My Aquariums powered by 12v solar power

My Aquariums powered by 12v solar power

G’day Youtube I just dig out my little I think it’s a 20 litre tank I took some water out of this tank because this one is a little bit overcrowded now so i sided to dig the other one out and then put into here so what i’m going to do now since i got rainwater i’m going to top the rest of it up with rainwater now that way I don’t have to use any chlorine chemicals is better for the fish and a lot of dead snails you know you buy plants and then they always seem to have eggs or something in them and then when you’re breathing catfish things like that they just get covered with them so I dozed all this tank so now that is left is just the shells these are Royal whiptail catfish this one here is the male and I got two females so I just need to get a little bit more plants or try to get it in a bit better condition and yeah look quite good so i just bought a plants today I can’t remember the name of that one I bought some Iron red plants that do have are going to get some and also bought that plant as well and then what you see in the little tank i bought which is supposed to be a Reds sword it’s bit of red something on it which looks to me more like brown the red and then I had two little bits of anubias nana left so i put there and a place up here and another little place of that other stuff there and then this one will come out of this tank and go to the other tank I have to run extension cords everywhere in this house just so I can get my power around so on my modem and phone that’s on solar 24-7 that’s all the bored there yeah so i wires going there and wires going there and then in Australia we got the NBN not everywhere has it at the moment so you can get up to a hundred megabits per second which I got about 45 so yer I cords going there so I need there for the fish tank at the moment so that it is there what comes in outside is there and i got tons of these only had a bit of cord left and had no the money go out buy any so another pile of cord i have to get so i’ll have to get shorter one and put in I wish I had the money to hook it up properly you have to have extension cords going anywhere so now I have two extension cords that come down from here so that’s the timer for 3 lights and then this board has put the pump hang on actually the light at the moment because the power is not that good with the solar so I only got one so I an did the other pump otherwise not enough water to go over it and that’s the AC power and of course I got another DC one there which is AC of course on the other ones seen not going to focus and it’s saying 96% but then I normally plug in my but I can’t seem to find it are there it is and now i can charge my phones directly off the battery instead of going through the inverter yes so thousand litres of water tank so those two days we had rain got up to hear from empty so it’s pretty good I think I might used the hose instead think i’ll loss some every time Luna so yeah i plug it in a much better idea so lease I don’t have to put any chemical just probably fertilizer for the plants so thats about it I think I should have cleaned the hose a little bit dirt and crap now if I had a pump it will make it a lot faster or if I take the extension off that might be better I don’t think it’s faster but oh this tank really badly need a water changed looks so dirty I added some carbon so i’m going to have to clean out a little bit I also did a cutting which I notice a lot of people doing this one had I got to pace that had a little bit of looks like roots coming out of it shove that down in there and in here I put some LED tubes which you can see there only 2 oh them looks 3 just the reflection not much water left in this lot there is still plenty in the tank takes a little while to come out with gravity got to go down before it goes up so there is more content to come so like it or hate it or subscribe if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below I’ll catch you on the next one thanks and bye

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  1. Very good idea, nothing worse than having to worry about your pets surviving if there is a power cut. I had the same worry when the electricity company did their planned rewiring the street work on a 35C day. Old car battery + 5V USB fan + ice was enough to keep one room cool. Couldn't open the door to check on them though.

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