Review: Grape Solar Glacier 1.1 cu/ft Refrigerator (GS-CF-1.1-FAB1)

Review:  Grape Solar Glacier 1.1 cu/ft Refrigerator (GS-CF-1.1-FAB1)

Martin from van life crisis here. Today I’m going to review the Grape Solar Glacier 1.1 cubic foot refrigerator That’s a mouthful, but basically its an RV fridge, DC powered. It’s supposed to be really efficient its the cheapest on the market for it’s size and, we’re gonna take a look at it 🙂 Enjoy! This is the Glacier 1.1 cu/ft DC refrigerator with AC option I wanted to do a review cause there is not many out there. As you can see its, pretty big. a pretty decent size there. I hate to open this because I’m trying to get it down. but you can fit quite a bit of stuff in there. There is another basket underneath You can put items down there if you want them to be cooler You’ll notice here I am currently at 38 degrees. Thats down, thats down from 54 degrees, which is what it was a few minutes ago. Which is disappointing! The fridge, I have plenty of batteries, you can see my charge controller, that blinking light, which means its in float which means the battery is mostly charged. For some reason i looked over and the fridge was 54 degrees, now its very hot in the van I do have fans and vents going, but it is sunny out there, so I have a dark colored van, its about 90 degrees, 88 degrees But is a compressor fridge, not thermal electric It’s pretty well insulated. at least it seems so inside. I got much more than the 6 inches of clearance all around that they suggest. But for some reason it wouldnt cool off, I had it set to 20 degrees but it was at 54 I dont know, I didnt know what to do, so i lowered it to, zero degrees! You just press these buttons here to change. [beeping] So i lowered it to 0 degrees. It has a turbo button, I dont know what that does specifically but, I hit that and it started to drop the temperature Im not sure why, 20 degrees is different than 0 degrees to the fridge, it should be running until it reaches that The compressor is running right now, but it wasnt before. It should be running until it reaches the temperature on the thermometer But it wasn’t I don’t know if maybe the turbo makes it run until it reaches that temperature, but it should be doing that anyway. It should be keeping it at that temperature. I am a little disappointed because at 54 degrees, food can spoil. If I had been away from the van or something Had some potato salad or something like that in there, that’s very perishable, That coulda been bad. I am not too happy about that, I’m not sure whats going on. Ill monitor this and see if it gets down to a decent temperature and starts behavin like it should. But yeah, this is the Grape Solar refrigerator You gotta have a strong battery to even run it, it has some kind of low voltage cutoff. I had to replace my previous battery with a new one because they were a little worn out It couldnt get the voltage that this fridge wanted. Even though, it doesn’t consume very much power. but i guess it has a setting in there that demands a certain voltage. There ya have it, I’ll keep you updated if things improve, or I don’t know, if this keeps happening it might be going back to where it came from. Just a little update to my glacier review. You see its 33 degrees internal temperature. It was 37 The reason its 33 is because i dropped the setting to 25 I had it a 28, and it was 37 and rising, so You know, i turned the turbo button off, cause i didnt think i needed it now It has issues, I dont know what the turbo button does, but apparently its necessary. I’m thinking i will return it. Its not a bad fridge, it just requires, it has a voltage, low voltage setting thick cabling, your battery to be in tip top shape I think i just want to have more flexibility, and maybe something a little smaller Its definitely the cheapest fridge you can get at this size. Its about 200 dollars cheaper than anything remotely this big. And it does have the 2 units, a bottom. It has a unit up top, and on bottom. Thats a pretty big bottle of juice there. And some eggs there. Its not a bad fridge, but i dont think it will suit my needs. Back she goes! I might try the dometic, once its in stock. Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe for more great videos.

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