Off grid DIY Duel Axis Automatic Solar Tracker Design and Installation

Off grid DIY Duel Axis Automatic Solar Tracker Design and Installation

hello it’s Dan again here I’m up on my 00:05
very scary treehouse solar array the 00:10
first one I built last year I got a 00:13
little bit of glare but just to give you 00:15
an idea of how insane this is I’m at 00:19
treetop level all around and I built 00:23
this little rickety platform and I had 00:27
no choice 00:28
no Sun on the ground anyhow this is a 00:32
dual access solar panel you see how it 00:35
swivels so the Evening Sun is down here 00:39
warning says it’s way over there I pull 00:42
it with ropes now see where that hinges 00:44
there’s a bolt that bolt lets it pivot 00:49
forward and back I have it screwed off 00:52
for winter time right now but in the 00:54
summer I relieve that and I could easily 00:57
put a solar tracker on on both access so 01:01
your solar tracker goes right under the 01:02
by that huge there and if your panels 01:05
are well balanced there won’t be any 01:06
stress right now I have it set for mid 01:10
mid noon Sun anyhow you see I used old 01:16
sawhorse screws we had some 50 mile an 01:20
hour winds I was watching it like a hawk 01:22
the whole tree 01:24
the whole tree shakes because I’m at the 01:28
very tippy top 01:29
but astoundingly it was not affected the 01:33
wind pulls on both sides of the panel’s 01:35
equally and it held and I’m not even 01:38
done yet this is just one year in as an 01:43
experiment so so there it is if you can 01:46
see how it would pivot like the seesaw 01:49
there you know both ways he also goes 01:51
forward and back but this is the one I’m 01:52
using primarily the other access you’d 01:56
like to change spring fall and you know 01:59
winter winter time so there it is 02:06
right across the way there I’m on the 02:08
I’m on one solar tracker treehouse here 02:15
and right across the treetops about 02:20
another 30 feet up on a that’s like a 02:24
90-foot mount is my other array and at 02:29
the very top you can see my new windmill 02:32
we don’t have any wind here but on the 02:35
stormy winter nights that thing will be 02:37
ripping so I only iBank on the solar all 02:42
summer long 02:42
well summer spring and fall winter I get 02:47
reduced production maybe fifteen twenty 02:49
percent of my normal input so hopefully 02:54
that windmill and I have another one in 02:57
the house that’s going on top of this 02:59

One thought on “Off grid DIY Duel Axis Automatic Solar Tracker Design and Installation

  1. The tree will grow fluffy, and secondary growth is already starting. I will trim it like a Chinese Bonsai and water it well when I water my garden, below. Some extreme "tree hugger " types might try to demonize my installation as cruel to the tree, but I could have just cut them all down. Instead, I love my trees, and this is the beginning of a symbiotic and loving relationship that will last until I die. The tree will live on.

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