NASCAR Xfinity Series- Full Race -DC Solar 200

NASCAR Xfinity Series- Full Race -DC Solar 200

>>And that would be six.>>You’re the crew chief. It would be six. We’ve got a lot more than six laps to go here
at Phoenix. 200 miles in the desert. NASCAR goes west continues from Phoenix coming
up next.>>>Please remain standing as ism raceway
chaplain Ken bowers offers our invocation.>>Heaven father every place we look around
ism speedway, we see things that are new, things that are better, things that are improved. We thank you for that. We thank you for those things that we hope
never change like those who protect us and serve. Our families, our loved ones. And we thank you for a great race day. So we pray that we will like a
–enjoy a race today. These things we pray and we’re thankful for
and everyone said amen.>>Here to perform our national anthem, please
welcome Lisa. O say can you see
by the dawn’s early light what so proudly we hailed
at the twilight’s last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars
through the perilous fight O’er the ramparts we watched
were so gallantly streaming and the rockets’ red glare
the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night
that our flag was still there O say, does that
star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave>>Allgaier is leading the field to green
here at Phoenix. Brad keselowski and Kyle Busch, they might
have something to say about him staying there. XFINITY series racing from Phoenix coming
up next here on fox.>>Welcome to NASCAR’s XFINITY race of the
season. Not only a talent on the racetrack, really
a jack of all trades, started young. His dad Dave was a 17-year veteran of the
cup series and a master of disguise. Last season not only did Ryan land the victory
lane interview, then he won his very first cup race the next day. Today he’s a rookie. Larry, up in the booth with the guys for the
very first time. Ryan, welcome to our Fox Sports XFINITY racing.>>I sure appreciate you having me.>>He did put the hat away and he’s going to
put on the headset in just a moment. I was wondering if you did your homework for
today’s race. You’ve been so good here at Phoenix and you
were just out there in final practice. What should we expect?>>It’s really overcast today, it’s really
cool. The track’s got a lot of grip. You really want your car turning well at the
corner. These cars shift a lot. I’m looking for those people to shift a lot
today, especially the two cars coming from the back, the 9 and 1.>>I wondered that. They’re our points leaders, a couple of favorites
coming into this weekend. They’re going to start out back and using
that passing gear. And when they come off, more power should
get them by some guys.>>If you look at four of the six starters
here up front, they have won at feedbacks. And bell and Custer to get a win here.>>Bell has been super strong as of late and
definitely one to watch for.>>I’m watching Custer. I think he’s got the car to beat the regulars
today. Of>>turns out he’s a little short track racer
as well. Let’s go track side and get the command.>>And now for the most famous words in motorsports,
please welcome your president CEO of DC solar.>>Drivers, start your engines.>>The engines have fired. It’s officially race day in the desert. We’re going green in Phoenix when we return
on fox.>>One of my favorite racetracks. It’s a cool track. I love being out on the west coast. Grew up in California. A little bit of a home race for me. The weather is great. The view is spectacular. Got some cactus, true desert scenery.>>The racetrack is different than it was yesterday. It’s kind of cloudy and overcast. Nonetheless, it’s always fun to run here in
Phoenix.>>We were pretty good. We ended up third. We’ll get one eventually. But I think we have a good car. We’re looking forward to the race. Mind when you come to a Phoenix, anxiety.>>We are in for a real treat today. This track right here is the toughest we have. The sense of urgency. Underway in Phoenix.>>Let’s go from the driver’s seat. Ryan.>>Up in the booth. You got me?>>Yeah, go ahead.>>Hey, so you won this race here last year. You actually ended up beating me for the win. You got the car to do it again?>>Last year was a lot of fun. We just came in the left hand of some right
checkers but really proud of everybody. These guys have done a fantastic job. I’m really looking forward to it. Qualifying for me was kind of the unknown,
I guess, if you will. Typically in the past year I’ve not qualified
great. But we’ve raced really well and got equally
as good of a race car as I’ve ever had here.>>That sounds like bad news for the competition.>>And good luck in the booth.>>I appreciate it.>>He’s off to a good start, Ryan is.>>Time for Reagan Smith.>>Good afternoon, Adam. One of the biggest challenges is the dog let. They have to find a way to get those seven
cars funneled down into one. It doesn’t usually work out and ends up looking
like this. One driver who learned that the hard way in
2011 was Elliott Sadler. He got crashed in the bottom. Look for him to have to be patient and aggressive
today as he comes from the back and tries to gain position.>>Another XFINITY series regular to watch
is Daniel Hemric. Both last year he finished seventh and fifth
and now this year he said the setup is the same, the tires the same, the rules are the
same. We are confident. Daniel has more experience under his belt. They really feel like today could be their
day.>>He was trying to hold off Cole Custer. He were able to accomplish it the last time
we paid a visit to ism raceway. Here are the numbers for today’s race.>>This is a thrill ride for me. These guys with the visor cam. Watch him work that wheel. It shows you what it’s like in in car.>>It’s an amazing tool we’ve implemented. It shows you firsthand what these guys go
through.>>Put the green flag in the air and turn them
loose.>>Our first shot to the dog let. See if anyone fans out. It’s pretty wide so far.>>And how do you balance that, Ryan? Backing up to the front end of your car, making
your splitter lose some of its clearance.>>It’s a crazy rough transition onto that. In the car it’s really rough because the cars
are so low to the ground. You almost don’t want to do it because you’re
afraid of damaging your car. But if the opportunity is there, you have
to take it.>>This is awesome. Watch Truex work the wheel. We saw this in practice being loose. Right here having to turn back to the right. And that gets worse with dirty air. That almost gets worse. He got a little loose right there.>>Battle for second here. That’s Christopher bell in the 20. The 22 is Brad keselowski. One name absent is the Custer. Great qualifying run. Made changing to the 00 at the start of the
race. He has got to work his way to the front. Not easy. In Phoenix you see the 00 making moves there.>>They’re going to be busy with traffic back
there. You can see Busch making his way around bell. A lot of people in the garage area talked
about two cars, 22 and 18. Oh my, what a surprise that is, right?>>Yeah, I think those two cars have been
really, really great here over the past few years. I got the privilege to drive that 22 car both
races here last year. Shame we didn’t win the race.>>This is for 7th on track. Thank you to Ryan Truex for doing our visor
cam. This adds such a great perspective. Yesterday I was watching practice and he kept
cranking that wheel to the right. I was thinking it looked loose. I said, you are loose, right? And he said, “Yeah, I needed to be better
on exit of the corner.” We’ll see whether they made that progress.>>I know you were out of breath going up rattlesnake
hill.>>He was tight. Loose in the race car but tight when it comes
to being in good shape. Custer had the start of the back. What’s the story?>>When they were sitting on the grid, they
realized the left-side jack post on that car, it had gotten broken off when he cut through
the dog leg in qualifying earlier today. They had to fix that.>>Updating the progress for those driefr — drivers
that went to the back. They’re all running outside the top 25, have
not made up a huge amount of ground in the first six laps. Another of our young drivers off to a really
