100 thoughts on “NASA | Fiery Looping Rain on the Sun

  1. Wow,at people be believing this is real. I mean no melting camera's, and…nevermind. we got to do better.

  2. قال الله تعالى "هذا خلق الله فأروني ماذا خلق الذين من دونه بل الظالمون في ضلال مبين " صدق الله العظيم

  3. Yea ; did you guys figure out the earth yet? . How can you figure out the sun. As this world was once a piece of the sun. Yea this rock was once a piece of the sun.

  4. Who ever thinks that this intensely hot ball of fire popped into existence out of nothing and placed itself in a perfect position to support life on Earth is frankly dumb and drunk. Who ever or what ever is responsible for putting it there, is a very very very powerful and mighty being indeed.

  5. When we are at Fire or lava Resistance and We live on Any star or bigger than sun

    But if we live at sun and there’s a raining of lava, what will u do

    Choose a number and write the number on the comment

    1. Drink Lava
    2. Swim there
    3. Find Another place in sun to live

    I am saying that u can live on sun
    With Fire or lava Resistance

  6. Actually; I get my information from a higher source. Yea and the earth was molten lava several million years ago. And the earth as we know it. Was ejected from the sun. Then it traveled triugh space, it cooled and the frigid temperatures of space, cooled the surface of this rock. And eventually water waper formed, and in time the water settled in the crevices. Cousing this rock to cool. In due time the ocean was accumulated. That's how this world was created.

  7. Adding milk or fresh cream and fresh milk ice cream to Volcano Lava Fire, makes a good custard, pie and different foods.

    Buffet Meal. All natural hot from Earth. Who says we can't settle that fire with milk or cream? Yes, we can. We must enjoy our food.

    Add natural yogurt or fresh milk or fresh natural cream to hot firy Volcano Lava curry, and it will taste good. Don't forget your spices.


  8. People actually think this is real. this is what 57 million dollars a day pays for, very good graphic artists.

  9. CGI….only NASA footage of the sun looks like this. Amateur footage of the sun widely circulated on YouTube don't look anything like this. Lies! LIES!


  11. I have reason to believe this footage is fake. My reasoning for this is a Nikon p900 camera can zoom into the sun with great detail and does not show any like this.

  12. I’m still trying to figure out what the purpose in space ?. Are we inside an entity?. A giant beast in a different dimension. Maybe it died and that caused the big explosion and will take billions of years for us to feel the end.

  13. It's obvious that we all know how the sun sounds like it sounds like explosions every where an it sounds like falling be rocks an volcano eruptions an lighting strikes its obvious because it's a big PIT of hot magma an hot gases

  14. Đẹp tuyệt cảm ơn các vị Thần Núi lửa đã cho khí hậu đc cân bằng ko có núi lửa sẽ ko có sự cân bằng sinh thái và những hang động đẹp đến kinh ngạc

  15. Ngài có tất cả những gì cao quý ngài chính là cấu trúc để tạo nên vũ trụ bao la này Con vô cùng ngưỡng mộ

  16. Its not amazing!!!!! What if it was the trigger of the wholly explosion of the sun. It will be the end 🙁 Im onle 4 years old

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