Preparing for the Long Trip – #SUMMER2019 Episode 0

Preparing for the Long Trip – #SUMMER2019 Episode 0

(clanging) – Yep, that happened. (light upbeat keyboard music) ♪ I’m riding ♪ ♪ Riding, riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ ♪ My RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free
in my RV, yeah ♪ Good morning, everybody. Today, we’re gonna
begin preparations to, well, for the next
great American road trip and let me show you what
we’re gonna do on the roof. Okay, before you congratulate
me on my parking skills, let me show you what we’re
gonna do here on the roof. I purchased this Togo system. It’s an antenna for
internet on the road. And my original idea
was to put it up here, but they emphatically said
that you have to put it exactly in the middle of the rig and within 12
inches of each side. They weren’t the nicest
about it, but it’s fine. So, I’m gonna have
to put it here. This is the only piece of
real estate I have left here because of this solar panel. I’m not gonna remove
the solar panel. And they said that
the air conditioner would only have a minimal
impact on the signal, so that’s what I’m gonna do. I also have to fix
the water drain valve. The first thing we’re gonna
fix is this valve that broke. Gonna put a new one. I don’t think it’s exactly the
same, but I think it’ll work. Yeah, this turned into
a little more of a chore than I was expecting, perhaps because I don’t
have the correct tools. Well, here we go. I was able to kind of get it in. And I think that’s as good
as it gets. (laughing) Let’s fill up the tank,
see if there’s no leaking, and then I’m going to
sanitize the freshwater tank, which I haven’t done in a while. And I know a lot of people,
they use just chlorine, but I think I’m going to
do it the recommended way. I have this– No, this is toilet
seal, hold on. Drain valve and lubricant,
that’s not it either. And this is the blue stuff. I have here, this
is the cleaning, and there should be
another one that is the– Here we go, yes. I have a big mess with all
these fluids down here, but I’ve got this, this is
the freshwater tank sanitizer and the cleaning solution. I think the cleaning goes first and then you do the sanitizer. So, I’m gonna do that now. You have to fill up and empty
the tank like three times, so this is gonna take a while. All right, filling
up the freshwater. Not a whole lot of
water pressure here. And let’s make sure that– Yeah, I guess it’s in
the closed position there and this would be
the open position. Okay, so it works. And I don’t think I have a
leak, but I’ll be monitoring because this metal part I
wasn’t able to open it up, so I just kind of forced it in. I mean, it seems to be pretty
tight, so we should be good. Oh yeah, there’s a
knot on the hose here. That’s why the water
pressure is so low. Here we go. Still, that’s
gonna take a while. So, while the freshwater
tank fills up, which, as you can
see, it says empty, I’m gonna put some
WD-40 on this door because it is not
working properly. You know, it’s one
of those things when you don’t use
the RV for a while– I think I sprayed some
WD-40 on the lens. Yeah, this RV lock is
starting to show its age. But, yeah, still works well. Well yeah, that’s a beautiful
sound when it closes properly. So, step one, cleaning. Empty the tank and add
one ounce of concentrated, oh, I have to empty
the tank first, detergent for
every four gallons. Fill tank with water. Oh, I was supposed
to add this first. Okay, let me stop. I have a little over 40 gallons, so I’m just gonna
do like 10 ounces, probably what’s left in here. There we go. Now I’m supposed to fill
up the tank completely and then run this water
through all the faucets so it cleans all
the plumbing inside. I guess that’s the idea. And it looks like it might rain. This sort of thing
always happens when I wanna do an RV
project. (laughing) Oh, and I’m gonna put that
Togo antenna on the roof today. We’ll see. The good thing about
it being a cloudy day, it’s not as sweltering hot as it usual is here
in South Florida in, what month are we in? Oh, today’s June,
June 1st; incredible. Time flies when
you’re having fun. Let me turn this off real
quick, the fantastic van– Fan. Fantastic van. Fantastic fan, so we can talk. And now the freshwater
tank is full to the brim, so it says to open up
each of the faucets. Let me turn on the
water pump here and just turn on the faucets and let it run for a little bit. And it’s a little bit of soapy