good start in 2018.>>Brandon Jones is with a new team. He’s been having some really good runs as
of late and it seems like that team is fitting him well.>>Matt Tifft switched rides too and it’s complemented
his driving style. They’re both taking advantage of new surroundings
for them.>>How does driver 19 feel early?>>He showed us what he’s capable. He got into Kyle just a little bit. They had words. They talked on the phone. Kyle thought he raced him hard, but he said,
hey, I’m not going to pull over. I’m going to go for it. And that’s how he feels this weekend. He had a huge smile on his face, really feeike
his chances are good for today.>>Confidence up for Jones and keselowski. Here he is working over Allgaier. But it may not stay that way for long.>>Yeah, I talked to that 22 last night and
their car was really good on long runs. They were happy with that. It looks like he’s taking his time and stalking
Justin and coming off lower on turn two and that’s going to be a huge gain later in the
raise. He just gets the nose up there.>>Is that the key to passing cars, being able
to poke that nose out?>>Yeah, as long as you can just get just
a few inches of air to your nose. You see Brad go all the way to clear Justin. You need that little bit of turn and support. 3 and 4 is easy to get that because you can
get grip down there. But 1 and 2 is pretty tight. That showed the strength of Brad’s car.>>Brad got under him, but Allgaier said, I’m
not going to make it easy. Eventually the 22 does take the top spot. Allgaier is second.>>NASCAR XFINITY series racing is sponsored
by XFINITY. Get the speed, coverage and control you need
for the ultimate wifi experience.>>For the 33rd time this afternoon. Aerial coverage provided by Goodyear, the
official tire of NASCAR. Closing on the halfway point of our opening
stage. Keselowski took over the race lead 11 lapse
in, Allgaier is second, then it’s Busch, bell, Mcmurray the top five. And when you come here and we’ve said it a
couple of times already, you’ve got to be prepared to shift. So you’ve got the pull off the corner.>>I tend to shift more than I don’t shift
because it’s natural for me.>>We’re not prepared to shift for our program
and what we do. So it’s straight up high gear for us once
we get the restart.>>It depends on how good your race car is. A good race car you can really roll the center
fast.>>Ryan, you were telling us during the break,
maybe not as much shifting today because of the cooler temperatures and more grip, huh
>>>>Yeah for sure. The track has a lot more grip than when we
were here last fall. You’re rolling faster through turns 1 and
2. That jump into third gear is a little bit
too high to do it right now. I only did it in traffic, but I think some
guys are talking about possibly doing it soon.>>Shifting definitely on the mind of these
drivers.>>Let me know if you start hearing that 21
shifting down there.>>So far the 00 did it for maybe one lap,
that’s it.>>Too fast right now. Just let me know if you hear them. 9 shifted. 7 just started shifting this lap.>>Starting to trend that direction. The reason he was concerned, Hemric is his
teammate. He’s able to judge what he needs to do based
on what Hemric’s doing. And Daniel is just one spot ahead. What a great early run for Matt.>>I think another reason why Matt was asking
that is all these different organizations and teams, they all run different gear ratios. The change in gear from third to fourth is
a little different. That might allow teams to do it more. Allgaier shifts every lap. I rarely shift. I think it’s ratios and how your car is running.>>What can you add?>>Ryan just touched on it. I think for the most part, everyone has a
430 rear end in gear. That’s when you’re in fourth gear in high
gear. But when you do go to third gear, the highest
third gear that NASCAR allows is a 128. That’s 120 points lower gear. And that’s the reason you can’t do it every
lap or until the pace slows down on maybe on a restart or trying to pass someone, just
because how much lower it makes the gear at the rear wheel.>>When we talk about shifting, the one driver
that always comes up in that conversation is Justin Allgaier. Pole setter, running second are right now. Jamie.>>And he told us yesterday that he will not
shift during practice but once we get into the race he will shift every lap. We heard the drivers talking about the 7 car
and how he’s shifting. He also noted to me that he knows it didn’t
help his performance in any way. It’s pure mental. There’s some comfort in being able to shift
every lap. He’s not as free as the 22.>>Yeah. I think with him saying he’s tight in the
middle, shifting down to third gear makes your rpms jump up. We’ve got a smoker in the turn 3.>>We’ve got a blowup during turn 3.>>That’s the 52 of David Starr. Caution is out for the first time this afternoon. Just past this midway point, stage number
one.>>Those are done.>>Flame-broiled.>>A little flame, smoke. It makes me hungry.>>I’m curious on stage here. These teams have three sets of tires in the
pits for the race. And if it goes green, it’s kind of a no-brainer. If you’re running good, you’ll pit at the
end of stage 1 and 2 and set left to manage for that final 100 laps or so of the race. Now the caution comes out. You pit here, get tired, stay out through
the end of stage 1 to the end of stage 2. Man, there’s a lot of questions.>>There’s a lot of calculators and brain power
trying to figure out those scenarios.>>Ryan, we talked about how you can damage
the front of your car by running off the road on the back. Watch cindric. Bam, look at the sparks from the splitter
on the nose. It does it even again the second time there. You risk damaging your car, but the reward
was he made a pass up to 11th with that move. How do you balance that?>>I think it’s taking advantage of the opportunities
you’re given. Sometimes it even gets to those side skirts,
especially the right side. If you’re trying to clear a car, you have
to do that. It’s in the moment thinking and he thought
he had to go down there. He ended up clearing the 16 who he was racing
with for a while.>>To pit or not to pit? What strategy do you play? Let’s listen to the leaders camp here.>>No changes if we could.>>Stay out at the brake. I feel like we just play that straight up. I’m thinking we stay out here.>>Our car is super good. You’re only at 20 — 27 lapse on your tires
right now. I think they stay out. You’ll see some of the people maybe halfway
on back try to pit, maybe take two tires just to get ground before the stage is over.>>This is why everyone loves stage racing
because the 22 is the fastest car. They can play this straightforward. Wait until the end of the stage in pits. If you’re some of those other guys looking
for track position or a way to race for the front, maybe you pit here and stay out later.>>Yeah, there’s no question I think it’s going
to be all over the board. I think you’ll see some guys near the back
pit right here. But I had some crew chiefs tell me this morning,
if their car is good, knowing the importance of track position, you can run to the end
of stage 2 at lap 90 without stopping for fuel. I think you’ll see all types of strategy right
here. I think the leaders truly stay out.>>Under this, our first caution. Bj Mcleod gets the free pass. Good started for rcr.>>We could stay out, try to get some track
position the get the points here. We could pit and hope a lot of them pit behind
us. I’m thinking our best bet is to stay out right
now.>>Yeah, I’m kind of with you there.>>I think that’s because he likes that car. He knows he’s got a fast enough car to grab
stage points and hang with the leaders.>>How good is this caution for those three
drivers that started at the back to bunch up the field? Custer, who is 18th, Reddick, 23.>>Yeah, that’s nice. Just bunches everybody back up. It’ll be interesting to see what those three
cars do here. They might do the strategy that Larry was
talking about of pitting here. It’s kind of hard for them to get a gauge
of hour they car is handling because they’re in traffic.>>It looks likes Custer and Sadler’s car are
