No Dark Matter – Again the EU is Ahead of the Curve | Space News

No Dark Matter – Again the EU is Ahead of the Curve | Space News

Welcome to Space News from the Electric
Universe, brought to you by the Thunderbolts Project™ at Thunderbolts.
info. For nearly a century, scientists on Earth have imagined, speculated about, and
searched in earnest for a mysterious, invisible and heretofore undetected,
entity called Dark Matter. The concept of Dark Matter was officially invented
nearly a century ago, by the renowned Swiss physicist Fritz Zwicky, though
similar earlier speculations traced back decades earlier.
However, in mainstream astronomical literature, the term “invented” is rarely
used in discussions of Dark Matter’s theoretical origins, even though the term
is entirely accurate. A historical synopsis of the events is offered in the
recent Robert Macfarlane book: Underland, which states that Zwicky observed that
galaxies ”… were revolving much faster than expected,
especially towards the outer reaches of the cluster. At such speeds, individual
galaxies should have broken their gravitational hold on one another,
dispersing the cluster. There was Zwicky determined, only one possible explanation.
There had to be another source of gravity, powerful enough to hold the
cluster together given the speeds of revolution of the observable bodies. But
what could supply such huge gravitational field strength, sufficient to tether
whole galaxies – and why could he not see this ‘missing mass’?” Zwicky found no
answers to his questions, but in asking them he began a hunt that continues
today. His ‘missing mass’ is now known as
’Dark Matter’ – and proving its existence and determining its properties, is one of
the Grail quests of modern physics. Of course the so called Grail quest
continues, funded by countless millions of taxpayer dollars. As we’ve reported ad
nauseam on this series, the endless mission to prove Dark Matter’s existence,
has yielded consistently fruitless results and astronomers still have no
idea what the elusive hypothetical material is actually
composed of. For many years, astronomers have closely observed objects which are
believed to be the most likely to host two of the leading Dark Matter
candidates: Weakly Interacting Massive Particles, or WIMPs, or Massive
Astrophysical Compact Halo Objects, or MACHOs. They have simply not found the
evidence they are looking for and now, scientists from the universities of Bonn
and Strasbourg have published a paper which reported the successful formation
of galaxies without the hypothetical influence of Dark Matter as reported by for the first time researchers from the universities of Bonn and
Strasbourg have simulated the formation of galaxies in a universe without Dark
Matter. To replicate this process on the computer ,they have instead modified
Newton’s laws of gravity. The galaxies that were created in the computer
calculations are similar to those we actually see today. According to the
scientists, their assumptions could solve many mysteries of modern cosmology. The
modified Newtonian dynamics model was created by the Israeli physicist Dr.
Mordehai Milgrom. Based on this model which states that the gravitational
attraction between two masses is much stronger under low accelerations. Some
astronomers now believe this is why anomalously high rotational speed of
galaxies does not cause them to fly apart. Dr. Pavel Kroupa states of the
research, “Perhaps the gravitational forces themselves simply behave
differently than previously thought.” Of course the Electric Universe Theory has
always proposed that neither the existence of Dark Matter, nor central
Black Holes are necessary to explain the observed forms and dynamics of galaxies.
And the EU would agree that gravitational forces behave differently
than astronomers have thought. However, the claim that this is “the first
time” that scientists have successively simulated galaxy formation and motions
without Dark Matter, is not correct. As we’ve documented countless times, dating
back many decades, plasma scientists have reproduced the unique forms and motions
of spiral galaxies in the laboratory. More than half a century ago, the late to
MIT physicist Winston Bostick performed groundbreaking
experimental research on a high-density energy storage phenomenon, called a
plasmoid. Bostick simulated many Astrophysical phenomena through plasma
physics experiments, including galaxy formation and spectacular cosmic jets.
More recently, Dr. Anthony Peratt of Los Alamos Laboratories demonstrated
experimentally that galactic structures can evolve under the influence of
electric currents. Through what is known as the pinch effect, parallel currents
converge to produce structures identical in form to spiral galaxies. On the
question of the relevance of Modified Newtonian Dynamics in explaining
anomalous galaxy rotation speeds, physicist Wal Thornhill has stated “…the
motion of galaxies is not gravity dominated. MOND may not be necessary for
galaxies.” A critical clue to the electrical nature of galaxies is the
evidence that galaxies, like stars, form along vast cosmic filaments which are
the tell-tale signs of the large-scale Birkeland currents which connect
celestial objects across unimaginable distances. And on the anomalous stellar
velocity profiles of galaxies, as we recently reported, the Electric Universe
has again been far ahead of the curve over standard cosmology. In 2018, retired
professor Dr. Donald Scott published his scientific model of galactic-scale
Birkeland currents as the cause of these anomalous stellar rotation profiles, with
no need for either Dark Matter nor Modified Newtonian Dynamics. As seen in
this graph, the predicted stellar velocities based on Dr. Scott’s model
and the actual stellar velocities measured over nearly a century compare
remarkably well. Here’s an excerpt of Dr. Scott’s presentation in the 2018 Space News:
Dark Matter – No, Birkeland Currents – Yes. The velocity in these stars, really
in the real world and they’ve been measured like this for 85 years now, they
vary as the square root of R. The last picture is a comparison of the predicted
and actual stellar velocity. So, if you take my model of the Birkeland
Current and assume that it’s feeding the rotation in the Birkeland Current is
responsible for the rotation of the galaxy, that is the comparison between
the actual velocity which is that sort of wiggly sort of a very lazy s-curve,
and the square root of R is the smoother curve there, and that’s exactly what my
Birkeland Current model predicts, should happen. So there’s no surprises and these
guys have been chasing their tails down a box canyon for 85 years now, looking
and crying out that they know that Dark Matter exists but they can’t find it.
That’s because there’s no reason for it. [Music]

