Operation Jericho – Military Action Short

Shadow Base, this is Shadow 6-2. Do you copy? Over. Shadow Base, this is Shadow 6-2. Do you copy?! Over! [Radio Transmission] “Shadow 6-2 this is Shadow Base. Go-ahead with your transmission.” Operation Jericho is compromised. Requesting Angel fire Immediately. I say again: Requesting Angel Fire immediately. How copy? [In-audible Radio Garble] Shadow base, did not copy your last. Fuck. We gotta get up higher. Shhh… Get Ready… Our Target is the Inguri Dam, located in the Caucasus Mountains 45 KM south of the Russian Border The dam was seized by separatist rebels and they have since converted it to a chemical weapons facility that they have
concealed at the bottom of the reservoir. Now obviously this is bad news for our
regional allies so we need to destroy the dam, but we can’t allow word to spread that U.S. Boots are on the ground because it’s only gonna complicate things. Zeke, give us our demo plan. Alright guys, we need to plant C4 Demo charges on these four support beams of the structure. Alpha Team will take demos 1 and 2, Bravo, you guys got 3 and 4. Mikey, you’re gonna lead Bravo team through this diversion tunnel at the southeast side of the dam. Zeke, you’re on Comms and you’re with me. Here, have a look. She’s a beast. It’s gonna be a bitch taking her down. Yeah well that’s why they picked you for the job, Zeke. We got some party crashers at the front door. You’re gonna have to find us another way in. [Radio] “Heads up Alpha One: Enemy Armor inbound, southeast.” Man, these guys are rollin’ deep. Looks like Intel fucked us again… Why am I not surprised? I think I got another way for us… We can take this spillway to the inside of the dam. The only problem is, it’s at the bottom of the canyon, so we’ll have to hump it down about 800 feet to get in. Piece-of-cake. Bravo 1, front entrance is locked down… We’re gonna slip in the back door. [Radio] “Don’t forget the KY Jelly.” [Laughing] I walked right into that one… Hey, Hold up. This is the sweet spot. Alright let’s get this done. Bravo Team, demo 1 is set. [Radio] “Roger that. We’re Oscar-Mic to site 4.” Shhh! Back up. Fuck! Shit… [Radio] Russian yelling. [Radio] “Alpha 1, what the fuck is going on down there!?” We just got made. Abort! What about the fuckin’ charges? Forget them! Let’s go! Where the fuck are we? Let’s go this way! [Radio] ” Alpha 1 are you fucking serious right now?!” You fucking heard me, Mikey. Abort! Zeke! What we got? We’re not going this way… Alright… Come on. We gotta go back. Up the ladder! Go! Bravo team, fall back to rally point foxtrot. [Radio] “Copy that, we’re falling back.” [Radio] “Alpha 1! This is Bravo team! “We’re taking some serious fucking fire here!” Calm down, Mikey! Tell us where you’re at. [Radio] “We’re not gonna make it out of here. They got us pinned!” Alright… Mikey, just hang tight. We’re coming back to you! [Radio] “There’s no fucking time for that!” “Josh, tell my wife I’ll always be with her.” Mikey, stop! Listen to me! [Radio] “Sanchez, blow the fucking charges!” Mikey!! Shit! Get down! Mother-fucker! Get the fuck up! Fuck you! Shadow Base, this is Shadow 6-2. Do you copy? Over. Requesting Angel fire immediately. I say again: requesting Angel fire. [Radio] “Solid copy Shadow 6-2. Scrambling fast movers now.” Shadow base, did not copy your last – [in-audible radio garble] [Radio] “Shadow 6-2 I say again: fast movers are in route on your —” Suck on this! Go! Fall Back! Move! Josh! Move! Moving! Mother-fucker! Zeke, to me! They’re moving up on the right flank! Zeke! This way! Moving! Mag change! Cover! Oh Fuck! Keep moving! Go! Mother Fucker shot me in the ass! Keep on going man! Almost there! Get the fuck up! Come on! [Pilot] “Targets verified. Splash is inbound.” Keep moving! [Pilot] “Positives on impact. That’s a hit. Merry Christmas.”

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