Review 1080p 13.7″ display / 24W Solar Panel / 26800Mah Power Bank / SBC’s

Review 1080p 13.7″ display / 24W Solar Panel / 26800Mah Power Bank / SBC’s

Hello everybody. Welcome to on the road
with me, NicoD. Let me show you my gear I’ve got with me. Here is
my 1080p display it’s a 13.7″. It’s got 2 mini HDMI
connectors here. It’s got an audio output. For phones. You can power it
with 5V with a power bank via USB. Or you can also power it with 19V over here with an adapter. Now I’m gonna play some games
with Retropie. I’ve got my ps3 controller over here. And here my Raspberry Pi 3 B+. I must say the 3 B+ s a lot better for taking with you while traveling then the 3B. The 3B overheated constantly. If I would use it in such good weather
like it is now then it would be almost unusable. But this one is a lot better. So thank you Raspberry Pi. you did a better job than the 3B. I also have got a Raspberry Pi 2B. This one because it doesn’t overheat. And this display is a 3.5 inch display. But it’s only about 5 frames a second. It’s not very good. You can’t watch movies on this. But I use this to check my Facebook or to
check emails. And also if I go on to a camping and there is internet. I check first with this if the reception is good on the spot where I am. If it’s not I search for another spots where it’s better. I also have got my 7-inch display over here. It’s totally protected. I protected it
with some rubber over here. And with plexiglass. It’s a very good display. Normally I always use only this. But I wanted to use this one now. I wanted to see if it’s possible to bring it with me without breaking it. This is the box that I made for it. I put it in between of those two
layers so it doesn’t break while I’m traveling. The last one is here. My Odroid C2. This one is for video editing. But I haven’t done any video
editing yet on this trip. I’m gonna do it when I’m back home. It’s also a lot better to watch movies. A lot more stable than the raspberry PI’s. So I love that one so it’s just a spare one But yeah I’ve got three. I don’t have a
smartphone so I use these to keep me busy. And also my mp3 player. This one has
got a speaker on the back. This also has got two speakers. It’s got stereo speakers. And here are the menu buttons. This display is really cool. It costs
about 100 euro. Or a bit more than hundred euros. Now I’m powering it with two cheap power banks. This one is ten thousand milliamps and
this one is eight thousand milliamps. I power the display with this one and then
the Raspberry Pi with this one. Because the display takes 1.4A. If I would power the display and the RPi with the same power
bank, then the Raspberry Pi would shut down. Because these power banks don’t
have enough juice to give. My big powerbanks are charging now. 26800 milliamp hour batteries. With my solar panels. I love these solar panels and I love those power banks. Some Tony Hawk 2. My solar panels have done a great job
today. My power banks or… This one is almost full right now. This one isn’t but this one is more than half full. So this one will last me the whole night. And then I’ve got the others and spare. So that’s really great.
I love these solar panels. They are each 24 watts. When it’s sunny like today.
You can load 2 power banks at the same time. Each at 2 amps. Together it’s 20
watts. So these panels are really great. It’s even bit more than 2. It’s 2.4A max for each power bank. So I love these panels. Subtitles by NicoD.
Thank you for watching.

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  1. Solar, not so simple, even to power some Pi-related activities (either a headless Zero weather station using LoRa or a video game setup on a cellular connection while rendering 4K WebMs in kdenlive of your camping trip). When deciding how much to spend for how big a panel and power banks that put out how much current through which cables without too much voltage drop in what sort of temperature (as well as regulators, buck converters, regulators and the rest), unless my little watt meter is totally defective, buyer beware…

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