Off to Cuba ~ 2 Headed Gator, WW2 Ship, Da Beach

Off to Cuba ~ 2 Headed Gator, WW2 Ship, Da Beach

morning everybody feeling a lot better
every single day now it’s getting better and better although it is gonna take at
least another week to fully get over my bronchitis again I’m still not
contagious or anything but I want to I want to film some stuff for YouTube
because it’s been it’s been a tough month with being sick with the flu and
bronchitis and not making any money with my Disney videos I need I need some
content to help pay the bills so we’re gonna have a me day
well a me day with you on the other side of the lens I’ve never never really
explored much of Tampa I don’t even think I’ve ever stopped in Tampa in my
life so we’ll get Roxy warm here and then
we’ll go we’ll go play in Tampa today we’ll take it easy though you know
because I still don’t don’t feel my best but yeah and see all the Spanish moss I
love it I love it all right let me go feed Jackson got
some fun today all right guys my first attempted moto
vlogging here on the Honda rebel I got the microphone tucked underneath the
helmet here I don’t know if it’s working or not or if they’re still wind getting
in there I know one thing I don’t like being behind this truck because all this
netfloor – shrubbery has got in the back just does not look very secure so I’m
just gonna take it easy I want something to fall out and hit me
oh yeah it looks like we’re 22 minutes away from downtown Tampa so we’ll just
kind of enjoy the scenery here and sunshine and have a good have a good
little ride here how’s that sound I sure love having this motorcycle it is
a blessing for someone in an RV because otherwise there’s no way the RV would
get to places like this I wouldn’t I just wouldn’t take the RV downtown Tampa
there’s no way I’ll also mention the Tampa RV show is
coming up I’d like to go I just don’t know about
timing – 8c well it’s starting to feel a little
bit like industrial Tampa just a lot more businesses and stuff
he’s a big muffler man guy over there holding uh I don’t know what he’s
holding a wrench advertising for automotive services okay
cool fifty-five miles an hour through here
love it man having a bike is so fun
it just makes so much sense there’s my cough come back
now that sign just said Tampa City Limits so we are now officially in Tampa
Florida Oh see the city line over there
obviously not sure how close we are there’s the city
not exactly the prettiest sight but Tampa Bay okay actually like this part of town
though called those palm trees I love me some palm trees
yes I forgot my gloves today but they were in the helmet but I didn’t feel
like going back in flight I doubt it set the alarm on the RV and everything how’s
the view working how’s the microphone working you guys like like going on bike
rides with me I don’t do it too often my channel is more about RV life but still
this is an extension of the RV makes us so that I can see more and share more in
a practical way mm-hmm gonna make a stop up here at a historical marker you might
be interested to see what it is though it’s gonna be that building right in
front of us so what is now the Columbia restaurant behind me this facade in the
middle here they have some markers so we’ll go check those out right now
it’s a beautiful building I’ll give you that I love the tile work in detail here
but the sign here the Rough Riders Road here
1898 the intersection of 7th Avenue and 22nd Street was a sandy cross road
connecting three army encampments in that Ybor City area during the
spanish-american war Oh Theodore Roosevelt and his gang on horseback were
called the Rough Riders and they made this spot here in Ybor I asked somebody
how to pronounce it y bo r because I would have butchered it another little
note here on the other side says Colonel Teddy Roosevelt frequently rode by here
on his horse named Texas and his little dog named Cuba that’s that that’s pretty
cool I never say I don’t take you guys places we are in the United States
however this this is the park amigos de Jose Marti this little point 1/4 acre
piece of land that we’re stepping into is technically owned by Cuba yeah well
plaque here from 1893 gave some refuge to some people I guess so so that’s what
we got Isle de Cuba uh-huh with the American flag and the Cuba flag waving
high here in Tampa that’s dick reminding me that it’s still there ok that’s
different that’s different little piece of Cuba right here in Florida on the