better than Reddick. It could be differing strategy for those three.>>Top ten all stay out. We are going to have a couple of takers, but
at least the top 10 staying on track. We’re 30 laps in.>>Getting ready for our first restart of the
day. Ism raceway NASCAR XFINITY city. Taking the outside lane.>>On the initial start, see if Brad can make
it work for him.>>Brad a little bit loose up there in the
corners.>>This could be big because we have got just
over ten laps to go here in this first stage. Stage win, playoff point, ten regular season
points. All that could be really, really big for the
7 of Justin Allgaier.>>If Brad can run them back here in passing,
and I’m sure he’s shifted here, especially on the restart, to try to get a little bit
of ground between he and Brad. But I think it’ll be a good battle. You can’t forget bell in third. He’s working.>>He’s just getting that nose down below and
Justin can’t do anything about it. Strong run off the corner by the 7 car.>>Brad down to the inside. And that move — oh, Brad.>>A heck of a thing.>>We were three wide and Busch going to go
from fourth and try and get the top spot into three and fourth. This is really, really good racing to wrap
up the first stage.>>What about our XFINITY guys? They’re wanting that playoff point by winning
the stage. They are all over the front of this field.>>Bell is there. Hemric is there. I’m not sure in they made contact or not. I thought I saw a little smoke out of Justin’s
car. The Goodyear has rubbed off a little bit. We’ll look at it here.>>We talked about it. Just so hard to hold that bottom line when
you’re side to side. And Brad had his nose out a bit.>>Good contact there.>>That 7 car got the Goodyear wiped off of
it. When they get hit with a tail pipe right there,
that’s usually not good. I don’t see smoke, so maybe it’s okay.>>The good news is we know the caution is
in just a few laps. By the way, when the caution came out, drivers
to pit. They’ve already gotten their tires and likely
will stay out. He’s worked his way from the rear of 13ths
in stage. Really good job early for him.>>Looking to grab three more spots and get
a point here. There’s the 00 car. In practice he was the second best car on
the track, keselowski. We saw keselowski trying to make a move for
the lead. Allgaier is not to be denied. You said Allgaier raced keselowski hard for
the lead. He did it there and it could pay off by earning
him a playoff point.>>Cup superstar series regular. You guys cut the youngsters no slack and we
see it again today. Keselowski going hard at it.>>He’s really trying to get that lead. But we see Brad’s right rear side skirt here. I think some of that is from going on the
apron but some from catching Allgaier’s tire and slicking it up. Hopefully they’ll probably have to beat that
in here. I don’t think NASCAR will let that go because
it’s really dangerous. But we’ll see.>>Here’s what they’re saying on the radio. Keselowski, fourth.>>We hurt themselves making sure we didn’t
wreck Justin. But that’s all good. That’s racing.>>It is all good, especially for us up here
watching in the booth getting to see how hard these guys will race. That’s a valuable playoff point for Allgaier. He wasn’t going to just give it up.>>It’s really, really big to try to get that
stage win.>>This battle, Christopher bell wants some
points as well, drove by his teammate. And there’s Custer continuing his climb for
the top ten inside Spencer Gallagher for 11 with just three L go. He’s got his eye on that 11 car. Trying to get a point.>>We haven’t said much about the 42 of Jamie
Mcmurray. He’s starting to enter the picture. And this team got a victory last week with
Larson between the wheel at Las Vegas.>>Yeah, that 42 team is very strong as of
late here. You see Brad fighting back here, taking third
from Busch. He’s trying to make up as much ground as he
can here before pitstops.>>Across the line, Allgaier, one lap to go. Trying to record his first stage win of 2018. Made it to the championship a season ago after
winning three stages throughout the year.>>There’s the battle for the last point in
this stage. Custer trying to hunt down Truex. He’s hunting him down, trying to do away with
it.>>I don’t think he’s going to get there. Truex is going to hang on. That’s my prediction.>>I think he goes to the apron and makes it
happen.>>As they battle, green and white checkered
flag is out. Allgaier winner, stage one here at ism raceway.>>Top two are series regulars, bell with second,
keselowski was third, Busch fourth, Hemric rounds out the top five. Picking up where he left off, Justin Allgaier
showing the way in the desert.>>NASCAR XFINITY series racing is sponsored
by credit one bank, the official credit card of NASCAR. And by the Ford hall of fans. Are you the world’s greatest NASCAR fan? Here’s your chance to prove it. Go to>>We are 20 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona
in avondale. And they call this region of the country the
valley of the sun. We’ve had cloud cover all day and now rain
showers have halted our event 47 laps in. We have finished up stage 1 who went to Allgaier.>>You go from winning the stage, you’re all
amped up, and now we wait. I saw you taking a look at your tire. There’s no Goodyear on the side, but it’s
beyond that.>>There’s a pretty good gouge on the side
of the tire. I’m glad that the caution of the stage came
out there at the end. I’m not sure how much longer that would have
made it. I’m proud of everybody. Looking forward to the rest of the race here. We need to work on it a little bit. The rain probably helped us at the end. I knew the 22 was pretty loose, which is how
we ended up getting together ultimately. I could see they were loose. We were a little too tight. We’ll keep working on it and get this tuned
up.>>So on this first stop, what do you want
to do to adjust?>>Well, Jason and I obviously have a little
bit of time now. We can discuss that. That’s the hard part is finding that balance. Obviously the rain changed a lot so the balance
is different after the rain versus before. We’ve got to go to the drawing board. If it’s going to dry up, we need to know what
to do. That’s the name of the game
>>So far so good for Allgaier.>>We’re on the 22 pit box relaxing with keselowski. Was that more a product of the air for you
or was the track slick when you got sideways down there?>>I don’t know. Probably a little bit of both. I didn’t know it was raining this hard. I just got under the corner and the back kept
coming and coming. But I feel like we had a really good — gliders
car here. That’s a really good angle. I hate that part happened. But we’ll hopefully be able to recover and
drive up to the front.>>I saw you get out of your race car and look
at the damage. What’s your diagnosis for it and is it something
you need to fix or something you just let go?>>It doesn’t look that bad to me, but you
have to ask this guy if he wants to fix it. I’m just driving it.>>We’re going
to try to work on it a little bit. I don’t think it’s exactly what we want. But we definitely don’t want to lose any time
on pit road.>>Guys will have to do a little bit of work
on that, but otherwise we’ll go out and keep racing.>>Keselowski never takes a break from being
a TV analyst. Now he’s analyzing his own situation in race.>>It’s not damage that would hurt them too
much. We always want that side skirt sealed up. You can see it’s kind of flipped up. I think they might just kick it in a little
bit. It’s going to be a lot harder now with five
guys on the wall. But you can see the engineer looking at a
picture of that car. They were trying to analyze it and get a game
plan.>>What’s the driver’s mindset? Allgaier won that. If you’re keselowski, you know you’ve got
a car you can go up there and challenge for the win with. How do you reset mentally when you take a
break like this?>>It’s kind of a good and bad thing. You get time to talk to your crew chief and
team face to face, figure out what you want in your car what
you need. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Obviously, it’s a bad thing because we’re
not racing. But you get to talk to your crew chief and
