Portable Pedal Generator / Emergency Power/ K-Tor Power Box

Portable Pedal Generator / Emergency Power/ K-Tor Power Box

I want to suggest an idea to you that
you probably haven’t thought about and that’s using yourself as a power source how’s it going guys welcome back to the
pilot Patriot Channel now today we’re going to talk about something a little
bit different now this is going to be another preparedness video now whether
you’re just somebody that likes to be prepared for emergencies storms and
things like that or if you’re a full-fledged prepper one thing that
we’re always concerned about is power now in emergency situations especially
long-term emergency situations shtf things like that where the power’s out
for a long period of time we need to find a way to have some power now when
we talk about that some of the things most people think about or gas powered
generators propane generators we even talked about solar generators wind
turbines things like that but but when you’re in that emergency situation and
you’re looking for a power source I want to suggest an idea to you that you
probably haven’t thought about and that’s using yourself as a power source
now there is a way to convert the energy that’s stored in our bodies to power
things like cell phones laptops iPads flashlights radios really any
rechargeable electronic device you know we’ve all seen those little hand crank
radios and flashlights and things like that and those are great but they really
don’t put out that much power so the product we’re going to be talking about
today is the Kate or power box this is a 20 watt portable petal generator now
this thing folds up in a nice little tight package and I will roll in a
picture of that so you can see what it looks like it’s very light as far as
generators go it’s very transportable it’s a lot more easy to transport than
any of those other power sources we talked about and basically the way it
works is you just turn a pedal and it’s going to convert all that energy and
charge anything that you have plugged into it now obviously something like
this is not going to take the place of your gasoline generator or your solar
panels or anything like that this has a very specific purpose like I said it’s
extremely portable now you’re obviously not going to
use this to power the lights in your house your refrigerator or anything like
that this has a very specific purpose it will
be great in long-term emergency situations situations where maybe you
don’t want to use that gas that you have stored up or you’ve run out of all your
other power sources another great thing about this is it’s not dependent on the
weather obviously a solar generator you have to have good sunlight wind turbines
you have to have wind this is something that you can use anytime 24 hours a day
as long as you have the energy to pedal it you can create power and that’s
another thing to consider in those really bad emergency situations where
maybe you’re cooped up in the house or you’re at a bug-out location or even in
a bunker if you have one this thing is not only going to generate power but
it’s going to give you some exercise that you’re gonna need if you’re cooped
up for a long period of time now as you can see this does have a universal plug
in it so no matter what country you’re from no matter what kind of electronic
device or appliance you’re trying to plug into this thing you will be able to
do that this model does not have a USB port on it but but most of us have a USB
converter laying around from our cellphone chargers or things like that
there is another version of this it’s the Kate or power box 50 and it’s
actually a 50 watt like I said this one is a 20 watt the newer version is a 50
watt the thing’s going to generate a lot of power now if you do want to go pick
up one of these I’ll put a link in the description below but I would definitely
go with the 50 watt version if I was you it is going to be a little bit more
expensive but it’s gonna generate a lot more power and you’re going to be able
to charge more items at once now while we’re talking about that you can plug an
extension cord or a power strip into this thing and charging multiple items
at one time as long as you’re not exceeding that 20 watt limit of this
device you’ll be able to charge multiple things at one time now I do have a few
things laid out here in front of me that we’re going to try to charge all at one
time we’re going to plug in a cellphone a two-way radio and a chargeable
flashlight and now we’re just going to see if this thing can charge it up all
at one time now as you can see as I start peeling
the LED lights come on you can see that foam turn-on is starting to charge and
it is charging all these items at once I’m sure you’ll be able to charge even
more you do have to keep a constant pedal going if you stop it’s going to
stop charging so you need to get yourself in a comfortable position so
you can keep pedaling continuously depending on the device you’re trying to
charge it could take a long time to charge some items to charge a cell phone
to full power it could even take up to an hour but you want to do it all at one
time you know pedal for ten minutes take a
brake pedal some more maybe you can swap out with a family member or a friend to
keep that going now it really doesn’t take a lot of energy to pedal this thing
it’s actually very light resistance almost like a bicycle on the highest
