of stuff and a lot of
it is not video worthy in my mind you know you probably watch a lot of other
youtubers that upload 30 to 40 minute videos with everything on your side
whereas I also sit down at the end of the day I have a 30 to 40 minute video
and then I start cutting the crap cutting the stuff that’s yeah you know
and I try to put some more original type stuff in my videos when I travel so not
everything makes the cut and that’s because I respect my viewers and I know
your time is limited so let’s cut the crap and put as much as we can into a
little space yeah let’s keep going south we’re gonna head towards homo Springs
Florida by the way it is a warm January day not warm but firm 88 degrees in
January feels like 92 out here and every day I’m soaking wet
it is mostly hot out here and oh the humanity of it all
maybe Homosassa Springs might be well known for these big cuddly sea teddy
bears they have a visitor center so I’m gonna check it out these magnets that is
so funny with the pink flamingos yeah I got the pink flamingos magnet because it
helps support Florida State Parks this park is actually a little unique though
it actually started out as a private almost amusement park theme park and
then it got run down the state the state of Florida purchase the property now the
state of Florida’s turned it into a state park and I want to get some
information because they’ve got some walking tours and and boat tours I’m
gonna go find out so you do have to take a boat over to the Wildlife Park this
boat is full so I gotta wait for the next
but that’s kind of cool they have a parking lot and get on the boat 13 bucks
to go over so I’m gonna check it out and share with you one little boat ride we are on the other
side there as you have the don’t miss homosocial Springs sign and the giant
fishbowl sounds good I don’t know what all there is this is
my first time at the park I don’t really know what to expect I know there wasn’t
anything really to see on the boat ride oh we saw some turtles saw some turtles
but no Gators or other Florida wildlife so I’m better when I kind of freestyle
and do my own thing so let’s see what’s going on over look I like to go where
nobody else is going everybody just kind of goes to one spot who the water is
really clear look at the water there let’s look for some Gators see any no
not yet okay I don’t see anything here oh it’s a huge school of fish right in
front of us these are all fish Sam I like it school of baby fish over there –
underwater Observatory in each way okay I’ll bite
let’s go underwater hope the down here you really get close to the fish in here
please excuse the experience of our observatory windows they were installed
over 50 years ago but down here for a few minutes there aren’t any manatees
that you can see through here so I have to keep looking I got to find a sea cow
eventually though one thing he said on the boat was to watch out for Gators and
there’s a lot of 5 to 6 foot long snakes snakes no snakes no snakes no snakes
all right buddy I am wearing my Smokey the Bear hat so there’s a there’s a
smokey right there poor Australia wildfires boom saw so River down there
look at all those fish look there’s one guy sleeping right there everybody else
looks pretty happy here I have a feeling this fence here is here
for a reason it is we got Gators we got hot Gators and some sunbathing Gators
also yeah I’m gonna stay out of that body of water how well he blends into
everything he thinks we don’t see him just got word something about a manatee
feeding time at 1:30 can I go back to where we first came in find it there are
grazers that means in the wild they’d be grazing the bottom the only time you’d
be able to get a picture is when they come up to the top and that’s usually
just to breathe our lettuce floats so that means that you’re going to get some
pretty good pictures of them picking the lettuce very dry eaters meaning that
those the rest of you when you eat unique saliva in order to make that food
go down manatees don’t they don’t require an awful lot of water and part
of what they’re doing right now part of the reason they’re going
is to keep that mouth moistness they’re good best view I’ve ever got of a
manatee shared it with you and go guys the park is cool I’ll give him that I am
sweating my butt off here I’m sweating so much because I was right and they I
wore jeans didn’t bring shorts I am hot here there’s their resident hippopotamus
there sunbathing mm-hmm I’m gonna get back on
the boat and head back to the mainland get back on the bike get some some wind
going in my face and cool down a little bit yeah have you checked out Monkey
Island sir Monkey Island no I haven’t let’s do that okay one more stop let’s
check out Monkey Island here so apparently and this little channel over
here I don’t hear any but directly in front of us there that is supposedly
aptly named Monkey Island because nobody lives on it except monkeys I don’t hear
or see anything I don’t know how you access it but if you look directly in
the center of the screen there is a monkey right there on top of that piece
of wood he’s not oh wait there he goes moving he he’s right in front of the
house so there is monkeys on the island at least one I think I see two over
there can I just sunbathing right now not
exactly what the story behind it is but locals here say that for many many years
this island has been inhabited by nothing but monkeys and nobody goes out
there because they’re wild and a little cranky but they also stay on the island
so I’m pretty cool it’s now about the halfway point in my day now time to get
back and eat some healthy lunch and say hi to Jax I’ve got some mail there and I
want to show you where my digs are here in out over in Crystal River Florida so
I’ll take Roxie on back and I’ll get back to you when we get home oh my
goodness you missed me how could it possibly be that bad you didn’t do
anything all day you didn’t do anything you just slept all day you want to see
my new magnet look at this it’s got pink flamingos on it cuz we love Homa sosa
yeah yeah you have it to cool your nozzle it oh thanks for nothing that
magnet for me good boy yeah I put that guy right there for now but I may move
it so I’m back and this is the resort
vacation spot I’m at for three nights here I’ve not been to this Thousand
Trails encore here this is in this is Crystal Isles RV Resort in Crystal River
Florida that’s kind of near the coast anyway but this is where I’m at it’s a
cozy little spot lots of trees and shade I don’t get any TV or reception with my
dish antenna there but they do have cable here so on the other side of the
RV here you can see the coax going up into the window like that TV if I need
it but I’m in the what they call the crummiest section of the entire resort
over there I like of this trees and it’s quiet but you get over here and
everybody has got like waterfront sites here but you know in my opinion that
comes with consequence because then you’ve got the noseeums and the Nats
coming at you so you know I don’t know I don’t want to camp right next to that
murky water actually Bub’s are now the least of my concerns after being
reminded by this yeah watch out for Gators and snakes too so but I have
tested out quite a few of these parks here in Florida including last year when
I spent the whole winter here and this year they just came down and I’m heading
back out this is my favorite everyone’s different this one even allows you to
wash your RV or motorcycle or tow vehicle they’re very open about it
they’re like yeah please wash your vehicle like you realize that’s not the
norm in Florida way we do it okay this one site 35 opened up today and nobody
came in yet it’s right on the water that’s a good safe I’ve used this over
here a couple times already and I’ll be using it the next three days they got a
they got a pool look at this at 3:30 nobody’s using the pool however the hot
tub over there is out of order currently they’re waiting on a part I guess and look at this not even advertised
online or in the little map directory they do have a fitness center here
minimal of some free weights I guess they’ve got a extras a bike machine that
got my elliptical that I like and they’ve got a broken-down treadmill that
doesn’t work right now but it’s really warm in here too they do have an air
conditioner I haven’t used it yet but you guys she could turn that on and use
it and they’ll have my own equipment I do like I do like the full-size
elliptical so there’s some purse here that’s where it’s worth it it’s a nice
family resort and you know it’s not really a campground it’s advertised as
an RV resort because it’s got all the other amenities and everything’s I know
it’s a it’s a nice campground where at least we run parks I’m happy with it I
got a couple days here so I got maybe one more day to go explore parts of
south of here the coast and stuff we’ll see you know I like taking the bike out
it’s fun for me so I totally don’t mind sharing it with you guys also worth
noting this Resort does not charge for packages from Amazon like other ones
five dollars per package and they don’t have a card system for the laundry you
can just put quarters or dollars and started doing some work in the RV and
they’re just you’ve got dark coming real quick it’s still winter his nights are
short so it’s still warm outside so alright stuck I do my workout we’ve got
one more healthy meal and Jackson I’ll be back another time here in Florida bye
guys have a good night you