water that is gonna come out, and that’s fine; you see? Now, let’s run it
through the water heater. Yeah, my battery’s probably
really low, that’s why– Yeah, that battery’s getting
killed, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s just run it
through all the faucets. We’ll even flush the
toilet real quick. I think, by now, we’ve
run the soapy water enough through all the,
through all the pipes. So now, the next step is to
drain the tank completely and fill it up again (laughing) with the other chemical
that we have there. Now we empty the tank, and this is gonna take at
least 20 minutes, I think. Let’s read step two. My eyesight is not
what it used to be. Apply or circulate if
possible to wet all surfaces and allow minimum
contact of 60 seconds. Well, that’s gonna be
draining for a while, so let’s tackle the
antenna project. Allow me to interject
here real quick. Coming to you from the future,
or the present, rather, recording this on
September 1st, 2019. And what antenna
project, you might ask? Well, I decided to go with
the Togo Roadlink system, which uses a Winegard antenna and a prepaid unlimited
AT&T data plan, which might be the
best deal in the market as of mid-2019 here. It ends up being $30 per month, but the catch is that you have
to prepay for the whole year, and the unit itself costs $400, so not a cheap
initial investment. But stay tuned until the end for my impressions after
three months on the road. As you can see, my real
estate here on the roof, I’m running out of real estate here on the roof of Minitini,
let’s put it that way. So, I sent an email to Winegard asking them if it would be okay to put the antenna on that
corner or somewhere around there because I don’t wanna put it too close to the air conditioner because of obvious interference and they were borderline rude on that email they sent me back. Like, “Don’t you dare! “You will void the warranty,”
and wind shear and all that. By the way, the guys at
Togo were much nicer. So, anyways, I’m
gonna put it here, as far away as possible
from the air conditioner and I think that’s
gonna work out okay. I’ve got my Dicor here ready and let’s go for it. Yeah, that freshwater tank has
been draining for two hours, so I decided to do
something else meanwhile. Something else, according
to the instructions, they recommend that I
open another hole here in the roof of Minitini, but I think I’m gonna just
try to push this cable through my fridge vent, which is what I’ve
been using in the past and it’s worked okay. All right, let’s screw
this baby to the roof. Four more little holes
here and then we’ll see. I’m gonna start by putting
Dicor on the four legs and then putting it on the
roof as they recommend. And of course, the
recommend that the wire goes towards the
back of the trailer; I guess, to protect it from
the wind and the elements and, and… And that’s it. Let’s just get on with it. (upbeat dance music) Yeah, the Dicor
is almost melting before my very eyes. (laughing) Well, it looks the
freshwater tank finally finished draining. Believe it or not, that
took a couple of hours. So, now let’s– I’m just gonna fill it up a
little bit and add that other– Yes, the water sanitizer. I’m gonna disconnect
the solar panels so we can work on the
electrical systems. Well, I don’t know if
the camera was recording. I removed the refrigerator
vent and I fished this cable in and I’m gonna try to fish
it in from the inside now. (faint music) And my neighbor thinks
everybody likes his music for some reason. Hoo, it’s been
one of those days. I’ve never been so hot in
my life, but we’re back. And I’m sorry I didn’t
show you how I did it, but this is what I did. And I still haven’t installed
my charge controller back, but I put the switch here. This switch is for the Togo. And I connected
everything to the line that goes down to my battery. And now, the WiFiRanger,
my USB on the top, and the Togo are
connected to that line, and hopefully we won’t
blow anything up. I’m gonna see if I can
set up the Togo now and I’ll let you
know how it goes. Oh, I have sweat
gallons of sweat. But as you can see, the
internet with the Togo, not great, huh? Let’s see. Not great at all with
this first test here. And this is using the– It turns out the signal strength
where I am is really bad, so this is hardly
a conclusive test. Actually, I’ve been now on
the road for over three months and I’ve gotten much better
results in some place. Okay, first internet