mainland very cool ok the downtown Tampa trolley that’s cool
not necessarily going to be filming every little ride on the bike from place
to place I’m doing some walking too but at least you know I can get around and
stop a little stuff like this you guys know how much I love my quirky metal art
installations all over the country I appreciate businesses that put stuff
like this and builds that this is a welding shop and he’s got a machine gun
and everything like that that’s actually pretty awesome this one here looks like
a Greek soldier of some kind and this guy is in a bunker and there you go
rustic steel creations thanks for putting some cool stuff out front for
advertising give you some free advertising weird stuff though – I mean
I can’t explain quite all of it but okay you’re doing a great job there buddy
keep pushing whatever you’re pushing there so there’s a legit folk tale hear
about the two-headed alligator in these parts here’s a concrete mosaic version
of it apparently there’s a couple more
sculptures around here it’s from the folktale bite or smite something about
good karma and a rabbit I can’t find a whole lot of information on the story
but it is quirky nonetheless yeah yeah okay all right you know I’ve seen quite
a few of these another futuro home this one’s in pretty good condition
I think it’s built the way they were supposed to be built up high and unlevel
and stuff it’s good take a closer look at it can see this one actually has all
of the windows around it and there’s an air conditioning unit looks like there’s
plumbing so this one is exactly how they were meant to be probably a little
staircase that goes up into it very cool also ironic this is a strip club below
the futuristic futuro house mr. Club interesting just a gray wall behind me
that’s all it is it’s not all it is this monster beast aptly named the American
victory is one of only four surviving fully functional World War two ships excuse me
ships in the u.s. fully functional I might add she’s a beaut Clark we’re here
at a terminal two here in Tampa what a beast right that’s not Tampa Bay out
there like I said that’s just this is just the marina here and at the time of
me filming this there still is no World War three officially but if you’ve been
following the news us and Iran and everything going on things could change
things could change here in 2020 but for right now just a just a sleeping beast
there yeah I think what I’m gonna do is go try to find some beauty in Tampa
let’s go find the Tampa Bay it’s actually go find it the white sand and
blue skies and all that stuff ooh security notice maersk level one yeah I
don’t think we have that clearance guys so yeah let me look on the maps google
some stuff and go find some nice scenery okay everybody excuse me sorry
what’s palm-trees lotsa happy happy Eric almost some white sand down here but not
not really as pretty as I envisioned it over all these years every time I’ve
heard Tampa Bay said I see it as a place as pretty as like Panama City Beach and
it’s not it’s it’s just a bay you know you probably got to go to the Gulf of
Mexico side of Tampa to really see the the green blue water everywhere and pure
white but I’ll take it I seem to have found a little deserted park here where
nobody’s at and I finally feel like I’m in Florida I finally feel it yeah it’s
about 76 degrees today here although on the bike when you’re going 55 miles an
hour it’s significantly 20 degrees colder than that
yeah I’d almost call that weights and it is that’s what you saying man nice
little ride thanks for coming along with me guys I’m gonna carefully head on back
here a little bit I’m gonna sit down in that chair first off Cameron soak in the
bay a little bit though I see you’ve just made yourself right at
home haven’t you now Oh sunbathing on the concrete all right
miss me you didn’t miss me but but I have the power to the food bowl looks
like you’re petting your out yourself yeah Oh big stretches what a rough day
you had oh my god I was so much sleeping that you did yes I had a really good
ride today it was fun it was nice and sunny changed my spirits I’m just gonna
have to be patient getting over the last bit of this bronchitis
but I’ve told the guys here that I’m not contagious doc says so maybe going out
with them one day before I leave would be fine all right so anyway Jax and I
will we’ll see you next time on the nomadic fanatic show of example hey guys

