Nigeria Schoolgirl pee power energy generator – uses just pee to generate electricity

Nigeria Schoolgirl pee power energy generator – uses just pee to generate electricity This is a new system designed by 4 schoolgirls
from Nigeria, Africa with the help of their teacher to
get an electrical generator system running on just ONLY Urine ! They used electrolysis to split Urine ( pee
) into hydrogen and clear it up via a liquid borax solution and
then run a generator to produce the electricity to
run the electrolysis… So it seems this is a selfrunning system only
using up the pee !!! Urine-powered cars, homes and personal electronic
devices could be available in six months. Using a nickel-based electrode, scientists
can create large amounts of cheap hydrogen from urine that could be burned or used in
fuel cells. One cow can provide enough energy to supply hot water for 19 houses.
One molecule of urea, a major component of urine, contains four atoms of hydrogen bonded
to two atoms of nitrogen. If you place a special nickel electrode into a pool of urine and
apply an electrical current, hydrogen gas is released.
A urine-powered vehicle could theoretically travel 90 miles per gallon.
Using urine as a source of fuel may sound like a bit of a stretch, but it’s actually
quite ingenious. It’s based on the use of hydrogen, the most
abundant element in the universe. Hydrogen has been called “a renewable, versatile, simple
sustainable domestic energy” because it can be produced from tap water to generate power
for homes and cars. However, one of the hurdles facing this alternative
fuel source is that hydrogen gas requires high pressure and low temperatures to be stored.
It becomes somewhat easier to store when it’s binded to oxygen to create water, but even
then it still requires large amounts of electricity to be released.
The Ohio University scientists who developed the urine technology found that attaching
hydrogen to nitrogen in urine allowed it to be stored without the strict requirements
of ordinary hydrogen, and allowed it to be released with less electricity (0.037 volts
versus 1.23 volts needed for water). So it is very interesting that you can already
split urea at 37 millivolts… No wonder this urine splitting could be made
so efficient in an electroylsis cell ! You just need so much less power for splitting
pee than water… Link to this video.

100 thoughts on “Nigeria Schoolgirl pee power energy generator – uses just pee to generate electricity

  1. Should we be so quick to be negative without first proving or disproving the idea. Are we as ignorant as the energy companies. Keep an open mind and give them the benefit of the doubt before we knock them down….might just help!

  2. Actually if everyone read the info before commenting you get Most of your answers and hho Works no doubt i have a hho system in my 2005 Lexus it lowered my fuel consumption by 30% With Water and that it could be more effective with urine is not that far fetched considering the energy potential in urine.

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  4. Unless you check yourself, how you can assert anything? Indeed it could be scam, Nigeria is not at its first and with no remorse. Having all around the devise like in TK vids, the good trick to hide the complete cabling, and yes the green bottle could feed the power. If could have overunity here, it could be calculated as simple is the system, but no calculation is shown. But of course, I would be happy if it could be. Really, what I would very like for you, is to check all this before to show.

  5. The electrolysis cell you can see at 1:14 minute in the video.
    It seems to be a former car battery filled with urine and the lead plates are used to do the electrolysis !
    Hope this helps.

    Regards, Stefan.

  6. The only obstacle in hydrogen is safe storage of the fuel. These girls were blessed with knowledge from a chemical engineer. God bless them and the chemist who helped.

  7. ZeroFossilFuel …you must be the only fool ever living in this world…I am shocked people still think this way…anyways, u don't worth my time….all Nigerian are not scammer ok…idiot

  8. The speed of electrolysis would be dependent on the design of the electrolysis cell; your assertion sounds more like gut driven discrimination. I also did not notice the video claiming the generator directly ran off the resulting hydrogen; rather it was a solution for night, and the tank was most certainly a storage tank; though I would hope it would be storing their resulting hydrogen. A more pertinent question would be what their source of electricity for the process is. If solar or wind…

  9. You are not missing anything. They are – the electrolyzer. All they have is a storage tank of hydrogen bubbline through a yellow liquid before entering the intake manifold. Woo hoooo!

    This is just another Nigerian investment scam.

  10. The information on this device is scant but I can tell you they had help from someone who knows what they are doing.The gases are separated somehow using borax as a storage medium. The system has put a clamp on the engineer who designed it.

  11. Can I have your handle now that I am the only one on YT that is running my engines with Zero fossil fuels?

  12. The system uses pee AND electricity to generate hydrogen. And then uses hydrogen to generate electricity. Though there is an additional energy source (urea), the system needs probably more electricity than it produces. Because internal combustion engines have bad efficiencies.
    Nevertheless it could be useful: It could be an efficient way to store fluctuating electric energy from photovoltaic. Additionally you get cleaner waste water, if you remove the urea.

  13. this is great, if our government can help this school girls to do more, nigeria will be a better nation.

