Pizza Hanky? Railroad Change, & Gulf Coast Camping!!!

Pizza Hanky? Railroad Change, & Gulf Coast Camping!!!

good morning everyone from rainy chilly
Tomball Texas I knew there was a reason I upgraded and purchased a weather
sealed camera body and lens because I can’t take a month off we’re breaking
records here in Texas for rain it may rain every day for the next week but it
won’t rain all day in fact a little fun fact for you I know Seattle Washington
where I’m from is well known for crazy amounts of rain according to the Weather
Channel Seattle averages 38 inches of rain per
year what do you think Houston averages per year Houston Texas 53 inches of rain
it rains much more here in Texas than it does in rainy Seattle Washington that is
an absolute fact that not too many people pay attention to what the heck is
that you know it looks like a strange happy joint doesn’t it
I think he’s supposed to be holding a pizza though I think this is a happy
hankie pizza guy I don’t know I’m just as confused as you what do you think are
we on the existing grounds of an old pizza joint here actually I just said it
and I realized it it’s a pizza joint it is literally but it has since burned
down or something so you guys stay warm and dry there wherever you’re at and
you’re gonna come along with me as we go hit the Gulf today officially here in a
rainy Texas yeah by the way I do have some really nice rain gear and some
boots so if I need all that later I’ve got it in the RV don’t need it right the
second though it’s a railroad town hence this cute little red caboose out
front here in their City Park again we’re in Tomball Texas originally named
Peck Texas but renamed Tom ball here is the original train station here in
Tomball there’s your waiting room they kept it really nice and modernly updated
to a point here but you may have heard of a man named
Thomas ball from the railroad of course right well Thomas ball helped
bring the railroad to peck Texas therefore they renamed this town
Tom ball Tom ball and here you have a statue of mr. Thomas ball along with his
dog the railroad dog guess his name its spike of course
who’s a good woofer who needs chin scratches mr. spike hates the chin
scratches Eric people are starting to stare anyway thanks for getting the
railroad in here buddy appreciate it anyway
let’s put on some miles now we’re going this way in Texas what do you think are
doing get something you want to tell everybody do you want to admit what you
just did you don’t want to talk about it huh checks you were bad it’s been a long
time buddy Jack’s helped himself to one of my
camera cords well we were just outside that is fresh right there you must have
got bored so we’re just not gonna keep that plugged in in case it doesn’t that
doesn’t look good right there um I hope that you got it out of your system for
the day you think you think we’re good for biting cords and stuff cool man all
right how you doing Jack’s your tiny little head is kind of sticking out in
part of the screen and when this other camera dies I don’t have a way to charge
it so I’d actually don’t have one of those cords it’s not microUSB it’s the
older style well thicker chunkier you I don’t even
know what you call it can’t find him a Walmart gonna have to just buy it 20
pack Jack’s right there buy a 20 pack from China proudly yeah so we’ll get on
the road I’m gonna avoid the inner city of Houston I’ve already filmed some
Houston stuff before us I don’t need to drive through in my RV just to impress
everybody well we’ll avoid it
and go look for speech some Gulf Beach its plan yeah now we are in the land of cheap gas in
Texas I’ll tell you what there was a sign back there for a pilot 180 for a
dollar 80 for a gallon and plus I get my five
cent discount which would have brought it down to a dollar 79 a gallon however
like five miles before the pilot was a sign for Bucky’s farther up and I never
miss an opportunity to stop at a Texas Bucky’s so that’s where we’re going in a
couple miles here I don’t even know what the price is gonna be but it’s always
worth a go into Bucky’s here we go the Texas sized travel center these are all
gas pumps folks you’ve never experienced it in person and you’re traveling in
Texas highly recommend yeah you make a stop at a Bucky’s it’s fun they don’t
advertise their gas price so I’m gonna I’m gonna pull up to the pump and find
out it’s not advertised but you don’t come here for the gas like the cheapest
gas price you come here for the Bucky’s experience inside in the bathrooms that
nice El Camino getting all dirty out here in Texas rain though I counted the
gas pumps here at the Baytown Texas Bucky’s 120 gas pumps here check the
price one ninety a gallon for regular that’s still not bad in 243 for diesel
all things considered that’s still a fantastic price so I’m gonna fill up
Miranda here and then I’ll grab my iPhone it’s a little less it’s a little
more discreet and I’ll take you inside we’ll get some get some coffee at least
I just sigh phone video by the way but I get to go finally refill my Bucky’s cup
at a Bucky to spend a while man hey Bucky how you doing go get some of your
delicious coffee in there it’s a gas station that sells everything
even barbecue rays it’s kind of funny to me
got everything in here soft drinks are 59 cents Spence for extra-large
and they’re making more meat here delicious nobody like that and a fresh
deli that’ll make anything you want you just make your order right here on this
screen and they’ll make it and the whole back of the store is all Bucky’s
