100 thoughts on “NASA’s 4K View of April 17 Solar Flare

  1. Why does the 4K view of the solar flare include perfectly vertical lighting artifacts? Please stop adding to science with photoshop.

  2. It helps to put things in perspective, when we small beings on this small planet, can see such a stunning explosion of raw power, and know that it was considered a "medium sized" event of this nature.

  3. Is this actual footage from the solar observatory or is this a computer animation/simulation? The image is so crisp and detailed that it doesn't look real – it looks like CGI.

  4. NASA has detected a black hole behind the sun and I was wondering if the black hole that sucked solar energy will graduate in a few billion light years or in two thousand earth years. I believe that if there is no sun will not be life on Mars as expected.

  5. Güneş: "Allahın mülkünde bir lamba. .."

    "nurunu cennetten ateşini cehennemden alan bir lamba……"

  6. If the news reports that these videos take "technicians" 10 hours per 1 minute of video are true, this is a perfect example of egregiously wasteful spending, as I and countless others could do it in less than 10 minutes, less the computing time. It ain't rocket science.

  7. im to believe thats 93 million miles away and such stunning detail while fitting the entire sun in the picture, please

  8. this is hands down the best channel on youtube. watching these sdo videos really puts into perspective just how small, weak, and insignificant humans are. i have never felt more infantile than i do when watching these videos. the vast, immense, and sheer magnitude of the power our sun generates/displays puts me in a state of awe everytime.. i could watch this channel all day, everyday. like this comment if you feel the same way, i know i'am not alone!!

  9. How can you capture the much bigger Sun completely but NASA can't give us a Picture from our Earth which isn't CGI(Photoshop)?

    well this is a nice CGI Video in general, good job.

  10. is Solar Flare coming out due to black hole attraction (Gravitational Wave ) ?
    If it is , then can we find the forwarding direction of the sun and our galaxy etc?
    I am network engineer but i like to study these things

  11. so, every eleven years or so the magnetic field lines of the sun get so tangled that they break free and burst out of the sun as these kinds of eruptions, something like that?

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  13. what did you mean by the sun’s right side, because then sun is rotating star and doesn't have sides, only if you mean the right side in observing time??
    please explain to me?

  14. If you could hear it, I wonder what a release of energy that big and that fast would sound like.

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