  14. What part of electrolysis don't you people understand? Metal plate submerged in urine attached to battery !

  15. Your statics are lies and comes form nazi people. numbers can be made to tell a point. there is no different from you bending a opinion. it's your racist brain that is the problem.

  16. 6 hours of electricity per liter of human waste really says nothing at all. I can produce 100 years of electricity per liter of my urine if what I do is to power my watch with it (using around 1 micro Watt).

  17. lets support and say something better to this girls cus we can not justify the wrong of a few over the rest of the 150 million Nigerians…………. Nice one girls keep it up


    1) Start by building Garbage Treatment Plants in Every City, Town or Sate. Provide Jobs by organising Street Sweeping Vehicles as well as Garbage Trucks that will carry garbage from homes and streets to these Garbage Plants. Dont dump garbage on landfills or garbage dumps ….treat them technologically so that they can be transformed into powdery harmless soil composites! 
    2) Then You must Build Sewage Treatment Plants To carry not only sewage but drainage. Cities must be built with large underground drainage systems not open Gutters. (IN EVERY CITY /TOWN)
    3) You must build Clean Water Purification Plants. All water for drinking and bathing must come from massive reservoirs and water purification plants (centralized locations) where they can be treated germ-free by specified Enginners. (IN EVERY CITY/TOWN)
    4) Also build multiple Gas fired Electric Power Plants – Nigeria flares Gas more than any other country in the world except Russia. All of the gas that has been wasted for many years could have been used to Build multiple Gas Fired Electric Power plants not just to provide electricity for Nigeria alone but for nearby countries. (Electricity is one of the primary keys to industrialization)
    5) Build many high rise Buildings for the lower class. Get rid off all the slums and transport all the garbage from the slums to the garbage treatment plants. Put the lower class citizens in these buildings. Build more high rise buildings for the Middle and Higher class as well. City centers should be with organised high rise buildings with plans for maintenance at least every 10 years. All city roads should be marked and paved neatly, with paved and clean and organised sidewalks! Various City Locations should contain Large Parks, Greeneries and Recreation Areas. 
    6) Build multiple oil refineries (NOT JUST ONE AS PLANNED) so that the country can export fuel and petrolchemicals to other countries and make financial profit
    7) Every money the country makes through trade should never be touched by anyone but should be used to Build at least 1 Technologically Advanced Hospital in every State (with plans for continuous maintenance). Hospitals that have the lastest technology in everything! from Organ Transplantation Units, Nuclear Medicine to stem cell research centres. Hospitals were doctors can diagnose a patient's illness immediately (no matter how complex) and have a solution for it, so that Nigerians will not have to die for uselless, ignorant reasons or travel to india or elsewhere to receive treatment. Hospitals or organisations that are capable of sending doctors abroad to learn the latest in Medical Technology and come back to teach other doctors. Like I said before if the country manages its money well, many Nigerians will not even need to pay medical tax.
    8) Train and organise a better Police Force or Financial Security Organisations, Build larger and bigger prisons in every state to punish people who are not sincere (due to greed) over financial matters) otherwise most of the things I have mentioned above will never work.
    9) For larger cities like Lagos. Abuja, Kano & Enugu build underground metropolitan systems to prevent traffic congestion- Think positively, it can be done! Get rid of all the Okadas and replace them with good taxi's (Okadas are one of the main factors of death in Nigeria). Replace all the danfoe buses and molue buses with better, organised buses in the cities. Also make bus stops with organised time schedules too.
    10) Control immigration. Nigerias biggest problem is immigration. Many people come into the country illegally and many Nigerians dont even care nor are they organised to control immigration. Nigeria advertises the country too much like this video and people with poor living conditions pack into the country from nearby countries and because they have no place to lodge themselves, they build more slums and thus slum houses increase more than decent buildings. Lack of proper immigration is also the reason for Boko Haram in Nigeria. Decent Nigerian Muslims have become BokoHaram because other Islamic ideologies sipping into the country's Borders from the North.
    11) Regulate or abolish indecency in Nollywood Movies. Ever since the Nigerian Movie Industry decided to call itself Nollywood it has become like a Pornographic industry (explicit sexual scenes in nollywood movies and homosexuality). 
    Before Nollywood existed, all Nigerian movies were very decent and very entertaining even without the erotic aspect of it that is portrayed today. Today Nollywood has become so sexually oriented that even the Hollywood industry it tried to copy from looks more sexually decent and organised.
    12) Finally other issues include Birth Control – Abolition of barbaric street killings for simple issues such as stealing – Nigeria should encourage its citizens to be inventive/creative. When any Nigerian citizen invents or creates something, the Nigerian Government takes no interest in the work of that Nigerian person, instead they look for inventions from outside the country (US, Germany, UK….), which is wrong.The Nigerian government must  take more interest in the inventions of its talented/creative citizens by assisting them financially because if that is done then Nigeria will be capable of manufacturing its own cars,trains, aircrafts, ships, medical equipment and every other thing they need in a couple of years>> (Industrialization and Self- Sufficiency!)
    If Indians are capable of sending a rocket to Mars why shouldnt you?