merchandise type of stuff you might find it like a Cracker Barrel except a lot
more of it and Bucky’s related it’s funny the other reason why I brought the
phone instead of the big cameras because I wanted to show the bathrooms I know
that doesn’t sound very interesting but again if you’ve never seen a Bucky’s
restroom go check it out see how busy it is
see it says world-famous restrooms okay now fill me in the restroom I get
out here yeah they got a sweet tea and unsweetened tea all kinds of hot
chocolate and stuff like of their house blend fresh ground coffee and I’m gonna
go with the dark roast here in Murph are you not impressed
Bucky’s all right so we bypassed Houston essentially we still hit Houston traffic
but we basically bypassed Houston which is a good thing and now I’m going to do
something a little different I’m going to watch my tail swing as I turn right
so I don’t hit the pump I gotta get out even farther still can’t turn thank you
for waiting and now I can turn I appreciate it anyone fire he understands
the RB tail swing thing gonna go down to the beach the Gulf of Mexico side kind
of between Galveston and Corpus Christi area and the reason why is because on
free campsites net it talks about a stretch of beach where you can boondock
on the beach but not on the sand you get to boondock right off the highway like
the Beach Road and I don’t know if it’s true or not but I figure it’s worth a
shot so I got some driving to do about an hour more and the rain will be on and
off so thanks for the blinker so I’ll just drive and let you know when
we get close and show you what it looks like when we get there okay there’s not
gonna be much to see for a little bit it’s just gonna be
raining now we’ve been going straight south for about 50 miles I mean as South
is perfectly due south as you can possibly go we’re gonna go up this
overpass over one last little bit of fresh water here and then off in the
distance get to the top here might be able to see
that no I don’t see it yet well anyway it’s getting easier and foggier and I
can smell the salt in the air just three miles ahead there’s no more
road we will hit the Gulf of Mexico saltwater and that’s my target area you
don’t really know what to expect when we get there I wish you could smell the
salt in the air it’s so refreshing got some oil rigs off to our right pumping that oil local oil that’s why we
can get gas for so cheap hey wait I’m going to turn right here it says picnic
area and we’re on a Texas Highway so this is an approved spot to overnight
park we’re still two miles from the Gulf but technically I just want a peek at
this am I gonna hit those branches on the left side yeah thanks these are
these are really great you know so as a backup option you can park and remain in
your vehicle for 24 hours here at this little spot which doesn’t have a view of
anything nice here in the winter but still actually I’m gonna stop and I’m in
a pin it so that if I ever want to come back and use this spot or if I don’t
like when we get to the goal all right bend and I would just park in the grass
here probably that’s what I would do you know picnic table there no other
facilities just a just a garbage can but yeah now let’s go back out here now welcome to hi Island established 1837
okay got some construction going on here but we have hit the end we’re gonna
swerve to the right because there’s the Gulf of Mexico right there pretty cool I
can see some waves out there and there’s an RV right there with a pretty good
idea to boondock I like that idea I’m gonna go park right next to that RV
guys you have a go camp right next to him no I’m not like that everybody else
is like that I don’t do that I just love the look of the waves now if it were a
nice day right now can you even imagine what this would look like with blue
skies and white sandy beaches and everything on a day like today we have
we have hit the spot where free campsite says you can park for the next three
miles on the gulf side I don’t see anywhere to park over off to our left it
also looks like it’s been recently paved so they may have made some changes right
there right I’m gonna I’m gonna flip one way I’m gonna flip one hang on I’ll get
back to you well you know what that blacktop it has a major edge to it don’t
mind me just driving a 32 foot or be making a u-turn on the tiny road using
my camera so I don’t go off the road I mean see essentially yeah see that
there’s just too much of an edge right here and you can’t park here I mean
they’re going 55 miles an hour but still nobody behind me okay I see some tire
print is that soft sand no I think we’re okay I’m gonna go down bump okay oh my
gosh I think this will work I think I can even get level watch this hole think
you can Eric I think I can right there no a little farther to the
right to the left wait every level feels level I think
right here Wow guys oh man I am ten feet from the Gulf of Mexico it’s not as pretty as say panama city
side of this but still and a couple other things to point out
is that we’re gonna have some highway noise but combined the highway noise
with ocean noise it’s fine for me it’s not for everybody it is fine for me
I’ve got cellular service here for Verizon and AT&T so you know and what
I’m parked in is like a shell mix like rocks and shale I mean it’s kind of soft
I don’t think you can really get stuck in it but you can definitely see that it
gives a little bit with the weight of the RV as you can see my tire tracks as
the rain hits overnight and stuff it could change out here three o’clock that
means it’s a time to eat my first meal today so then go inside and go come back