speed test, epic fail. But as you can see, I only have like one bar
of 4G LTE here at my house, so maybe when I got to a
different location it is better. – [GPS] Follow signs for
‘Toll Road – Homestead’. – Well, going down to
the closest campground to our home in Miami. That’s Larry and
Penny Thompson– – [GPS] Keep left at
the fork to continue on Florida 874 south. – Larry and Penny Thompson Park. It’s a county park
in Miami-Dade County. And we’re gonna leave Minitini
there for a couple of days right before this long
trip so I can come down and get stuff
ready and all that. And I’m gonna put some stickers
on the back of Minitini. (upbeat Latin music) Here, the plan was to test
whether the new GoPro would work with that waterproof USB jack
I put on the roof, but no. It makes it crash. Well, it is infernally
hot out here. It’s not so hot as the humidity. You know how it is
in South Florida. I’m drenched. So, I changed my mind. I was going to do, add the rest of the stickers
today to the camper, but I’m gonna come
back tomorrow morning and maybe do my morning
run here in the park and then come back, do these. I might repack my bearings. By the way, very nice park, Larry and Penny Thompson
Memorial Park here in, this is about 20 miles
south of Miami proper. As you can see, it
is a very nice park. I mean, this is
huge space here for, especially for South Florida. And we’ve got full hookups
and it is like $33-and-change. Yeah, $33, the magic number. So, yeah, we were here
almost four years ago for the first
anniversary of Minitini. Our first RV-versary,
we spent it here, which happens to be
the only campground which is relatively
close to Miami. Well, while we’re here, let’s
explore the park a little bit. (upbeat Latin music) Well, it looks better than
the last time we were here, but still. How romantic, people
graffiti-ing a
heart on the rock. It’s rock art. (mellow keyboard music) The beach is closed. I don’t know if it
is a seasonal thing, but the last time we were
here it was the same way. I guess this would’ve
been the beach, which is closed seasonally,
according to them, although it does look like it’s
been closed for a long time. Sunset is upon us. Okay, we’ll be back tomorrow. Well, I’m gonna go
for a little run here. (lively dance music) Did a relatively
short run today. About a mile only. (laughing) It’s infernally hot again today. It’s 9 a.m. And this is a very nice– I think most of the
trees are mango trees. There’s a mango grove here
just outside the park. I hope you can hear me okay. We know that this GoPro, that
the audio is not the best, but the stabilization is. And by the way, epic
fail on the trailer cam on the roof of
Minitini yesterday,
but I’m working on it. All right, let me get
back to the campsite and we’ll put those stickers
in the back of Minitini. Well, I don’t recall if
I mentioned it or not, but I do have a few
stickers to add here to our growing collection
to Minitini’s hall of fame. Let’s call it that way. And I’m gonna begin with
some fellow Pelican Heads, some fellow YouTubers,
fellow Rvers who have sent me their stickers. And I’m missing one;
it’s probably still
in my back pocket. This one most appropriately
says, “Eat, sleep, RV, repeat.” And we’re gonna
begin with that one, and I think I’m
gonna put that one right next to Lydia here,
right next to Simply RVing. Is it crooked? I hope not. If it is, you know I have a
little bit of astigmatism, so that’s probably why. I think I’m gonna put Off
the Hook next to this. I don’t know. And I have also Bikes,
Boats, and Bivouacs. I’ll put this one right next
to Luis, Rolling Earthship since it is square and it kind of goes with
the square-theme motif here. Maybe I’ll put it here. I got some bubbles, hold on. I got one bubble there;
I’ll fix it later. And then I’ve got this one, “Land and sea, Off the
Hook RV, the way to be.” Land and sea, the way to be. And I think I’m– Since it is kind of like
a slogan like this one, Vanning Ain’t No Joke, I’m gonna put it right next
to Vanning Ain’t No Joke. And don’t worry, I have more
stuff, I have more stickers. I’m just going in batches here. I got some air bubbles. Let me see if I can fix it. Eh. You know what? I’ll come with, with a pin later and I’ll just burst
those air bubbles. Let me go back inside and
bring some more stickers. Okay, I have a bunch
of more stickers here. Let me start with this one. And someone sent me
this nice pelican here, and I think it is
only appropriate to put it right next
to the Florida Keys because Florida Keys,
