Rivian is Beating Tesla, For Now…

Rivian is Beating Tesla, For Now…

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  1. I really believe in Rivian…..I haven’t been a truck person but DAMN! I love all the features I’ve seen on the Rivian Truck. I also like the SUV, I’m with you on the Tesla X, thought that was a crossover. I’ve been following Rivian since 2018 when I heard about them. I WISH THEM SUCCESS!!! I would buy the truck once my wallet gets to where it needs to be to afford it. I’m in agreement with you in re to going to Tesla to be part of their supercharging system nationwide vs trying to create their own. Partner with them and add more if they want but be part of the system. I would think it would benefit both, Rivian adding in superchargers in some holes in cities and both benefiting from this and Rivian having access to them nationwide.

  2. we all know bezos is a giant ahole with an even bigger ego. yes why wouldn't they partner with Tesla on certain things? He did the same thing with his rocket company and I'm sure why Rivian hasn't directly gone to Tesla. I have no doubt they have used Tesla's technology in their design but failing to acknowledge that is just despicable. But ultimately Musk wants competition and why he gave away his patents but if this is what it takes – then bring it on. Tesla cannot singly handedly be expected to bring about the mass adoption of EV's but they are sure doing a good job so far of dragging these companies along

  3. Excellent, sensible analysis. Tesla's mission statement focuses on accelerating the transition to sustainable energy. That is broader than transportation and is very much to the point. What is Rivian's purpose for being? I like them. I believe in and love Tesla so I'll be purchasing a Tesla pickup whatever it looks like.

  4. I agree!! I need to see them in production before I think they are any sort of competition for Tesla. I think the Tesla truck will sell like hotcakes! I have never owned a truck, but if it's anything like the concept drawings it will be my next vehicle!!!

  5. love the rivian. That concept pull out kitchen is great. Hoping Tesla pick up is exceptional otherwise I would be keen to buy Rivian
    ( * if I win the lotto )

  6. Rivian is beating Tesla only in marketing And hyping a prototype SUV and pick up truck. I truly wish Rivian all the luck in the world because it won't be easy if it's at all capable. for now Tesla has at least 2 reason not to make their truck. first because of their success of producing the model 3. you cant stop model 3 production and they model Y hasnt even started yet but it will be easier than starting a whole new vehicle.and second because of their huge investment in a newer battery. if the truck is going to be a success it's going to need a better battery than those used in their cars. Tesla will wait till these improved batteries get constructed. the success of their pick up relies on this. Good Luck Rivian!

  7. The make or break in this case is engineering and quality of the product. If they deliver those 100 000 trucks and they prove to be full of faults and little user friendly, they have to shut down their truck factory and fire all its workers. I think they underestimate the capital intensive nature of the auto-industry. The investments having to be made to acheive 100 000 finished trucks, is likely to surpass the money made on said trucks by a factor of at least 5. If they design and engineer a fantastic product – they are all set. Good luck.

  8. I do not want a car with amazon alexa/echo in it, I was rooting for robins but i can’t support them if they’re bought out by bezosw

  9. 5:56 correction, it's the eVito and eSprinter from Daimler, not the eActros. Shout out to Patreon for helping find that. See you guys next week! ps – if you're not subscribed I won't see your comments, so make sure to subscribe and hit that bell!

  10. Rivian will almost certainly become successful project, if they only supply Amazon and Ford, who already invested almost 100mil. each.

  11. Substantial difference in philosophy (between Tesla and Rivian ) of what a pickup is and marketing. Rivian seems more grounded in the American psyche. Tesla could yield a lot of ground and existing advantage if their press release can't be recognized as a useful pickup in the American market. Carrying the competition's pickup in a Model T truck bed…. come on.

  12. Rivian is ahead of Tesla using the same hairsplitting that says Blue Origin is ahead of SpaceX. I am a fan of all four companies, I hope success for all of them.
    SpaceX is taking over the world market, Blue Origin has a suborbital tourist rocket, some nice factories (from the outside) and sexy cgi.
    Rivian has yet to build a truck for sale, and has yet to build the factory. Tesla has three something operational factories depending on how you count, and they have been working on an f150 thingy for just as long.
    I bet Tesla can beat Rivian to 1000 trucks delivered, and if they don't it's just because Elon has other priorities.
    I specifically bet a burger and a soda. Any takers?

