Ooitech 5MW solar panel production line for small panels factory build in India SUNUSA company

Ooi photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd professional solar panelproduction line manufacturer we provide auto /semi laminator framing machine and tester and training for new project, have customers in US Mexico India Egypt China … our WhatsApp is +8618571645990 and email [email protected] our WhatsApp is +8618571645990 and email [email protected] @Ooitech, we produce 3~5MW semi auto production line 2211 2222 and customization solar panel laminator, framing machine and other tools full auto solar panel production line, 3622 and customization solar laminator, framing machine and solar panel tester, solar cell tester, solar cell cutting machines for any help please feel free to contact us email [email protected] Skype margret200789 and WhatsApp +8618571645990 email [email protected] Skype margret200789 and WhatsApp +8618571645990 Copyright Ooitech company . All rights reserved. visit www.ooitech.com to get more information and solutions thanks for watching these videos In honor of your trust and cooperate with us to grow up together! Thanks Again For Everything Thanks Again For Everything www.ooitech.com these not be reposted without the explicit permission of Ooitech tel +8618571645990 email [email protected] @2015~2016

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