just analyze and figure out what you need to do here.>>They practiced yesterday in sunshine. It was hot and slick. Today we get rain. They’ve had to manage a lot of conditions
here in a 24-hour period.>>Certainly. Brad was really balanced yesterday in the
heat. If he’s that way in the heat, when it cools
down, he will stick better. Yesterday it was one car I thought was as
fast as Brad. It’ll be fun to see if that kid can get it
down.>>Solid start for the kid out of California.>>Hemric’s fifth. He’s gained three positions in that first
stage. How much did it change from lap 1 through
the end of the stage?>>The racetrack would cool down. My car balance really went away. I got loose in the last couple of laps. And really just think we need one adjustment
to get us where we need to be. Right now our main focus is keeping you out
of the rain.>>I appreciate that. What a gentleman. I saw you hydrating.>>Try to just kind of stay up on pedialyte,
and advocare product.>>It’s interesting. We come out west. It’s the west coast. All these teams have different philosophies. Your team stayed at the south point and worked
in the parking lot. Did that work well?>>Yeah, we had plenty of speed. Incredible to have that kind of facility to
park our rigs there and we usually have four to five guys stay back and do the transfer
of the cars. They went through the transition. It’s just neat. It reminded me of racing back at Pensacola
on a Friday night and mobile, Alabama on a Saturday night. Like I said, we can work on the south point. It’s a little bit more here today and get
the speed as fast as the expedia service.>>You guys were discussing the rain just a
little bit and how hard it actually was on the racetrack. I heard you say your car was loose to start
with. Does the rain obviously not help that but
is it a bigger problem than the car itself?>>For some reason this week we’re fighting
the same thing. We got up to second there and I thought we
had a shot. I was closing in on a 7 and all the sudden
I hit the switched and I was back up to Mcmurray in a hurry. I think we’ve got some adjustments ahead of
us that will help. And we’ll race up front with hopefully some
of the these guys.>>What’s it been like getting back out in
one of these cars and what you expect?>>It’s a lot of fun. Thanks to DC solar for sponsoring the race
and being on our car this weekend. It’s a busy weekend, a lot going on. I’ve enjoyed it so far. The car has been really quick. Similar to what Kyle says there. It takes off really free, which is typical
at Phoenix. We’ll stick our sticker tires on next. There’s also a difference in balance. And see what we have.>>You told me you picked this race because
it’s in Phoenix.>>I didn’t pick anything.>>You thought there was no chance it can rain
here. Can we blame this rain on you, maybe?>>I do remember it rained here a couple of
years ago. But I would be shocked if it rains for that
long here in the desert.>>Fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain for
that long.>>That cup race, 2015, when Dale junior got
the last win of his cup series career. There goes Busch walking away. You’ve got to believe he’s going to be a player
here. His history here is incredible. No one has dominated like Kyle in the desert. How about ten victories at the desert mile? How many times did he beat you, Ryan? Half of those maybe.>>I was in a couple, yeah.>>So ten wins, and that ranks him second behind
mark martin who won 11 times. A win here today he will match mark. Nine times he started on the pole. That also is a record at ism. Six of his victories have come from the pole. As a matter of fact, twice he’s won three
in a row. He didn’t win here last year. Do you know why he didn’t win in 2017?>>Because he didn’t race here.>>Yeah, he didn’t compete.>>Yeah, he’s done some great things here.>>And I think it’s interesting, we heard him
in the camping world truck series at Atlanta. He must have called for six different adjustments. Usually a quarter pound of air, he asked for
four or five changes, brought that truck to life, went on to win the race. I think that’s interesting. He said he needed adjustments.>>I think that’s where Kyle is so good. Most of these truck drivers are so good because
they know the changes they need. And I think Mcmurray brought up a good point. They’re still on the tires they’ve qualified
on. A lot of people run two laps. They’ve got six to eight laps on those tires. And now the track is going to change. I think we’re going to see some cars come
to life that weren’t quite there in the first stage. I’m probably wrong, but we’ll find out.>>And by the way, his wheel fell off or maybe
he would have won that race in Atlanta. I can’t wait to see how these adjustments
affect the cars today.>>Tifft is inside the top 10. He’s from Ohio and a big Cleveland sports
fan. So what when he did earlier today had to be
really, really special. He was hanging around with one of the pitchers
from the Cleveland Indians. That’s Andrew Miller.>>So Matt, what kind of things were you telling
him about our great sport?>>It’s pretty neat. I’ve been a lifelong Indians fan and season
ticketholder with my family in Cleveland. He’s been out here before, but we had his
son with him so we just showed him everything. So just really cool to be able to show a guy
like Andrew Miller and his family around here. Obviously spring training going on. It’s been a cool weekend for us. I always love coming out to Phoenix and ism
raceway is a fun one for us. We have so many things to choose and do as
drivers. It’s a place I’ve been wanting to run better. And I feel like our dollar shave club Camaro
has been pretty good today.>>They did something cool. Tell us about what’s on your car.>>They’re our sponsor but at the same time
we have 500 small businesses. Just to take a look at a few of them, we’ve
got them all throughout the car here. We’ve got them on the deck, hood, back of
the car. Really awesome deal. We’ve got a bunch of those guys sitting in
the stands right now hopefully staying dry. So kind of a different sort of sponsorship
from dollar shave club. We definitely appreciate them letting these
small businesses have their logo on a NASCAR.>>And they’re all different types of companies
too. Let’s talk about this new team, rcr. Are there things going with you and Randall
Burnett and the communication an chemistry that we’re always looking for.>>It’s been great. Just working with Randall, I feel like every
week we haven’t had quite the finishes we’ve wanted but we’ve been getting closer. This weekend was our best baseline setup. We knew this was going to be a learning process
for us because there’s so many different tracks. I feel like we’re on the right foot to start
off the season.>>You guys have gotten better literally every
single race.>>They just missed a top ten the last couple
of weeks. So far today, all the Childress cars. We finish stage one and then the skies opened
up. We are drying the track and hope to be racing
once again soon live on fox.>>We are under a red flag here at ism raceway
because of rain in the area. But as you can see, the air titans are on
the racetrack, ladies and gentlemen. There are eight titans out here in Phoenix
along with other drying machines. They’re going to try to get the track dried
up in less than an hour. How much work do you have to do preparing
to get your cars back out there after a little rain has come through?>>Well, I think it’s been mentioned a couple
of times, I think the big variable for some of these teams is when they do make a pitstop,
they’re going to be going to sticker brand-new tires. But honestly I still believe the wheels are
spinning down there, as this track is cooling down and these tires are cooling down. If you’re up near the front, do you want to
go ahead and roll the dice and try to make it to the end of stage 2? We’re going to have probably 35 to 40 lap
together on stage 2.>>They stay out, they come down. What do you do?>>It’s a no-brainer. If you pitted that last caution, you absolutely
stay out. That’s the way you get off sync, especially
if you had to start at the rear of the field like they did.>>We did have a guy that knows a little bit