gear where you’re pedaling really fast there’s very little resistance there you
know the more items you have plugged in the more power that it’s putting out the
the more resistance it’s going to have now we’ll say one thing about this
little generator it is very loud while you’re pedaling it just has a really
loud high-pitched whine and that’s not really a big issue but it is something I
wanted to mention now depending on the chair you’re in it can be kind of
difficult to get the right angle on this thing it’s really not that bad I would
recommend putting it on carpet or something like that if you’re on
hardwood or tile this thing’s going to slide all over the place and there’s no
way you’re going to be able to do it but as you can see I’m laid back pedaling
it’s not a big deal I could probably do this for a while you know if you’re not
in great shape it may be harder for you but you know I could easily see doing
this for 30 minutes at a time no problem now Kate or does recommend mounting this
at a slant on some kind of platform that they do sell a premade one that just
puts it up at a little bit more of an angle so it’s more comfortable and more
stable for you to pedal and that’s why I’m sitting here at my
recliner for this video I just wanted to show you guys that you can just kind of
kick back relax and just pedal this thing now I’m just sitting here charging
my cell phone you can see it’s charging there you know I started out when I
started doing this it was on 4% I’ve been you know it took me about I don’t
know probably ten minutes of pedaling to get it up to 8% and it’s not that bad
now while I’m sitting here pedaling it just went up another percent so you can
tell it’s working it’s really probably just as fast as a wall charger it even
says right now that it is fast charging most modern cell phones have that fast
charging feature and this generator is capable of producing that now one of the
benefits of a traditional generator is that it’s stored power that you can use
anytime but the K tour can be used in that way too you can use the K tour to
charge up a 12 volt battery and store that power that you can use with an
inverter later to power your devices now if you are going to put it on a platform
I definitely recommend doing that and mounting it at an angle the stand here
does have mounting holes so you can screw it down to that platform this
thing’s already simple to put together it folds out really nice and tight it’s
easy to fold back up when you want to you know even the first time I did this
looking at instructions and trying to figure it out it only took me like three
minutes to put this thing together so it is very simple it does seem to be really
well-made it’s made out of a really heavy-duty plastic the petals themselves
are made out of a metal so they should last a good long time without any issues
and that’s the K tour power box guys like I said this is definitely not going
to replace a gasoline generator or solar generator or anything like that but it
does have its place does have a lot of good applications
especially if you don’t want to use up all those other fuels just to charge a
cellphone or something like that you don’t want to crank up your generator
and run up all your gas just to charge a cellphone and some to a radios so so why
are you just sitting around you can tap into that energy in your body and
convert that into something that you can actually use to Kate or does make some
other really nice products like I said this is the 20 watt version they also
have an upgraded 50 watt version that’s more powerful they also have these hand
crank generators there are going to be a whole lot better than those cheap
wind-up radios and flashlights that you see I probably will do a separate review
just on this this thing puts out a lot more power than those little radios so
stay tuned I’ll probably do a video on this and I will put a link to all these
things in the description below if you want to go check those out if you’re a
prepper or even just a preparedness minded person having something like this
will be a benefit for you so I definitely recommend you checking those
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upload new videos you can never be too prepared guys and having a good power
source is a very important thing and that’s it for the case for power bucks
thanks for watching guys please like share and subscribe and stay prepared

12 thoughts on “Portable Pedal Generator / Emergency Power/ K-Tor Power Box

  1. I've have read about this before, and considered it. The concept is good, but not practical. Good presentation

  2. This is a great way to solve the obesity crisis. There is a reward factor too. You have to work out in order to get all of your devices charged so you can get back to posting every second of your life on Facebook or YouTube.

  3. Just read about this in Pepper's Total Grid Failure Handbook and looked up this K-tor so your vid came up. Thanks for making it. Definitely going to invest in the 50watt. 👍

  4. Seriously considering this as a long term grid down helper but if things get so bad electricity is down for that long….keeping other people's hand's off it is a bigger problem…

  5. Awesome man. Ive got one but havent had the chance to do a review on it yet. I think you did a good job.

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