PEGASUS – Your Portable Outdoor Solar Generator by ACOPOWER

PEGASUS – Your Portable Outdoor Solar Generator by ACOPOWER

The Pegasus is a powerful generator built to meet the fast-growing demands for portable power supplies. The generator is aesthetically pleasing, capable of multiple ways of charging, has an extensive number of output ports and has one of the highest total power output ratings on the market today. The Pegasus is ideal for outdoor activities and functions as an emergency, industrial, and indoor power station. The application of the Pegasus is only limited to your imagination. It is able to charge laptops, phones, freezers, drones, Cameras, projectors, and all at the same time. The LED lights can be both used for lighting and emergency SOS. The 600 watt-hour Pegasus is powerful. it can fully charge in a phone over 80 times, a Laptop over 10 times, it can power a lamp for over a hundred and forty five hours and an electric razor for over 300 hours. The LCD screen displays battery percentage, tracks charging in the usage of nine independent output ports, which are capable of the total output of 500 watts. Hello, my name is Ulysses. I like to go camping. I took this out and gave it a try. It exceeded my expectations honestly, and it’s lightweight. I could take it anywhere as it One time I decided to take out my girlfriend to camping. She likes oranges so I decided to bring a little blender. So I just chopped up a couple of oranges, connected the blender into the Pegasus, and I’m able to get it to my girlfriend, and she’s very like happy She’s surprised. With advanced technologies, Pegasus not only can be charged with a wall outlet or a car charging port with ease, but also from solar energy which is free, sustainable, inexhaustible, and available in any environment. The Pegasus is equipped with a pure sine wave inverter and a battery management system which automatically protects your Pegasus and devices. The MPPT charging technology allows Pegasus to be charged with a wide range of input voltages ranging from 5 to 32 volts, making the Pegasus compatible with most solar panels with Universal MC4 connectors. It also shortens the charge time to 7.5 hours with 99% efficiency. Pegasus is the perfect power solution It is the best power supply for camping. At ACOPower, our vision is to power your green life. We specialize in power generation, storage, and appliances. With Pegasus generator, you can be sure that your next experience will be an enjoyable one.

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  1. Es geht keine Kaffeemaschine …….. Ich habe ein Polaroid 440 $, das ist genug für Camping? 6houts of television…..

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  3. 1) Which lithium chemistry? Cobalt? Lithium Iron Phosphate? etc.
    2) Are replacement batteries available, and if so, how much?

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