pelicans, “Fly, pelican!” It kind of makes sense. And that’s a nice quality
sticker too, you know? Some of them along the years– One of these days I’m gonna
go through all my stickers and tell you the story
of each one of them because they all have a little
bit of a different story. Well, I’m thinking, I wanna
do an homage to old Kia here, so I’m gonna add one sticker. This is a collector’s item because there’s only
two of them left. And, yeah, this is actually when I started writing
‘thank you’ in the back. It kind of looked
bad, so I kept it. And this one I wanna put right next to Zion
National Park in Utah just because it is up here and it’s right next
to Free in My RV. Whoops. Then I got this one. This is,
and they do stickers, they do a bunch of stuff. And I like that this one,
it says, “Keep it Simple.” So, let’s put it right next to, actually, let’s put it
here, Keep it Simple. My only fear is that
this Keep it Simple doesn’t look very waterproof. So, we’ll see how it holds up. Now, the same Bunny &
Butters sent me this one. These are the Blue
Ridge Mountains, which is one of my favorite
areas in the country. And since the Appalachian
Trail and Stone Mountain Park are kind of in that same area, I’m gonna put this one,
the Blue Ridge Mountains, right next to those. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this is not
gonna last very long, but hopefully it will. Well, I have a bunch
of these that are, you know, companies that
at some point or another have sponsored me, like
EasyStart, for example. That’s the device
that I have on my roof on the air conditioner and that’s why I can run
it with a small generator. So, maybe EasyStart– By the way, this is Boeing
from South Carolina, very nice gentleman. He invited me to dinner once. He worked at Boeing
in South Carolina. But first, EasyStart,
let’s do EasyStart. By the way, if you
go to and you get an EasyStart,
just put the promo code ‘myrv’ and you get a discount
and I get a commission. So, there’s your
commercial right there. So, I’m gonna put
EasyStart right down here. And let’s call this down here
maybe the commercial section. It’s not very visible,
but, for example, I have North High Brewing
Company and they sent it, they’re located
in Columbus, Ohio, and they sent me
a bunch of beers, some very good beers actually. I’m looking forward to visiting
them when I visit Ohio. And North High is gonna
go right down here. And down here I
had another sticker that left its
indelible mark there, but it was one of those stickers that fell apart for some reason. Not all stickers are as durable. Some of them, they just
disintegrate in the heat or with water or when you
get an aggressive car wash, like Less Stuff, More Freedom. I’m just leaving that
one there for now. I don’t know if
you remember him. His name was Happily Houseless. Actually, one of these days, I’m gonna tell the story
of all my stickers. But Happily Houseless,
he had a YouTube channel and the whole story was
how he sold his house and bought the RV
and the process. This is probably five years ago when he had this
one, this channel. And then he got married and
then he deleted his channel and he started a new channel
called Avert the Herd, but we never heard
from him again. Okay, this is Mountain
Life,, and they sell outdoor
gear and stuff like that, so I’m going to put that
one right down here. And now, here at the bottom,
Wynwood Brewing Company, and they have very good beers and they’re a brewery
here local from Miami. They’re located in Wynwood. And there’s a bug bugging me. Okay, I have some other
stickers in there, but for now I think this
is a good collection. And, yeah, I might start
filling up this area down here. Eventually, the whole back
of the RV is gonna be– Let me see if I have any other, any other one that I can– Actually, I had one
here in my back pocket. Here we go, this
is the Trail Ninja and it has a YouTube
and a Facebook. Yeah, I think that’s all
I’m going to do for now. What do you guys think? Okay, let me remove
the camera from here. Let me tell you a
little bit of the story of all these stickers
going from the bottom. And actually, the first one, actually, the first
sticker that I ever put was, of course, Nomadic Fanatic. And this is the old, old,
vintage Nomadic Fanatic sticker probably from
2014, I don’t know. This is probably one
of the newest ones. It’s faded a little bit, but
this is South of the Border, which is in between North and