out later if it’s if it’s nicer what do you think Jax it’s been a while since
we’ve had a view like this outside our door huh it’s been a long time it’s just gorgeous does Jack’s man need
any kibbles he needs some cable how many two or
three how many cables jacks no you just want to look ok man I want to look to add some bacon to my morning routine
with eggs need a little bit of saturated fat in my diet apparently so I’m making
off of a bunch of bacon here and then I’ll put in the fridge microwave up one
or two pieces every morning with my scrambled eggs now let’s plan we’ve got
satellite TV so I’m watching some NASCAR and I’m keeping an eye on the water out
here I know some people may be a little uneasy you know because this is a titel
coast here that comes in and out we got a little bit of a jetty here concrete
jetty but you know you can find all the information you need on Thai it’s online
just enter in your city say you know tide so it’ll tell you the timetables
high and low and I’ve spent a lot of time out here at the Texas Gulf not this
area but I know all about it there’s no reason to freak out yes it’s
gonna come in and go out several times throughout each day but uh not paranoid
not scared alright Bacon’s done it is still raining
actually it’s picking up a little bit more as I step outside but just check
the website and we are at high tide in about four minutes here in 550 something
so that’s a good thing that way I go to bed tonight and at like 12:30 in the
morning is low tide out there I’d rather have the high tide when I’m awake but
you can see there’s really nothing to worry about unless it’s a super high
tide could it jump this barrier and splash yeah it’s not gonna be that big a
deal and otherwise gonna be doing most of my activities indoors tonight finish
up this NASCAR race on a delay keep an eye on the water
and yeah windy and moist windy and moist out here yeah but the other thing is
surprisingly there’s a lot of ganache or maybe they’re not Nats maybe they’re
just tiny little ocean bugs or something and they’re sticking to the outside of
the screen right here it’s just kind of really high humidity 86% humidity right
now so trying to keep the windows open plus I’ve been cooking I don’t have to
do chicken tonight because we just get chicken at Bob’s house a couple days ago
but I do got a steamed some some carrots for my weekly meals otherwise the
chickens already done see Bacon’s done yeah and then I just got to do my
workout I am obviously late because of the weather yeah I’ll uh tune back in
later though good morning everyone it is the next day
I slept really well the traffic noise didn’t bother me too much you know even
overnight you’re still having a truck or a car go by once once every ten minutes
or so and yeah you know what it’s funny that certain things bother me and other
things don’t as long as I’m near the ocean I seem to
be okay and we’re still about two hours from the lowest tide so you can see how
much more beach is available now and it’s still going out I didn’t have any
problems still don’t know if it’s a hundred percent of proved to camp here
but it worked for me so you’ll be seeing some GPS coordinates right here exactly
where I parked just take into consideration that this is not an
endorsement I’m not proving that you can do it it may work for you too I did get
a dense fog warning this morning and when I woke up so I don’t know you can
see how hazy and foggy it is if I go back to this side even back here towards
the mainland very very foggy this morning anyways just wanted to come out
here and say goodbye before the rain starts again this morning
hopefully hopefully I can escape the rain eventually somewhere in Texas but
no we are on day 9 of straight rain every single day
and at least four more days now a rain hilarious man you guys take care
Jackson I’ll see you real soon bye bye also real quick there is a secret
private video in the video description below for my weight loss video you can
click on that and you can see the results or I’ll just tell you right now
last week I weighed in at 185 point 2 this week 183 point to an exact loss of
2 pounds and only 2.8 pounds to go to hit my 30 pounds lost in 90 days before
I even reach the 60 day mark

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  1. Jax…. what are you thinkin? if that was a power cord …. well… just dont do that any more…. shakes my head….. (Eric, get some tabasco sauce and rub it on the exposed parts of the cable…. even after it dries it will still pack a punch if Jax gets any ideas…. unless Jax likes hot & spicey food,,,, then your screwed…..smirk )

  2. There is big bucks to make for a hardened, kitty friendly usb cable that can survive Jax mandibles.

  3. Eric, you have to go to Galveston. At the beach wall. Check out the museum in town of the great hurricane the covered the whole town and killed about 6K people in the 1900. Moody Gardens. Camping one the beach h with shelters…lots of wind. Fun eating.

  4. It's beautiful Eric. Be careful. Are you near San Padre Island? . Sadly an RV couple wer recently killed And buried in the sand. . Their RV was stolen.

  5. Seattle's annual rain fall of 38 inches per year would be considered drought conditions in all of the South East US. Strange but true.

  6. We average 39 inches in Hillsboro Oregon.. I’d never known that area of Texas gets more rain. I don’t like the sun .. I like the rainy NW 🙂 naughty Jax .. gonna get a tummy ache chewing cords 🙁

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