  13. Without trying to rain on Rivian's parade, I always say that you don't actually have it until you do. Having not mass produced one truck or SUV yet who knows what challenges they will face making the 100K for amazon of yet a THIRD model. Just look at the difficulties Tesla faced with the Model 3 and they had a DECADE of experience. As an aside, I think there is a lot of debate about the way Tesla wants to do things, as in direct selling vs lots of showrooms, limited options (variants within a model) and so on. These are all perfectly acceptable to new adopters but as we all know to get to the next level you either need to alter yourself to the market or find a way to change the market (consumer). Legal issues aside, are most of us ready to buy a car on spec for example? Having said all of this I think Tesla is clearly about the battery technology. When you get right down to it the Model 3 or S or Y isn't inherently massively different than their competitors (as a VEHICLE) so what really sets them apart is the battery, and Tesla is miles ahead so far. Currently they have the longest range and the highest charging rate, at least in the mainstream. Ford could resurrect the Taurus tomorrow and be almost identical to the model 3 but w/o the battery and infrastructure Tesla still has the lead.

    I personally think Elon Musk deep down doesn't care about Tesla succeeding as a car brand but rather he wants to change the world, and so far Tesla Motors is really the company that is forcing the competition to adapt and so for now the car company is needed. I'm not saying he's going to ditch the brand, just that for him its the conveyance for the technology. Ford wants to sell cars, Elon wants to sell the technology.

  14. Rivian is really promising and seems to be doing the right things but its moving too slowly. The world needs volume production soon. 20,000 vehicles in 2021 is too feeble. There's a huge opportunity here and only Tesla is taking advantage of it. Traditional car makers are hopeless, so the world desperately needs dynamic young auto makers like Rivian to scale up really fast and deliver the electric vehicles that we need. I'd like to see Jeff Bezos and other investors throw $20+ billion at Rivian to really get the company motoring, with new battery factories and car assembly plants.

  15. Don't forget that the 'machine that makes the machine' is the crux of the biscuit. Ironing out the bugs once production starts also takes time.

  16. What about Autopilot lol

    I think Rivian is the first company that will have a really good shot at this. I don't think they will be selling more than Tesla though but we'll see.

  17. If Rivion delivers then I believe we willl have a similar competition that of Ford vs Chevy and Mercedes-Benz vs BMW. In this case Rivion vs Tesla. I say the more EV options the better.

  18. Now for personal use electric is awesome. Now for public use they will not work. For a business they are not reliable enough. Chargers break, Charger leads break, cars don't get plugged in, range dies as they get older. When you have to jump into a vehicle and perform and company's NEED why rely on electric? Let's say PG&E shuts down your grid during fire season I guess your SOL.

  19. Charging has to be universal, EVs are doomed or at least limited if its like owning VHS or Betamax (yes I’m showing my age 😂) or is it a Mac or PC? You don’t even remember those days? Sheeezzzzz tough audience

  20. So Acura MDX, Toyota Highlander aren’t SUVs? This is the size of an X. A mid sized SUV. Tahoe is a large SUV

  21. Do you think that electric cars, as they are right now, could be durable enough to make them a sound purchase as older used cars for lower income people?

  22. Rivian is not building a truck, it's trying to build a bowling league toy. A real truck can be used for real work. The R1S might get the MallUV market, but the truck is pointless. The skateboard idea is great, let's see it work. Want to see the Tesla or Atlis come out with a real truck, then you'll see the truck market light up.

  23. To me, 2 things are king when talking EVs that influence my purchase decision. 1) autonomous driving. 2) charging infrastructure.

    For 1) Tesla has millions and millions and millions of miles advantage in training its driving network. Rivian has essentially zero and haven’t made clear their plans for when and to what level they plan to really build out their autonomous capabilities. Tesla has a massive advantage here. If you don’t own a Tesla you cannot understand how amazing autopilot is for a variety of driving situations. I intentionally take longer routes that allow for more autopilot time on trips due to how stress free it is. This will only improve. Massive leg up for Tesla here.