100 thoughts on “Monkey Island, King Kong, Manatees Up Close, & Swampy Boat Ride

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    Eric, don't you know, gators hunt at night?

  2. Eric you have to head north to blue springs in Volusia county near Daytona to see a lot of manatees in their natural habitat. On a good cold day you can see hundreds in the spring and run. Great camping too at the state park.

  3. ….and you can see a lot of unique stuff by staying off the expressway and using other roads less high speed. Snow and freezing rain near Chicago so enjoy!

  4. Great video! I've been through Homosassa/Crystal River hundreds of times through the years and have never stopped at the Manatee place. Now I know what's back there. Yes, somebody mentioned the mermaids at Weeki Wachi south of where you are and the dinosaur station in that area is interesting too.

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  9. Eric, If you continue up US 19/98, you'll go through Inglis where the Elvis Presley movie, Follow That Dream, was filmed. CR 40 west of US 19 was renamed for the movie. Also, if you have time, visit Cedar Key as you head north. It's on the coast in the middle of nowhere – 25 miles west of Otter Creek on SR 24. A very unique place (the downtown area and Dock St with its restaurants) and has a very interesting history (cedar was harvested for pencils, civil war post and salt production). Visit the Cedar Key Museum State Park and the international airport! And further up the coast is Steinhatchee – a small fishing town – you'll have to visit and see what you think. Enjoy your videos, just the right length and no BS/clutter. Have fun!

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  17. thank you im a canadian in s florida ; going to see the manatees. i went to flamingo gardens, gorgeous if you like flamingoes. also went to elephant sanctuary in n florida called two tails in williston.

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  21. Hi Eric just saw this video and I live very close to Weeki Wachee Springs state park (2 miles) and I agree you should go check it our if you have time! They have an unusual 30 min show of LIVE MERMAIDS! You walk downstairs and watch them perform in a semi big glass walled theater,,, don't know if you will think it's quirky or not but If you've never seen it I think you would like it! Oh & all the fish you saw were MULLET which taste great when eaten after they have been in a smoker for a little while. I hope you have time to see it! Happy trails! & it's gonna get cold MONDAY check the weather…

  22. I have been to Manatee Springs twice. Once last year after it had been re-done and the first about 12 years ago. 12 years ago it was private they had a swimming beach a private little springfed area you could swim, several things to do, and lots of manatees around. The glass in the underground was very clear and nice. It was a great trip both times in the Manatee are amazing mammals. So glad you went Eric, and showed it to everybody else

  23. Lu the Hippo at Homosassa Springs turned 69 or 70(sorry I forget exactly which) just a few weeks ago. he is also a citizen of Homosassa. When the State of FL bought the park to make it a State Park they were going to relocate Lu since it is the policy that the state not keep animals in enclosures in their parks. The people were so attached to him they petitioned the Governor to keep him so he made him a legal resident and citizen to prevent him being relocated. Also if you want a real up close encounter with wild manatees go to River Ventures in Crystal River, FL for manatee tour where you can swim with them in the local warm springs. They provide wet suits goggles and snorkel with the fee for the tour.

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  36. Glad you got to see the manatees they're very special to us down here in Florida. When it does get really cold upper 30s or low 40s a lot of them whored around TECO off US 41 there's a warm water reservoir that the electric company runs off it attracts the manatees in cold weather

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