52 thoughts on “Off to Cuba ~ 2 Headed Gator, WW2 Ship, Da Beach

  1. Yep your not 100 % however good effort . The bike auto is good , nice Change up ๐Ÿ˜ป be safe one handed biker ๐Ÿคช ๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป

  2. I am sorry you are not feeling good but this is life and you will not always be up to showing your life on view making videos Stop worrying it will make you worse About your last video and the lack of weight loss what I have found that even though you can have a cheat day you still have to watch what you eat Keep going you are great ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That was a lot of fun. I hope you continue to get well so that your no longer having to struggle with that cough. I feel bad for you when you're trying to talk and that scratching us in your throat grabs your attention and makes you cough. But I really enjoyed the motorcycle ride. It really feels like I'm going fast even though I'm just sitting here and my Barcalounger. Thank you so much. I remember Tampa as looking different than that when I was there last but that was many many years ago. Thanks so much. Great to see Jax out there sunning himself. Looking forward to seeing you again real soon and wherever you end up. Enjoy that nice weather. Bye from Michigan.

  4. Not just the RV Show, look up the Tampa Pirate Festival. For Panama City type beaches, head over to St Petersburg Beach.

  5. Hey; Eric the ufo was from a nude bar 2001 off Dale Mabry in North West Tampa, Hey good pizza place is West Shore Grimaldi Pizzeria is Very Very good. 253 Westshore Plaza, Tampa, FL 33609 MYK

  6. Hey; Eric the ufo was from a nude bar 2001 off Dale Mabry in North West Tampa, Hey good pizza place is West Shore Grimaldi Pizzeria is Very Very good. 253 Westshore Plaza, Tampa, FL 33609 MYK

  7. I lived in Tampa from 84-90. I found myself looking for familiar sights on your trip. Thanks for the ride. I see the strip club is still there. LOL

    You really need to visit Lettuce Lake Park. It is a must.

  8. Thanks E, We luv'd the bike tour something different for a change. Hope you get well soon. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  9. Fun day adventure. Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Liberty Ship 2,710 built during WWII The one in Tampa is a Victory ship which had a more modern design and turbine engine. 531 of them were built.

  11. I love the beach! Especially ones without tons of people! Glad you are on the mend and your spirits are perking back up! Make some chicken soup with your broccoli and chicken breast! Be blessed!

  12. If you are still in the area of Tampa you owe it to yourself as a musician to see the Sam Ash music store in Clearwater. They took over the former restaurant called The Kapok Tree Inn. Store is located at 923 McMullen Booth Rd, Clearwater, FL. Most unusual music store you will find. You will not be disappointed.

  13. I've had a question about long time RVers that I've never asked. You just answered that question. The question was, "Do you follow the news or at least have an idea of what's going on outside of your immediate area?" Another great video from Eric and Jax. Take care.

  14. Great video. Must be little harder finding a M.D. on the road. I would bet urgent care clinic very helpful. Even at home 1 or 2 week wait to see a Doctor these days.

  15. Heyyyyyy You're in my hometown of Tampa! Ok FYI…Ybor City is pronounced Ebor City. Check out Anna Maria Island that's a nice beach and Shepherd's Grill n Bar on the beach in Clearwater beach! Take your time getting better also don't rush things… Enjoy!!

  16. I think you would enjoy visiting the Big Cats Rescue in NE part of Tampa – lions, tigers, leopards, etc. Glad you're on the mend. Take care.

  17. "Just a bay" ????? It's a beautiful ocean gulf that most people are never fortunate to experience. Might wanna re-evaluate your mindset. Just sayin'. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. ya vlog it all brother..mic turned out nice too eh. you not monatize the Disney vlog videos??.. that star wars one was nuts!!

  19. Got a flu shot and you got the flu huh. You don't hang out in large crowds of people or work in a confined office space with sick people, why get a flu shot? You changed your diet, got a flu shot and your body is rebelling. You look good anyway and sound pretty good as well. Great video and the sound system on the bike was really ๐Ÿ‘

  20. You should really check out the U.S.S Alabama (WW2 Battleship) in Mobile Bay. Would make one heck of a tour vlog! Oh, and a 30 minute drive down and around the bay is Fort Morgan; a fort built before 1812 that has soooo much history attached to it.

  21. Eric don't cover your mouth when you cough especially when you're not in public around a whole bunch of people. You just putting the germs on your hands.

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