    For 2) it’s self explanatory. I wish all electric car makers could adopt one standard similarly to how the cellphone industry has adopted Qi as a wireless charging standard. I loathe the thought of having to hunt for a charging station for your brand of choice. Can you imagine if gas cars all used a different size of gas nozzle and brand A could only fill up at Shell, brand B could only fill up at BP, and brand C could only fill up at Chevron? That’s how it’s headed for EVs, thanks to corporate greed. If you think you can just buy an adapter to retrofit different charging connections, just wait. They’ll be locked down via firmware before long. That’s not a future I want. Tesla chargers are alllllll over the place, 3 charges fast as mess, and any additional chargers only make it more convenient. Wish everyone would adopt their standard.

  24. Tesla for car and crossover type SUV but Rivian for truck SUV. both are going to change the world together even if they don't work together. which they really should.

  25. I love tesla and i congratulate elon for his accomplishments 👍 but deym the rivian r1t is so S3XY 😂😂😂

  26. Stop following the ball, the RT1 base battery 105kw with a range 230 miles for $69,000. imagine battery pack 185kw, this truck will cost easily over $80,000 that’s a conservative estimate, Elon if you produce a truck under $50,000 that at least matches the model S 370 mile range, my finger will be on the advance order list during the unveiling. I will never purchase a combustion vehicle again.

  27. All of these "electric" vehicles are still powered by fossil fuels…. more electric vehicles equals more draw on the electric network which in turn mean more fossil fuels being burned…. would love to see an actualized analysis proving electric actually produces less emissions.

  28. Without seeing the Video (for now) I really don't like the Title. Because Rivian did nothing, zero, nobody bought any car. They are as successfull as Dyson 🤗 (for now)…

  29. In terms of big impact I think Bolllinger is a real work truck, Rivian's current design is for rich escapists who hopefully won't leave too much garbage after they camp in a place other trucks couldn't even get to. A big pull is going to be which of these companies gets the replace or retrofit program from the US military for the Hummer.

  30. If Rivian's scateboard becomes a thing, it consolidates the mine-to-line logistical nightmare that seems to be so difficult for US manufacturers. So I can see why investors would be excited about a brand that wants to consolidate an EV platform into the traditional OEM's style of component acquisition.

  31. The Rivian looks good but I am getting Y. I think if Tesla comes out with a normal looking truck it will sell like hotcakes. Trucks are supposed to be a utility vehicle. Let ford and GM create these monster truck with cow catchers on them. Those people are just salespeople or trust fund babies showing off. They worry about dents and scratches and of course any scratch on the unused Towing ball. When these electric trucks come out and just work without hassles they will dominate the market. I think making a fancy looking truck is a waste of time and will detract from the approach of the 3 and Y making a great practical car.

  32. The market is big enough for Rivian and Tesla – so I see no reason for one to worry about the other. They're targetting different demographics. Rivian is more for the people who want to go EV but still want a 'conservative' looking car and Tesla is going for the full blown tech people (as they always have at first). The other car manufacturers? They don't count because they won't be able to compete on specs, anyhow, because their management will force the R&D guys to make too many compromises to get 'synergies' with existing parts of their ICE lineup. Thus ruining any chances of the engineers getting the freedoms needed to design a good EV from the ground up.

  33. Wait, you're saying that they've been around as long as Tesla has, and they STILL don't produce any vehicles? That doesn't bode well for their future….

    Okay, that's wrong. Wikipedia says they started in April of 2011 (8 years ago), or about 7 years after Tesla started… But it only took Tesla 5 years to produce their first production roadsters (2008). Fast forward to 2012 and they banged out the model S that year, and the model X three years later in 2015. Model 3 started up mid 2017. Tesla is definitely getting faster and faster at putting out new models, and ramping up production. Model Y is slated for early 2020, and their truck might start in late 2020 / early 2021.

    Rivian's truck isn't slated to be in production until the 2nd half of 2020, so they have had nearly twice as long to get their first vehicle into production. Even if Tesla gets their truck out sometime in 2021, I don't see Rivian being able to ramp up quick enough to keep Tesla's truck from killing them off, or severely damaging their sales. Especially since they don't even have a large dedicated battery factory like Tesla does with Giga 1. The fact that they talked about selling their batteries to Tesla is also pretty laughable.

    Maybe Elon will give them a break and not try to kill them off, but even then it's gonna be a tough row to hoe for them, for at least the next five years or so.