South Carolina, not Mexico. But they do have that
faux Mexican motif. And here we have
Just Incredible TV, keep on rocking
in the free world. This is my buddy, Brian
Wood, RVing Illustrated. This gentleman that I was
talking about, Less Junk, I mean, Less Stuff,
More Freedom. He kind of disappeared
from the map. This is the original
Living the RV Dream sticker from John and Kathy Huggins. This is RV Texas Y’all,
they have a YouTube channel. And here are different
places that I’ve been to that I really like, like the
Florida Keys, for example, Stone Mountain, the
Appalachian Trail. That was at Amicalola
Falls State Park. Death Valley, Zion, Route
66, of course, Finland, the North Cape in Norway and
nothing gets higher than NASA. Okay, here, coming down we have
that Vanning Ain’t No Joke. This one I got from
a guy at Quartzsite. He just happened
to be passing by and he just handed
me the sticker. I’m look, “Cool, I’ll put it.” Here’s Van Life
Sheldon’s Travels. That’s Mike and Stephanie;
they have a YouTube channel. Very nice couple. And they live in a
very minimalistic way in that little ProMaster
City camper van. Kevin, of course. You guys probably
know who he is. Element Van Life, a young
guy; he lives in a van. He recently changed vans. He used to have a Honda Element, that’s why Element Van Life. These are the ones that I
just put today, of course. DizTraveler, he’s
our mighty moderator in the live chat on Fridays,
Eric, a good friend. And Lucky Dawg, and Bob, he lives also in central
Florida by Deland, he and Sue. And actually, they were
nice enough to organize one of my first meetups, the one that we did in
Daytona Beach Brewing. Adventure Van Man, and this guy started probably
five years ago in his van and then he does van life. Same as Rolling Earthship. That’s my buddy Luis. And this is one of the ones
that we put today, Scott’s. This is Lydia, Simply RVing. “Listen to your soul,
simplify and go.” And she and Luis are a couple. Okay, here we go. This is Modigazzi Travels. He used to be a work camper. I haven’t followed
him in a while. I have no idea what
he’s doing these days, but I’m gonna look him up. Reduce World Suck,
that’s Wanderlust Estate. That’s another classic sticker. I don’t think he
makes those anymore. And this is a classic. Remember Chris and G
from Chris and G Travels? And, well, now he’s
the Off Grid Skoolie. “Find Your Freedom,” this
is from Find your Freedom from Josh and Kali of
The Freedom Theory. And, well, the rest
you know because– Okay, this is the one
that John Langman gave me when I visited South
Carolina, and that’s about it. I think that’s all the stickers plus the ones that
I installed today. It’s quite the collection, huh? (quirky trance music) Here we have some
magnificent aerial views of the campground. And that over there
with the white dome, I believe that is Zoo Miami. Can you see downtown Miami
way out there on the horizon? Actually, this over here,
I believe this is Kendall. And that’s Miami. And way out there in the
distance, that’s Miami Beach. It is time to hit the road. (light upbeat keyboard music) ♪ I’m riding ♪ ♪ Riding, riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ ♪ My RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free
in my RV, yeah ♪

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    Safe travels!!

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  32. Hello from another Miami resident. Cut that clamp off with some cutting pliers and replace with regular hose clamp that you tighten with a screwdriver. Makes roadside repairs a lot easier. Try to get a long zip tie and secure the hose up so it is not hanging so low. I do not know why manufacturers leave these drain hanging so low where they can be impacted by road debris. I broke mine the second time out on the road.

  33. How has your truck done with all the hauling? The reason I'm asking is I own a Colorado and was thinking of getting a small camper. Any insight would be great!

  34. Hi Robert, My name is David and live in claremont florida for over a year and can you believe the house came with RV parking on the side with 30 amp electrical plugin and boy my wife and i would like a RV like yours.We going to buy a Palisade Hyundai SUV to pull the RV, I'm a fan of your video keep up the great work.

  35. I just saw the section with the stickers. The pelican one is from us. We are honored that we made it on Mini Tini. Very cool. πŸ˜ŽπŸŒ΄πŸ‘

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