SCI-Arc/Caltech’s Solar Decathlon 2011 Architecture Audiovisual Presentation

California is the home of innovation where new ideas are born. We’ve been pioneers in raising environmental standards and advancing clean energy. We embody this in our active lifestyle and in the technology we use. This tech is in our lives, but not in our homes. SCI-Arc and Caltech have teamed up for the 2011 […]

NASA’s WFIRST Space Telescope Will Offer an Unprecedented Look at the Universe

You may have heard that it’s not smart to look directly at the Sun, and that’s for good reason—it’s pretty bad for you. But it turns out that stars can be problematic in a similar way when we’re looking out into space: their glare can stop us from seeing the stuff we want to see. […]

Have You Seen Your Electric Bill Lately? | Why Anaheim Residents are Switching to Solar Energy

Semper Solaris Anaheim, Have you seen your electric bill lately? Anaheim residents are fed up with rising electric rates, and for good reason! With electric rates at an all-time high and time-of-use rates in full effect, Anaheim residents are switching to solar energy Solar panels have made huge strides over the years regarding technology and […]

Basic Auction Design for Low-cost Renewable Energy Procurement

Hello everyone around the world this is another session of the International cellular lines expert training course, I Am dr. David Jacob speaking here from Berlin, Germany This session session 10 will deal with option design renewable energy auctions and in particular we will talk about basic auction design in order to procure low-cost renewable […]

A história da Coreia do Norte. E de seu programa nuclear

Today North Korea represents one of the greatest atomic threats to the world. The arsenal of ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads developed by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un placed part of the planet under the destructive reach of a closed and unpredictable regime. Sometimes Kim is introduced as an irrational political actor. And North Korea, […]

The Check In: Rick Perry and the Department of Energy

-Many of President Trump’s nominees to top government positions have been questionable, but perhaps none more so than his choice to head the Department of Energy, Rick Perry, who once wanted to abolish the very agency he’s now leading. So we decided to take a break from the breaking news of the day and see […]

Off-grid Solar Market: Trends, Challenges, Success Stories and Future Outlook, Part 2

>>Hugo: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I’m very happy to welcome you to the second part of the module on the off-grid solar market. In the previous section, we have seen past trends and notable changes. This section is devoted to some of the remarkable success stories the industry has produced, as well as to a […]

Introduction to Solar Policies: RPS, FITs, Auctions and Net Metering

>>David: Hello, everyone around the globe. Welcome to the next session of the International Solar Alliance Expert Training Course. This session is an introduction to support mechanisms, for solar PV. We’re dealing with the major support mechanisms, including renewable portfolio standards, net metering, feed in tariffs, auctions, but also, fiscal incentives and other incentives. So, […]

Can Solar Technology Kill Cancer Cells? | Michigan State University

(inspiring piano music) Not all scientific breakthroughs at MSU happen in labs For Sophia and Richard Lunt, these moments occur while walking Their latest discovery took technology reserved for solar energy and applied it to cancer research The scientists found that by controlling fluorescent dyes with light it may be possible to scan and even […]