about rain delays and having success after rain delays. I just was handed a note that says you won
a race after rain. So as a driver, is there a secret to getting
back out front and winning these races?>>I don’t know that there is a secret. Both those races were actually delayed from
the start. We didn’t start. They just sent us out there and we got the
pole distance in beyond that. I can tell you this. I ran one race in my career in the rain. That didn’t go so well because I hit almost
everything on the racetrack. If we run in the rain, probably I’m not your
guy for that.>>We are not going to make you do a rain dance
out there. But we will have you interview Christopher
bell because I know you spent some time with him.>>And I’ve talked to him quite a bit. We’re sitting on the pit box with him right
now. I just mentioned to the viewers that in the
actual rain I would not be their guy. You told me, let’s just line them up, send
them out there and get racing.>>I think that would be a lot of fun. I don’t have a bunch of experience racing
in the rain. Hopefully we can get this thing dried out. I’m got a really good — didn’t fire off how
I wanted to. I think our car was really good. Excited to get back out there. Hopefully this rain will quit and we’ll get
the rest of this thing in.>>We watched you drive up the second. You keep collecting more and more stage points. You left daytona with one point. What is the secret to this team all the sudden
finding its stride?>>Fast race cars. That’s what it’s all about. Good crew. And we have all that.>>So a little birdie told me that Caesar salad
maybe not your favorite anymore or used to be but they’re not anymore
>>Yeah, I used to love them and had a buddy told me they had anchovies in the dressing. That put an end to it for me.>>Jamie.>>And Ryan reed standing out here with me
in the rain. He’s one of three cars that already pitted. Tell me your thought process in pitting early
and what you do from here.>>We looked at it and knew there was only
going to be seven or eight to go in the stage. So we kind of sacrificed that first stage,
pitted, got tires and fuel and rode around. Once everyone pits here, we’ll stay out, and
we should be in good shape for the start of the second stage. But I’m just excited and having a lot of fun
here on the west coast, except for this rain which is not Normal for us.>>Anybody who knows him knows he races with
diabetes. Pull out of your pocket the monitor you’re
talking about. Tell me what you’re looking at and how often
you’re checking.>>So obviously I think a lot of people heard
me talking about living with type 1 diabetes. That’s one of the ways that I can manage it. Know what my blood sugar is and what it’s
doing at all times. And that’s to indicate if I was to need an
insulin injection during the race. It’s so cool to be able to tell that story. A lot of folks know what it’s like to live
with diabetes. Got a big awareness campaign here and a lot
of fun to be representing.>>How often are you looking at that monitor
through the the race.>>Early on I usually start around 100. I keep an eye on it every 30 or 40 laps… And then towards the end of the race, my blood
sugar gets to that 200 mark, then I really start to watch it because that’s when you
get around the range you could need an insulin shot. It gets more intense as the race goes on with
the adrenaline and all that. That’s what makes it fun is that adrenaline. Everybody watching at home, that’s what they
love to see us do. It’s pretty awesome. Able to come out here and live my dreams and
don’t let diabetes slow me down.>>A lot on his plate but he keeps a great
attitude.>>I think that is such a great story, Ryan
reed. Talk about overcoming obstacles for people
that tell you you can’t do something. That is an example of letting nothing stop
you for living your dream.>>I think that’s the message he tries to deliver
is never let anyone tell you you can’t do something. If you really want it and believe in it, there
are ways to make it happen.>>Absolutely. So many great young kids. We mentioned Christopher bell, Ryan reed. These young guys want to get back on the racetrack
and see what they can do against some of these veterans. We’ll be back here at Phoenix in just a bit.>>We can’t wait to go west. NASCAR race hub. We’re going to be doing our show out of the
L.A. Offices for fox Sports all week long. We have some very special things in store
for you that may or may not include this guy dressed up and dancing.>>It has all to do with a cold open.>>We had a lot of fun getting ready for this. All right, Reagan is down on the grid. Is it still raining out there or how is it
looking?>>It is still raining out here. The air titans are running around the racetrack. I’ve got to say, I saw a couple of the pictures
of what will be going on next week. We’ll be tuning in based on those pictures. Michael, you start 15th, fell back to 16th. How has your car been?>>The car is really good. I think they told me we were definitely top
ten times there once we got going. Just lost three or four spots. Hopefully before the end of this thing, we’ll
get a restart on the outside. It seems to help definitely here. But it’s just so hard to pass. You have to really use up your equipment to
complete a pass. It takes about three or four laps. Every time we come to Phoenix, that’s key. So hopefully we’ll get that. Once we do, we have a really good car in the
long run.>>What is the difference? You talk about the outside row and how it
takes off better here. And we see that in a lot of racetracks. Maybe the inside better at one place and the
outside at other places.>>I think the biggest thing is just everybody
bottles up so much in the center one and two and you just really have no momentum even
though you’re still in third gear at that point. The guys on the outside seem like they can
go sooner and it’s all about making the back stretch as long as possible here. It’s just really important to be out there. And they can use their cars to pinch you down
and really hurt your momentum. Like you know and like I said, momentum is
key down that back stretch.>>Four top tens for Michael Annett here.>>Brandon Jones just hanging out here watching
the jet dryers go by. Just with a new team this year. You’ve been surprised by things. How has it been different?>>Yeah, we fired off with really good speed
the first couple laps there. The big smoke bomb, that was pretty crazy. I barely got through it. We managed to get through that really well. Just starting to fade those last couple of
laps. But it was just luckily at the end of the
stage. So I’m sure the guys will get it picked up. I think we were talking earlier. We got a scale we use to describe how we tune
on our cares. Hopefully we’re on the same page with that.>>Last week you had a great car there in Las
Vegas with Busch. You guys got together and you did talk to
each other. As a younger driver, you get into somebody
like Busch. What is that like?>>It is unfortunate that you have to do that
with a teammate of all things. We’re so close in these cars and it’s so hard
to pass everybody. You’re not trying to give everybody too much
room, but you race your teammates differently than you do a competitor on the track. And so we just worked a little too close at
the time. We did talk and he told me a couple of things
on how he normally goes about racing. It was a pretty good way to get communication
with him. I guess it shows respect a little bit to those
guys. You’re not going to lay over for everybody. You’re here to win. At the same time, that’s kind of a way to
think of it as well. But it was good to actually get his input
on a couple of things of how he does stuff.>>You hear so many people that like to talk
about that debate.>>Yeah, absolutely. Whenever you beat one of those guys, it’s
huge. So the great part of it is if he’s in one
of our XFINITY cars, then he’s at the trailer right next to us. It’s a way easier way to get to talk to him
and stuff. So I enjoy it. I don’t like getting beat by him, but I do
enjoy talking to him.>>So far it’s been a good day for Jones, running
top ten.>>Been a good day for all of them. There they are, the running order. Bell in second again. He is up front. Busch is fourth and then Jones in eighth.>>15 pole positions, nine of Kyle’s ten wins,