100 thoughts on “No Dark Matter – Again the EU is Ahead of the Curve | Space News

  1. I would like to see some of Mr. Thornhill's work. We get to hear from him once in awhile but I want to see those little balls. LOL

  2. "Wimps" and "Mochos". Please. and these are the people we look up to as the "smart" ones. Remember these same people also gave us "queers", "morons", and "bosoms". Oops I mean quarks, muons and bosons.

  3. You know the science is bad when for a century now, 'scientists' are still trying to shoehorn the assumption from the data, even though the data does not jibe.

  4. Dark matter was theorized to exist because they calculated the mass of the universe and found it doesnt add up. it was only a theory. then they discovered the God Particle (renamed higgs boson) that control the mass of everything. a particle that is no where and everywhere at the same time. the God Particle, explain the difference in mass and disprove the Dark Matter theory.

  5. dark matter doesn't exist, it is nothing more than a mathemagical stop gap to fill the GAPING holes their cosmological model – and therein lies the problem

    maths is but a language, and as with all languages, maths is capable of describing both fantasy and fact equally well – maths alone is evidence of NOTHING! observation, measurement and repeatable experimentation are the cornerstones of 'science'

  6. Could just be my own ignorant musings but nothing I've ever heard about physics has discounted dark matter from being the range of physical matter we are familiar with we can't observe because it is moving in a different direction through time relative to us because different 4D momentum was imparted onto it at the time whatever sent us along this direction through time happened.

  7. Astrophysicists = Brainwashed Idiots (in their little members only club). But fear not. They'll invent a new impossible theory not supported by anything more potent than their own mental masturbation.

  8. saturn was our sun, then humans got bored so god sent in another sun to stir shit up. well thats what i now tell people up the pub 🙂 x x

  9. It's a scam to syphon research dollars. It appears that the physics has been misrepresented. If you admit to the Birkland Currents would that pave the way for free energy?

    You can bet the reason they act so dumb is for the money. A person does not need a high education to see that yall make the case. So the con involves keeping us in the dark, while they profit. Times are changing. Technology has woken up many people.

  10. dark matter + dark energy + black holes are all strictly fictional fudge-factors invoked
    to account (plugged into useless cosmological models) for discrepant reality of celestial processes "too fast" for a dogmatically "old" cosmos.

    if one tosses all the garbage fudge-factors, we get a clear-cut predictably plain-as-day fast celestial proceses seen in our universe as "just right" for a long historically observed young cosmos. matches perfectly, actual real observed history as recorded in the bible.

    the vast-age-needy evolutionists want their fictionally "old" cosmos to be accepted, BUT the UNCOOPERATIVE REALITY shows the cosmic objects like galaxies move in a way "too young" for their "fictionally old-needy" model… therein lies the basis of invoking imaginary magical-super-gravity forces to conflate a young real universe into an "emporer's new clothes" slowed-back-down-to-fit their vast-age-needy cosmological model.

    these vast-age-needy over-extra-fudged factors like black-dark-this-n-that to "keep fast processes appear slower" is ludicrous in that it fails everytime the observed universe happens "unexpectedly" too fast, too soon, should have been "different by now" conundrum, only IF it were actually as old as they erroneously or dogmatically PRESUME it to be, but in reality, it's never old, but always young, everywhere we look.

