NHP Project Stories – Kangan Institute

NHP Project Stories –  Kangan Institute

So this project really is about educating
electricians here Kanga TAFE with respect to solar. Kanga TAFE were going to start a teaching
program so we brought a really good contractor consultant who works with eventually to the project is
on something that would give a full educational
benefit the different solar arise hans solo para systems i knew that we were involving sala and i expressed a lot of interest month
what we have to sign someone who wants to have some ongoing to come in and have
some discussions and come up with the plane for so long weakening calls for them so what we’ve got is a number of
different people your eyes and ears open the roof some of these arise appointed
indifferent or inflation so that students can understand the maximum impact of having perfect for
inflation for the t_v_ right systems that often for one form for killing arrives on the
birth number one killer stand-alone system the system is this onto the i want to
give up some azimuth angle positions in the relative values over systems wind ices on the phone potential of the also i have here is
that featured the panels that are on the uh… systems on the roof uh… for mc talking to you six points down in the workplace he one of the movement of the features
of this setup here is discharged but this widget driven from down in the
classrooms and we have a camera meant up here on the roof that looks at the show
instructions so that the uh… electricians have been trying
to get on the stand to what degree the shy is impacting the
solar panels the individuals who have cancer
spreading in the class this provides the opportunity to the exact situation that’s occurred from
installers good very much the what type of teaching
that comes on the normal environments this fun you can actually see the
situation concerning the environment creating the environment
and ischemia where it is nothing like it in the
country we’re not aware of any other facility of
training education facility that has victory activity that’s been brought to
the disarming give students a good idea and some clarity a rebel shite will do
around what or inflation and a set of perfect levi woodbury and l elson downstairs in the classroom
broadcom the sections of the people you write into extra-large faulty segments
and carrier experimentation is disconnecting different sections of
panel together every student every patrician is they’re
learning about sol respond of his mind training and education process because
buildings and factories and domestic residences are all doing today i was so so french pete to be a man from assist
these operations to set up and trying their attrition trying their first
amendment students is street for a business an experienced hologram that’s karen similar values in relation
to have this industry is moving forward and this is a benchmark in relation to
its the educational facility coming for the future and what should be
provided working alongside a niche business
through the experience in everything’s going as required and when required the whole process of inclusion

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