and then they actually have another one with Logano. They’re going to be competitive and a contender
to win the race.>>Let’s talk about Jones and Tifft. They kind of flip-flopped this year. It’s really been a spark that they needed.>>And sometimes that happens. It’s like it’s not that they’re going to a
better team. It’s maybe a team that’s suited better for
them. And when you look back at 2016, Jones really
had a solid rookie season. Made the playoffs. And last year was just dismal for Jones. So again, he win to Joe Gibbs racing. Even the way they’re running here up inside
the top ten, they actually have improved dramatically. I know it’s early. Both of them are in the top ten points
>>Sometimes it is a little bit of a boost when you make a change. Change is good. New faces, new places. Someone maybe like a little bit of a relationship
with a crew chief. We heard bell earlier talking about how much
trust he has in his team and his guys. How much does that give him confidence when
he’s on the racetrack?>>Yeah. There are exceptions. You never put a rookie crew chief with a rookie
driver. When you look at bell, he’s obviously a rookie
with a lot of experience in other times of motorsports. But it does not come more of a veteran than
Jason Ratcliff. I’ve said it and I think it is worth repeating. I could not think of a better combination
to put together than young bell and the old wily veteran Jason Ratcliff.>>One of the things we’ve heard a lot of drivers
say is the difference between long and short run.>>To me it’s a razor blade. And this part has not changed about this racetrack
since we started coming here in 1988. A lot of it has to do with how low you put
the air pressure in the tires. A lot of crew chiefs said it’s going to be
loose. The back end’s going to want to not grip because
we know we have to be that way once we get into the run for the car not to just be too
tight and just not slide the front wheels. Somebody that’s too good at the beginning
of a run, you’ve got to watch them closely. They may start fading. If you can get both, you’ll absolutely just
spank them here at this racetrack.>>When you look at Allgaier and you look at
some of these younger — these xfinity-only guys going for these stage victories so early
in the race, it’s really fun to watch.>>It is. I go back to what we had a discussion in the
prerace show about, about our sport is no longer about good solid runs. It’s no longer about being consistent. Yeah, you want to do those things, but it’s
about winning. It’s about winning a stage and collecting
that playoff point. It’s about winning a race lie Reddick did
at daytona and making yourself eligible for the playoff and putting those five playoff
points in the bucket. It’s always been about winning, I think more
now than a few years ago.>>I think a lot of drivers started last season
not realizing how valuable those points would be.>>Ryan Truex’s brother proved that on the
cup side.>>Well, as we continue to have this debate
over how much rain Phoenix gets a year. Do you know the answer to that?>>It never rains here. This is like the freak occurrence. Usually if it rains here, it comes and it’s
gone and sunny again. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. We’re optimistic about getting back underway
here.>>I’m hopeful things don’t float away. You started 16 today, have moved up to 14. This is a small team. You’ve got a really nice job with the team. How is the race car today?>>It’s been awesome. It’s just — we’re working hard. I’ve got so many laps here. The car’s been phenomenal. We just fall off after about 25 laps. Now getting a chance to work on it and make
it better so these long runs, we’ll be able to stay in top 15 and run away there. Just glad to be here. Just thankful that XFINITY and everything
they do for us and our sport. Hopefully we’ll be doing this on a weekly
basis.>>I have to call him out a little bit. He said it never rains in Phoenix. That is so not true. It’s raining right now.>>Never say never. Always
say always.>>There they are. The air titans hard at work, hoping the drivers
can get back on the track and go to work. We’ll be back here at Phoenix in just a bit.>>Welcome back to ism raceway here in Phoenix,
Arizona. It looks pretty dry out there. Unfortunately, it’s not the same scene around
that one-mile racetrack. We had a little bit of rain come through the
area. The air titans are out on the racetrack. We’ve been able to talk to drivers. And so far bell does not like Caesar salad. Who knows what’s going to happen during this
rain delay, especially now because we’re going to bring in one of the series veterans, Elliott
Sadler, who we’re calling Mr. Consistent. But I do want to ask you, how late did you
stay up watching the game last night? North Carolina got the victory.>>I definitely stayed up and had to see all
the post game and interviews and what we all thought. A great game for our program last night. That’s a huge rivalry. First time we’ve beaten them I think since
1998. I’m glad we were able to do that to move on
to the championship game tonight. Go heels. We’ve got to finish this race before the game
starts.>>Elliott, we’re going to bring in the broadcast
booth here and talk racing in a moment. But first, how many games a year are you watching
the heels play?>>We try to go to at least six or seven a
year. My brother’s daughter, my niece actually is
a cheerleader at unc. We always try to go watch her cheer. And we’ve been in the rams club now, my family,
over 50 years. We try to see them play every chance we get. We’ll try to go see them in the ncaa tournament
when we can. I was at the final four actually here in Phoenix. So huge tar heels fan. Very proud of them last night. Played a great game against our rivalry. I’m going to keep it nice and rate it pg on
here. But it was good to beat those guys.>>He was able to slide in the heels won the
national championship and beat duke for the second time in 2018.>>You had to start the day with a lot of energy
after the big night last night. I know you had to start in the rear. How did that affect your strategy? That pitstop seems to be key.>>It’s only 45 laps. Last year was 60. We knew we had to do something a different. When the caution came, we decided let’s take
a chance. We can be aggressive and do something. We decided to pit, get four tires. And then it was my job to take care of the
right rear as much as I could right there until we got to the end of the stage. And then when everybody else needs to pit,
hopefully we’ll line up up front and see what we’ve got. Every once in a while you’ve got to do something
opposite than the people you’re racing. That’s the chance we’ve taken. And we’ll see how it plays out.>>Where is the hat? You came across pit road with your hat and
tie on. What happened to the hat?>>They told me to take it off. I thought your strategy was really good, having
to start in the back of pitting there. I think you’re going to restart here in the
couple first two rows. Have the tracks changed?>>Yeah, I heard Larry talking about it earlier
where you’ve got to kind of hold onto it on starts. You’re going to be loose and free. We’re going to see how we can restart and
fire off. We’re going to go to lap 90 and it’s the end
of another stage to get points. It’s a really short run here. We try to do things to make sure it’ll fire
off really quick. Usually it’s hot and sunny here and Phoenix
so the track really widens out where you can move around. With it being more cloud cover, more guys
were staying hooked on the bottom and the yellow line. It became more difficult to pass. That’s one more reason we decide to try something
different.>>Two years ago NASCAR decided to go to this
playoff format in the championship series. Last season we added stage racing. How much have you learned the last couple
of years on managing a season with the playoff so you can put yourself in the best position?>>That’s a really good question on all fronts. In my opinion, stage racing has changed NASCAR
racing. It’s so much more of a sense of urgency now