    their obsession with "slow processes" locally, must be "slow everywhere else" in the imaginary distant past is illogical, never observable, and unscientific.

    there are no such "slow processes" today that have necessarily existed "unchanged" in the past, we always have observed a "changing" non-constant universe.

    they have been so desperate in needing their vast-ages immutability, they go to the extreme of declaring the pure fiction of constant "universal constants" which don't really exist.

    there are, however, universal constancy ratio of variable values like c-vs-v (lightspeed variable vs plancks variable) that maintain a "stable ratio constant" over time, even though both are in flux 24/7/365 !!!

    thus, knowing the fact both c and v change over time, one can adjust such values to predict how the past cosmic plasma electromagnetic force processes could easily have been many magnitudes faster, so much so, they would have been much brighter, and easily seen "stirring/spinning/flashing" in ancient times, than now in modern times, where everything has been slowed down.

    i think the Jesus-Christ-at-Calvary "singularity" was the moment in recorded history when the entire cosmos switched abruptly from "naturally ultra-fast + bright" BEFORE that calvary-singularity, to "naturally ultra-slow + dim" AFTER that calvary-singularity.

    it matches perfectly with events recorded in New Testament gospel, when Jesus-Christ-at-Calvary happened; makes perfect sense that the Creator-God-Messiah sacrificial moment would have his creation "bow" to his act to "save" creation (to save us, in particular)

  11. I've been searching for the proper bits of a binary universe. I can't decide between "mass" and "light" or "electric force" and perpendicular "magnetic force." Anyone here have any ideas?

  12. Don't be surprised that standard cosmology announces that the universe is electric plasma and claims it as their own discovery.

  13. So just change up a theory into another theory um……ok. lol bunch of quacks!! How bout its minor lights for our viewing pleasure by God. We are important we are special we are loved!! How hard is that to understand?

  14. Maybe it's hard for the people evolved from apes to understand(pray for them!!) For all others enjoy the masterpiece God created for us!!

  15. What About this new 16-day cyclic Fast Radio Burst that was recorded in Canada?
    What could this possibly be (along with all other more intermittent FRBs) in the Electric Universe theory?

  16. Amazing video! Definitely packs a punch with the amount of real research and experimentation.
    What About this new 16-day cyclic Fast Radio Burst that was recorded in Canada?
    What could this possibly be (along with all other more intermittent FRBs) in the Electric Universe theory?

  17. The 'current' news about those periodic (12 days abouts or so ) radio pulses from a galaxy . . sounds interesting . . a binary system of some sort ?

  18. "What if everything we knew about dark matter was wrong?" – well that would have no consequence at all – as we don't know anything about it.

  19. Has the path of Birkeland currents from our star ever been mapped/traced/followed/led to the nearest stars it connects to or with?

  20. Dark Matter having gravity would destroy all the known math of the universe as we know it. Observations could no longer be trusted. Measurements of distances in deep space would be impossible. Objects becoming visible and invisible to the observer would be constant as some unseen material covers over the light from stars, and even bends it, and slows it. The existence of Dark Matter would dismantle every other theory about space and time.

  21. And how many Billions of dollars did they throw at this garbage? Funny timing considering Dark Matter theory coincides just after the peak of electrical innovation with great minds like Maxwell, Tesla, and Birkeland proving the alternative EU model. Interesting how the same people who profited from WWI and WWII also bought up the majority of institutions in the scientific, academic community as well as many other industries. It's as if done deliberately to control how people live and what people are allowed to think.

    "Coincidence is God's way of staying anonymous." … Albert Einstein… At least he was right about one thing.

  22. Even when I was a child I couldn't believe in Dark Matter. I wanted to believe in Black Holes. And forced myself to believe when the mathematics and theories just didn't work! I NEVER did believed in the expanding universe theory. Because the stars are in the same place that they were when they charted the stars thousands of years ago. But mainstream,s theories and hypothesis make great fairytales, movies and science fiction stories!! The TRUTH is ELECTRIC! The universe is PLASMIC!! And the electromagnetic attraction to the TRUTH was INEVITABLE!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ELECTRIC UNIVERSE!!! HAVE A TRULY ELECTRICAL DAY!⚡⚡⚡😊🖖

  23. It doesn't seem like progress to replace one undetected thing (dark matter), with another undetected thing (Birkeland currents).

  24. Isn't it weird how scientists are afraid to let go of their beliefs or change their beliefs as hard as religious people are to change their beliefs. Yet most who believe more in science think religions are whack. Very odd that scientists throughout history are just as awful at change as religions.

