REOLINK ARGUS 2 Wireless Security Camera ⭐Indoor/Outdoor BATTERY OR SOLAR POWER REVIEW 👈

REOLINK ARGUS 2 Wireless Security Camera ⭐Indoor/Outdoor BATTERY OR SOLAR POWER REVIEW 👈

hello ladies and gents today we’re going
to look at the new Reolink Agus 2 indoor/outdoor security camera so as you
can see I got the product out of the box the unit is completely Wire free 1080p
rechargeable unit we recommend with the solar panel so you don’t recharge it
unit comes with the camera itself replaceable chargeable rechargeable
battery it’s got a magnetic stand for the unit if you want to use it in your
house as a security camera or if you want to use it outside it’s actually
going to stationary stand that swivels and you can move it around comes with a
waterproof cover for the unit comes with straps USB micro charger mounting
hardware the unit does not come when you purchase unit does not come with your
solar panel that divide that separately through relink and the unit does not
come with a micro SD card you have to purchase I set the unit up to my iPhone
already very easy instructions the unicameral actually talked you through
it it is activated through your Wi-Fi very
very easy took me a couple minutes to get it activated it’s got some cool
features you can zoom in on the on it it’s got a night vision it’s got two-way
audio so you can actually hear people talk or you can push the top button on
your cell phone device you could talk to them you do free stand pictures so if
someone knocks on your door you’re not home you can take a freeze picture and
you can record it on the SD card does motion detection so if someone walks on
your porch or movement in your house it’ll do a free picture thing is 100%
wire free there’s no charge wires no USB cables
it’s got spotlight night vision discuss you can either use solar power or charge
the battery it’s got 1080p full-hd very widescreen unit has a magnetic base for indoor you
know you should put it on your table just sticks right to it or it’s got a
stationary base it just screws on and you can screw it to your wall your side
of your house your porch you know bring front door entrance or backdoor entrance
or your garage the unit does that video that Chris but I was I was amazed
nighttime and daytime very clear pictures you can zoom in on them you can
take snap you know pictures it’s got motion detection it’s got a lot of cool
features it is waterproof so can’t go outside it’s got a little cover that
goes over top up with a little lid so the rain can’t get into it very very
easy to connect to your cell phone or your iPad device or your Android device
the unit actually talks to you tells you exactly what to do when you put the
battery in it’s gotta know your Wi-Fi password it does have smart PIR sensors
so you know like I was telling it does pick up two motion got kids it’s really
nice to see what if you’re in your bedroom you know it’s nicest you look at
your cell phone you make sure your kids are safe we’re gonna hook it up get it
charged put it outside where we want I’ll show you some pictures on a cell
phone I have it currently connected to an iPhone like I said very very easy to
install I hope you guys enjoy see you shortly
oh we have the camera mounted up here by the door now really long cord which is
nice it goes over it’s just where we put the solar panel it actually works works very well it’s
very nice camera all right well I’m going to show you on the phone here the
Reolink app once you get that set up takes a minute to load and look
at that very cool you can see right outside in the front also a neat feature
here if you want to say something to somebody that’s out there hello anybody
out there you can actually talk through the speaker and you can actually hear
audio on the camera as well very nice picture pretty wide range and it will
you know go off and go live any time it detects motion okay let’s see if it goes
live when it detects the doggy coming out its leggy nope
there it goes you can see him you can see him out there can’t see my phone
very well when you get in the light but it triggered Shuggie come here come here as you can see it’s running live on the
top because it’s tected and doggy coming through let’s try the hello no I don’t
know if you can hear the echo out there but I can actually hear nope I could
hear that right outside on the camera which is obviously right outside the
door here so that’s a really cool feature and you can hear the audio
through the camera here this is really cool I really like this camera clear
picture really cool you can look at it on here you can also of course put the
SD card in if you need to you know oh I think I caught something you know let’s
rewatch that footage you just take the little SD card out put it in your
computer and you can download it so very cool so that is the Reolink Argus 2
indoor/outdoor either a battery-powered or solar power charging camera I really
like it so you can see it detecting my motion right there
clear picture versatile thank you so much for watching please check the
description section below for more information on this awesome product

16 thoughts on “REOLINK ARGUS 2 Wireless Security Camera ⭐Indoor/Outdoor BATTERY OR SOLAR POWER REVIEW 👈

  1. I'm kind of confused. So, do these cameras only record when motion is detected? How would you be able to check on your yeard/house/sleeping kids if there was no motion? I'm shopping for a system, and want to be able to check out my yard with my dogs as well. As I'm watching the lady view her porch in her phone, i see no movement….was that a picture or live feed??

  2. So $130 for the camera and another $30 for the solar panel, this is not exactly an inexpensive setup. I bought into Reolink's 1st generation Argus on Indiegogo and am completely disappointed with them. They look great but the battery life sucked, I never got the rated 6 month standby time. Not sure this new Argus rechargeable battery will last even that between charges. Also, the recorded videos missed a lot of things and often I would get video where nothing was moving because by the time the camera started recording the object was out of view. The software has issues connecting outside of wifi and can be slow. I would say get a $20 Wyze cam or $30 Wyze cam Pan instead. Yes they need to be plugged in but you can use a portable battery pack.

    Also, this camera doesn't have spotlight night vision. I think you meant starlight night vision. Which is basically a more sensitive night vision that works with even less light. This feature is the only good thing about this camera.

    One more thing…PIR does not actually pickup to motion as you stated. It picks up a change in heat signatures. With this type of sensor you can't use it through a window, as it won't sense the heat of the object on the other side. Unlike some cameras that us light differences for motion sensing. But, PIR sensors are supposed to have less false alarms but I have personally not found that to be true in real life conditions.

  3. Love my new Reolink Argus outdoor camera>>>  Easy to set up and install. Works like a charm! Picture is excellent! I like the features and capabilities for this device. I have not had the product long enough to comment on the battery life but otherwise I am very happy with it!

  4. I purchased a couple of these cameras and added them to my iPad and phone but I am having a problem setting up email notications

  5. Someone asked you about a remote off grid cabin—can you please answer the question? I'm interested in that too…how far can I travel from the camera and still pick it up over my phone or the internet?



  8. nice video but nobody ever mention siren /alarm sound????!!! i knew it does have one that is 70-80- DB im just unable to find more information about it.

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