Q&A: Dyson’s Singapore electric car plan

Q&A: Dyson’s Singapore electric car plan

So one of the main
reasons is that Singapore is part of the Asean trading
bloc, which has a free trade agreement with China, which
is the world’s largest automotive market. And clearly, Dyson sees that
as a target for its sales. Dyson already manufactures
all its domestic appliances in Asia, and it has a
factory in Singapore that manufactures
the electric motors for its domestic appliances. So it knows the
region fairly well. However, it says the reason for
going to Singapore isn’t cheap labour. In fact, they say it’s
comparatively high cost there. So the attractions
include Singapore’s pool of engineering skills
and its know-how in high-tech manufacturing. The decision will
fuel nervousness about the British car industry’s
ability to thrive after Brexit. It also deals a blow to
the government’s hopes to promote high-volume
manufacturing as part of its industrial strategy. But the main reason
for the controversy is the fact that Sir James
is a supporter of Brexit. So some people had
thought he would choose the UK as the
location for the car factory. However, Dyson says that
Britain’s departure from the EU has nothing to do
with the decision. And in any case, it stopped
manufacturing its goods here more than a decade ago. Dyson is notoriously
secretive about its research and development work,
so we don’t really know a lot about the vehicle. It’s only said that
it will be radically different from current
models, and it’s also likely to be expensive
and not a sports car. However, a question
lingers over the technology that will power the vehicles. Dyson is spending £1bn on
the development of batteries, including solid-state batteries. These are seen as the holy
grail for electric vehicles as they can hold
higher power, and they charge in less time than
conventional liquid lithium-ion cells. But Dyson has now said it
could buy the batteries from an external
supplier, and that would represent a setback to
its ambitions on this project. Overall Dyson is spending
£2bn on the project but some analysts say that isn’t a lot of
money for building an electric car completely from scratch. The car is the first
in a planned series, and it will have a relatively
low production run. And Dyson is likely to go
head to head in the luxury end of the car market against
the likes of BMW, Jaguar, and Audi, as well as
Elon Musk’s Tesla. It’s true that the
Dyson brand has known enormous success in
the quarter of a century since Sir James launched his
first bagless vacuum cleaner, and this has made him one
of Britain’s richest men. But with a plan for the
cars to go on sale by 2021, there is little
margin for error.

22 thoughts on “Q&A: Dyson’s Singapore electric car plan

  1. 2 billion pound investment in Malaysia would have gone a much longer way than they would in Spore plus there is a much larger domestic market here than in Spore plus the same export facilities as in Spore. Hmmm….!! If I were an investor, I would question his logic too.

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  3. Dyson is obsessed with Asian markets. With the likes of Corbyn and May in power, would you want to do business in the UK?

  4. Like most even the bagless vacuum , is a charade because its usually emptied to an external bag the old designs of making house and domestility now brings forth the family car . I wish him well though as a privateer of world technology and so called cleaner energy. There are many other car companies who would easily convert to none petroleum motors, I,m sure even contemporary continental european designs like its rocket motors will be a fine balance of natures basic ph 7 and eventually y the perfect none depleting lightweght reserve. Eventually an ionised heated gas fender to airstream better. What better than to borrow electrons then disgarge them again into the atmosphere . I think Tesla 's new models might have the spoiler advantage.Incredable might be the new awesome.

  5. A great patriot just when the UK rips up every trade agreement it has not only with the EU but all the countries that the EU have negotiated trade deals with, Dyson announces a car plant in Singapore which has just concluded a trade deal with the EU. Brexit means Brexit but only for the plebs. Just like Rees Mogg and his two new fund in the Republic of Ireland. The wallet speaks louder than any of their words and its saying very loudly, screw you.

  6. The guy has no British grit, he's be first dead quickly in ww1 and ww2. Building British factory would show true grit even though it's financially sensible. This is the problem with British business, and why British biz is mostly owned by Indians.

  7. we now know that car production has been scrapped due to someone not doing there sums properly, what a total embarrassment, stick to vacuum cleaners Sir James lol

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