  25. I tell you what dark matter is … It is the result of equation where one side of the equation won't balance without having dark matter on the other side. In other words, it is man-made crack pot

  26. So many flat Earth enthusiasts in the comments 😉 I wonder whether you were able to agree Higgs field existed before it was discovered? Or even imagine that a neutron breaks apart to p, e, v_ because of a fundamental force which merges with electrical force at high energy?… No way! Tesla didn’t mention this. Period.

  27. try telling a bunch of zealots that no proof of god exists, or, wait I mean that dark matter doesn't exist, they will pray for you by reciting that everything has its opposite force, except gravity! dogma is something to believe in but its dogmatic, by nature!

  28. Whats with the sound drop? Just letting you know I noticed it. Also everything in the bible is true and the universe is less than 10000 years old, the 'electric universe' theory seems a lot closer to the truth than what mainstream dishonest GODless agenda driven so called "science' implies to be 'fact' to the general public. Yet not all the theories proposed by 'electric universe' proponents are right, either in findings or in justification for initial hypothesis. There is a real and criminal irony in the fact that someday everyone is going to be forced, by facts, to face the fact that the Bible really contains the facts, of the matter, literally.

  29. If you assume gravity is a shadow effect as postulated by a Scottish physicist 300 years or so ago you solve the problem. Shadows are of infinite length but up close they match Newton's equations. That is the only "assumption" you have to make and it is provably correct even withing our own solar system with the "erroneous" motions of our interplanetary probes. People like that israeli "scientist" are wilfully ignorant. I can think of no other explanation other than these "dark matter" people wanting to keep people ignorant for some reason.

  30. I've always felt electromagnetic forces are far more likely to be how solar systems work. Mainstream science tries to convince people with stuff they can't and have never proved. They might as well say space is held together with magic.

  31. Scientists using the standard model keep getting money to produce more evidence that the standard model doesn't work. What a genius scam.

  32. they don't know anything about dark matter that's why it's "dark" like it wasn't called the dark ages cause the sun went out.

  33. Called an electric web. All stars are bound together and are connected to the center which is why the closer to powerful it gets

  34. LMFAO, it doesn't matter. soon our heads will explode from all of the knowledge we will receive. things are changing. BIG TIME!

  35. I have personally questioned dark matter for about a decade way before I heard about the EU. Their entire premise was: just give us another order of magnitude of $ and we'll find it this time and they pulled that con off like 3 or 4 times over 20 years.

  36. On the side of a milk carton should read
    Missing dark matter ,weight unknown ,last seen ,unknown cost for the search of, billions.

  37. Another model that doesn't work is the Electron, Proton, Neutron Model. According to modern science these are all monopoles. And yet they're going to cluster as a nucleus? No they're not.

  38. Dark matter is nothing but a code word for the place interdimensional and multi dimensions exist the real reason for CERN. Matter without mass or virtually weightless and or almost impossible to weigh. This dimension can only be seen in the infrared spectrum with a special camera. I'm sure there are others dimensions that exist in different light spectrums that we are not privy too

  39. You better it is all wrong about dark matter, only not for the mainstream academia. But new findings will bring things to be right. The only thing that mainstream MOND needs is to substitute the gravity function by the electrical function and then, suddenly everything will be just fine……..Great video.

  40. How come nobody from the EU reached out to Joe Rogan to get on his show? This needs to happen already! Been following EUT since Comet ISON and have been waiting to see this theory go live. Please and thanks.

  41. Can you make a video about different predictions that have been made from the basis of the EU model? What kind of things are they able to predict?
    Thank you.

  42. MOND has nothing to do with plasma/electric universe rubbish

  43. It tRump can blatantly lie 20 times a day (minimum) and 35% believe him 100%, then these money-hungry scientists can lie about dark matter and keep patching their failed Standard Model for a long time with fake black hole photos and so on. And eventually, present the Electric Universe Model as their OWN invention.

  44. I will probably get bagged on for this but I consumed Peyote with friends(native american psychedelic sacrament) it is unlike many other Psyches in the clarity of mine and feelings. When at night looking up I could see what look just like these "pulsing subtle light webs" Or pathways connecting the stars and so could me friend who ingested it. We also could perceive many more stars then usual it seemed(living in rural farm area of East coast USA). Others there could not see it thought we were just being trippy. Now looking at this diagram it becomes apparent it is Birkeland currents we witnessed.