to try to qualify up front, to try to run up front. It was a lot more give and take on the first
part of the race years ago. Today you’re trying to get all the points
you can before lap 45 and 90. And all that really adds up. When you look at martin Truex Jr last year
and how he was able to ease his way through the first few rounds. We were the same way. We got the most points as far as stages were
concerned. And that really helps us through the playoffs. So it’s definitely changed the way we think
about racing. It’s changed the strategy we look at. We know a caution is going to save you. You know that when that caution is coming. It’s changed the playbook. I felt like we did just as good or better
than anybody last year accumulating points. And now we’ve got to try to do that once again
because everybody’s caught on to what we were doing.>>When you look at XFINITY series, there’s
Joe Gibbs racing. But the strength of that organization to be
totally on their own and with four XFINITY series regulars, the strength just seems like
it keeps getting stronger.>>Our guys work hard. I know everybody does. But I was so proud of our race team on how
we all battled each other on homestead in November. And we didn’t have a hangover. We came into daytona. Justin’s having a great day again today. We have put a lot of hard work, effort, and
a lot of man hours in the shop to figure out this car. Of course, some of the other stuff we’re doing
is a lot different. Our guys have put a lot of hard work in this
winter to try to be prepared as best we could so we could get good finishes. So proud of everybody. Yes, we do get a lot of help from Hendrick. It says a lot for our people. And at the end of the day, you guys know this. It’s about the people in the shop, the communication,
working together. And my team and I seem to be hitting on all
cylinders right now. We want to keep building on the momentum we
have.>>I know you have to appreciate the extra
time you’re getting from Dale Jr. How important is he to your organization not
only from a sponsorship front and the owner side of it, but just digging in there and
giving you help on strategy and whatever it might be?>>And I know I’ve talked to you about this
before. It’s so cool to have an owner that you’re
also been friends with for such a long time. We’ve known each other since we were teenagers. When you have that connection, that personal
interest that I want to do the best I can for my owner because of our friendship, he
wants to give me the best equipment that he can give me so we can compete, and we have
that personal interest in each other’s career and how we run on the racetrack, and that
is just something special. I can call and talk to him any time of the
day or week and we’ll talk about not sponsorship stuff or race truck but more about on-track
stuff. So I can really bounce some stuff off of him
and he’s got such a good knowledge of the tracks and cars. He’s definitely a great owner to me. He’s been great to me and my family. And I’m having a blast. I tell everybody all the time, the last couple
of years of my life have been a blast. He’s made it so much fun. And we’re competitive. And that’s just the icing on the cake.>>What have you learned from Dale as an owner
when you compare it so some of the other teams? Let’s face it. You have had a hit list of teams to compete
for at all levels of NASCAR.>>Well, it’s so personal. Like I said before, he really personally is
interested on how we run. And I think he wins when we win and he loses
when we lose. He really takes it personal. It’s not a business decision for him. It’s friends trying to do the best job we
can for each other on and off the racetrack. And I know Ryan’s friends with him as well. He’s such a compassionate guy. He’s very quiet until you get him to open
up a little bit. But he’s very compassionate and really cares
about not only what we’re doing as a team but also what our sport is doing. As a driver, that means a lot.>>It’s Shannon again. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked
to crew chiefs and they say you can’t get top five until you run in the top ten. You are doing that every single week, running
in that top five. What is the one thing you need to do to get
over that hump?>>There is a few things. And we’ve been so close. Last year we had race that if a caution would
have came this way or that way or restart would have been better. So we’ve been close and we’ve been consistent. I’m the deliver and the quarterback. I need to do a better job inside the race
car of getting us to victory lane. They give me cars capable of doing that. At my age and experience, the buck stops with
me. And I’ve got to take responsibility to when
we don’t make it to victory lane. We are doing good with top fives and tens. And somebody was telling me the other day,
I think 70% of the races I’ve driven — but I’ve got to do a better job on some of
these late restarts to keep us up front to try to get us in victory lane.>>Thanks so much for joining us. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that
this race gets in so you can watch the north Carolina game not.>>Priorities.>>Here’s a priority for you. Maybe make a call to hunts brothers and get
some pizza sent up to the booth.>>They’re actually here. Whatever I can do.>>Thank you so much, Elliott. Have fun out there once the race gets started
again. He’s doing it, everything he needs to do. It’s just that one step, right?>>I think you’re going to see a whole lot
more of them.>>Let’s get back down there. Waiting out the rain here in Phoenix. They are busy.>>Shannon, thanks. I’ve got Cole Custer with me. You’re another one of those cars that had
to go to the back. You started 40th basically this afternoon.>>It seemed like we were fighting a little
bit. But just trying to manage your stuff and not
get yourself in a bad position trying to get there up in the pack. But I’m pretty happy with it. Hopefully we can stay clean and get our car
better.>>We talked about the jack post early in the
race and what caused you to have to go to the back. When did you find out that you were going
to have to go to the back?>>Right before the race. It was the last second when I found out. It’s something we didn’t plan for. We wanted to get more speed going down the
dog leg down there. We just hit the jack post too hard. Something we can plan for next time. I think we have a fast enough car to make
it off.>>If you watched coverage yesterday, we highlighted
the fact that the side skirts would hit the racetrack and it was a challenge for crew
chiefs. Did you opt to go down there without knowing
that?>>We thought the 20 got the poles by going
down there and it looks like the 78 yesterday. So we wanted to try it for one lap and it
kind of bit us a little bit. It is what it is. I don’t think we’ll have a problem getting
to the front.>>A lot of drivers usually have an extra water
bottle or something like that that they throw into the race car. Cole Custer, he’s a young guy, he’s a kid. He’s got a lot of candy and squirt guns and
all kinds of stuff in here>>What are you doing with a squirt gun in
that bag? I like the fun dip though. I’m all about that.>>Kids will be kids.>>This is the thing. So he did win a race last year. Unfortunately though it was homestead. So everybody’s talking about the championship
and not about the victory. But this had to give him a ton of confidence.>>We had 34 races last year and I don’t think
anybody dominated any of those races like Cole Custer did. And think about when he were here in November
how close he came to making the championship fourth. He would have been celebrating not only a
race win right there, he would have been celebrating a championship.>>A lot of times I’ll ask you about a young
driver, and I hear nothing but positive things about Custer and his ability.>>I’ve been around Cole a lot. He lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes racing. That’s all that matters to that young man. He is like a sponge when it comes talking
to Harvick. He never quits trying to stay engaged with
that race team. Last year that I basically made the move to
Ford. And he was going with the learning curve. But it was a brand-new race team moving to