  34. Tired of the hype, if you are a commercial driver.. the ONLY thing that matters is cost $$ per km (or mile) driven, the ability to charge up quickly and essentially be able to SAVE MONEY by making the switch. Commercial drivers don't give a damn about CO/2, it's all about saving money.

    Also, here in Melbourne, Australia.. I have not seen ONE single charging station anywhere for EV's, anywhere…

  35. I think Ford will eventually be the real winner in this truck market. I’m not 100% sure what they got/will get out of their investment but I’m assuming it’s the tech. They already own the truck market and will get so far ahead of the other big 2 truck companies in electrification. Plus they have the infrastructure in place where Rivian and Tesla don’t.

  36. With a pending Global Climate Crises or Castrophe upon us, it would be nice to see more cooperation/partnership to bring these desired vehicles to the marketplace. Everyone wins, when the manufactures of EV's succeed, we collectively send the ICE cars to the scrap bin of history.

  37. Their headlight design is super ugly and will no way be able to keep up with demand for at least 5 to 10 years. Just my opinion. I really hope teslas truck isnt super ugly as well but it probably will be…

  38. Great concept, but as others have said, they have not produced a single production vehicle…where are the getting their battery? Remember production hell? It will come…best of luck to them!

  39. Tesla is an established electric car manufacturer that has set the standard. There is a huge market that not one company can service, nor ten for that matter. Not so sure why so many videos are about the fall of Tesla because of an up coming model from another company. I bode Rivian a successful launch, the more electric vehicle manufactures out there the better. Tesla’s mission described by Elon Musk was to force the speed at which electric vehicles will become mainstream. The more models and manufacturers producing them is a testament to Tesla’s success. There is not a greater success than to have your brand as the standard that every other vehicle is graded against your design. When you are selling every vehicle you manufacture before it is built, there is no competition.

    So please shut up with your click bait title.

  40. 400 miles is great but if you have no place to charge you will be in trouble. A honda generator would take 25 gallons of gas to charge it deep in the woods.

  41. I think we've strayed too far from our petroleum god…where's the love?
    Now get back to worshipping hydrocarbons!

  42. 500mile rivian towing my 20ft camper with panels on the top of it totally awesome… but replace that rivian with Elon’s armored vampire killing personnel carrier and ima sell my house to get that thing lol

  43. It doesn't matter if they beat Tesla people. Elon Musk doesn't care he wants every car, truck, SUV on the road.

  44. i just feel the same about tesla loosing with this so called futuristic looking truck, to be on top u ve to remain and nail that coffin shut and actually give all a hardcore smack down like he said. after achieving all that then u can afford to play with design and try to get this kind of futuristic market…

  45. Lately I tend to think different about the traditional car manufacturers. They offer something that dones't match Tesla from 2013 on paper, but in reality the quality is completely different. No sure if it was real, but I've seen a video about Tesla Model X from early 2016 with 60.000 km claimed it was not in any accident and the whole car was squeaking and making horrible sounds when driving. In speeds above 100 km/h it was unbearable. So great features and unbelievable numbers on paper are not everything. At least those early ones were beta products, even though they were marketed as version 1.0-final.

  46. Ben the clickbaiter, nevertheless if Rivian have 200hp for each wheel at claimed price, and can put that in a sedan as well, then game over for everybody

  47. I think the mass market of those who have not purchased a Tesla will absolutely love Rivian. They potentially seem to get the consumer interest with a real SUV/Truck which most americans are truly interested in. This could be HUGE if they can get production rolling !! Rivian would personally be my style of vehicle to purchase over a Tesla.

  48. I would love to get my hands on a Rivian R1S. But i also really want Tesla's self driving tech. Looking forward to the Tesla pickup unveil and hoping there is a surprise SUV/Van to be released on the same platform as that would be more likely to tick all the boxes.

  49. I appreciate that Rivian got an order. That’s a good thing. But Rivian has to go through ‘production hell’. Good luck to them. Tesla has been there, done that.

  50. I think "SUV's" are shit aerodynamically. Too much wake area which is a problem. Tesla is to only company to even try to address this. No company has even attempted deployable a boattail yet other then Mercedes in a prototype. This needs to happen to both trucks and SUV's.

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