  45. Galileo: ”Do you see the moons of Jupiter”?
    Inquisitor, looking at them in telescope: ”No, I see nothing!!!!”
    When I read that incident in a history book, I understood that many idiots still exist in modern astronomy.

  46. We've been discovering and rediscovering a lot of different things very recently across the science world. I wonder what this momentum will lead to over the next 5 years. Very exciting, to say the least 👍

  47. Excellent! I was not aware that Bostic was a professor at MIT. Which is ironic as so is Alan Guth (the Nobil Prize recipient to expansionary theory ). Guth was solving x in the E=MC2+x model (x being deemed dark energy or matter). The reason for the solving of X was that the E=MC2 model failed in the required gravity to hold Galaxies together, Hence the postulation of dark energy (or dark matter) as explanation to the failed model gravity model. Yes EU your explanation all makes sense. May we pave the path to a new understanding of the cosmos. Paved in the light of truth. A old myth dies hard as so many movies, science broadcasts and investments have been thrown to waste in trying to hold onto previous scientific postulation. Its hard to get others to even listen to truth as their minds have been melded once again by false beliefs that were reinforced with repetitive false confirmations that the beliefs were truths. Keep up the great work!

  48. a little more graphic labeling would be nicer,.. it appears that the k is about 41+/- and the horizontal axis is r [which is distance?] and vertical axis is Vel.. but what is the sqrt of a negative r??? imaginary numbers ? kinda diminishes the excitement when there is no pleasure in the graphs where supposedly the secrets are revealed….. disappointed..

  49. Scam documentary, science is about proof in the case of German science mond was tested no words of electric universe don't bend science or rephrase science that's called bad science. It's not a believe

  50. Americans have to be humbled by this. Our government is so corrupt that it has even leaked into our science "facts." "Mainstream Science" needs to open up their eyes and take in some variety; there's a whole world of scientific discovery unseen.

  51. I agree there is no dark matter or energy, just improper measurements. I also believe t he big bang had an origin and not just be everywhere as physicists tell me. I also thing you are right. Now for the question that is not related to this video but one I would like you to answer in a video if you can. With the universe looked at as electric, is there any way this knowledge could change the way drive systems are made for rockets for long distance space travel. Could an electromagnetic at-tractor like the metal on a scrap yard magnet be turned on in space and take advantage of directional pull or push to generate controlled thrust at more speed than chemical rockets do? Could this be a more power effective solution to interstellar travel?

  52. Until we finally manage to make some, and prove that it exists and is quantifiable, its all just guesses and hypothesis. No one can be right or wrong in the argument because who's to say that any of the math they are using to deduce the movements of universes is correct.

  53. Then you don't KNOW it, and what you BELIEVED; Was wrong. You might want to brush up on the science of reasoning, I know I know it's just another philosophy and only scores an arts degree in trade school (University/College) but you might stop asking such fool questions. Please welcome my thanks. :)…o

  54. There's no what if. We clearly don't understand even a fraction of reality and I'd guess that it's not even possible for the human mind to comprehend (or any mind that is a product of the absolute). Hell, we can't even deal with viruses/diseases let alone understand something as complex as the nature of reality. They just make up exotic names so the public thinks they know what they're talking about.

  55. for the first time, i finally heard the EU break the political wall by mentioning "tax payer money". ive been waiting for this fight for a long time to get serious. there are people out there that will contribute funding for real progress.

  56. The EU crowd is so very correct to call out the idiotic mainstream ideas about dark matter. The crux however is in mainstream formulating the problem incorrectly. Mainstream says: '… we are 'missing' mass to account for the 'high speeds' of galaxies on cluster, and outer stars in galaxy arms…'' The solution however is in formulating the issue in reverse: We should say: ''…In cases involving high speed, we see extra (unaccounted) gravity…'.This describes the same issue, but relating it to the SPEED of mass, not just the quantity of (rest) mass. there are two components of speed for any object:
    1. Macro speed of the object itself
    2. The accumulated speed of all unaligned subatomic particles moving in / around the atoms of the object's restmass. 
    This spacetime contraction as a result of speed is nothing new. We already know this as 'length' contraction in Einstein's Special Relativity. Mainstream completely overlooks this! With respect to the EU: any and all speeds are compensated by an opposite speed notation in the energy mass continuum (electric grid if you want) by a factor -E/Kg. This translates in ST terms to -Nm/Kg or -m2/s2, which in turn is Einsteins virtual accelerate surface he used to explain gravity. So Einstein was right AND the EU is right. The combination of both is the key to full understanding…

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