    Everything I have mentioned here will provide more jobs for many Nigerians

    Otherwise Remain were you are!

  19. I do not see any wires or plates to produce hydrogen  the yellow stuff probably is or has some gasoline and pulling vapors of if it is not the propane tank. 
    I have been trying to expose an answer to the mystery of the100 Miles per gallon fuel systems. Yes 5 times the fuel mileage is possible but missed or suppressed by oil companies for over 80 years and we have the patents and the science to prove it, see the evidence we have now at website (no spaces) him acre search dot com other sites with similar info are Byron wine dot com Rex research dot com More than vapor but refining gasoline into natural gas and methanol. Strange as is but we are looking at 200 mpg 4 cylinder. In 1936 Charles N Pogue got it. many since, just goggle his name

  20. This is some serious bullshit: electrolysis is an energy consuming process, That's why hidrogen home plants are hooked up on solar. Second, a regular generator is at best works on about 30% efficiency meaning you have no chance to power the system, not to mention excess energy…

  21. 2 things. How come black girls in America and nigeria sound the same? Do american girls fake it? And the important question: why is the urine DARK ORANGE?

  22. Gotta love all these people claiming it's a scam. It's been verified by Gerardine Bott, a chemical engineer at Ohio University, who invented the method.
     People are seriously exaggerating its applications, but that's hardly the kids' fault.

  23. .37 volts, vs 1.23 for hydrogen liberation via urine vs h20,
     CO(NH2)2(aq)+ 6OH-N2(g)+5H2O(l)+CO2(g)+6e (1)
    Ni(OH)2(s)+OH-NiOOH(s)+H2O(l)+e (2)
    6H2O(l)+6e-3H2(g)+ 6OH (3)
    This is the reaction, you see H2 liberation, Via the nitrogen bond, not the highly electronegative oxygen bond in h20.
    The math says , yes this is real… Your body does the work, from calories used to put the hydrogen with nitrogen.  You get 3 times the energy out needed to  electrolyze urine. Science and math says its real. 

  24. The hydrogen is removed from a water molecule by sending electrical currents through the water. This process is known as electrolysis. They use urine instead of water which is the only difference. Well done for the recycling application. As for the school drop outs who have nothing but distasteful remarks on here – they're only 15yrs old and all you can do is redicule them? Fucken shame on you, stupidity breeds stupidity it seems.


    the same pantone system which was patented in  1898  and  repatent in 1956   and 1990s    for  pantone      famous   plasma sistem

  26. Go Join the circus u dam yankee faggots! Thats were yo mommy meet ur side show circus freak daddy ny way! Dip shit! Come on blacks pissing petro! Ya rite! Wake up! GOP has lied to u so much some will belive ny thing!

  27. You idiots realize you can power generators with the hydrogen in water right?
    Pee is better cause its a waste product

  28. As far as I know, it's 0,37 Volt, not 37 mV (0,037 V).
    Nevertheless, though the description here is misleading, it works principally.
    Splitting hydrogen from urea needs less energy than splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen.
    You could use photovoltaic panels to produce hydrogen from urine by daylight. And then use the hydrogen to run the generator at night.
    Nice side benefit: You clean the urine by removing the urea. That means less pollution or less further waste water treatment required.
    What probably not works: Producing more electricity with the generator than you need for splitting the urea. Too less efficiency of internal combustion engines.
    And: You need much urine for few amounts of hydrogen.
    One human pees about 30 gramms of urea per day, which contains only 2 gramms of hydrogen (about 22 liters of hydrogen gas). Enough for 200 meters with a fuel cell car.

  29. why don't they just power the light bulb w the energy they used to break down the water? It would run longer and you wouldn't have to play w urine…. is this the kind of energy bullshit Øbama is spending our tax money on?

  30. Sub-Saharan Africa could be conceived of as one hulking, rhythmic, pulsating, urine production apparatus.

    Hook that prodigious cornucopic font of Liquid Gold up to a mechanism that can fruitfully employ it, & you have at last unleashed a true source of Black Power.

  31. To all u belivers send ur cash to them n see how it works out for ya! Bet its a scam! this is as fake as u blacks piss fuel belivers r! Come on wake up! U think they care u all stick up for them? Think they stick up for u! Whitey? Whos dum the ass?