Ford. I think they went through a learning curve.>>He also eats candy. That was in the bag. But Custer, he ended the season with a victory
at homestead. And the driver who started this season with
a victory at daytona was one Tyler Reddick, driving for junior motorsports in that number
9 car that won the championship last season with William Byron who is racing on Sunday. It was a close finish by the way with Elliott
Sadler and Tyler Reddick to get that first win of the season down at daytona>>What about Reddick? Jamie is with him.>>Well, he’s watching that video. How fun is it to relive that moment?>>It’s still pretty crazy we won by as little
as we did. The coolest part is Elliott Sadler put himself
and me in a position to be able to win that race, battle it out. Either way, junior motorsports is going to
win the race. I’m sure he would have liked to have won it. If I would have finished second to him, it
still would have been really cool to have that close of a finish and someone on junior
motorsports to be in the playoffs. It was really cool to get to victory lane
and the first win right out of the gate. When I make mistakes, we’re still in pretty
good shape and it’s not always good to pull out the backup car. At least we’re doing it now and not later
in the year.>>Qualifying. Take us through what exactly happened that
LED to you going into a backup car.>>I just was trying to really get a good run
and just overdid it a little bit. A lot of cold tires, not quite worked in. Just made a mistake and unfortunately we had
to go to a backup car and that put us in a box. We kind of knew where the car was going to
be but it wasn’t exactly right. That first pitstop around lap 32, we werble
to get it a lot closer. I feel like I was just riding. We were passing cars. So I just tried and picked off a couple of
guys on the same tires as us. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully this rain clears back so we can
get back to racing. I would like to see how it goes. Maybe we can get the end of stage 2.>>Well, Tyler, we definitely want to see the
rain go away so we can race to the end. He’s doing a heck of a job so far.>>Jamie, this is a glass half full kind of
guy. Leading the race, rain stopping. We like him. And he’s got some moves. He looks like a jib jab to me.>>He looks like all-natural there.>>It does not look real. It looks like they put his head on top of
–>>I don’t know. I believe that’s Tyler.>>Can you do that dance?>>I have no moves.>>I bet you can.>>Well, you’ll have to tune in to Los Angeles
next week.>>We’re going to be here for a couple of minutes
longer. At the top of the hour, we are going to go
to the big east tournament. That means that we’re going to move over to
fs 1 for continuing race coverage. That’ll be at 6 pm, so don’t go anywhere because
we still have more driver interviews coming up from Phoenix as we continue to wait out
the rain delay.>>Coming up next on fox, it is the big east
final. It’s all next on fox, or you can stream it
live on Fox Sports go. March madness is upon us. Exciting time of the year if you’re a hoops
fan. Yes, it is. Even my crimson tides hanging in here. They play Kentucky here.>>They do. I’ve covered a lot of wildcats and Alabama
games. So certainly exciting. Not exciting here right now unless you’re
driving one of the air titans. They’re still out here currently under way. This gives us a chance to talk to so many
drivers. This is his first rain delay. And he’s currently with another guy.>>If I had heartburn over anything, it was
rain delays because I did not know how to handle them. We get to talk to a lot of different guys. A good run for a small team. What I love about your team is you guys always
seem to overachieve out there on the racetrack.>>A lot of people put expectations for us
lower than we do ourselves for sure. We’re not running where I want to be. We’ve cycled up a little bit ahead of that. And then that last restart there, I just couldn’t
get going. So yeah, a lot of people might think that
— but there’s a lot more to be gained.>>You always want more. You always want to do better. Let me take you away from the racetrack for
just a second. Your family is watermelon farmers. Typically on the watermelon farm, you want
rain.>>In moderation. The plants are so vigorous, they’re push too
much water to the melon and they’ll actually crack. It’s pretty crazy to see them. As soon as you touch them, they’ll crack. We keep our fields dryer than most in the
area, but everybody has different philosophies and ideas on whether or not you should use
drip irrigation or just seepage, which is the old-school way. You asked me about watermelons now. We can fill a lot of rain delay coverage.>>I didn’t know that when I asked the question. You’re best finish here is 19. Is this car going to be able to finish better
than 19 today?>>It is for sure. It’s the car we had in the fall. And we’ve gained on it. The composite bodies are a big talking point. I don’t think they’ve done as much as I wish
they would have. Definitely hard to get them through the back
and forth 17 times. It was a big deal for us and that was hard. So maybe starting to see some fruits of all
the labor now. We are running with pretty good cars. But we’re just getting our mechanical package
better. We don’t do any wind tunnel stuff. We work on mechanical grip. That’s so much fun because the cars do normally
drive good. It’s just a matter of getting speed out of
them.>>Shannon, I learned the other day that you
can grow Oranges in the desert. Now you can probably grow watermelons here
too.>>We did find out that Kentucky did beat your
Alabama crimson tide. So congratulations big blue nation. And the guys up in the booth have been taking
a little bit of a break right now. Ryan has been busy tweeting and we’re watching
all of that. This is what he tweeted. Believe me, I feel your pain. Fruit loops supply is dangerously low.>>I will say this. When Shannon announced that Kentucky beat
Alabama in the semis today, you did what? Yeah. So it’s not just Daryl that’s going to rub
it in. And if you were a real fan, you would have
known the game is complete. Those are just a few of my observations as
we’re under red here. What do you think, first broadcasting experience,
beyond the fact that we need more fruit loop?>>And it’s raining, which is unfortunate. I’ve been trying to get in the booth here
for a couple of years. And it’s finally happening and it rains in
Phoenix, Arizona, which never happens. So I don’t know if I’m going to be allowed
back.>>The track is drying quickly. I think we’re starting to make a lot of progress
there. I cannot wait to go back to racing. You don’t know what adjustments you’re going
to make to your car. That means drama for us. A lot of fun action for us to cover it. I’m so glad you’re here.>>I appreciate being here. I’m so nervous.>>We want to everyone know, when we go green,
the three of us are going to call the action on fs 1 because top of the hour, that would
be 6:00 pm eastern time, we’re going to send it to New York for a championship game. So we’re managing a lot here.>>We’ve got a lot going on for sure. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll send it to basketball and we’ll have
NASCAR live on fs 1. We can’t wait. Hopefully the rain will stop soon and we’ll
get this place dried out.>>Unfair. You played dirty.>>That’s what you call a broadcast veteran.>>Playing dirty. Thanks, guys. We’re going to get ready to head over to fs
1. We’re going to get ready to get this thing
green and a couple of guys on pit road stops, they’re in good shape.>>It’s going to be fun for probably roughly
150 laps.>>The shortest that we’ve been to this season. Coming up next on fox, it’s a big east tournament. We’re going to move over to fs 1. Grab that remote control. Join us over there. We’ve got continuing race coverage at the
top of the hour from right here at Phoenix. See you over at fs 1.>>This copyrighted telecast may not be reproduced,
retransmitted, or used in any form without the authorized consent of NASCAR racing. We hope you enjoy today’s broadcast.

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