Nuclear powered Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Nuclear powered Planes, Trains and Automobiles

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  1. Screw stealth, screw the planet.. But.. Like not our part… Introducing the plane no one wants to shoot down 🙄😂

  2. I never fail to learn interesting things from these films, proper great use of 'you tube', better than viewing 'people slipping on ice' etc…although that's pretty funny though, thank you, please carry on

  3. I don't trust atomic fission. Just too damn dangerous. You can have, POTENTIALLY, a million successive, but one failure would be catastrophic .

  4. Ridiculous programme. Nikola Tesla offered the world Free, Unlimited electricity forever (naturally extracted from the atmosphere) so they banned his invention. J.Edgar Hoover (FBI) confiscated all Tesla's Scientific papers upon his death in 1943. Deemed it all Top Secret and buried it somewhere. Why, because the Electrical Generating Industrialists said the invention would bankrupt them, and put all their workers in the street. And we are now short on power !!!!

  5. Complete and utter madness nuclear powered cars I wonder how many car crashes it would take to destroy England..?

  6. that locomotive is a WAG9…0.0..0.140.533.2j3……0….1..gws-wiz-img…..0..35i39.XOQkhh5aZbU&ved=0ahUKEwjIoMCOjaPkAhWwl4sKHWmHAZgQ4dUDCAU&uact=5

  7. Lead cooled reactors are being made now that have a heat transfer material that also acts a shielding. This is the key to nuclear powered trains as it shields and cools the reactors to heat air and run turbines by molten lead heat exchange loops.

  8. Also about the arbel symmetric (the nuclear one and the flying one) they are only scam and never existed there was two guy, a engineer (who was a real engineer) and an another guy who basically stole the work of the first guy, after that he sell the car in precommand and the day the car was released, the guy vanished, with the car, and all the research, and because people don't like do scammed, it's backfire on the engineer

  9. two mistakes:
    1) Tu-95LAL never flew under nuclear power. It only tested the nuclear reactor shielding and radiation levels inside and in the air, exactly the same way as B-36. As you may guess, shielding is a second mistake)

  10. I'm not sure how to put this, but this guy has an awesome voice. I actually WANTED to listen to his voice. Unlike many other youtube channels, where it's annoying voices you have to listen to 🙂

  11. well I suppose you could make a nuclear-powered drone that does not need to hide from an enemy because shooting it down would be too dangerous. Instead of stealth planes I mean. kinda like if a creeper is inside one of your Minecraft builds.

  12. I find it funny how all the artists depicting chicken out at three or four electrons, and thus depicting nuclear Energy as driven by Lithium.

  13. Like honestly history has proven that nuclear power is dangerous. Just stop this nonsense already, to many people died of this. It's disrespectful to all whom has died!

  14. Entertaining video, but I think the ending was misleading. The end examples aren't Nuclear Reactors as described but are Radioisotope Thermal Generators (RTGs). There isn't a new shielding technology behind these, they mostly produce alpha emissions which can literally be stopped by a sheet of paper. These also produce quite pathetic useful power output due to the incredibly low effeciency of the processes they use, but are however useful where there is no other reliable long term energy source available. (e.g. being really far from the sun in the outer solar system, or where solar panels may get covered in dust, for those examples given).

    I've also just realised this video is 2 years old and replying here is a waste of time, but meh. Already wrote it.

  15. 2:23 I never thought someone would be so dumb as to make spoilers with the style of airplane's tail-fins.
    "Hu-ghu-dur, cars in the future will fly, let's add tail-fins."

  16. Advancements in Nuclear energy would create advancements in Nuclear medicine equaling out the dangers. Bring back the 50's for the love of god.

  17. Nuclear powered cars and planes, as well as flying cars, are a very bad idea currently. People can barely maintain control of their relatively safe cars as it is. A major wreck happens daily in virtually every city/town in the world that has traffic. Our technology is not capable of producing a reactor that can handle pretty much a nuclear explosion without rupturing or leaking fuel/radiation.

  18. Nuclear powered cars would be virtually impossible due to gamma radiation penetrating the aluminum and the car would have to be so heavy it would take 50 years for engines to even be close to being able to accelerate the car

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