  32. This whole thing is bullshit Black propaganda. These girls did not "invent" anything (as your own description admits), yet the video says this is Black girls "invention" ( @ 1:52 ). See here:
    Second, there's no fucking way they put all of that together for $64. The generator alone would be at least three times that.
    Third it says they can get six hours power from one liter… How much power? How many kw/h? Enough to run a light bulb? An alarm clock? A whole house? What?

  33. physically impossible. all they are doing is using electricity to separate the hydrogen to produce a smaller amount of electricity.  no machine can output more energy than it takes in. 

  34. Did any of you actually read how this thing works? It's basically a less efficient version of a hydrogen generator that works with urine instead of water. The only upside is, that you get nitrogen as a byproduct which can be processed further.
    Also, they never say how much energy it actually produces, they only say "6 hours of electricity".
    But, I ask myself, won't the separation of the hyrdogen and its pyrification actually need more energy than the generator can get back? It's nothing special and very inefficient really.

  35. Well, and how much power does the urine filter and the electrolysis machine consume?
    This is nuts, has been done for many years now, and is no solution. You spend 5KWh to get 3KWh? Not a very clever option, dont you think?

  36. these girls know chemistry. the idiots who hype it as an "energy source" don't.

    it's a fun school project, nothing more.

  37. The comment about atomic energy at the end of the video seems very odd. Nuclear power plants are useful in large, urban areas where energy demand is high so large power plants are viable.

    This project is concerned with a low cost, small size way to produce energy suitable for underdeveloped areas with little infrastructure. The technologies have different uses and the comment seems like an unnecessary jab at a technology that is not the problem.


  39. Certain things may use more electricity than usual, but it's just one engine. Once they get it working for the generator, someone else should make one to perfect the power.

  40. Anyone actually know the name of these geniuses and how to contact them? I'm thinking of interviewing them for a school paper

  41. how much power or gas was it to run the genrator to separate the hydrogen from the urine. problaby 8 hours of power.lmao

  42. Well urine is water and they are working on hydro generators.People are too stupid to read schematics or read the law that screws you every day.Im currently working on a hydro tunnel fan generator.People are more inventive then you think.For all the haters I hope you don't get radiated from a plant.

  43. Did I hear Oxygen was also going into the storage tank, Oxygen cannot be stored in the same vessel as Hydrogen, its just too risky, the whole thing could explode.

  44. You don't even need the Pee, just use the Water. LOL! 6 Hours of 'Power' for 1L of Pee, that's Dumb- Just use 1L Water!

  45. I thought they might show the dindoo girls refilling the tank and how they position the lips to not waste any pee.

  46. The BIGGEST lie on the Planet is that you need Petrol to power your Car/Generator/Boat
    Just go to Darwin, NT in Australia & you'll see 1000's of residents with Meyer Cells in their Cars!

  47. Parabéns, muito bom estão no caminho certo, seria legal se a energia qui for produzida pelo gerador já produzisse o próprio combustível tornando auto suficiente 👍🏻

  48. you are converting fossil fuels to hydrogen by using a generator to separate out the hydrogen. What is the eroei? Is there any gain?

  49. lets hope and pray they don't have an accident and that the product doesn't end up on a shelf and the blueprints don't get set a light!

  50. let's not get ahead of ourselves with the claim. You can take shity dirty old water out of the ditch and get the same results because the hydrogen is stored in the water. Saying that it's coming from the urine is just a way to get funding. If you go to my channel you will see that I've been doing hydrogen oxygen test since the mid-2000s. I perfected the hho torch and was working on a hho heater and was code developing things with guys like scarecrow and Gary Hall from the state of Washington. nothing special here just the new packages all.

  51. Say goodbye to high utility bill. This generating power method “boma fetching unique” (Google it) will help you create your own power and save a lot of money. It just takes now is applying the techniques regarding how to manage appliances in order to save even more energy.

  52. It's for everyone not just the poor what is wrong with people..and good luck to those girls trying to scale up this ingenious invention with all these greedy corporations looking for grimy profits..but i'm optimistic and looks like that mankind is eventually overcoming the technology that the shadows try to suppress

  53. The Urine could even be sent to magnesium Fuel Cell Hybrid instead of a generator. Just a thought.

  54. "This is a new system designed by 4 schoolgirls from Nigeria, Africa with the help of their teacher to get an electrical generator system running on just ONLY Urine !"

    Nope, nothing new about it. And the generator runs on hydrogen not urine.

    "They used electrolysis to split Urine ( pee ) into hydrogen "

    So they use electricity to break down the urine & remove the hydrogen then burn the hydrogen in the generator to generate electricity

    No new energy gained & the hydrogen being burned won't = the amount of electricity needed to break down the urine.

  55. Sitting here watching this with my power turned off by the power company and running on a generator. Bill was $4,000. Ever since smart meter install every bill is over $250. We need this solution now.

  56. Could do the same with water however in a country where waters more valuable then money urine is perfect.

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